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August 29, 2013 11:56 am

South African BDSers Sing ‘Shoot the Jew’ at Event Featuring Israeli Saxophonist

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Israeli saxophonist Daniel Zamir. Photo: Wikipedia.

A concert at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in South Africa featuring Israeli saxophonist Daniel Zamir turned ugly Wednesday night when members of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) group began to sing, “dubula e juda“ (“shoot the Jew”) as concert attendees were entering the music hall, according to Wits Vuvuzela, a paper affiliated with the university.

Wits Vuvuzela, reported that BDS protestors also chanted “there is no such thing as Israel” and “Israel apartheid.”

Despite the hateful rhetoric, Muhammed Desai, coordinator of BDS South Africa, rejected the notion that anti-Semitism played a role in the group’s protest, telling Wits Vuvuzela that “the whole idea [of] anti-Semitism is blown out of proportion.”

But despite the controversy, members of the Jewish community praised the university for its handling of the event. The president of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), Zev Krengel said Wits handled the event well: “The team was great. I could not fault Wits in anyway.”

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  • Rodney Mazinter

    In the event at Wits the uninformed stumbled across a truth that has been apparent to many Jews and Christians for a long time, and yet they cannot bring themselves (yet) to draw the only logical conclusion: that current criticism of Israel is not the type of criticism that nearly every other country in the world is legitimately subjected to, but is supported by an underlying foundation of anti-Semitism.

    The BDS movement is a case in point. No distinction can be drawn between this movement’s leadership and a few rogue elements among its membership who chant Shoot the Jew, as some are trying to do.

    As the truth about the Middle East conflict filters through and the cover that BDS has carefully constructed around itself is stripped away revealing the anti-Semitic character that is its raison d’état, so will the nature of this organisation be exposed.

    Just two examples will suffice. Norman Finkelstein, one of BDS’s poster boys, whom the organisation brought out to South Africa to bolster its case against Israel, in an interview last year at Imperial College, London, with Frank Barat, said inter alia:

    “BDS is nothing more than a cult. I’m not going to tolerate what I think is silliness, childish and just leftist posturing. … The problem with these solidarity movements is that they are a mirror image of the so-called Palestinian Authority, whose means will never achieve their goal, which is the destruction of Israel. … Step out of your little cult, your little ghetto, and you enter the real world. I’m not going to lie, you don’t want to enforce the law, you want to destroy Israel. That you focus on Israel’s minorities and not the plight of the 10-million other minorities throughout the Middle East and elsewhere is an indication of what hypocrites you are. Israel has a case and I am tired after so many years having to consider and answer these lies.”

    The second example in the dismantling of BDS’s platform of legitimacy is its oft quoted Goldstone report being totally contradicted.

    In a Washington Post Commentary last year, Goldstone wrote that he regretted aspects of the report that bears his name, especially the suggestion that Israel had potentially committed war crimes by targeting civilian Palestinians in the three-week conflict.

    He said, “We know a lot more today about what happened in the Gaza war of 2008-09 than we did when I chaired the fact-finding mission appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council that produced what has come to be known as the Goldstone Report. If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document.”

  • David Abel

    BDS SA have now “crossed the Rubicon” of peaceful protest and have revealed their true nature: ignorance, intolerance and bullying anti-Semitism.

    Their latest action is going to rebound on them significantly, and they are going to find it difficult in future to escape the anti-Semitic label – AS WE ARE GOING TO SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACES ON EVERY FUTURE OCCASION!

    We SA Zionists wear our Zionism as a badge of honour, and we will never let these hooligans get away with such crass behaviour.

    Plans are in motion to give them a torrid time pro-actively, whenever and wherever.

    Ze’ev Jabotinsky wrote about a new generation of Jews – “PROUD, GENEROUS AND FIERCE!” We are going to uphold Jabo’s legacy in every way.

    David Abel, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Sonia Willats

    The BDS is a lie propagated by people who mainly know nothing about Israel and the conflict. Thank you for this information, Zach. I agree with all of the comment, except for Plain Talk, and Saul.

    Thank you, Algemeiner, for the excellent work you do. It is sad that Tutu, who once worked for peace, now works to stir up evil and hatred. Shame on you, Bishop Tutu. You abuse your position of power and past fame.

  • Jeremy Swanson

    So in post-Apartheid South Africa, despite what they have been through and endured in their own history, its suddenly no longer “one Boer-one bullet” but simply exchanged for “one Jew-one bullet” ? Really? Who are the craven bully-racists now? I am so ashamed of my birth country. And deeply embarrassed.

