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October 13, 2013 3:15 pm

Granddaughter of Islamic Republic Founder Says She Hopes to Start ‘A Color Revolution’

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Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in 1979. Photo: Wikipedia.

The granddaughter of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, wants to start a revolution in Iran– “a color revolution.”

Zahra Eshraghi, one of the privileged few in Iran with access to social media, told news website Asharq Al-Awsat she would like to see the Iranian regime ease its crackdown on the dresscode in the country. All Iranian women are expected to cover their bodies and hair, but not their faces.

“I am opposed to any police crackdown on the dress code because I believe that such measures will have no effect. As long as this law is in effect, we have to object to it. The entire dress code law must be annulled,” she said.

Eshraghi, who considers herself fashionable, said that for starters, she’d like to see Iranians–specifically women–dress in more colorful outfits.

“For example, my grandfather—Ayatollah Khomeini—always said that the color black is not a good color to wear. That’s why I attribute my own dress sense to my family background. I even planned to issue a call to Iranian women via Facebook to begin dressing in happier colors,” she told the website.

Despite the restrictions, Eshraghi believes that Iranians are inherently stylish. Not only does she claim that they compete with the rest of the world’s sartorial sense, she believes they exceed it.

“I agree that there are some harsh restrictions in Iran, but the most stylish boys and girls in the world are found here in Tehran. Some time ago, I returned from a trip abroad and I discovered that Iranian girls are more stylish than the Europeans, despite the restrictions,” she claimed.

Eshraghi didn’t limit her comments to fashion, however. She also saved time to criticize the regime of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“Tough economic sanctions, failed foreign policy, and sanctions are all legacies of the Ahmadinejad Administration, and so I think everybody is seeking a way out of these woes. So I don’t think we will see a return to this period,” she said.

“The last elections, which brought Mr. Rouhani to power, were a continuation of (those on) May 1997 [which brought ‘reformist’ Mohammad Khatami to power]. This showed that the Iranian people still want reforms. Despite an eight-year hiatus and the unfortunate arrival in power of an anti-reform government, people showed that they still want reforms,” Eshraghi added.

Since taking office in August, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has embarked on a charm offensive in the hopes of alleviating sanctions against his country enacted by the West in response to Iran’s nuclear program, the purpose of which, many countries believe is to obtain nuclear weapons. Rouhani’s efforts have proved fruitful thus far, with a telephone conversation with U.S. President Barack Obama and diplomatic discussions between the two countries being counted among the victories for the Islamic Republic.

Israeli officials, on the other hand, remain skeptical. During his speech at the UN General Assembly in September, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Rouhani’s ameliorative tone was “a ruse” and “a ploy.”

“I wish I could believe Rouhani, but I don’t because facts are stubborn things. And the facts are that Iran’s savage record flatly contradicts Rouhani’s soothing rhetoric,” Netanyahu said.

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  • The greatest tragedy in the history of Iran is the fact that most of them do not know their history prior to their conquest by the Arabs.

    Iran calls itself an ‘Islamic Republic’
    The Ayatollahs do not actually realize that the word Islamic hides a most sinister but factual meaning: ARABIZED!

    The Arabs deliberately use the word ISLAM to cover the reality that they are the worst and longest lasting IMPERIALISTS in recorded history.

    After all, the Iranians who are Indo-Aryan and NOT Semitic despise the Arabs but incredibly they believe in an 1. Arab called Ali who plundered, raped and subjugated their civilization about 635 AD.
    2. They submit to a god called Allah (the Pagan god of Arabia centuries before Muhammad)
    3. They pray towards Mecca an Arabian pagan shrine (before Muhammad Islamized it)
    4. They read Muhammad’s Quran, an Arabian scripture
    5. They write with Arabic script
    6. They dress in the manner the conquering Arabs imposed upon them

    The Arabs eradicated their culture, their original religion (Zoroastrian), destroyed their temples,deformed their history and stunted their civilization but the Ayatollahs and most Iranians do not even realize these facts

    The Arabs did the same to the peoples of Iraq, Syria, Egypt, North Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan & others

    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

  • RMM

    IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG, LONG TIME BEFORE ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF SIX IS GOING TO TRUST ANYTHING THAT ANY IRANIAN POLICITIAN SAYS. It’s going to be a while (like: a few years or so…before anyone over the age of six is going to trust anything that any Iranian politician says.


    An for those readers who weren’t around then, a simple recount will help you: Chamberlain came back from the meeting and told the free world: “Peace in our time”

    Shortly thereafter, Germany bombed London, World War II began, and we learned: don’t trust Germany. THEIR ACTIONS SPOKE MUCH LOUDER THAN THEIR WORDS. I HAVEN’T TRUSTED ANY GERMAN POLITICIAN SINCE.

  • Sandy Brown

    Sorry it won’t happen. They are bonkers the Iranians. And they are always saying they want to nuke Israel so I do not believe a word they say.

    • Umana Yana

      I wish the he granddaughter of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Zahra Eshraghi
      publicly ask /requested the incumbent President to release all the BAHAI women now imprison and languishing in Evin prison in the worst inhuman conditions.

      Those Baha’i women are innocent to be suffering like that.

  • lawrence kulak

    The nature of the Islamic Republic is such that if any other woman would dare to make such a remark publicly she would probably be arrested or be subject to some penalty. But how can you do this to the daughter of the founder of the Iranian Revolution? This proves that Muslims are full of shit.

  • Carol

    Charm offensive? What does he think he is? A beautiful girl?

  • shloime

    an airhead with “fashion sense”, whose idea of reform is to wear brighter coloured burkas. will a pretty floral cover up the regressive medieval stench that her grandfather spread over one of the most progressive of moslem countries, or the oppression of the mullahcracy that tortures political prisoners to death, and hangs people for their sexuality?

    and i would guess that she isn’t one of the physicists building iran’s nuclear bombs.

  • Shabnam Assadollahi

    Ms. Eshraghi has Blocked a few activists including myself after leaving confrontational comments.