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May 21, 2013 8:52 am

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister: Iran Could Produce Dozens of Nuclear Bombs a Year

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If Iran is not stopped from developing the capability to build a nuclear bomb, the Islamic Republic could become a “nuclear superpower” that produces dozens of bombs per year and has hundreds of bombs in its arsenal, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said Tuesday.

“This is a ramified nuclear industry that has been built not to produce a few bombs but to produce fissionable material for dozens and hundreds of nuclear bombs. The issue at hand is not a nuclear state but the possibility of creating a nuclear superpower,” Steinitz said according to an Israeli government communique. “Today, the Natanz facility has about 12,000 centrifuges and plans to reach 54,000. It will be able to enrich enough uranium to produce 20-30 atomic bombs per annum.”

“The Iranian nuclear program is changing the rules of the game,” Steinitz added. “It is a kind of ‘black swan’ or ‘black eagle’ and it will change the state of Israel, the state of the Middle East and even the world situation. The Iranians’ ambition is to change the global balance of power from end to end, between Islam and the West.”

Steinitz also warned that, though Iran has not yet developed a nuclear weapon, it still poses a great risk to the West.

“It already has missiles directed towards Israel and missiles that cover much of mainland Europe and is making a concerted effort to basically have intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

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  • Elliot J. Stamler

    Sooner or later as surely as the sun rises in the east, war with Iran will occur.

  • Mel

    Like the rats that followed the Pied Piper from Hamelin, Americans taught to compliantly follow, rather than think critically, independently and otherwise effectively are incapable of reason [as Forrest Gump’s mom taught him]

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    I must agree with those commentators, who recognize the risk Iran poses to the rest of the world. Further more Saudia keeps a low profile but is clearly in collusion with most terrorist organizations. Israel I believe if forced to use this route to deal with rising oppression world wide of Islam, will use serious force. Further Israel is unlikely to the use the size of force on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Israel is smart enough to use a far more advanced version of Oppenheimer & Team. Islam is a major threat and no amount of negotiating will work with this people. One has to remember the mentality of the majority, uneducated, oppressed, easily lead by what one can only call men with serious sociopathic and psycopathic personalities, similar to Hitler and his Henchmen. Islam wants to bring about another Holocaust, not only of Jews but Christians and you will find any other religion as well. In the last 18 months 88 Christians have been slaughtered in Saudia Arabia, information from ‘The Commentator’ so in-sensed is a Lord Lieutenant of the UK Realm he made an accurate and observant comment. Finally just to put the shivers up our spines a little more. An iniquitas Saudi Arab cleric sodomized his five year old daughter, tearing her anus, followed by cauterizing the wound with fire. The Kingdom fined him 1300 Saudi Ryals. There is little time to educate the likes of the UN and US or for that matter the rest of the West of the demonic thinking behind Islam. I am not sure if even might China has much knowledge, Russia has a major problem with Islamists, go to video showing thousands of arabs filling the streets of Moscow prostrate towards Mecca during prayer, the sound of Allah reverberates the entire city I would believe. Sweden today has announced going over to nuclear power, rather than oil. A great conservationist, Lovelock has already pointed out this is the only way forward. What would you rather have a world dominated by Islam or well built 95% safe nuclear power stations, cars to run on electricity, speed can be improved with research. Doing with out Islamic oil is the only way forward. Idealists out there, use the brain you were born with. The world now is a dark and dangerous place not only to Israel but the rest of the world.

  • Iranian are the stupid to kill innocent person first you must kill the spiritual devil you call adviser

  • Non-proliferation is a principle. To understand its significance simply look at nuclear Pakistan, a failed state with religious fanatics practicing terrorism as a political ideology. No guessing their approach to warfare. Then look a North Korea run by a military industrial complex with an figure head playboy as head of state. While a joke N. Korea is a serious nuclear threat not least to its main ally China but south-east Asia.

    Now throw into the mix a tribalistic, bankrupt nuclear Iran surrounded by regional conflict? Go figure.

