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April 30, 2013 2:38 pm

Palestinian Arab Terrorist Who Killed Father-of-Five Glorified on Facebook

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One of the pictures posted on the Fatah Facebook page glorifying Salam Za'al, who stabbed to death 31-year-old father-of-five Evyatar Borovsky. Photo: Fatah Facebook page as reposted by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

In the wake of the murder of 31-year-old father-of-five Evyatar Borovsky Tuesday by a Palestinian terrorist Tuesday at the Tapuach Junction in Samaria, Fatah has posted pictures of the terrorist and the victim on its Facebook page with wording describing the terrorist as “the hero, the released prisoner, Salam Al-Zaghal.”

Salam Za’al, a resident of Tulkarem, had arrived at the junction armed with a knife and stabbed Borovsky as he was waiting at a hitchhiking stop several times in the chest. He then grabbed Borovsky’s handgun and opened fire at a nearby Border Police patrol. He was eventually subdued and taken into custody.  Media reports stated that Za’al had been released from an Israeli prison, where he served a three-year sentence for throwing rocks, less than six months ago.

Palestinian Media Watch highlighted text and photos that had accompanied the posts on Fatah’s Facebook page. “A picture of the settler who was killed today at the Al-Za’atara military checkpoint, in south Nablus, by the hero, the released prisoner, Salam As’ad Al-Zaghal from Tulkarem,” the Facebook page administrator wrote next to one of the posted photos. “Peace upon you, on the day of your birth, on the day of your arrest, and on the day you will go free,” another photo caption stated.

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  • Ethan Coane

    Any country, eg. Israel, that does not ever impose capital punishment on it’s criminals should somehow, somewhere find an isolated place for a prison colony as the French operated on Devil’s Island off the coast of Guyana or as Australia was initially intended to be. If you’re not going execute a murdering terrorist then find someplace to banish him for life. These people are not deterred by nor rehabilitated in prisons. Don’t “martyr” them; EXILE them.

  • elliot stamler

    When will Israel stop imprisoning Arab terrorists and then releasing them and instead executing them? Then Israeli lives will be saved-not until then.

    • Not a word to be changed in Stamler’s comment.

  • When are we intending to return the favour, if at all?

  • Sonja Olavson

    And they call themselves “peace partners?”

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Is shameful from the Palestinian’ to allow a young man to be indoctrinate in such way. To posting on f/b a criminal action and promoting the killer as is a hero is a clear sign of the misleading ideology tactic. Fact cont more the words, peace can’t be archive with such action going on! Palestinian must change ideology or similar act of vile killing will continue.
    I know that such hate is not from God as He had create all humans, and even more Palestinian are very close relate.
    God help!


    America Unite BOSTON BOMBING


  • peter

    Jimmy Carter, “what do you have to say?”

  • Jacqueline

    Disgusting and Facebook needs to shut this down that’s like glorifying Charles Manson

  • Mad Angel on FB

    Think he was pissed much after serving over 3 years for throwing rocks?

    following the incident, Jewish settlers began attacking Palestinian cars in the area, pelting them with stones,

    They also hurled rocks at a passing school bus, causing some light injuries, security sources said.

    then Israeli police shut down the main road leading north to Nablus

    • Mad Angel.they throw rocks at armed soliders that do not fire on them but attempt to reason with them. if one does this over and over again,it is assaulting military forces. That is why he was jailed

  • Marv8169

    I am speechless after reading this. As long as the PLO/Fatah continues with this behavior, how is it possible to make peace with this so called “partner.” Recently, I went to the Jerusalem Post conference and heard former PM Olmert, as well as hearing from Professor Dershowitz. They suggest that Israel must make concessions i.e., land for peace. Well, all I can say is, as Arlene Kushner said, “no, no, no and no.”

  • Dafna Yee

    Isn’t this enough evidence to get Facebook to shut down the Fatah’s page? I think that this is an outrage!!

  • There are some sick,very sick people out there!

  • Carla Isselmann

    Like Sir Winston Churchill said so wisely:” If you think you can appease the crocodile by feeding him, you will soon find out..” That is the sad truth behind all efforts taken in so-called peace-talks and land-deals, the crocodile will never be appeased until it has eaten up its goodwilling neighbor Israel….Poor family, poor children , poor Israel!

  • Muslims revere the sociopath Muhammad who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews at Quarayza..So it is no surprise that that they revere another sociopath as well..The Koran demands that Muslims revere sociopathic brhavior.

  • Steve MacLeod

    Excuse me while I turn around and drop my pants etc. That is what I think of this very brave person who killed a man who had done nothing to him except He was there.