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April 12, 2013 4:51 pm

Palestinian Arab Museum that “Rewrites” History Funded by the West (VIDEO)

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A model of the Palestinian Museum. Photo:

Palestinian Authority officials on Thursday joined a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for a new museum of “Palestinian culture, history and society”  in Birzeit near Ramallah.

“The museum will not only be for Palestinians but will reach out to the whole world through an advanced digital network,” project manager Omar al-Qattan said as ground was broken on the new venture.

“It will be more than a traditional building with archaeological relics. We are looking at an institution that will transcend all boundaries — geographical and political,” he added.

In a video celebrating the museum’s launch the claim is made that Palestine was home to “one of the most infuential [sic] cultures the world has ever seen” but that the fabric of the nation was torn apart by “dispossession” and “forced exile” in the 20th century.

Anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon points out that this questionable version of history, which tries to “erase or marginalize the culture of a real nation that has existed for thousands of years” will be housed in a museum built with Western funds.

“When museums are built in the rest of the world, they are funded by private donors and foundations, with perhaps the aid of local government,” he writes.

The major funder is called “The Welfare Association” and its money comes from “the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, World Bank, EU, Islamic Development Bank, Arab Monetary Fund, Kuwait Fund, AGFUND, Ford Foundation, and the governments of Austria, Canada, France, Italy, and Switzerland, among others.”

Watch  a video about the museum below:

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  • Jacqueline

    Ford foundation. Henry ford was a anti-Semitic pro-nazi that had his own newspaper full of hate for the Jewish people no surprise that his foundation gives money to these death loving savages. He stopped publishing his anti-Semitic paper when he saw it was hurting business. His legacy lives on. American Jews are sleeping as the propaganda about Palestians

  • Sonja Olavson

    Just wanted to congratulate “Ella” on her comment from April 13th. She has stated the influence and impact quite accurately. It’s a shame most people won’t get to read her comment. It’s also too bad none of the people from the culture she describes would appreciate and/ comprehend the seriousness and truth of her words.

  • dmont

    I am stunned…History being “made-up” before my eyes.

  • Al T. Alena

    The museum is nothing more than another propaganda machine inventing a history that never existed. It is saying ha the Bible of Jews & Christians is wrong.

  • David Elazar

    What a farce! The name Palestina was given to the area by the Greeks/Romans (from the Philistines who lived in the Gaza area) to disassociate it from the Jewish Judea. During the almost 500 year rule of the Ottomans, there was no “Palestine” and there were no “Palestinians”. Check any map or book written prior to the 20th century. Note that the video emphasizes the 20th Century – what culture? what history? Most of today’s Palestinians have backgrounds from other areas in the Middle East and Mediterranean basin with absolutely no common history and/or attachment to “Palestine”. Many Arab villages have names derived from the Hebrew/Biblical name. Jerusalem was never an Arab/Moslem capital even when under Arab/Moslem rule for hundreds of years. The Caliph had its center in Ramle, not Jerusalem. The only time Jerusalem was important to Moslems/Arabs is when it was under the rule of non-Moslems.

  • Patricia

    Just what the world needs: more revisionist, heretical history. Is it any wonder God will have to end the world? Heretics are filling the world with so many lies no one knows what to believe. In America it comes from Progressive Democrats (Socialists). Indoctrination is rampant throughout the schools and Universities. It’s all through the government from top to bottom. When the entire world is polluted we’ll have to have a restart. This time with fire.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This “Palestinian” museum situated near Birzeit will be formatted on taqiyah–lies and deceit. Its cornerstone will be the Palestinian Authority–Fatah and the Gaza Strip–Hamas. Somewhere in the cracks and crevices will be Islamic Jihad and The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The mortar to mould the bricks together will be comprised of a paste of tens of thousands of copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion mixed with water, and the bricks themselves will be fire-branded in a fire of hatred sustained by death. The museum itself will be a glorification of Amalek among all the peoples in human record. Certainly, the sign at the entrance will show the skull and cross bones. Death will permeate the halls; darkness, the exhibits.

  • Anthony Charles Abela

    I am of Maltese origin and have been to Israel and Sinai to study the old testaments of “The Patriarchs and Prophets”. My wife and I pray daily for JWH’s blessing upon his chosen people the Jews. If only Sarai had not laughed at God’s messengers when they said that she will have a child and had not arranged for Abrahm to enter her Egyptian maid Hagar, Ishmael would not have been born and none of these conflicts would have occurred. We must always obey JWH’s instructions, even if we don’t like them at times. Jwh’s blessings be upon you all and keep you.

  • Jurema Santos

    It is scary because according to the article the Museum claim that Palestine was home to “one of the most infuential [sic] cultures the world has ever seen” not including the hebrews(Jewish people) is a lie. The western world supporting this museum is supporting the rise of the fundamentalist Islamic Supremacy mentality which is very dangerous. It is like nazism raising all over again…

  • kate brennan

    Better get my voice heard before it’s stifled. There was a picture there of Jesus (Yeshua) a Jew who was for all humanity; a Jew who died for our sins, was buried and rose again, a Jew who practiced Judaism and said to keep Torah.

    It is this what todays Palestinians need to remember – hungering for righteousness not shouting voices clamering to be heard, but the still small voice – blessed are the meek.

  • Stuart Kaufman

    It will be a giant latrine, filled with human waste.

  • “I am shocked, shocked . . . let’s round up all the usual

  • Bella

    Dear Algemainer – you are so very very wrong to dismiss ‘Palestinian’ culture and to imply that it has not changed the world.

    It could almost be said to have been one of the biggest influences on 20th century – They introduced skyjackings (remember teh early days – dead nuns lying on the tarmac of Rome in the 1970’s), turned the murder of civilians – esp children (remember Ma’alot, Sbarro to name just a few)into an art. They have probably blown up more buses laden with innocent civilians and stoned more cars than any other group. No other group throws individuals to their death – even aged wheelchair bound tourists Leon Klinghoffer (September 24, 1916 – October 8, 1985 MHDSRIP)- with the same finesse.

    AND – as if the above wasn’t enough – their main contribution has been the falsification of news, the hijacking of media and their ability to get the world to accept a mythological history made up of lies.

    To cap it off, they are the only group in history to accomplish what alchemists have strived for since medieval times – to change one metal into another – ie cash (more international aid per capita than any other group in history) to weapons.

    ….and then to fool almost the entire international community into thinking of their Team (1.3 BILLION Muslims, many of whom control much of the world’s oil supply) as the underdog!!!

    Algemeiner – for you to under-rate their achievements is a testament to their success.

  • Zyx

    Since most of the money will be transferred to private accounts in Switzerland there no reason to panic. This “museum” is not even close to be inaugurated.

  • rofedoc

    History revisionists, as are the muslims described in this “palestinian museum” venture,fanciful liars with a flair for imagination. No surprise that the Ford Foundation, World Bank and EU funded this farce.What is surprising,however,is that no $$$ came from the Jimmy Carter Center.(YET)

  • joelsk44039

    A subtitle to the Museum’s name could be “The Museum of Falsehood(s).”

  • Joe Siegman

    Define ‘Palestinian’.

  • Jack Rescoe

    Makes me sick to read such lies. Such propaganda as this, with American funding, would make Leni Riefenstahl proud. The Jews of America have much to say for Israel that they should be saying, but sadly are not. Know the history of the Jews & you will know so much you cannot fail to pour your heart out to the Jews of Israel.