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July 14, 2013 10:56 am

‘Justice, Justice, Shall You Pursue’ – Justice For George Zimmerman

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Justice managed to emerge victorious in this political show-trial. Not Guilty!

The not-guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for 2nd degree murder is a victory for  justice in the United States. It proved, that despite the racist frenzy whipped up by professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Sheila Jackson-Lee, despite the veiled threats of rioting lynch mobs composed of hysterical blacks and equally hysterical white ultra-liberals, the six female jurors had the integrity to ignore the hysteria, to perform their sacred duty, to examine the evidence honestly, and unanimously agree that George Zimmerman was innocent.

The best that could be said for the prosecution’s evidence of Zimmerman’s guilt is that it was paltry; non-existent would be much more accurate. There were essentially two points: (1) That Zimmerman muttered an expletive under his breath on the 911 call, and (2) The testimony of Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, and Martin family friend, Rachel Jeantel.

If muttering an expletive under one’s breath is evidence of murderous intent then most of the population of this country is guilty. Regarding Rachel Jeantel’s testimony: How many people who watched her testify would trust her as a baby-sitter for their children? If she had heard Trayvon Martin say something that made it clear that he was the one who initiated the confrontation, what would most people assess as the likelihood that she would leave it out of her testimony? These are strong indications that she was not even a credible witness. All of this, however, is beside the point. Even if every word she spoke was the truth, it still remains totally inconclusive.

Benjamin Crump, Martin Family Attorney and racist

What is obvious is that George Zimmerman never should have been charged with anything. The entire perverse spectacle, from beginning to end was a political show-trial. The only reason Zimmerman was charged is because he was white and Trayvon Martin was black. The fact that the black-shyster, Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump, could compare Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till and civil-rights hero Medgar Evers, is a testimony to the racist sickness that ironically and sadly infects many black people in this country today.

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Of course, Al Sharpton will try to milk as many press conferences and as much publicity as is humanely possible from this situation. That is what slimy bottom-feeders like Sharpton do best. However, despite the fact that nobody has yet been able to permanently affix a sock in his vile mouth, justice emerged victorious today. Thank God.

Statue of Lady Justice at Dublin Castle - She celebrated victory today

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