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April 14, 2013 2:19 am

The Double Standard for Terrorism in Israel

avatar by Jacob Kimchy

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A Hamas suicide bombing in Jerusalem in 1996. PMW has exposed glorification on PA TV of Israeli terrorists now serving time in Israeli prisons and responsible for similar bombings that killed hundreds of Israelis. Photo: U.S. Dept. of State via Wikimedia Commons.

Moments before Yom Hazikaron, the district court of Jerusalem proved that terror victims in Israel are second class citizens. On May 7th, 2002, a suicide bomber entered a club in Rishon Leziyon and blew himself up. Fifteen Israeli citizens were murdered and eighty others were injured. The terror group responsible for the act was the Silwan cell, who appointed four Israeli Arabs from Silwan, in eastern Jerusalem, to commit the brutal crime.

The merciless terror cell consisted of individuals who possessed “blue” identity cards, meaning that they enjoyed the very same rights as any other Israeli citizen. These individuals perpetrated the murders of dozens of Israelis and brought injury to hundreds more, in a number of deadly attacks like the ones at Cafe Moment and at the Hebrew University Mt. Scopus campus.

In August of 2002, the cell was discovered by the Shabak (Israeli Intelligence) and all of its members were arrested. They stood trial on 35 counts of murder, committing terrorist activities, and conspiring with the enemy during wartime. The court imposed hefty life sentences on the accused and added “It is fitting that the defendants rot in prison until the end of their lives.”

The question is, why did the court not rule that the Arab terrorists pay damages to the grieving families, the many injured and those the terror cell intended to murder, when last week, the same district court decreed that Jewish militant Yaakov Teitel must compensate his victims’ families and those of the individuals he planned to murder? The court instructed Teitel to compensate the family members of his two victims in the amount of 180 thousand shekels per family and in addition, to compensate two men whom he tried to murder with 150 thousand shekels each.

I am not opposed or in favor of the decision of the Jerusalem district court. I believe that any person who has injured or murdered another is obligated to bear the harshest consequences and yes, pay damages to his victims, and their families, yet, it begs the question, who is fighting in the name and memory of Israeli terror victims? Why did the court not obligate the Silwan terror group to pay damages to the bereaved families and the injured?

Israeli society must face these difficult questions and examine how it has been allowed that in the State of Israel, double standards exist and justice is too often not upheld for victims of terror. I hope that one of the same members of the new Knesset who took part in last week’s ruling will take this matter into their own hands and set a fair and balanced precedent.

Jacob Kimchy lost his father, Rami Kimchy Z”TL in a suicide attack in Rishon L’Tzion, Israel. Kimchy heads the victims-of-terror organization, One Heart global www.oneheartglobal.org and is the founder of www.TLVfaces.com.

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  • pinchas baram

    I can’t speak about jerry hersch’s comment, which besides sidetracking from the subject of the article is darkly vague about powerful American donors, etc. Jerry, if you have facts, tell us; otherwise, hold off on the innuendo. As for the article: the author is totally correct– why aren’t convicted Arab terrorists required to make restitution to the families of their victims? How that’s to be done, I don’t know– but if a Jewish terrorist must do it, then so must the Arab terrorists. Sounds reasonable, no? But then again, the Israeli court sysstem is NOT known for being reasonable…

  • joelsk44039

    I agree wholeheartedly that the Silwan terrorists should be forced to “compensate” the families of the victims of their murderous acts. It’s my understanding that these terrorists are being paid by the PA while in jail.

    Israel should defer their “pay checks” to the families of their victims. This would minimally provide some compensation to those bereaved families.

  • From the article I can not see the double standard. I can not tell what crime Teitel committed and what were the actual damages. What other penalty was imposed on Teitel? I know of nothing in the Talmud which combines monetary damages with killing the perpetrader of murder the closest punishment to a life. It is also impossible for a person serving a life sentence to pay back anything meaningful. Should they have been allowed allowed to buy their freedom? I think not! How much prison tme did Teitel get?

  • jerry hersch

    Indeed a double statndard for terrorists
    As I have written

    Again there is the untouched illegal Jewish terrorist traing camp at Yitzhar south of Nablus.Which the Israeli authorities tried to dismantle and backed off.
    Implicated in shootings,bombings,a katusha rocket attack and the burning of a mosque.
    Perhaps largely funded by Americans with powerful ties- this base remains active- it seemingly has many tentacles

    This “yeshiva” has a staff of talmudic “scholars” and a resident and visiting ‘academic’ staff of those skilled in engineering,chemistry,computers and other essential knowledge needed for the true study of Torah.