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August 4, 2013 11:54 am

Report: Hamas Declares State of Emergency Amid Fears of Gaza Coup

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Hamas militants hold a poster of Mohammed Morsi as they celebrate his 2012 election in Gaza City. Photo: Front Page Magazine.

Terror group Hamas is becoming increasingly concerned that the actors responsible for the removal of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi from power last month are encroaching on its unchallenged rule in the Gaza Strip, and it’s moving to pre-empt the threat.

According to a translation provided by the anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon, Palestine Press Agency is reporting that Hamas has declared a “state of emergency” following a declaration by the Tamarod protest movement that November 11, the anniversary of former PLO leader Yassir Arafat’s death, will be a day of protest against Hamas and Fatah.

The Tamarod movement mobilized in Egypt to collect 15 million signatures against Morsi and is largely credited with setting in motion the events that led to his ouster by the country’s military.  In recent weeks Hamas has feared the movement’s infiltration into Gaza, a fact not entirely based in paranoia, as the Tamarod Gaza Facebook page has amassed some 20,000 “likes.”

According to the Palestine Press Agency report, Hamas authorities have already begun a crackdown on activists suspected of being involved in the movement.

Hamas has blamed its rival Fatah, which rules much of the West Bank, for the Tamarod movement and accuses it of using the movement as a proxy in Gaza.

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  • varda

    Read Marrakesh girl by Raymonde Chriqui on kindle. Its about peace between Jews and

  • Mel

    Among uneduca, Islam-infested peoples of the world, can long-term survival be likely for a group made from ‘Ham Ass?’

    • Mel

      If undereducated, superstitious, Stone Age Muslims panic when they see a pig, can a ham ass government last long?

  • Tony Riley

    As the classic song by The Rascals goes: “It’s a beautiful morning – it must be a sunny day!”

  • Max Gordon

    May the hate begin!!!!!!!

  • Ted Sternberg

    To quote Menachem Begin when he was asked about the Iran-Iraq war, “”I hope they both win!”

  • Fred

    Hate begets hate a wobbly platform.

  • jacob mandelblum

    Notwithstanding what GOD willing happens to Hamas and, knowing how it works, I doubt the Tamarod movement would
    actually mean anything drastic happening to Hamas who, diametrically opposed to Israel’s asinine policy gives a hoot about “human rights” without anybody outside learning a damned thing but long after it happens, I would like to ask which “Quid pro quo” is there for Israel in this idiotic freeing of these 104 murderers to please Horseface Kerry and his boss…
    I wonder whether a blood relative of the supersages who
    approved this idiocy would have been killed or maimedby the actions of any of these cutthroats would have been as cavalier on approving their liberation….

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    As A veteran volunteer of Isreal’s War Of Independence,
    I spent almost two years learning their fighting habits.
    The arabs use the same tatics today they used in 1948.
    With this new development, maybe they will kill enough of each other to wipe them out as a threat to anyone

  • Efram Paul

    Such an occurrence would be a G-d send. If this movement could take over Gaza, please G-d, and then overthrow Fatah, that would mean that a real peace would finally be possible! Such miracles do not happen often, but one has the right to hope, right?

    • judorebbe

      You are assuming that there are “moderate” jihadis who want “peace” with the infidel Jews. Unfortunately, Israel’s best (probably only) chance for peace is through vastly superior military and counter-terrorism capabilities — and Israel’s willingness to use those capabilities pre-emptively, despite international disapproval.

  • Yael

    Wow, they didn´t blame the jews? What´s happening with the world? 😉

    • Robby

      Kind of ironic, HAMAS doesn’t consider Israel it’s greatest threat.

    • Rumpleforeskin

      actually, morsi has been accused of being a zionist puppet. Even a claim that morsi is Jewish. But then again, the egyptians also accused a shark of being a mossad agent

  • R

    Tha’s okay with me. One hate group hates the other hate group. Well, that oughta keep ’em both both busy for a while. Let’s fight…and fight some more!

    Have a nice time, guys!!!