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July 14, 2013 10:56 am

‘Justice, Justice, Shall You Pursue’ – Justice For George Zimmerman

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Justice managed to emerge victorious in this political show-trial. Not Guilty!

The not-guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for 2nd degree murder is a victory for  justice in the United States. It proved, that despite the racist frenzy whipped up by professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Sheila Jackson-Lee, despite the veiled threats of rioting lynch mobs composed of hysterical blacks and equally hysterical white ultra-liberals, the six female jurors had the integrity to ignore the hysteria, to perform their sacred duty, to examine the evidence honestly, and unanimously agree that George Zimmerman was innocent.

The best that could be said for the prosecution’s evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt is that it was paltry; non-existent would be much more accurate. There were essentially two points: (1) That Zimmerman muttered an expletive under his breath on the 911 call, and (2) The testimony of Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, and Martin family friend, Rachel Jeantel.

If muttering an expletive under one’s breath is evidence of murderous intent then most of the population of this country is guilty. Regarding Rachel Jeantel’s testimony: How many people who watched her testify would trust her as a baby-sitter for their children? If she had heard Trayvon Martin say something that made it clear that he was the one who initiated the confrontation, what would most people assess as the likelihood that she would leave it out of her testimony? These are strong indications that she was not even a credible witness. All of this, however, is beside the point. Even if every word she spoke was the truth, it still remains totally inconclusive.

Benjamin Crump, Martin Family Attorney and racist

What is obvious is that George Zimmerman never should have been charged with anything. The entire perverse spectacle, from beginning to end was a political show-trial. The only reason Zimmerman was charged is because he was white and Trayvon Martin was black. The fact that the black-shyster, Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, could compare Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till and civil-rights hero Medgar Evers, is a testimony to the racist sickness that ironically and sadly infects many black people in this country today.

Of course, Al Sharpton will try to milk as many press conferences and as much publicity as is humanely possible from this situation. That is what slimy bottom-feeders like Sharpton do best. However, despite the fact that nobody has yet been able to permanently affix a sock in his vile mouth, justice emerged victorious today. Thank God.

Statue of Lady Justice at Dublin Castle - She celebrated victory today

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  • Steve Stoddard

    “… Barack Obama has introduced the concept of gangster government to the United States. But this is beyond the pale: the Obama administration has publicly solicited slander, directed against a private citizen who has already been acquitted of the only misdeed of which he has been accused. The Obama administration, it seems to me, has crossed the Rubicon. Its gangsterism should be condemned by all people of good faith, regardless of their political persuasion.”

  • Dean

    You all seem to be very right wing…if this is the American Jewish view that you have of society…then your land is doomed to fail…you wouldn’t get this sort of ignorance in Israel, and I didn’t think that American Jews were so non-liberal.

    Shame on you all.

    • Steve Stoddard

      “Non-liberal,” as far as that goes, is a good attribute.

      I think it was Mickey Spillane who explained that the best way to be “right wing” is to be so far right as to be clear out the window!

  • Dean

    I’m sorry Paul…I think you’re a little confused by the situation…Mr Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin, who was minding his own business. Zimmerman’s suspicions were raised on what basis? Oh t hat’s right…skin colour, brilliant.

    Let’s flip the situation around then…

    Put yourself in Mr. Martin’s position:
    1. You are followed at night by an unknown vehicle.
    2. You are then confronted at night by the driver.
    3. An altercation ensues – no one (alive) but George Zimmerman witnessed how it started.
    4. You end up pushing a man (or possibly being pushed) on the ground as they have approached you brandishing a weapon or shouting some racial abuse (while we’re making stuff up, I may as well jump to obvious conclusions too) with the person on top of you, hitting you and banging your head into the ground.
    5. You try to fight off a potential mugger/rapist/murderer.
    6. You don’t have a gun to defend yourself (if he was such a bad kid, and firearms are so readily available, why did he not have a gun?).
    7. You fear for your life.
    8. What do you do? – You get shot and you die.