  • howard brown

    Whatever happened to JDL (Jewish Defense League). It’s time to reactivate them and attend every Jewish performance which is at risk for BDS activity, ready to crack heads.

    • steve kollander


    • Carol

      Howard, you made me laugh. How many times have I said, whispering, “So where is the JDL when you need them?” It was the JDL’s threat in Chicago that stopped the brave Nazis from marching through Skokie — despite the fact they had a permit!

    • khalil

      It seems the JDL had died in south africa.

  • Kris Kristian

    The problem with Jew hatred, is that 99% of the world’s population have never met a Jew, but they are fed so much hatred, mainly from the Muslims, and now some churches are spreading Jew hatred
    many of the ignorant haters, have been told that Jews have horns, are evil, money grabbers, kill Muslim and Christian children to make their matzos (I wonder how many know what Matsa is)
    The Muslim lies about the Gaza war etc.

    Sure, if you read that type of propaganda, you would think that Jews must be the worst type of animal and needs to be killed
    Imagine if you have never met a Jew, and were told the worst things about Jews, and lies about Israel, would you not also believe and spread these lies and hatred?

    Jealousy must be one of the worst traits in humanity
    The Jews have provided the world with the greatest scientific and medical inventions.

    The Jew haters, if they have heart attacks, must refuse to have stents inserted in their arteries. Rather die.
    The cellphone you use, your computer etc have many parts made in Israel.

    The Jews have taught the world how to save water and produce the best props.

    The number of Jews who have been awarded the Nobel prizes, is out of proportion to their numbers. Jews constitute less tan .0002% of the world’s population. A total of 14 million Jews worldwide.
    For more that 2000 years, Rome, Spain, Nazi Germany etc have tried to destroy the Jews. Where is Rome, Spain, Nazi Germany today?
    But the Jews are here and will always be here.
    Eventually, the evils of Islam will die out, but the Jews will always be here.

    • Monty

      A well written and well thought out set of comments. My congratulations!!

    • Steve B

      From your mouth to G-d’s ears, brother!

  • DovidM

    It is at least equally important to denounce those agencies such as UJA that allow BDS to march in New York’s Israel Day parade. These organisations lend legitimacy to BDS, and provide them a platform.

    • H Cohen


  • Padraich

    BAN the BDS and their associates. Music is music ! IT is not a platforms for political arenas nor for such imbeciles to have themselves vocalized in public ! Ban them !!!

  • Tom

    Those losers, these Muslim Jew-haters, take advantage of the ignorance of these young Africans.
    These Africans have no idea what’s going on outside their village, outside their mud hut, how can they know what’s going on in Israel? They are naive and seek to be a part of a group, any group.

    This shows you how BDS takes advantage of human ignorance, the same ignorance that if left unattended can kill us all. See events throughout history.

  • Saul Goldstein

    I recently started receiving your newsletter and was finding the articles very informative, but your constant pop-up ads were very annoying. Why do you constantly send subscription ads when I am already subscribed? Cancel my subscription!

    • Sonia Willats

      Surely, Saul, this excellent e-paper is doing a wonderful job, and is worth more than a second of your precious time. You are a Jew. Show more respect and appreciation for a newspaper that is so ably defending Jews and Israel!

  • Kris Kristian

    For years, I have been saying to everyone.Fight for the rights of the Jews in South Africa.
    I warned those who were fighting for the rights of the blacks, that one day, they will stick a knife in your backs
    I was right

    re Israel.
    Again, for years, I have been writing that the fight is not for teritory, but had it been, say, a Catholic, Hindu or whatever state, they would have had the same problems.
    The Muslims do not want any other religion in the midst of their huge lands.
    The fact that Israel is a Jewish state,is not the real reason for BDS and threats against the Jewish state.
    Of course, Jew hatred plays a major role.

    Abbas has said that they want the whole of Israel to be Palestinian Arab Muslim state with no Jews.
    And Israel is supposed to be a racisit apartheid state
    And of course, the leader of the BDS The biggest Jew/Israel hater, Archbishop Tutu. Tutu is no angel. He is an evil little man who thinks he can say and do as he wants.Tutu is out for publicity.
    The Muslims want to spread and take over the world.
    They have said this thousands of times.
    They want the world to convert to Islam, “or else”

    • Mel

      Like the tiny ballet skirt, Tutu is a very small man.