    Non-proliferation is a principle of balance of power.

  • Alon

    Answer to Tom. Again? again? you guys will never stop to worry for things that should not be worried about. No matter when or how or what, this attitude towards Israel from people like Tom, or Jerry or whoever will never change, people like Tom are the real problem and on people like Tom we should surely have accountability

  • So it just means Israel will have to destroy Iran, Once Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear sites without America’s help to maintain stability in the area, it may cause chaos that will spread throughout the area hindering oil transport leading to possible collapse of World Economies.

  • O.K., let’s think of it this way:

    Which country would you want as your ally in a nuclear war: Iran or Israel? Would ya want the Iranians? The Jews might be scary, but that’s because they’re so smart. I wouldn’t trust the Iranians any further than I could throw one!!

  • Ron Holzwarth

    Tom says: “Most of the rest of the world are more worried by Israeli nukes”

    That’s not the same thing at all. Israel has never threatened to destroy an entire nation, and that’s about all we ever hear from the Islamic nation.



  • EthanP

    To listen to world leaders, they don’t seem too concerned by a nuclear armed Iran. Surely not as worried as by a nuclear armed Israel. Who, unlike Iran has never threatened genocide on any nation or people. I can only conclude that most of the world would like to see Israel destroyed. Then, as in WW2, they can cry crocodile tears and lament on the tragedy. And as in the Holocaust, there will be no true penalty for the slaughter.

  • shloime

    it already has icbms, in the form of its satellite launching capability, because being able to put a payload into orbit also means being able to deliver it anywhere on the face of the earth.

    the rockets are interchangeable, as the united states has demonstrated, by reusing old icbms to put up satellites.

  • Tom

    Most of the rest of the world are more worried by Israeli nukes

    When can we have accountability here on this issue

    • Fredric M. London

      That is because most of the world is anti-Semitic. Israel has had nuclear weapons for decades, and ample provocation to use them. It has not, because it is a stable and honorable nation. Iran will happily bomb the world into the stone age, because the world will then have their mentality. When can we have accountability about the missiles launched into Israel, DIRECTED AT CIVILIAN POPULATIONS? When will we have accountability for the egregious human rights violations from nearly every Islamic nation? When can we have accountability for the Twin Towers?

      When can we have accountability from ANY nation which is not Jewish?

    • Steven

      Most of the rest of the world or most of the world’s New Left and their Islamist cohorts?

      Most of the rest of the world is waiting and depending on the West to keep these weapons out of the hands of Iran’s fanatical leaders

    • Jeff

      Do you really lose sleep over Israel’s nuclear bombs?

      Israel has never threatened anyone as you well know, and that attitude is just a smokescreen for Jew hating. Or plain stupidity!

      Iran has threatened to destroy Israel and you know very well that other Muslim countries are worried about an Iranian bomb.

      No one is afraid of the British bomb for the same reason.

    • PeterPan

      It’s time to grow up now Tom, Israel has had nukes for many many years now.

      Have they issued threats against any of their neighbors, have they used them – ever?

      What do you mean by “accountability,” what about the Korean nukes, the Indian and Pakistani ones, never mind those of the British, French, Chinese, Russians and Americans.

      “Most of the rest of the world are more worried by Israeli nukes” – where did you get this from? Of course, this is the justification for Iran?

      Israel, the Jews, Zionists etc. are responsible for antisemitism, not those practising it!

      You sound intelligent, but your statement shows otherwise.

    • EJ

      Don’t worry, Tom. Yes we can man and Commander I threw my medals over the fence are working on it.

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      You, Tom are quite stupid, I have no idea how old you are, but you talk like an 18 year with stars in his eyes. Grow up, Israel has never been the Bogeyman, the biggest bogeyman is idealists and amnesty keeping a terrorist at the cost $874,000.00 p.a., while ordinary US citizens do with out, where is the governance in this kind of stupidity. Either execute the guy or stick him goal with American prisoners, who I can tell you will make short work of him.