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May 5, 2013 7:54 pm

Simon Wiesenthal Center Slams Contextless Huffington Post ‘Israel Strikes Again’ Headline

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The Huffington Post headline drew the ire of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Photo: Screenshot.

A headline carried by the Huffington Post super-blog that read simply “Israel Strikes Again” has drawn criticism from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Los Angles based Jewish human rights group that “promotes human rights and dignity, stands with Israel” and “defends the safety of Jews worldwide.”

The headline, which  linked to a story about recently reported Israeli strikes in Syria aimed at preventing the flow of advanced weaponry to terror group Hezbollah, according to US and Israel officials, provided no context regarding the strike. The story was accompanied by a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu smirking and clapping, and appeared on Sunday afternoon as the main headline on the publication’s much visited homepage.

“President Obama underscored Israel’s right to strike inside Syria; a leader of Syria’s rebels went on Israel’s Channel 2 to thank Bibi and company for weakening Assad,” said Associate Dean Abraham Cooper in an email to The Algemeiner, “Apparently all that’s not enough for today’s Huffpost editors. They even trotted out a picture of PM Netanyahu scowling while headlining—Israel strikes again.”

“Never mind,” continued Cooper, “Bet you the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and millions of internally displaced are praying Israel strikes again and again.”

Huff-Watcher, an anonymous blogger dedicated to highlighting bias on the Huffington Post also criticized the  headline writing in an email to The Algemeiner, “Leave it to HuffPost to once again use such a biased, decontextualized, Israel-as-aggressor headline.”

There is “no context,” Huff-Watcher wrote  “Why is Israel ‘striking’ Syria?  Every responsible ‘newspaper’ in the world is saying something about the reason.”

Huff-Watcher contends that the headline lacking context is not new for the Huffington Post when it comes to reporting on Israel. “This is nothing new.  It is part of HuffPost’s continuing pattern of whipping up hatred against Israel and Jews, through egregiously decontextualized headlines and headline imagery, ignoring the preceding attacks that made Israel’s military response necessary, then falsely depicting Israel as the aggressor,” the blogger writes.

At the time of publication the Huffington Post had not yet responded to The Algemeiner’s request for comment.

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  • Frank

    What a bunch of fake people who write in support of the terrorists/rothchild’s hordes of devil worshipers living in Palestine.

    Everyone knows 99% of those calling themselves Jews are not real Jews, but they are liars.

    Remember this liars:

    Revelations 2:9-10

    I know about your suffering and your poverty–but you are rich! I know the blasphemy of those opposing you. They say they are Jews, but they are not, because their synagogue belongs to Satan.

    Revelations 3:9

    I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

    And remember this: The truth will set you free!

  • Al Sheeber

    Nothing new here, the grifter Ariana Huffington, a Greek anti-semite, ironically, groomed by an elder Jewish nabob in London theatre scene in the 70’s, had limited success in the U.K where at one point she participated in shallow talk shows, with little future. The shelf life for a hairy, unattractive Greek ‘socialite” of a sort was limited and in the 80’s out of desperation, she ended up in San Francisco, where for the purpose of residence and money the getty crowd arranged for her to marry a Texas homosexual who ran on a Republican ticket for the senate seat out of California. His failure resulted in the ascent of the dreadful Diane Feinstein, woose victory was enough of an excuse for Araiana to ditch her husband, get huge alimony and start an L.A romance with the local “intelligencia” = actors, entertainers-resulting in her conversion to the Left- the rest is obvious because they are, they were, they will be hostile to israel, which is reflected from every report that comes on the AOL platform touching the state of Israel, Jewish politicnas who do not agree with the wet and spaced out views of Hollywood. This woman is a “dibbuk”, and as a resident of L.A who also knows a few clowns who used come and go to her Brentwood estate, nothing is surprising, she is what Lenny Rifenshthal did for Hitler, a water carrier of toxic propaganda, and she knows it.

    • Antony

      And you are a predictable ‘goy’ hater-in this case a Greek goy-You and your mass murdering bunch need to find a new script-The world has stopped listening to your ersatz presentation of ‘victimhood’

  • EllenFD

    It figures. I once strongly defended Israel in a comment, and I was suddenly banned permanently from commenting on HP’s site.

    • Dov J. Shazeer

      The Huffington Post has disabled the link to this story. I did a search on “Israel Strikes Again”. I got four results. Three of the links work properly. Click the link to this story and you land on the Huffington Post homepage.

      The Boston Globe has never published any of my letters in response to their Jew-hate opinion pieces. A number of YouTube channels featuring Professor Shlomo sand in which he claims that the Jewish People doesn’t exist have blocked me from posting comments.

