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May 23, 2013 1:44 pm

Journalists, Human Rights Officials Trash Israel in ‘Secret’ Facebook Group

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Jamal and Muhammad al-Dura take cover in the Gaza Strip in 2000. The IDF is not responsible for the 2000 al-Dura shooting, a new Israeli government report found. Photo: France 2.

Well placed journalists and human rights activists trashed Israel earlier this week over the Israeli government’s al-Dura report in a “secret” Facebook group known as the “Vulture Club”, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Peter Bouckaert, a senior official at Human Rights Watch, dismissed the report as “typical IDF lies.”

“As usual, it takes them a long time to really build up the falsehood,” wrote Bouckaert.

Bouckaert also blasted the New York Times for its coverage of the report.

“It really isn’t good journalism to write this up as if these are credible allegations when it is a pack of lies,” he wrote.

The report cleared the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of wrongdoing in the 2000 death of Mohammed al-Dura.

“[T]he lobby uses all its strength and is able to push anything in majors [sic] English newspapers or in the NYT[imes],” wrote El Mundo reporter Javier Espinosa. “Israeli embassies call their contacts in all those newspapers and they agree to publish that information.”

“That reinforces lack of media credibility and conspiracy theories as we are being used as mouthpieces for propaganda,” Espinosa added.

Associated Press photojournalist Jerome Delay wrote, “The IDF thinks the earth is flat, btw.”

The journalists also blasted Philippe Karsenty, a French media analyst who was sued by France 2 television after he accused the network of airing staged footage of the al-Dura incident.

“And f*** no, it’s not true that ‘Everyone in France knows the footage is a hoax,’ as Karsenty says,” wrote AFP reporter Marc Bastian. “Everyone here knows that [France 2 journalist Charles] Enderlin is an honest man, and Karsenty is an extremist.”

“That’s about the kindest way to describe Karsenty,” replied Bouckaert. “I would add a few descriptive words after extremist.”

“I know, I’m always too polite,” responded Bastian.

Bouckaert, who is currently the emergencies director at Human Rights Watch, declined to discuss his comments when asked by The Washington Free Beacon saying, “The group is a secret FB group, and our discussions are confidential.” Other organizations whose representatives commented on the thread also declined to comment.

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  • Paardestaart

    It must be very hard to let go of a pet hatred – maybe it is even the only thing that binds these people together and gives meaning to their ‘struggle’
    They got frozen in the struggle modus, and now they can’t let go.
    There’s always The Planet you might say, but the joos answer back, it’s so much more rewarding and besides they still might succeed in forcing their enemies to leave their own country so they can get their hands on them again..

  • Monty

    Anti semites at work a gain. Yemach Shemam!!!!

  • HaroldT

    This report should have been out 10 years ago. So much for Jewish inteligence.

    • j glueck

      … all initial evidence pointed to the fire from the PA side toward the area where this guy and his son were… And, by the way, why wouldn’t these dogs shoot them dead? They commit murder easily enough.

      During those times (as today) there was way too much “restraint”… the IDF must shoot to kill all terrorists who use human shields, its that simple. The leftists who slander Israel would lie in any case, no matter what the evidence. If the Arabs have staged journalists at terror sites, they should be deported after the incident, never to return. They are permitted to be there because they are paid to lie for them.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Strange that a person in that position can get away so easily after blogging on FB as even a one years old child know well that are not like him call secret FB group.
    Even if is a secret group what he had said remain and should apology at least.
    He cannot hold his position after is secret bad conviction as they reveal wrong doing and misleading.

  • Fred

    How one prostitutes a profession of journalism is now wonder. Honesty & truth are victims Arab money supports these prostitutes. Shame…

  • Eve

    Paranoid anti-semites who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the ass.

  • Linda Golden

    Why the secret Facebook club if all this stuff is true? It is the press, that the public knows not to believe. They are on par with used car salesman to the world at large. Oh excuse me, thats an insult to used car salesmen everywhere. These people are despicable. If you have something to say then say it and back it up with facts. If not find something else to do.

  • sarah

    so what is new? after all these so called intelligent people have a one way sign on their brain:Jews=bad,hope they are never ill and need any medical item developed by Jews or Israel!!

  • `Bob J

    Complaints should be lodged with their employers requesting that they be excluded from dealing with Israel, for whom they harbor such antipathy and bias.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Zach Pontz: Never heard of the ‘Vulture Club’ but I would love to know which bunch of non Israeli anarchists are behind it?

    There are enough bad photographic Journalists out there who will falsify evidence and distort truth, to make a large fee…..particularly if they are new in the game!

    As for Human Rights, Amnesty has become defunct, clamoring for the release of islamists involved one way or another in anarchy!

