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July 29, 2013 10:30 pm

J Street Leader Supports Palestinian Convict Release; Says ‘We Have the Ear of the White House’

avatar by Zach Pontz

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J Street Founder and President, Jeremy Ben-Ami.

Jeremy Ben-Ami, executive director of J Street, the advocacy group that refers to itself as “pro-Israel, pro-peace,” believes that the recent promised release of 104 pre-Oslo Palestinian convicts was the right move by Israel’s politicians.

In an interview with the New Republic, Ben-Ami was unequivocal in his support of the move, saying: “These prisoners are the hardest of the hardcore. But [they are] also at the center of the sense of Palestinian dignity and respect. It is not only addressing a fundamental Palestinian issue, it is also a political issue for Abu Mazen and the Fatah party—the people you want to make a deal with.”

The move to release the prisoners, passed in a vote by the Israeli Cabinet Sunday night, has been at the center of a heated debate in Israel, with victims of terror voicing strong opposition.

Ben-Ami, describing J Street as “a moderate, centrist place,” also touted his organization’s influence in Washington, a position traditionally dominated by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

“We have the ear of the White House; we have the ear of a very large segment of Congress at this point; we have very good relations with top communal leadership in the Jewish community.”

And, not sticking simply to politics, he addressed a scandal involving controversial billionaire investor George Soros, in which J Street denied accepting money from him before leaked IRS documents proved otherwise. Ben-Ami, skirting the organization’s earlier deceptive practices, proved more transparent this time, confiding that not only does Soros donate, but that “his son is a contributor now, too.”

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  • An American Jew

    Jeremy, you have to ask yourself one important question…

    Do you really want to trust a people who put these 104 murderous inhuman pieces of trash “… at the center of the sense of Palestinian dignity and respect.”

    Isn’t something seriously wrong with a society that bases their dignity and respect on inhuman pieces of trash who murder innocent women and children?

    Is this society a peace partner or this just some stupid wet dream that you are pursuing at the cost of taking more innocent Jewish lives? If you are willing to sacrifice others in pursuit of this dream, why not sacrifice your own family and move them into the neighborhoods where these murderers are set to be released. That way, one way or the other your trust will be rewarded.

  • Steve Wenick

    J Street may have the ear of Barack Hussein Obama but not the heart of the Jewish people.

  • jon kurowsky

    As I read these words, and thought of this little man, who is a curse upon my people, I can’t help but think of how Matityahu ben Yohanan would have dealt with him and his kind.

  • EGore

    Of course J Street is having a collective multi-cultural orgasm right now over this. How many of these liberal moron-pansies have actually been to Israel. How many would have the balls to visit Gaza and Ramallah without protection.

    J Street. The main thoroughfare of Jewish Fantasyland.

  • Vigilante

    these are murderers, hardened criminals with no conscience, how will your be, after they commit mutliple murders. brain dead liberal intellectual bleeding heart Jew, rachmonus is wonderful, yours is so misguided, you, singelhandedly are killing your fellow Jews, how do you feel about that, after it is proven. after it is proven , should you go to jail for murder? and and if not, why not? please an answer, liberal bleeding heart Jews, wonderful, i woul dalso like to live it=n that dream world where everyone was a tsadik or at least a beinoni, you sir, are brain damaged it will kill me to tell you so, because that will mean multiple killings, otoh, what t f will it take what will it take, are you sure you are Jewish?????