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September 3, 2013 10:42 am

Obama Reminds Israel to Rely Only on Itself

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President Obama on Meet the Press. Photo: Screenshot.

Clearly, no matter what one believes politically vis a vis Machiavelli, no leader ever wants to be untrusted, isolated, and unfeared. President Barack Obama is a disaster, completely inept, indecisive, and not a man of his word. This has been shown repeatedly over the past few months, and it’s clear for anyone to see.

Russia and China protected Edward Snowden despite Obama’s warnings. They acted solely according to their national interests. Assad repeatedly crossed America’s red lines, and Obama is now stammering for a response.  The man is weak and ineffective. The world is mocking America.

Just a few weeks ago, Obama spoke of the importance of the American people having confidence in his policies.  The American people don’t and should not have confidence – the Syrians, Russians, and Chinese do and should. How can any American have faith or confidence in the administration of President Barack Obama?

Whether one liked President Bush or not, he was a true patriot who meant what he said. Bush cultivated allies and instilled fear in enemies. And amazingly, Obama today is less popular than President George W. Bush was near the end of his presidency.

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The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project finds that support for the United States is lower now in Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan than it was in 2008. Approval for Obama’s policies was at only 15 percent in Muslim countries last spring; what that rate would be now in Egypt and Syria is unknown.  What is known is that throughout the Arab world, neither Obama nor America are liked or respected.  Obama is simply a disaster.

And there are many lessons Israel can learn from what’s been happening.

How can Israel believe that Iran’s nuclear ambitions will be halted by America if Obama won’t even protect thousands of Syrians who have been gassed?  As Israeli Cabinet Member Naftali Bennett said, “The international stammering and vacillation over Syria proves, yet again, that Israel can trust in none but itself. More than 1,000 civilians, many of them babies and children, were murdered by a dark regime using poison gas. And the world hesitates. This is a major lesson. At the moment of truth, we will depend only on ourselves.”

No matter what one believes about Obama, and whether an attack on Syria would be justified, it is quite clear that Obama remains at a loss in the Middle East. It should be very clear to Israel that the Jewish state is completely alone and dependent only on the Jewish people.

Shana Tova.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.

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