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June 28, 2013 9:49 am

Obama to Save Presidency by Bombing Iran? Round Two

avatar by Daniel Pipes

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An Air Force B-2 bomber along with other aircrafts from the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps fly over the Kitty Hawk, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike groups. Photo: wiki commons.

wrote an article 3½ years ago, at a low moment in Obama’s first term, when his ratings tanked and his party just lost Edward Kennedy’s senate seat to a Republican, that usefully suggested that Obama could “salvage his tottering administration” by taking “dramatic gesture to change the public perception of him as a lightweight, bumbling ideologue, preferably in an arena where the stakes are high, where he can take charge, and where he can trump expectations.” He could do well and do good, I offered, by taking out the Iranian nuclear infrastructure.

Well, as the world knows, he did not follow my advice. But the time has come to crank it out again at a moment when Obama seems close to imploding. As the distinguished historian Andrew Roberts puts it in the July/August issue of the British magazine Standpoint, he is

credibly accused by the internal opposition of serious civil liberties violations, the secret seizure of journalists’ phone and email records, the illegal use of the state tax authorities to harass citizens, a full-scale government cover-up over the circumstances of four murders and the “systematic targeting” of news organisations. …

this summer Barack Obama has no fewer than four separate scandals pending, which are collectively referred to as “Obamagate”. Astonishingly, less than a year after his re-election, we may be witnessing the unravelling of the Obama presidency.

Given this background, I propose that (updating my 2010 article) a strike on Iranian facilities would dispatch Obama’s feckless fifth year down the memory hole and transform the domestic political scene. It would sideline immigration reform, prompt Republicans to work with Democrats, make netroots squeal, independents reconsider, and conservatives swoon.

This article was originally published by the National Review Online.

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  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    A lame duck stands on one leg because it is weak, therefore it is susceptible to attack from other Male Ducks, I have one just like it in my Lake!

    Daniel, I feel Israel will not be expected to handle Iran alone. China and Russia are keeping an eye on Iran. Much more likely Russia will take out Iran, then the States will be forced to deal with the Gulf States. China may well ally with Russia protecting Israel, though Israel will certainly play her part, she is no Coward. Iraq and the Gulf has the most oil. As for Europe, some are forgetting some of her oil comes from Russia. Israel has a new field, dumb little Ireland has two fields which are owned by Shell so no revenue for Ireland. Norway have just opened two more fields, so oil will be rationed and expensive but the rest of us will get by. The US is likely to be worse off for lack of shipments of oil from the Gulf, this is why her sixth fleet is moored in the Gulf.

    • dr.zhivago

      Russia will take out Iran?! China will protect Israel?! Your logic is as convoluted as the last name on your handle here.

      I suggest you stick with the ducks!

  • Dear Daniel,

    Yes, there is a father Christmas for the ayatollhas…his name is Obama.

    So: to quote Mark S. Devenow Esq.:

    “Not gonna happen”


  • As early as September 2009, I published “Obama: Walking on Israel in Chamberlain’s Shoes?” which presciently opined that President Obama is angling for a general settlement of all Middle Eastern questions including both Iran and Israel’s nuclear weapons, and the matter of the Palestinians. And everything since then has only confirmed that President Obama really is out shopping for some diplomatic wallpaper in the same way that Chamberlain bought paper from Hitler in 1938. Let’s test the likelihood of Pipes’s speculation that President Obama might soon suddenly opt to strike Iran’s nuclear-weapons development facilities. Firstly, such a strike would conflict with the President’s core ideology which is self-professedly philo-Muslim and Third-World, i.e. in line with Lenin’s anti-imperialism. Secondly, President Obama has systematically purged from his administration those figures like General Petraeus and Dennis Ross known to support a tougher line on Iran. They have been replaced by the likes of Hagel, Kerry, Brennan, Rice, Power, Dobbins and Malley. Why? All of these new appointees are on record as favoring containment of a nuclear Iran. Thirdly, there is no sign that President Obama is actually preparing the American people for the contingency of a USA strike on Iran. Studying the President’s political posture, it seems clear that he is more afraid of enflaming USA public opinion against Iran than he is of Iran’s nuclear-weapons and missile programs. President Obama knows that ten years of public opinion polling show that Americans see Iran as “enemy No. 1.” Accordingly, the president is extremely careful not to raise public expectations that would box him into a decision to use force against Iran. Perhaps Pipes really means to encourage the President to strike Iran. But in terms of prediction, there is really very little that suggests that Obama will ever use force to stop Iran’s race to nuclear weapons. To the contrary, all signs suggest that President Obama is out shopping for a general Middle East settlement including the nuclear weapons of both Iran and Israel, as well as the question of Syria and the Palestinians. President Obama’s philo-Muslim and left-liberal dream is buying diplomatic wallpaper from Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei just as Chamberlain bought paper from Hitler. This would be a repeat of the Munich 1938 scenario, with Israel playing the role of Czechoslovakia. Thus, there really isn’t much chance that President Obama would ever order a military strike on Iran. And, what is more, I would bet that Daniel Pipes probably already knows that.

    • Good analysis. Our resident presidente continues to demonstate incompetence

  • Mark S. Devenow Esq.

    Not gonna happen.

  • I have been reading Daniel Pipes pieces for close to thirty years. He is very consistent with his point of views though they have never made sense to me. In fact they usually make me tremble in fear for both the US and Israel.

  • Martin Charney

    Do you know that the US is at war with terrorism – believe it or not. Read Rita Katz’s book The Terrorist Hunter to see why. I think the US is committing suicide with the “D” word – democracy and freedom taken to extremes. Jewish law calls for a fence to be built around a balcony to allow the lookers to stand even closer. I mean let Ed Snowden realize his responsibilities as a US citizen and use EVERY tool at his disposal fighting that evil. Good luck in continuiing upward.

    • Rabbi Martin Kramer

      Mr. Charney: Unfortunately you are profoundly mistaken. The Biblical statute of making a fence on a balcony or rooftop, has naught to do with privacy. The passage makes it clear that this is a safety issue.

      Furthermore, Jewish law is quite exceptionally strict on restricting activities by neighbors that might affect their privacy.

      More pertinent is the fact that the USA is far less vigorous in “the war on terror”, than it is on promoting entitlements, crony appointments, and political subterfuge. The best example is that there is a policy not to have surveillance in or near mosques. Hey, this is a war! Correct? So why snoop on everyone except were the guilt ferments – openly.

  • Obama’s America deliberately decided not stop Iran.

    Once Israel attacks Iran is will cause chaos in Iran creating a power vacuum creating an opportunity to Iran neighbors. Causing regional chaos disrupting oil supply to Europe collapsing European economies creating chaos giving opportunity to the Islamic groups to try and take over Europe. Follow that American banks and economy will be affected disrupting American life.

    America’s future: Europe will fall to Islam and large parts of East and North Africa. America is losing right now but we don’t know how that will go. If America should fall the possibility of a new Dark Ages is real! It will depend on the America people if they wake up and see the danger that will make all the difference.

    The next war will not be like WW 11; it will be more like an enlarged Terrorist War.

    In the coming possible Dark Ages of Muslim domination only Israel will be the only “Light Unto The Nations”.

    Islam is Evil what part of Evil do you not understand about that. Islam enslaves the mind, the body and the soul. Do you care? Kill me if you dare.

  • Fredric M. London

    Awesome idea. It will never happen. Obama is too enmeshed with radical Islam to ever take steps against a shari’a regime.

  • Gil Chaim

    When does a lame duck stand on one leg?