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August 9, 2013 11:16 am

British Victims of Zanzibar Acid Attack May Have Been Targeted Because They Were Jewish

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Stone Town, Zanzibar. Photo: Wikipedia.

Two girls who were the victims of a devastating acid attack on the island of Zanzibar Wednesday may have been targeted because they were Jewish, friends of the pair told police, the UK’s The Daily Mail reported.

The British teenagers suffered painful burns when acid was thrown in their faces as they walked to a restaurant on the mostly Muslim island. The pair are now back in England receiving treatment and recovering from their wounds.

Witnesses described seeing two men on a moped throw acid at the girls. Police said that five suspects were detained on Thursday in the capital’s historic Stone Town district, where Kirstie Trup and Katie Gee, both 18, were attacked, Britain’s Telegraph reported.

Police have also issued a warrant for the arrest of Islamist preacher Sheikh Issa Ponda Issa, amid suggestions his teaching could have influenced the attackers.

According to reports, it was the third attack on the pair during their stay on the island.

Gee told friends she was assaulted in the street by a Muslim woman two weeks earlier, apparently for singing during Ramadan.

A project worker said the teenagers were also involved in an argument with a shopkeeper days before the acid attack.

Both had been told to be aware of appropriate dress codes during Ramadan and were careful to avoid wearing anything which would identify them as Jewish.

The girls had been working as volunteer teachers at a Christian nursery school for the past three weeks and were scheduled to fly home Saturday.

Zanzibar, off the coast of east Africa, and part of the republic of Tanzania, attracts thousands of British tourists a year.

Tanzania’s president Jakaya Kikwete visited them in the Aga Khan Hospital, in Dar es Salaam, a signal of Tanzania’s determination to guard its lucrative tourism industry.

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  • It is hard to say who is to blame. Of course the 5 men shall be puniched of the horrific crime. But could the girls have done something to create less attention?? it is a sad story for the girls but also the country. It will hurt the tourism of Zanzibar and thats a shame because it is a beautiful country!

  • Mel Goodman

    This event will seriously harm European tourism to Zanzibar so the fanatics have harmed their own cause.

  • Joel Pinsky

    I was always taught not to go anywhere you are not welcome, a sentiment which is particularly relevant to being a proud Jew.i trust these young woman have unfortunately learned in a painful and distressing manner this lesson. Of further interest is the fact that in WW 1 a Jewish soldier by the name of George Gee was one of five Jewish men who were awarded the Victoria Cross the highest military decoration that was (and is) available to members of the Commonwealth.Does any one know if there is a connection with his descendants and the victim ms. Gee?

  • Harold

    What on earth were these Jewish girls doing in a Muslim country. Is there not more than enough work to be done in Israel for do-gooders ?

    • Vered

      I agree with the respond.what are those Jewish girles doing in a Muslim country helpin a christen school. How global .

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    First I will state this piece of news finally reached European News, though no mention was made the young women were Jewish. I deeply sympathize with them, as as Mother of a daughter who in her youth took it into her head to go abroad and offer her services for the good of others, she was forbidden. The mother’s of these young women aught to have done the same or more correctly their Fathers indeed should have taken a serious stance on this desire. I hope they will both recover well and plastic surgery will restore at least 90% of their acid burnt wounds.

  • whilst I feel sorry for them, on the other hand what did they expect? 2 young women volunteering in a troubled Muslim country. unbelievable

    • poly nicoll

      they were two young women who VOLUNTEERED to do good charitable work, they stuck to the dress code, and tried to stick to the conduct codes, but the main problem was they were NEVER GOING TO BE LET to fit in, THEY WERE NOT WANTED BY A SECTION OF THAT SOCIETY AND WERE TARGETED AND LET KNOWN BY INTIMIDATION, VERBAL ABUSE ETC ETC and the VIOLENT ASSAULT. SO ALL MEMBERS OF THE EU should now vote with their feet and NO VISIT THIS CESSPOOL OF HATRED. they do not respect our freedoms and lifesytle choices so don’t go on holidays to there or to do charitable deeds.

  • They were attacked because they Jewish? Good news. So, regular Britts are in no danger to visit Zanzibar.

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      Who ever you are wishing ill of the Jewish race and in particular young women is disgraceful. I assume you are indeed a vile Jihadi Sociopath/psychopath.

      • poly nicoll

        couldn’t agree more, with Vivienne.

    • anti3anti:- You are no better than those Jew-hating Muslims.
      So it’s OK as far as you are concerned for British-Jews to have acid sprayed on them as long as it doesn’t happen to British-non-Jews.
      You are despicable.

  • I suggest they were not targeted as Jews but because their attackers assumed they were Christian.

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      This is just as likely David.

    • Bede A.

      If they were mistaken to be Christian, then why are the thousands of other Brits who are visiting the Island, who are also Christians, not attacked???
      On the other hand, though the incident is very unfortunate, this will be a stark reminder to other Jews, what ever your nationality is, you are still vulnerable. Israel is a country at war. Wars have consequences and a price to pay, which means that all Jews need to remember, that they can’t live the same free life and enjoy a “normal” life, that most other people enjoy in this world, and they need to guard themselves all the time. This is an example. Though many people of other ethnicities might be able to go to Zansibar and spend time freely, unfortunately, Jews cannot afford to do that. There are many other countries in the world, where you have to take the same precautions. Plus, if you happen to be in such a place, as a Jew, you need to be extra vigilant, more than a person from another race, to make sure that you don’t offend the local people, their cultures and beliefs etc. due to the vulnerability of Jews abroad. As the report says, the girls should have been more careful of their behaviour during the Ramadan period, not to create offence, which also seems to have sparked a confrontation.
      It is just a reminder, that people of certain races, nationalities, color, faith etc. who are more vulnerable than the others, while in a “hostile” territory and should be aware of it.

