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October 16, 2013 6:00 pm

Shin Bet Agents Warn of Israeli Arabs Being Recruited for Terrorism by Hezbollah at Mecca Hajj

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. Photo: Omar Chatriwala via Wikimedia Commons.

Agents from Israel’s Shin Bet security service warned of the rising threat posed by Israeli Arabs signing up to aid terror groups during this week’s Hajj pilgrimage, in which 2 million Muslims will travel to Mecca where Iranian and Hezbollah operatives are actively recruiting followers, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

Citing two former Shin Bet agents and Shin Bet operations reports, Channel 2 said that for Iran and Hezbollah, gaining informants and operatives with lawful Israeli passports boosts their ability to harm Israel within its borders.

“This is a fantastic place to recruit agents and terrorists,” one”‹ former Shin Bet operative told Channel 2. “You have here Israeli citizens who are allowed to fly to a country which is defined as an enemy state.”

“He then disappears among the millions of believers in the area, and for Israelis, its obviously difficult to supervise it. Practically he has a reliable alibi as to why he flew there,” the operative said.

Once home in Israel, a second Shin Bet operative said, they are “commanded to perform tasks or to gather materials and information” for the recruiting group.

According to the Israel Security Agency website, Hezbollah has begun to focus more in recent years on recruiting Israeli Arabs, “using personal difficulties, or any weakness that can be utilized.”

In March, the Shin Bet arrested Amir Barakat, an Arab resident of Nablus, after he came back from a pilgrimage to Mecca. In Mecca, he met with Amir Dokan, one of 1,014 terrorists released in the prisoner exchange deal to free captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011.

Dokan told police he offered Barakat $6,000 to carry out a shooting or grenade attack. The meeting was secret and Barakat was caught only after he returned to Israel and tried to obtain weapons. At the same time, the Shin Bet arrested additional Dokan recruits after they tried to smuggle thousands of dollars and euros into Israel to finance terrorist operations.

“The Pilgrimage allows them to convey messages,” one Shin Bet operative said, and “reasons to want to scare the West” through terrorism, he added.

“Most likely a lot of money is transferred there. Operating the business of terrorism is very expensive. You need to buy weapons, pay operatives, buy explosives, all very expensive things,” the Shin Bet agent said. “Iranians manage through these pilgrims to transfer the money to the West. In my opinion a significant portion (of the money) successfully enters.”

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  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Advisable to detain Israeli Arabs returning from the Hajj to investigate their activities whilst there. Though I suppose Amnesty International will jump on Israel and swear Israel is torturing these potential terrorists? G-d help us all, things are moving to an inexorable scenario!

  • HaDaR

    Israel should NOT ALLOW ARABS to travel to countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel, ESPECIALLY to places where Jews are NOT ALLOWED, like Mecca.

  • Won’t it be funny when the secret operatives find out they’ve already recruited guys from the Shin Bet??

    Oh, NO!!!! we’ve been screwed again!!!!!!!!

  • RMM

    Fortunately Islam has long ago “blown its cover”. so only the most deluded fool doesn’t know and acknowledge that Islam is not a religion of love and peace…for anyone who is not a follower of Islam.

    Christians and Jews have their differences, but hey…how far apart can they be when Christianity is the worship of a nice, Jewish boy whose name was Jesus? How about if his name vas Moishele? Vould dot mek it any easier? Nuuuuu? Ve all know dot de Pope is a Orthodox Jew…he vears hah kippah all d’time. Prob’ly keeps strictly Kosher…wine from…who else…?…Manischevitz, of course?…or mebbe Streits? Dey got very good wine, y’know, und dey come from a VURRY FINE FAMILY. DEY’RE VOT VE CALL “V-V. (VERY VEALTHY)!

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      Just wish the Western media would get the message, talk about a deluded media world wide. I admired BN’s speech viz a viz pre-emptive strike when the need arises. Israel is the only Nation that is going to deal with this insane so called religion which has been gathering momentum since ’79 and the rise of the Ayatollah’s and the SFR are pretty big problem too. Strike out the Oil producing areas, to slow down the exports. Remember the Oil fires of Kuwait?

  • Daniel

    They should send the recruit’s families to Iran so they can live a better life there if they think its ok to act against your own state.

  • Stan Hyman

    So much for Islam being a religion of love and peace!