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May 1, 2013 12:38 pm

Saudi Journalist Calls Hezbollah a “Tool of the Mullahs”

avatar by Steven Emerson

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Deputy Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Naim Kassim, Beirut. Photo: Sebastian Beyruli.

Hezbollah has always proclaimed to be the vanguard of the “resistance” against Israel, while claiming to advance Lebanese national interests as its priority.

But the ongoing Syrian civil war has exposed the terrorist organization “to be nothing more than a mere tool of the mullahs in Tehran, promoting the lies of the ‘resistance’ while condemning all those who have refused to fall for this charade,” a column in the prominent London-based Asharq Al-Awsat says.

Opinion Editor Mshari Al-Zaydi says Hezbollah’s “resistance” slogan has been deceitful for “more than ten years” since the organization takes direct orders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Its blatant fighting on behalf of dictator Bashar al-Assad makes this clear.

If the Assad regime falls, Hezbollah suffers a severe setback to its influential position within Lebanon and the government. The organization also loses a strategic ally that has helped facilitate the transfer of weaponry and material from Iran.

As the European Union debates designating Hezbollah a terrorist organization in light of recent terror activity, including its direct involvement in last summer’s Bulgaria terrorist attack, Bahrain became the first Arab country to blacklist the group, as Sunni ruled countries are increasingly threatened by Hezbollah ‘s pro-Iranian activities in their countries.

Hezbollah critics used to face blowback that they were supporting Israel and America. But the Syrian conflict exposes that empty deflection, Al-Zaydi writes. By siding with the dictator, Hezbollah shows that it was using the “resistance” slogan for propaganda purposes to earn legitimacy within Lebanon and the Arab world. In reality, it acts along sectarian lines to advance Iran’s Shi’ite-based hegemonic endeavors that cost tens of thousands of Arab lives.

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  • V. Gates

    The Saudis’ outrage is almost laughable. They complain that Hezbollah “…acts along sectarian lines to advance Iran’s Shi’ite-based hegemonic endeavors that cost tens of thousands of Arab lives.” Of course it does! This has never been a secret.

    But they complain about it only now that it has become an inconvenience to their own, Sunni-based hegemonic endeavors…that also cost tens of thousands of Arab lives.

    Not to mention lots of other people’s lives.

    Saudi ‘moral outrage’ is like one gangster criticizing another gangster for stepping into his turf.

    • Seyyed Naqvi

      Terrorist Groups like Jabhat Al Nusra working inside Syria are not considered legal ‘anywhere’, on a local ‘or’ international level. Your article quotes Bahrain to be the first amongst Arab countries to recognise Hezbollah as a ‘Terrorist Organisation’. lf that is so then it clearly shares the same view as it’s other Middle Eastern counterpart Israel. On the other hand, not just within Syria, but within Lebanon itself Hezbollah are considered to be a perfectly legal & political organisation. If it’s backers & agendas do happen to be the Islamic Republic of Iran, then at least that country has valid & relevant concerns for the Middle East, where as Isreal’s only ever concern has quite clearly been for itself. How is the dream of a ‘Khilafa State’ ever meant to surmise, when ‘Bani Hashim’ in the form of Seyyed Ali Khamenai has already grabbed it’s reigns, & the sons of Banu Umayyah still can’t bear to recognise it. Death indeed, to terrorism in Syria.