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May 29, 2013 12:45 pm

Netanyahu Tells Cabinet to Keep Quiet About Russian S-300 Delivery to Damascus

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered his cabinet to stay silent on the issue of Russian S-300 missile deliveries to Syria, Israel public radio reported on Wednesday.

The order came after several ministers criticized Moscow’s intention to go through with the transfer of the anti-aircraft missiles to Damascus.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon on Tuesday warned that Israel would respond if Russia delivered on its promise.

“The deliveries have not taken place, and I hope they do not. But if, by misfortune, they arrive in Syria, we will know what to do,” Yaalon told reporters.

Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz also confirmed Israel would “react to any threat.”

“I hope Damascus understands that. We will react forcefully,” he told reporters on Tuesday, describing Russia’s planned delivery of the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles as “morally wrong.”

On Sunday a rumor circulated that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Netanyahu had reached a deal whereby the missiles wouldn’t be delivered, but the rumor was denied by Israeli officials.

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  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Israel is fortunate with her Leader, paranoia never wins conflicts. The Lion/Lioness watches prey, stalks prey, when the time is right strikes. Israel’s symbol is the Lion of Judah.

  • Trust G-d. He has it covered!

  • artcohn

    The Russian missiles are very effective. Israel learned that in the Yom Kippur war. Since then, Israel’s way of evading the missiles has improved, witness the first Lebanon war. But so also have the Russian missile systems.
    Putin may hate the Arabs and love the Jews, but he will do what he considers to be most advantageous for Russia.

    • Putin loves no one. He proved that when he was in college betraying friends so he could rise into the KGB. He is the perfect man for the job and for these final days.

  • Christian Chan


    PUTIN and Bibi are very close! Putin was in tears when he visited Israel ! Putin stated the only thing good in the middle east is Israel and Bibi said the same in front of the UN!
    Muslims have made lots of very powerful enemies here in Asia and all over the world!

    In the end Israel will prevail!

    Dr Christian Chan

  • If the Missiles are there or not there. We don’t need people talking about it. I sure Israel knows and knows what to do.

  • It’s really no problem whatsoever. The instructions for operating the missiles are printed in Syrian- by the OEM (you know what that means: the “original equipment manufacturers).. who happen to be Chinese. In which case, guys, it’s risky just lighting a cigarette within 50 feet.

    Worse yet, the manufacturer of the missiles is out of business. Jeez…ya’ can’t even return them if they don’ work!! Darn it!

    • Funny! D’youknow, someone queried at West Point military academy if their strategy class considered the six-day war. The officer replied, “We study strategy, not miracles!” Trust G-d. He’s got it covered.

  • Nadene van Staden

    Just knowing how Russia has two faces I wont be surprised if the missiles are delivered.Dont think for one minute that Russia is pro Israel .Everything is going according to Gods plan as this will draw all nations to the Middle East and finally all those who come up against Israel will be destroyed.

    • Rob

      Totally agree, Gog the coming king of the North will deceive many by appearing the piece maker. Gods word the only truth worth having, bring on the Rock.