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September 4, 2013 1:42 pm

GQ ‘Men of the Year’ Awards: Jewish Jeremy Piven Responds to Russell Brand’s Nazi Jibe

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Jewish actor Jeremy Piven. Photo: WikiCommons.

Jewish actor Jeremy Piven. Photo: WikiCommons.

The GQ ‘Men of the Year’ awards program at London’s Royal Opera House on Tuesday night went off script, with American Jewish actor Jeremy Piven responding to comedian Russell Brand, who threw sponsor German fashion house Hugo Boss under the bus by reminding the audience that they manufactured Nazi uniforms.

“If anyone knows a bit about history and fashion, you know it was Hugo Boss who made uniforms for the Nazis. But they looked f***ing amazing,” Brand joked, as reported by the London Evening Standard.

Actor Jeremy Piven, at the event to present the ‘ TV Personality of the Year’ award to CNN’s Piers Morgan, said: “This event is going on longer than my bar mitzvah, and I’ve been sitting in the corner sweating like a Hebrew slave. So thank you Russell, for pointing out the people that killed six million of my people.”

Evening Standard and Independent owner, Russian oligarch Evgeny Lebedev, was awarded the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award for running the two newspapers and winning a bid to create a new UK television station, London Live, which is expected to begin operations in 2014.

But Lebedev didn’t join in with the evening’s jokesters. “I’m very much looking forward to the London TV channel and I very much hope I can make you all proud of it,” he said in all seriousness.

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  • Julian Clovelley

    Russell Brand’s comments do encourage people to perhaps look a little closer at serious issues. It is my understanding that the sponsoring company was founded by a man who joined the Nazi Party in 1931, was an enthusiatic supporter, and whose factories employed slave labour. The company has paid some compensation for those activities, apparently accepting its past. In my understanding the present company is under entirely different ownership having changed hands at least twice. There is a reputed personal connection with the Murdoch media Empire at directorship level. But there is nothing ominous in any of this.

    The magazine concerned is owned by a company that was founded by a Jewish philanthropist whose descendants still own the company. The company bought the magazine concerned some years ago. Do correct me if I am wrong on all these facts stated openly on the internet

    Brand’s behaviour might have been a bit lacking in normal social etiquette, but he raises interesting points to reflect on. For example is this comfortable association to be viewed as reconciliation? – in which case would it perhaps be better displayed as such? – and is there such a thing as long term “company guilt” – expecially when the ownership of companies changes hands via normal public sale?

    What is the real embarassment here? Is it the behaviour of Brand – which I found more sincere than mere “joking” or is it that somewhere along the line certain people have conveniently forgotten or glossed over that which they tell others they should remember, and Brand is appropriately reminding his audience

    I have a friend who spent some time on Kibbutz in Israel during the sixties. Another visitor cracked a “joke” relating to the Shoah. There was an old and highly respected survivor in the room. He broke the deafening silence by momentarily putting aside his paper and saying “Yes, the Second World War was in the most appalling taste” . He then returned to his paper

    My friend said that moment of dignity brought home to him the depth of the tragedy in a way nothing else quite had. We each learn in different ways. Brand has not contributed to ignorance or disrespect of the European tragedy, if anything he has cast light on a tiny corner of it

    Reconciliation is not about forgetting – it is about open continuing admission, and about friendship that accepts that environment of joint sorrow

  • Comedy in Our Time

    Such is the nature of comedy in our time, in that nearly no subject is considered “off limits” or “tasteless” for a one-liner. I cringe that not just Nazis, but the Holocaust is now a permissible topic for comedians, and I suppose in due time there will be 9/11 jokes, just to show how “cutting edge” and “sophisticated” our comedy is. Decency in entertainment no longer exits in the mass media.

  • Sorry, this is probably dense, but does anyone know what Jeremy Piven meant exactly by this remark? The media seems to be reporting Piven’s response as sarcasm, but I don’t see why he would have a problem with what Russell Brand said. I mean, Hugo Boss DID supply the Nazi uniforms; I’m sure Jeremy Piven doesn’t want to be reminded of the Holocaust all the time, and that’s completely understandable, but to be honest, I don’t think it does any harm to remind everyone of Hugo Boss’ darker past. After all, Hugo Boss himself became a member of the Nazi Party and sponsored the SS before Hitler was even made chancellor; Hugo Boss as a company deserves a lot more flak than they generally get.

  • Lone Star

    Look at the Holocaust and the slaughter of millions by Stalin, Mao, religious zealots, tribes and non and true believers, this way: It is what human beings do to each other, never mind the labels. The human species are the worst predators on this planet. Kill, kill each other and the environment and other species. Stop the hate and killing or it will consume you.

  • Sandy Brown

    Brand is a total ignoramus. He has no clue about anything. I cannot stand him and lots of people here in the UK know he is a Prat. Most people that I know cannot stand him. We know what garbage comes out of his mouth. I wrote a book recently and am just doing my last re-write but when I was researching Hitler for the book, I could not believe what I was reading. I grew up with the history of it on TV on black and white TV, but until you read what the Nazis did to the poor people in the camps, you would have no idea of the cruelty and the depravity of their behaviour. “Lest We Forget”

    • Jeremy Swanson

      You are correct and well done but remember he shot to stardom in the UK for a reason. Someone likes him. I don’t.

  • Right Wing Atheists are Butch Gays, ala Gaydolph. gaynazis.com Liberal Atheist Gays are Femmes, or Fabians.

    Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.” .

    • Gaydolph is alive and well, among Right Wing Atheists. http://gaynazis.com/

      But, the Femarxists, Fabians, Gaytheists, Warmists, Kenites and ALL PACIFISTS, are SCREAMING TOWARD ARMAGEDDON…sorry

  • Jeremy piven is the pimp’s pimp

  • Here we go again with the six million. It never gets old. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.



      Atheism’s Body Count – Ideology and Human Suffering

      Atheism’s Murder Rate: More than 250 Million Dead in the Past Century

    • Arlene Adelman

      Michael Venables–One of many Schmucks or Putzes in this world. The Bolsheviks killed my maternal grandfather in 1919. My husband lost 50 family members in the Holocaust.
      And idiots like you make fun of it.

      • Steve

        Venables is a muppet

    • Ger

      If the Nazis had killed a few members of your family, I’m sure you’d be sitting back, making the same comments as you now do.

    • Claudius

      And it’s just too bad that this gift isn’t given to you and YOUR people.

    • Steve

      Here is a gift for you….Try not to engage with Jewish media שנה טובה

    • Steve

      Here’s a gift….. Don’t read Jewish media שנה טובה

    • Beatrix

      You can read and write but you can’t think. I don’t think I’ve ever read such vapid stupidity trying to mask as cleverness. I’d hate to see what’s in store for you,