    Thanks for the article, I rarely believe what I see coming out of the muslim population of Israel. Good news reporting, comes with the caveat, ‘we have no proof these pictures are genuine, they were forwarded by mobile phone’

  • iche soudry

    PALLYWOOD at its best
    the truth is now for the media not relevant, the damage as wished has already been done.
    Israel should now sue FRANCE 2 for propagating falsified information on the costs of their taxpayers, using militant (arab)palestinian reporters.
    something has anyhow to happen! they otherwise would continue as usual, leaving Israel with a reaction on 13 years old story, that noone is interested in, but to damage Israel by any mean


    I was at Jenin. Human rights watch at 1st was honest and then Harvey Roth (?) took over and he directly lied to the press about the number of casualties.

    The Palestinian Authority talked about massacres and mass burials. The UN and the media reported what they said verbatim without any checking on facts that were obvious to any eyewitness.

    The UN condemned Israel as did the US State Department.

    The PA hospital commander and I estimated 60 Palestinian dead. The actual number turned out to be 58.

    An Associated Press photographer volunteered to the Palestinian gunmen exactly what road was open so that they could escape.

    My only criticism of the IDF was that they did not use air power and heavy weapons to blast out the terrorists. Their frontal assault tactics led to many unnecessary Israeli deaths.

    The IDF claims to be the “most humane army in the world.” They are….. and if you notice the world does not give one damn. Unfortunately, neither do the Jewish left-wing NGOs.

    One or more of my officers has had direct contact with Bt’selm. They are challenged each time the Palestinians commit an atrocity agains Jews or against their fellow Palestinians. To date, the left-wing Jewish NGOs are deficient in their stated mission which is to assure civil rights to all on the West Bank.

    We expect the “moderate Muslims” to police and control the Islamists. We should also expect liberal Jews to be honest in their appraisals of the situation.

    Today, one of my division chiefs reported that his division has never been notified of the murder of three Jews by one of the Boston marathon bombers. What further bothered him was that the FBI said that with the killing of the other suspect ( in Fla.) the trail was now cold. He inquired any FBI review of computer contacts, telephone contacts, mosque attendance, etc. etc.

    The statement that the brothers were engaged in a lone wolf attack appears to be premature and misleading. Boston PC Ed Davis has publicly concurred with these concerns on remarks.

  • So much for Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and various other do-gooders who are so easy for extremists to infiltrate. They’ll be praising the Woolwich terrorists next, or claiming they were provoked!

  • James Hay

    Well Anti-Semetic Garbage Just Like Any Other Bottom Feeding Trash Are Well Learned Liers Especially Those From Your Ivy-League And West Coast Marxist Academic Dung Holes Like Havard, Brown ,Yale, Ucla, Etc, Etc. These Hallowed Halls Of Extreme Ignorance Teach Tommorrows Leaders The Fine Points Of Marxist-Leninism Which Should All Be Razed To The Ground And Those Who Teaches This Crap Should All Be Lined Up and Shot Dead. Enough Is Enough It’s Time To Take Back Our Country And Goddamned Soon!

  • Steven

    Each of the news organizations for these “journalists” should be advised why their press credentials were cancelled

  • Fredric M. London

    Actually, to human effluence such as Bouckaert, not only is the world flat, but up is down, black is white, terrorism is good, etc. It is not surprising that a generation of the once proud profession of journalism is so enmeshed in anti-Semitism that no argument contrary to their beliefs could possible have credence. I think their jobs much be so much easier since they no longer have to check their facts, attempt to be fair, dig out the real truth, etc. Instead, they check their professionalism at the door, and write anything they want, about anyone they want, without having to take the time and trouble to investigate. If Israel says it it is a lie, if anyone says it against Israel, it is the truth. No further labor is required, just print it or telecast it. Why am I not surprised?

  • Carol

    I watched the film and saw the child’s hand move, too, after he was supposedly “dead.”

    They ask, where is the child? This is a serious question. Probably at some cousin’s house in any number of Arab countries.

  • These two sad excuses for impartial journalists wouldn’t know the truth if it were to jump up and bite them on their bigoted buttocks.

  • Human rights but, not for Jews. Where and which countries did I hear that from before. Can these
    Biased jew haters at least come up with something original

  • Leon Poddebsky

    The pro-Israel lobby is not strong enough.
    It needs to build up more power because it is confronted by a monstrous network of vipers such as the ones who are the subjects of this story. They are poisoning the bloodstream of Western society, and this toxin is affecting the central nervous system of many people.

  • daniela lowinger

    Funny that those journalist and human rights activist blame the pressure jewish lobby could put on newspapers et all, and forget the oil money the moslem world pour into the press and the pockets of so many right activist and organizations. Do those same journalist are covering Syria and its human rights? Are they in Irak, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Afganistan? Do the Al Dura issue is less important than all those syrian children killed by the dozens in todays Syria? Or maybe syrian blood is not as valuable a story as the hollywoodesque movie filmed by France 2?

  • This entire group of “journalists” has the perfect mentality to have worked for Der Sturmer…Oh that’s right…they still do’

  • Wolff Bachner