  • philip lehrer

    It`s about time we stop being nice and start breaking a few heads.
    If anyone wants to shoot Jews with impunity, it`s about time he knew that those times are over and that he might just have the same thing happen to him.
    Peace VVV

  • Plain Talk

    All of this hatefulness directed at us from all over the world is justified by our haters because of our policy of settlement expansion in the disputed territories. This is the horrendous fallout from an issue that creates the worst public image of Israel possible and what do we gain? It is pandering to the religious right vote at the sacrifice of the image of our homeland.
    I am not saying that we don’t LEGALLY HAVE THE RIGHT but I am saying that it is the dumbest and most harmful thing that we do and must be stopped.

    • Sydell Ruth

      land is not the issue .Nothing but the extintion of Israel will satisfy the Arab leadership.If Isreal even gave up Tel Aviv and Haifa,it would not change anything. The sad truth is that The onus should be on the Palestinians for peace not the Israelis.Israel gave up gaza and look what happened

    • Mike

      I guess you would also blame the girl who is raped because of her mode of dress.

      Do you really have no idea how ignorant you sound?
      Would you say the same to the arabs – those who call themselves Palestinians – who are also building in areas they have no right to claim? Did you know this? Probably not because the mainstream media won’t report this.

      You would probably also find a reason to blame the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.
      If you are Jewish you should be ashamed of yourself – but I’m guessing you are not as you have no clue what the truth is.

  • Dani kedar

    Double standards obviously dont apply to BDS, who say they are for peace, yet sing violent lyrics against Jews. This is no surprise, as the founder and master mind behind BDS, Omar Barghouti, a Muslim, who is studying his PHD in Israel, under full scholarship. They learned from the best regarding hypocrisy.

  • Harvey

    Israeli dance group Bat Sheva performed in the UK last year including Edinburgh
    Here is my report posted on the excellent Richard Millett blog

    The level of utter foam flecked hate projected at the audience as they entered was frightening .
    People scurried in , eyes averted from the baying crowd of protestors led by Mick Napier , a Stalinist ( what else ) and rabid Israel hater .
    If you scroll through the blog listen to this appalling fascist bleating to the police that my filming him is threatening him all the while his drones are inside the theatre causing disruption to the performance .
    Also look out for the ‘ lovely fellow ‘ with the AK 47 Hezbollah t shirt .
    This behaviour in South Africa is horrendous . I hope the lawyers are on to this and hit the university / BDS with a law suit .

  • Shoot the anti-Semitic Maggots

    Shoot the anti-Semitic Maggots

  • Muhammed Desai how can you deny this as not anti- semetic and blown out of all proportion.What you wish for JEWS i wish double back for Muslims.

  • Steve

    BDS mongrels are famous for their hatred if Jews in South Africa. The fact is these are “rent a crowd” homeless idiots that have never met a Jew in their miserable lives. A cup of soup and a t shirt will buy you a crowd here. The real bds scum do not come to the protests because we know who they are. These bds people are patent nazi trash.
    Steve. Johannesburg. South Africa

  • Tim Troyes

    These creeps try to infect American food co-ops. You should join just so you can vote them out.

    Why haven’t you reported how this was handled by Wits?

  • Shameful that Jews anywhere would put up with this activity.

    In New York City we have UJA-Federation supported venues inviting and promoting BDS supporters like Roger Waters and Alice Walker. It is time for Jews to “Close Your Wallet” to the UJA-Federation until they provide guidelines to prevent these anti-Israel activities.

  • Miri

    The boycotters keep showing themselves to be horrible and subhuman but the world keeps giving them a stage and they keep destroying events with Israelis and Jews. Why is it that the audience didn’t shut them up? Why didn’t the university ensure they were removed from the hall? Why is it that the media doesn’t say anything against them? The media keeps reporting events that are sabotaged by them but they never condemn them, they never say ‘Those insane boycotters or those indecent boycotters’. They always say ‘members of the bd blah blah blah’. It’s time to wake up and start boycotting them – speak out against then and put an end to their activities.

  • Anthony Dayton

    It would have been nice if the rest of the audience – assuming that the hatemongers were the minority and not the entire audience – took it upon themselves to shut them up.

  • Jill Maleson

    How quickly they forget.

  • real

    if anyone does not think the BDS is slime, i hope now
    you see who they are. they are jew-hating creeps. we hope danny will have much success and safety in his journey. it seems the general south african audience loves his music. but these creeps did an awful thing.
    jewish people can not put up with this crap any longer.

    • khalil

      jews and Judaism is NOT evil.
      It is zionism that is evil for it is against the teachings of the torah.

  • Bella

    Boycott all of the musicians/composers/bands of the BDS!! Ridiculous that in this day and age they are allowed to form this group!