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May 27, 2013 8:37 am

Average Palestinian Attacker Just 12-14 Years Old, IDF Colonel Says

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Stone throwing Palestinian kids. Photo: Youtube.

IDF Colonel Yaniv Alaluf said that the average Palestinian attacker behind recent rock and firebomb attacks on Israeli drivers is only “12-14 years old,” Israel National News reported.

At a meeting in the Etzion region in Judea and Samaria, Alaluf met with residents to address concerns over the increase in rock and firebomb attacks on drivers in the region.

A report from Israel’s domestic security agency, the Shin Bet, revealed there were 90 attacks on Jewish residents in Judea and Samaria in April, up slightly from 101 in March. Most of these attacks were firebombs or the planting of roadside bombs, Haaretz reported.

Alaluf said many people beg soldiers not to arrest the teenage attackers “because they have tests in school the next day.”

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  • Mel

    Only 12-14?

    Injured Jews will have less pain?

    Murdered Jews will be less dead?

    If Hamas had Obama on a lamppost, would Islam make peace?

    Not when a culture equates accommodation with weakness.

  • Lynne T

    I guess the recruiting and grooming of child soldiers is only a humanitarian concern if the children are African Christians. In Muslim countries, it’s an “understandable” response to western imperialism.

  • Stones today, bombs and missiles tomorrow, is this whats required to be an exceptable Palestinian youth?
    Is thier any other mindset ever allowed to be explored by them

  • Sophie Osnah

    It seems amazing to me that the world doesn’t recognize what is actually happening….The world closed it’s eyes when Hitler began building crematoriums…The world closed it’s eyes when the Tutsis of Rewanda were being killed … the UN debated if in fact there was genocide?

    When will the WORLD WAKE UP?

    These articles need to be read by more readers…

    • I thought the UN banned child soldiers. Or is it different when the Palestinians are involved. Unless economic payment is inflicted on the child, youth violence will only spiral.

    • Max Gordon

      Spread the articles through your different social website so that people start taking notce

  • HaDaR

    Old enough to murder my fifteen year old neighbor with their stones: it’s time to shoot the stone-throwing terrorists.

    • j glueck

      these people are vile… the perpetrators who train these “youths” are human refuse. As American Jews its easy to talk but Israel should disarm the whole terrorist infrastructure, dictate terms of “peace” and deport those who refuse to comply!

  • Barry Meridian

    Hamas and Fatah have put a lot of energy into celebrating the murders of Israeli civilians as Palmediawatch has brilliantly documented.
    They don’t just celebrate murdering us once or twice – they still celebrate murders they committed of Israelis in the 1970s.
    Their culture is one big murder cult (with our civilians as their targets) and they think Shimon Peres want to make a deal with them?

    • Jacqueline


      • Let’s get just ONE THING straight: Arabs are not interested in negotiating ANYTHING. They want to KILL JEWS. Once that simple fact is learned, there’s nothing else with which Jews need contend.

        This reminds me of the Jews of Germany in the late 1930’s and early ’40s: One of the leaders of tHE BERLIN JEWISH COMMUNITY was quoted as saying: “They (the Nazis) put their pants on one leg at a time, just as we do. Let’s sit down and TALK with them.”

        So we talked to them. And then they murdered 6 Million of us.

        Arabs, JUST LIKE THE GERMAN NAZIS are not interested in talking to US Jews.


        ARABS ARE NO INTERESTED IN “EDUCATION” “FINANCIAL SECURITY”, “HEALTH & WELFARE”, or anything resembling better better lives for themselves, their children or anyone else. They just want one thing: TO KILL JEWS.

    • Mel

      Has Dumbkopf Peres quit playing “Let’s Make a Deal?”