      • tuffteach

        First of all, being Jewish is NOT A RACE. White is a race, black is a race…did you get the idea? Secondly, if a country is at war and wins–that country is the one who dictates what will be done with the losers. Israel went to war because of the Al Queda and their followers. Israel won the war. Now Israel is supposed to sit back and follow the dictates of the loser? Where in the world are all of you out there? Even when kids fight and one is the victor, that victor knows he is IN CHARGE.

  • Fred

    Do not trust yourself to Muslims here is a good lesson for your help you get stabbed in the back.

    • Bede A.

      There are always setbacks, but hatred creates more hatred and violence. It is a honourable deed, what the girls did… But, just need to be more careful and vigilant and know when to leave…

  • Uriahh

    The poison injected into society by radical Islamists reaches everywhere. Acid thrown in the faces of girls is as barbaric as the Imams who promotes it!

    There are almost 2 billion Muslims who are being brainwashed by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, al Queda, etc. Their hatred of civilized nations and rational Western people
    won’t stop until they are defeated.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    I hate to sound like I am blaming the victims, but what lunacy inspired these girls and their permissive parents to go to a Muslim country? All the good feelings and sense of wanting all people to live together in peace is not a mutually desired life style. I know the feeling of wanting to go anywhere my heart desires, but there are times when wisdom trumps a sense of human rights.

    • Well then I guess the muzzles win huh? Don’t go where there might be Muslims because they’ll attack you. That’s the whole point of why they do it. So where can Jews go?

    • Bede A.

      This is exactly what I said too, but I still think, it is a very honourable act, and hatred should be met with compassion!! But, the children should not be exposed to such risks until they have gathered enough life experience, to do that in a “hostile” world…

  • Salomon

    “The girls had been working as volunteer teachers at a Christian nursery school for the past three weeks and were scheduled to fly home Saturday.”

    Why their parents didn´t warn them about the danger of going to a muslim country? Young girls haven´t yet developed the sense of danger… But the parents? What do they think the girls were travelling to Monaco?

  • R

    Jews present where they knew perfectly well hey were not welcome is like deliberately tempting fate. Never mind that they were working at a Christian school. Musllms over there don’t like Christians any more than they like Jews. And anyway, (just to complicate things a little moreso), Jesus lived and died a Jew. If Muslims hate the Jews, Jesus is probably Number One on their list!

  • Efram Paul

    People everywhere, especially Jews. Be smart. Avoid Muslim countries. While the governments of some may be benevolent, there are barbarians in the midst of every single Muslim country. Even so-called civilized nations, such as France, Sweden, Britain, etc. can be dangerous.

    Protect yourselves, go to safe countries only!

  • aall55

    Jewish girls helping Muslims ???

    When will you ever learn ???

    • anonymous

      Hey, what about that terribly terribly sad story of the Hillel boy “helping” the peace effort stabbed tot death in Egypt June 29, 2013. Could the parents have tied him up and kidnapped him to keep him fom going?. Sadly no.

      Liberal intellectual knee jerk Jews, love the enemy, akin to the three rabbis at UWS B’nai Jeshurun, who applauded the UN vote pro Palestinian.,

      and that is all re some brain sickness.
      But what about Bibi, freeing 104 terrorist murders? to restart peace talks? you know where they are going, and in the meantime, the f n next bus that blows up, that can be pinned on one of the 104, wth will bibi say/do? stop the new constructions is that not a better compromise, who is he TL’ing and why?
      Kerry and Obama, they f’n give a shit about Jewish lives?
      This is not Peace Corps days, and not EST and not, but to my great great regret there are kids like this boy tragically killed in Egypt, and i hope that it is not a m’challel whatever, to point out, that he, well well well kindly now, was delusional. And as for the parents oy va voy how my heart goes out to them, i am a parent of two kids 23-30, and i know that i could never ever interfere in something that they were planning. never. what a crying shame, what a crying shame and the two girls already had two indcidents, in recent times, why did not the parents or consulate or i do not know who, get them the hell out of there, why? were they that autonomous that not a soul in the world , or an organization in the world could have airlifted them out of there? There ar so many tragedies, Ultra Charedim in Israel attacking Charedi IDF soldiers in uniform and even the Israeli police trying to save, extricate the poor soldier attacked by an angry mob, who are/were exhorted and mobilized by their chief rabbis, why do these charedim who attack IDF soldiers and od yoter the police, OD YOTER, why are they never arrested, why, A Palestinian atttacking israeli police, heck, we know that he would not have just walked free.
      Thet say that things have to get worse, and worser and worser in order that Messaich wille come, (or more PC “Mosshiach” not that i bleieve in the coming of messiach or in rsurrction may the Rambam stike me dead, but, nevertheless, just how bad does it have to get?. afilu were not 6 million Jews annhiliated maspik for Messiach to come?
      Guess what folks, there aint no Messiach and certainly not the one buried in queens, sorry guys, i even like you, but you are all delusional. hope they did not bury him too deep, so that he can get out when things get bad enough. and as an afterthought, the LUDZ bone, the one that supposedly survives forever, from which the resurrected individual will arise, is not htat soething verifiable? that gthe Ludz (form top of spine or neck or whateve), is that not v erifiable as to being an accurage staement or an acid induced hallucination of the Arizal? maybe he and hashem did it together. sasson u’sameach did they leave any for C. M. Luzatto?

  • The sociopath MUHAMMAD PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews of the Banu Quarayza tribe in 627. These Muslims were just following his sociopathic example.