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October 13, 2013 10:14 am

Rouhani and Obama’s Nuclear Flirtation (CARTOON)

avatar by Chava Light

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Rouhani and Obama's nuclear flirtation by Chava Light.

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  • Historian

    This is about right Kissing the Asses of his Arab neighbors and not giving a rats ass about the outcome of Israel.. What a dirt bag!!
    Yes Efram “Obama should be on both knees!!”

  • charlie johnson

    He seems to have a case of misplaced loyalties. His father ran off for ten years and shows up for a day with a basketball.The mother ( Or grandparents) feeds him and gives him a home. But as he gets a leg up on life and gets some favor to get a book published ,He makes a hero of his father and villain of his mom.He gets through his early life with no indication of physical labor at low wages like typical blacks and whites are subjected to.He gets the top golfing job that USG provides at half a million a year and tells the TV cameras that whitey caused all the evils on the planet.He stands up for the people that he claims are his own while whacking a little ball around in an exotic location where it would be a rare event to find one of his voters enjoying sport.

  • Vahid

    I really don’t get you guys!
    They’re all preventing a (preemptive!!) strike and YOU get to decide whether people should get killed or not? Obama would NEVER postpone the sanctions to after Thanksgiving if he wasn’t dead sure what he was doing.
    I support what both sides are doing. I’m anti-war.

  • hamid

    obama = chamberlin
    iranian regim = nazi regim ….and begining nuc war !

  • lawrence kulak

    Lets go to the facts in interpreting above: Rouhani was snubbing Obama and then got a call from the President as he was leaving the UN. So Obama – our ‘proud’ would be dictator solicited this Islamic goon. You know, the difference between a weakling and a strong man is that the weakling refuses to maintain the stronger position even if he has it. That is Obama: A weakling. There is really nothing more to be said.

  • Sandy Brown

    Go away O’Bummer, sorry O’Bama. He is a useless President. They should throw him out.

  • Efram Paul

    Good one! But shouldn’t Obama be on both knees?

    • Kenneth D Hegler

      That will be the next installment, which will come as soon as Obama has his way with the US. Look for that to happen as soon as the Washington standoff is over!

    • charlie johnson

      Maybe so. In world standing he does not have a leg to stand on.As for his bowing.I wish that he would bow out before the entire country goes down the drain.