    Get a grip of reality and see what really happended here people. This is just another perfect example of the US legal system letting it’s citizens down, and like it or not, the black youth of American as just as much citizens as the white Jewish middle class americans as you all so clearly are.

    • Steve Stoddard


      Since “black youth” commit most of the murders, aren’t you on the wrong side here?

      You seem to feel that it is an “atrocity” when someone is killed in self-defense. Do you not object when kids are out there murdering other kids, say in places like Chicago?

      By objecting to self-defense as you are, you are working at “creating an environment of perpetual violence.” That is a very bad idea.

      • Dean

        You are blatant racist…wrong sides?!!! Justice has nothing to do with the colour of one’s skin.

        I’m on the side of the fella who was killed by another white racist…you’re using your computer…he was using his gun.

        • Steve Stoddard

          [][]“… blatant racist …”?????[][]

          Whom are you trying to kid?

          If you honestly don’t think skin color is significant, why did you bring it up?

          And you still seem to be ignoring the fact that using a gun (or a computer) in self-defense is perfectly legitimate.

          • Dean

            You’re right.

            That’s the problem I guess…I said that justice has nothing to do with the colour of your skin, I was completely incorrect. What I should have said was that justice SHOULDN’T have anything to do with the colour of your skin.

            Unfortunately this is not the case in the US and UK legal systems, but this doesn’t shock me…what does is the abhorrent attitudes that have been displayed here…not only in the blog, but in the rabbis column too.

            Absolutely disgusting.

          • Steve Stoddard

            You may feel “disgusting,” Dean, or “disgusted” by some feeling you indulge yourself with, but don’t project those feelings onto other people.

            There was nothing to do with the verdict in this case that had anything to do with the “colour” of anybody’s skin. If you feel differently, you are not connecting to the real world. In fact, it appears that you are striving mightily for disconnection (and therefore injustice, and even “perpetual violence”).

            Self-defense is an inalienable right — and America, at least, has the good sense to protect that right (Obama and Holder to the contrary notwithstanding).

    • Paul Revere

      Nice Dean! Make up “facts’ since you have none. The only thing that you actually know to be true is that Zimmerman saw Martin, called it in on 911, tried to keep an eye on Martin, and there was an altercation in which Zimmerman was getting pummeled and he shot and killed Martin. The facts, from court testimony. Zimmerman lost Martin or vice versa. Martin and Rachel were talking about just that at the same time Zimmerman was on phone with 911 and returning to, or near, his car at the ‘T”. Somehow, the altercation happened at the “T”, right where Zimmerman was. He either went to where Martin was and somehow Martin followed him back; Martin found him; or Martin stumbled upon him. Nice how you ignore reality and make it up as you go.

  • Steve Stoddard

    “… we are no longer living in 1955 Mississippi. If there is a crime involving two races today, the victim is most likely going to be white and the criminal is most likely going to be black — not the other way around.”

  • Harry

    Not only has Justice been seen to have been done but we owe a debt of gratitude to George Zimmerman for making the streets of Florida just that little bit safer. One less drug addict looking to cause trouble roaming the streets!

    • Dean

      You are obviously a very angry and currupt individual. A ‘debt of gratitude’ as you so callously put it is not owed to Mr Zimmerman. You say it is one less drug addict on the street, what makes you so sure that he is an addict, and if he were, would that be justification for murder?

      And lets say that the youg Mr Martin had attacked Mr Zimmerman first, maybe verbally or even with a push or god forbid…a punch…is that justification to commit homicide?

      You all need to look at the world around us and come to the realisation that it is up to us to make things better, and by not condemning an atrocity such as this, you are creating an environment of perpetual violence…and hopefully it will come knocking at your door…as it did to the Martin’s.

      • Steve Stoddard

        You seem to feel that it is an “atrocity” when someone is killed in self-defense. Do you not object when kids are out there murdering other kids, say in places like Chicago?

        By objecting to self-defense as you are, you are working at “creating an environment of perpetual violence.” That is a very bad idea.

