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July 29, 2013 8:19 pm

Facebook Page of PA Negotiator Headed to Washington Shows Entire Israel Under Banner of ‘Palestine’

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Facebook page of Palestinian negotiator Mohammad Shtayyeh. Photo: Facebook.

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh arrived in Washington D.C. Monday to resume direct peace negotiations with Israel for the first time in three years.

Images on the official Facebook page of Shtayyeh however, whose holds the influential role of head of the Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction, imply that his intentions are not limited to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

A cursory glance at the page reveals a map of Israel, including the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip blanketed with the word “Filastin”—which means Palestine.

It “betrays the true motives of the second most senior Palestinian negotiator, advocating the destruction of the entirety of the State of Israel,” wrote Raheem Kassam, editor of the newly founded Trending Central blog, that first reported on the page.

Furthermore, two of the public pictures on the page openly glorify former PLO leader Yassir Arafat, whom many blame for the two sides’ hitherto fruitless attempts to find peace.

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  • Elliot J. Stamler

    All this thunder and lightning. Today is July 31, 2013. I guarantee that on July 31, 2014 there will NOT be a peace settlement between the Arabs and the Israelis. Anybody challenge that? I refuse to get aggravated over the sound and fury – peace, as Avigdor Lieberman recently presciently stated, is not in the cards for a very long time-if ever. And that as Cronkite used to say is how it is. You can’t have a peace when one party are savage fanatics who will never abandon their desire to murder the other and destroy the other’s country. If I am called Cassandra-it’s unimportant. I write the grim truth.

  • art frank

    Hey folks you can’t reason with arabs or muslims. They live in a fantasy world. Also,
    lying is integral to their “culture”.

  • Plain Talk

    Never give up hope …… people, I should say the vast majority of people, said there would never be peace made between Begin and Sadat but it did happen. Chances are slim but still better than none.

  • Noevil9

    Wowo wow Mr.mh8169, slow down. Why are you so made at face book, are you going to control how people breath and eat very soon too? Why are you made and surprised at a Palestinian who wishes to display a map ,of all what he wishes and have known to be historical Palestine? Not more than 65 years or so ago? Are you as made about the Zionist Jewish person, who also displays,calls, roams, builds- illegally ,I might add -settlements and roads, pools and factories, then takes all the waters of that same land? Yet his claim to it, he thinks/ has been told that some Jewish people claimed it not sixty five years ago, but maybe 3000 years ago, but not his father nor grand father nor any ancestors, he might have known, stepped a foot on this land for that many generations. Who would you think, can and should relate to that land more? The one from the books and stories, or the one who have known no other land for generations before him? I know your logic might be at question here, but just take your time and think a little. I think you might show standard majority reasonable, logical logic. Good luck ! We can’t silence all people all the time, even if we try like the Israelis and the Zionists have been trying so hard. People should and can have the right to look, see and understand, then make their own judgement and should be able to voice it.

    • Lynne T

      Historical “Palestine” — the land of the orignally Greek-speaking sea-faring nation of the Philestines — is the Gaza Strip. The Romans tried to rename the upper and lower kingdoms of Judea and Sumaria to punish the Jews (and presumably the Sumaritans) for revolting against their cruel occupation, but by Renaissance time, cartographers were calling the territory Judea.

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      Noevil9 There are a number of errors in your comment, but this is beside the point. Are you aware of the fact that Arab Nations during WWII negotiated with Hitler, implying Arabic Nations had as much desire to commit genocide against the Judaic Peoples. Did you also know Israel NOT Palestine was ceded to Judaic peoples as compensation for the atrocities against them by Germany in WWII. I suggest you keep your god and I am assuming it is Allah out of this. Right thinking people world wide are aware of why Israel was founded in 1948 and you would do well to remember this. As for Erakat it is perfectly obvious to any right thinking person his intentions for Israel. Israel has built a sustainable economy, none of the rest of the middle east has done this. Saudi did not do so the west built and drilled her oil, she just sits on her back side mistreating women of all Nationalities and rakes in the money. Of course so called Palestinians now want Israel, she is worth investing in, she had now her own OIL field and you greedy lazy Arabs want to reap the benefits and at the same time kill of every member of the Judaic peoples. Arabs are no better than Nazi’s but you don’t have the brains to devise mass murdering gas chambers and ovens and I can tell you the Germans will not oblige you. I will forward this comment to Erakat’s FB page.

  • mh8169

    I am damn tired of all the BS being thrown with these negotiations. The current administration is a real sham and for the first time I feel shame in being an American citizen. As an investor with Facebook, I am sick and tired with their BS as well. Their position of the right of expression is marginal at best. The PLO is just playing fricking games because we do not want to call a spade a spade.

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      mh8169, So you should feel shame as I a European feel shame at the dictates of Ashton and the EU. As for Ereket’s demand Israel submits to Palestinian government after 65 years is beyond the Pale. The Arabs would never have built Israel’s economy, and I suspect we are back to OIL. Israel’s Oil feilds in the South could provide Palestine with a tidy income and ally her to the rest of the Gulf States and the US will now have one more source for importing OIL to the US. I feel deeply Israel has no choice but to go to war. Starting by taking out 60,000 rockets directed at Southern Israel and undoubtedly her Oil field. This whole f…..g charade is about OIL, another Israeli natural resource Gold. So where were the dumb Arabs before Israel researched and invested in her Nation?