      Most Liberal Jews do not understand that Liberalism is as much for open debate as was Pravda and Der Sturmer.

  • shifra

    Arianna Huffington is a rabid anti-Semite, so it only makes sense that her head of the video live journal-Ahmed Shihab-Eldin is also a rabid anti-Semite, who has clearly stated that it is his “job to ‘humanize’ Palestinians.

    Ms. Huffingtion has made sure to establish herself an army of editors, writers, bloggers and others, who adhere to her agenda and cause…to fuel vitriol and hatred toward Israel and Jews worldwide. Leaving her to sit back and seemingly “remain a lady” by not spewing any of the hatred herself, but rather employing others to do it for her.

    Ms. Huffington has created a very biased “news source” that is less than half a breath away from being another StormFront or any number of other anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda outlets, all of which honor and celebrate terrorism against Jews worldwide.

  • Patricia

    Once upon a time America had the same mindset as Israel and we prospered. I miss those times. I admire Netanyahu. He is truly a leader.

  • So, Ms. Huffington can huff and puff until doomsday,but she and her Anti-semitic/Jew Hating/Israel bashing rabble- rousing camp-followers will never blow the House of Israel down.
    Good on you Canada, your support is breath-taking in your
    honesty and integrity.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    I would ask people to gather up all this, especially the fine work at Huffington Post Monitor, and dump it on the board members of AOL who own that HuffPo rag. If they are fine with Die Sturmer in America, fine. We can then publish all their names, what they’re supportive of and all the names of all the other companies, foundations, and such of all the other companies the board members of AOL are involved with. We can all then celebrate transparency. The comments sections on HuffPo are particularly instructive because they are moderated by HuffPo staffers who pick and choose which comments to allow and which to discard. The level of antisemitism in their comments boards is fairly astonishing.

  • HaDaR

    A medium founded and directed by a Greek can’t be less antisemitic, can it? 😉

  • Palimadar

    Why ask them for clarifications or explanations, when will JEWS realize u are among enemies, not friends. The USA was a “nice” place to escape to – Once upon a time… A country that sent it’s boys to fight Nazism is now harboring the largest nazi movement west of Berlin.

    Who is the Huffpost, how important are they & in who’s EYES?

    Since when is the Wiesenthal center Bothered by A Red Neck Farts – even at the H.Post.

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    It should be of no surprise that hp is an anti-Semitic rag. They have this young horrible pro-iranian palestinian as the head of their video live journal–Ahmed Shihab-Eldin. He is a rabid Jew hater. His tweets have been noted etc…

    • Robert Weisberg

      Who owns The Huffington Post?
      Is it AOL?
      Shouldn’t efforts be made in that direction?

    • Robert Weisberg

      Who owns The Huffington Post?
      Is it AOL?
      Shouldn’t efforts be made in that direction?

      I’ve never “said that before.” Please inform your machine of that fact.

  • BethesdaDog

    One thing I forgot to add: the selection of pictures of Bibi are no doubt selected to make him look mean, taciturn, and hateful. He’s never seen smiling or human. The Huffington Post selected pictures that selected the Boston terrorists look more human and appealing than the pictures they selected of Netanyahu. This is a propaganda war against the Jewish people ginned up by the leftist haters of this huge,semi-pornographic website.

  • BethesdaDog

    Anyone who looks at the HuffingtonPost, as I do frequently to monitor its antisemitic activity, knows it’s a hate site. One has only to read the thousands of comments to the various articles on Israel, and you can see the hate in full force. It is never moderated or are hateful antisemitic posts ever deleted. One can only conclude that Arianna Huffington, and the others who run the site, are not only anti-Israel, they are anti-Jewish. Arianna Huffington, by the way, is probably laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Steven

    HuffPo has become the Guardian of the blogs in its anti Israel and slide over the line into anti Jewish threads. It drives their traffic. They feature MJ Rosenberg who writes endlessly about the evils of AIPAC conjuring up conspiracy after conspiracy. And his Jewishness is used as a cover. The Israel and Jewish themed threads will always draw 3 to 5 times the traffic with much of it vile anti Semitism and posted by the same users who moderators rarely seem to bother with. There is NO balance other then those of us on the site who do our best to respond to the hundreds of lies posted everyday.

  • shloime

    the jews and the bicyclists, it’s always the fault of the jews and bicyclists!

  • Julian Tepper

    It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Ms. Huffington is a Jew-hater. j

  • The antisemitism of HUFPO is the same as THE GUARDIAN is the same as DER STURMER is the same as…