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April 12, 2013 7:55 am

Archeologist Uncovers “Fresh Evidence” of Mass Graves at Treblinka

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The symbolic "remains" of the railroad in Treblinka. Photo: wiki commons.

A British forensic archaeologist has unearthed fresh evidence to prove the existence of mass graves at the Nazi death camp Treblinka using “ground-penetrating radar,” according to the UK’s Daily Mail.

Forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls says that her findings will help disprove the history books which “state that Treblinka was destroyed by the Nazis but the survey has demonstrated that simply isn’t the case.”

Her work at the site, where the Nazis killed some 800,000 people and then tried to destroy all traces of  the industrial-scale killing, will be broadcast in a  forthcoming documentary “The Hidden Graves Of The Holocaust.”

“I’ve identified a number of buried pits using geophysical techniques. These are considerable in size, and very deep, one in particular is 26 by 17 metres.”

Sturdy Colls says that the pits contain the burnt remains of thousands of bodies.

The forensic archaeologist, who has now presented her findings to the authorities responsible for the memorial at Treblinka, added: “I really hope this is the first stage in a long-term program to seek out those hidden graves of the Holocaust.”

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  • If Colls really has found “fresh evidence” of mass graves at Treblinka, then why does she refuse to answer the following simple questions about her claims?

    Forensic Experts Skeptical About So-Called “Scientifically Proven” Graves / Human Remains At Illusory WW II Era Archaeology Sites

    * * * * *

    Four Very Simple Investigatory Questions

    About Caroline Sturdy Colls Suspiciously Vague Treblinka Investigation

    (Legitimate scientists do not fear answering pertinent questions about their claimed discoveries.)

    # 1 – Is it known – WITH 100 % CERTAINTY – via bona fide, verifiably honest and conclusively documented archaeology / forensic science that, at – Treblinka II – there are extant graves in which actual human remains have literally been – physically unearthed / tangibly located – by legitimate archaeologists / crime scene investigators? – Yes. – or – No. __?__

    # 2 – At Treblinka II, it is known – WITH 100 % CERTAINTY – that, to date, no less than __?__ extant graves have been discovered in which legitimate archaeologists / crime scene investigators have – via bona fide, verifiably honest and conclusively documented forensic science – literally / truly – physically unearthed / tangibly located – actual, verifiable, scientifically proven human remains.

    # 3 – Is it true or false that, at – Treblinka II – there were actual trash and/or trash burning pits and/or latrine pits / trenches and/or water wells that were dug / used as such by the Germans – during their time of occupation? – TRUE. – or – FALSE. __?__

    # 4 – Is it true or false that, at – Treblinka II – there were numerous exploratory excavations dug by so-called “robbery diggers / treasure seekers,” and/or by Soviet / Polish investigators – after the time of German occupation? – TRUE. – or – FALSE. __?__