        • Dean

          I completely disagree with what you have said Steve.

          I do not object when someone is killed in a justfied case of self defence (I live in the UK where there are virtually NO GUNS on our streets…they are not even carried by our police officers).

          The problem that I have with the situation in question is that Mr Zimmerman, in my opinion, did not use reasonable force when he ‘defended himself’.

          Think of it this way…

          1. would Mr Martin still be alive if Mr Zimmerman was not carrying a gun? > yes

          2. would Mr Martin still be alive if he was not approached by Mr Zimmerman, who suspected Mr Martin was a bad man based on his skin colour? > yes

          And lastly….

          3. do you really think that Mr Zimmerman would have stepped out of his car to ‘defend his neighbourhood’ had he not been carrying a gun? > I think that you know that the answer would be no.

          On that occassion, Zimmerman had an inflated sense of power due to the weapon that he possessed, he disregarded the police officer who told him not to approach Mr Martin and HE subsequently shot AN UNARMED INDIVIDUAL.

          Seriously…you think this was a justified case of self defence? Ha!

          Imagine that it was your completely innocent son walking down the street, and a man approached him brandishing a gun, a fight ensued and bang…your son was shot. Then imagine that in a court of law, your son was discredited and the vile human being that killed him, walked free.

          Makes a pretty picture hey?

          • Steve Stoddard

            [][]“1. would Mr Martin still be alive if Mr Zimmerman was not carrying a gun? > yes”[][]

            Zimmerman would have been the one dead in that case.

          • Paul Revere

            Too bad that guy that got his head hacked off by your UK muslims was not armed.

  • Great article. I agree that justice was served.

    • Steve Stoddard

      Stopping the Bible (the Koran, etc.) could be a very interesting idea.

  • Steve Stoddard

    Great article, Rabbi Averick.

    However, I must disagree a bit. As far as the vile Sharpton goes, he’s old news. I think you needed to go farther and condemn the vile involvement of Obama and his “DoJ”.

    • Steve Stoddard


      Except I’m not sure how Obama could be called a “loser” — he is so empty that there doesn’t seem to be anything he could lose (everything possibly good is already gone).

      • Steve,
        I’m not sure either.

        • Dean

          Rabbi Moshe,

          Are you this deluded that you truly feel that justice was served?

          A young man has been killed and the perpetrator used a plea of self defense…against an unarmed individual…that was minding his own business and who was approached by Mr Zimmerman. And you trully in your heart of hearts feel that he is innocent? Shame on you rabbi.

          I know that there is little liklihood of you posting this comment, and that you are likely not the moderator of this blog, but I do hope that this message filters down to you in some capacity as I find your comments shameful, I feel like a confused Jew…I mean the rabbi is meant to be wise man…not closed minded and ignorant.

          If you could please advise me of any part of the Torah that states that it is acceptable to kill an unarmed individual.


          A disillusioned Jew.

          • Paul Sternberg

            Put yourself in Mr. Zimmerman’s position:
            1. You are confronted at night by an unknown person.
            2. An altercation ensues – no one but George Zimmerman witnessed how it started.
            3. You end up on the ground with the person on top hitting you and banging your head into the ground.
            4. You are ineffective at stopping the aggression against you.
            5. You have a gun and are able to retrieve it.
            6. You fear for your life.
            7. What do you do?

            These types of situations are why God established the Cities of Refuge. When the community is out for revenge you have a place of safety to flee to until the facts can be presented and the matter can be judged. For us, our legal system is based on that concept and should be our place of refuge.

            The entire incident was a tragedy. The extensive racial provocation after the event was a travesty.

          • Steve Stoddard

            [][]“… please advise me of any part of the Torah that states that it is acceptable to kill an unarmed individual.”[][]

            The “Torah” is irrelevant. Human beings have an inalienable right to self-defense. It is perfectly acceptable to “kill an unarmed individual” to save yourself when that individual is trying to kill you.

            Surely you don’t feel that a “black youth” should be legally allowed to kill whomever he feels like??