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June 25, 2013 11:21 am

Poll: Majority of Israeli Arabs Reject Israel’s Right to be Jewish

avatar by Zach Pontz

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An Arab demonstration. Photo: unknown.

70% of Israeli Arabs do not accept Israel’s right to have a Jewish majority, a new poll conducted by Haifa University and the Israel Democracy Institute has revealed.

The poll, which posed questions to 1,400 Jewish and Arab Israelis over a ten-year period, revealed that, despite the overwhelming rejection of Israel’s Jewish character, 55% of Arab Israelis would prefer to live there than anywhere else, though a large majority, 68%, say they fear being transferred out of the country.

An increasingly radical Arab population was one of the revelations of the poll. About 58% of the Arab citizens of Israel say that Palestinian Arabs would be justified in starting an intifada if the diplomatic process fails.

70% of Israeli Arabs believe that the government of Israel discriminates against them and likewise advocate for an intifada if their situation does not improve.

75% of Jewish respondents believe that Arabs deserve equal rights as a minority in the country, 69% blame the Arabs for prolonging the conflict between the two peoples, and a large majority,  78%, believe that the country must maintain a Jewish majority.

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  • Luigi Rosolin

    Muslim that are willing to prosper in the Jewish state should be encourage to renounce publicly of the Islamic teaching that infidel are less and can be treat consequently. They like Israel freedom and economical blessing, for that reason they should renounce of the Islamic ideology to destroy other for religious reason.
    Israel should integrate them only on such reason.
    Peoples who don’t like the nation majority credo should not had to be consider to had the right to vote.
    Christian’s Arab and other ethnic should be allowed to integrate fully as they respect the mosaic law.
    Sending them out will only create another enemy group but in case of war that had to be consider.

  • Patricia

    I wouldn’t allow them to live there.

  • GABY

    Israeli Arabs thrive here more than anywhere else in the world; they are not attacked,roam freely in malls, theatres, public transport, national parks, they their mosques are not burned down, they receive child allocations for their multiple kids, free medical services, higher education, etc but perhaps embedded in the Arab mentality is their constant complaints about the Israel’s government. If they lived in Gaza, they would have more reasons to complain.

  • No shock here.Muslims revere the sociopath Muhammad who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 UNARMED JEWS of the Banu Quarayza tribe in 627. HATING and killing Jews is foundational to Muslims.

    • Jason

      It’s true that He did order their execution by beheading, but you dont give the full story. They had a non aggression treaty with the fledgeling Muslim society, which they broke, betraying the Muslims to their enemies and causing many deaths. They were arrested, and their head Rabbi was brought to Muhammad, who asked him, “what is the punishment for this crime (treason, conspiracy to murder, etc.?” The rabbi answered honestly, that the punishment is execution of the males and enslavement of the woman and children. So, since the Jews were allowed to live by their own laws, so also did they die by their own laws, and their women and children were enslaved, majority of which later became Muslim.

  • Okey

    More of Shimon Peres’s “partners for peace”?

    This is NOT a “duplicate comment.”

  • Okey

    More of Shimon Peres’s “partners for peace”?

  • so, one wonders if-quote-70% of Israeli Arabs believe that the government of Israel discriminates against them-, comes from the ISLAMIC LAW THAT SAYS THAT THE INFIDEL SHALL PAY TRIBUTE TO THE MUSLIM GOVT AS-DIMMITUDE-. AS IN BEING INFERIOR TO MUSLIMS. what a crock of crap. what Muslims ned to wake up to is that Isreali are where they are today because they-DO NOT THINK LIKE MUSLIMS. for instance, do Muslims in Israel have to pay extra taxes or not, I think not, why because the Israeli people believe all people are equal, unlike the Muslims who believe that any non-Muslim is simply an infidel, way inferior to themselves.

    rod qld aust

  • There’s no logic to sustaining these enemy aliens in the country. Israel in not Arabia. Israel is not an Empire. People who identify as Arabs, should be incentivised back to Arabia. Start by taxing Arabs at the same rate that Jews are taxed in Israel. The era of tax-free living for Arabs in Israel should have been long ended.

