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May 1, 2013 11:22 am

Disturbing New Data on Palestinian Support for Suicide Bombing

avatar by Adam Levick

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Following a disturbingly high number of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis in recent months, including the lethal stabbing assault of a 32-year-old Israeli man in the northern West Bank on Tuesday, Israeli defense officials have expressed concerns that the conflict could lead to a Third Intifada.

Whilst recent violence by Palestinians has involved rock throwing, knife attacks, shootings and the hurling of fire bombs, the fear that such a coordinated outbreak of Palestinian violence could include suicide bombings – which caused so much death and carnage during the Second Intifada – was amplified by a new Pew poll released on April 30.

The new ‘Pew Research Center Survey of Muslims around the Globe‘ finds that Muslim support for suicide bombing in the Palestinian territories is the highest among the the twenty countries surveyed – with 40% of Palestinians agreeing that ‘suicide attacks against civilians in defense of Islam are often/sometimes justified’.

Here’s the Pew graphic illustrating the data:

suicide bombing

Additional poll findings on Palestinian opinion includes the following:

  • Homosexuality: 89% of Palestinians think it’s immoral.
  • Women’s rights: 89% of Palestinians think women must always “obey” their husband.
  • Sharia Law: 89% favor the imposition of Sharia Law into their society.
  • Honor killings: 45% of Palestinians think it’s sometimes justifiable.

Whilst the Guardian’s Ewan MacAskill did briefly note, in passing, the findings on Palestinian support for suicide bombing, in a broader April 30 report which centered on the moderate views of American Muslims, the report was not tagged with the term ‘Palestinian territories‘ – nor did it appear on the Israel, Palestinian territories, or Gaza pages.

Moreover, whilst Harriet Sherwood did recently take a tepid step towards acknowledging the problem of Palestinian incitement, it seems unlikely that she will properly incorporate this disturbing new data into future reports on violence in the region.


Glorifying Suicide Bombing: Official Fatah Facebook Page, Oct. 2012

It is impossible to honestly debate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without an honest assessment of Palestinian values and social mores, which are, by any measure, on the extremist right end of the political spectrum and, it would seem, irreconcilable with the ideals of peace and coexistence.

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  • Les Legato

    “without an honest assessment of Palestinian values and social mores, which are, by any measure, on the extremist right end of the political spectrum and, it would seem, irreconcilable with the ideals of peace and coexistence.”

    “on the extremist RIGHT end”?

    More bolshivicker narishkeit from the obamunist marxists at Algemeiner.

  • BH in Iowa

    Wait, that’s ‘workplace violence’ right?

  • Lynne T

    What would really give this report context is comparing Muslim attitudes toward any act of violence, suicide and otherwise, in pursuit of political goals against the rest of the world.

  • Sonia Willats

    I read yesterday in an online paper that the US govt. had expressed disapproval of the killing of an Israeli citizen, and at the same time urged Israel to show restraint in its reaction to the killing.

    Last night in SA I noted a diligent campaign to root out those responsible for the Boston Marathon massacre – understandable!

    Restraint, or measured mature action, is commendable in all situations to all people. I was, nevertheless, surprised that Israel is always urged, as it were, to “bare her back” and take undeserved punishment quietly.. without much reaction except internal bleeding.

    Your article sheds more light on the cause of all of these wanton attacks (Boston and Tapuach junction) on civilians by people who see themselves as Islamic freedom fighters.

    My question is : against the backdrop of such an “OK to kill, it makes you a hero to your people and your God” is there ANY CHANCE AT ALL AT A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME TO PEACE NEGOTIONIONS? The same article recorded that Mr Abbas himself expressed approval of the massacre. Even if the prime leader of a people wants peace, and such large numbers approve of violence, peace is unlikely to succeed. If leadership + a huge percentage of civilians see cold-blooded murder as commendable there is, in my mind, no point in peace negotiations.

    Yet I see, also, the imminent threat of a 3rd intifada..

  • Mad Mullahs throughout muslim world every Friday issue fatwas ordering Muslim men and women to blow themselves up in order to kill jews…killing Jews is foundational to Islam as exemplified by the sociopath Muhammad who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews at Quarayza. Muslims revere his Jew killing as a “wonderful” activity…
    It is part of the Muslim culture to pursue Jew killing because Muhammad did it..no other reason is necessary!


  • suicide bombing is another way the arabs deal with defiled honor : if you are homosexual, the way your family will reestablish its “honor” ( and monetary gain )is if you blow yourself to bits-together with Jews-

  • dvorah


  • Fred

    Obama could not pronounce Jihad. He thinks these terrorists let off crackers. He can’t bring himself to say ‘Islamic Terrorists” even though he hears Allah Akbar.
    We get into a world of make believe. In the sea of murder and maiming we should pretend it did not happen.
    They were misunderstood,misslead. Obama say’s so. What chance Israel??????