    • Fredric M. London

      Good points. The only thing I question is removing them. To where would they be moved? To refugee camps, such as where the Palestinians are kept in Egypt, Syria, etc.? There is no reason to take successful, basically happy people, and make them refugees. It is very sad, though, that they feel the way they do.

    • larry

      Israel for jews you arab go to your own land a barbaric land you are not belong to civilized people

    • susan

      I agree 100%. ARABS are not part of the State of Israel because they do not serve in the army or pay taxes. Why are they s llowed to participate in the government?

  • JB Silver

    If the Muslim Arabs in Israel want to stay, they had better accept the fact that it is a Jewish state, or plan on leaving.

    If there is an Intifada within the pre-1967 armistice lines, there should be wholesale expulsion of the Muslim aggressors to Judea and Samaria. And if we end up having to push them across the Jordan, to re-liberate our historic heartland.
    But we need to make this clear and understood.

    Having said all that, my best friend is a Moslem Arab Likud member from Jerusalem, whose son (named after me) just accepted a job with FOREX in Tel Aviv, after going to the Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem.

    Most educated Arabs, Moslem & Christian, in Jerusalem, want to be part of Israeli culture; so do many Arabs in the Galil, numbers of Arabs in the Galil have recently joined the IDF, including a few women.

    This has been the subject of worried screeds by leftist journalists and politicos in HaAretz, decrying the ‘ creeping judaization’ of Jerusalem’s Arabs!

    Get used to it guys…

  • Raphael Bendjouia

    If the Israeli Arab is not happy they way he is, then lets open the doors and send them back to their country
    lets see if they will be better off .

    We the Jewish people have NO rights or what so ever in the Arab Countries…!
    I am impress every time I go to Israel …more and more Arab villages…and to us the world opposes if we want to build in our land

  • Raphael Bendjouia

    If the Israeli Arab is not happy they way he is, then lets open the doors and send them back to their country
    lets see if they will be better off .

    We the Jewish people have NO rights or what so ever in the Arab Countries…! lets diminish 50% of their rights lets see who leaves.
    I am impress every time I go to Israel …more and more Arab villages…and to us the world opposes if we want to build in our land

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    It is time for ISRAEL to annex JUDEA, SAMARIA and E JERUSALEM. With ANTI SEMITISM escalating in the US and worldwide, her position must be one of strength.

    • …with 2/12 million Palestinians that already have a grievance over the occupation and as Israeli Arabs will be entitles to jobs, housing, education and health?

      Dual state with Palestine over time, twenty years integrated into Israel with efficient economies, political structures and common national ideology, in parallel. Complicated but continually re-assessed with clear objectives, achievable. Think about Israel in their own geographic backyard and these implications!

      Hamas another problem but not impossible.

      In conclusion, not living day to day in Israel the forest is seen but not the trees.

  • needed to ask: do arabs in israel have more rights than arabs in arab countries.

    • gary

      no doubt Israeli arab women have more rights in than there counterparts in arab countries.
      They live in a true western democracy where all citizens are treated equal they are not treated as second class citizens and ill tre4ated by the males

  • Ben

    Bottom line is that the entire region has turned on Israel, not to mention the majority of Israel’s allies. I am not surprised that so many Israeli Arab’s feel that way. It is only a matter of time until Jerusalem is split in two.

    • Fredric M. London

      Absolutely. With the exception of the ruling elite in each country, Arabs in Israel have every right as a Jew (or a Christian). The only legal difference between a Muslim Israeli and a Jewish Israeli, is that the Muslims are not drafter, and are not required to perform service in lieu of military service. Those who choose to join the IDF, give their affirmations on a Quran.

    • Fredric M. London

      G-d forbid!