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October 24, 2013 12:11 pm

New Baby Trump Versus New Baby Royal; Was ‘The Donald’ his Sandek at the Bris?

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Ivanka Trump, with baby boy Joseph Frederick after the child's bris. Photo: Ivanka Trump / Instagram.

A baby rivalry has begun in the UK between the newest heir to the throne, Prince George, whose Christening was held this week in London, and Joseph Frederick Kushner — the son of Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and New York Observer publisher and property magnate Jared Kushner — who was apparently circumcised on the same day, in New Jersey.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Ivanka, 31, a former model and now mom and entrepreneur, posed with baby Joseph Frederick, and looked stunning, readers of the UK Daily Mail wrote in to say.

“Ivanka is stunningly beautiful, has two children – and she WORKS! (Husband is good-looking too…!) Waity looks embarassing next to her,” wrote Tellitasitis, referring to the Dutchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, by her meida nickname, “Waity Katie,” given because Prince William had been going out with her for eight years before he finally proposed.

“Kate looked nice but Ivanka looks absolutely stunning. And enough with having a go at male circumcision. If you don’t understand,tough,” wrote Susie M., as other readers also acknowledged that while royal babies are christened, up until this past generation, which includes Prince Charles, they had also been circumcised by a “royal mohel.”

On Instagram, Ivanka wrote that her son was “named after each of our paternal grandfathers, both master builders of their generation and inspiring patriarchs of their families. Both men set the standards that have been passed down through the generations and which we hope to impart upon Joseph and Arabella,” their elder daughter. “They created a legacy for our family that inspires our careers as well as our love and respect for one another.”

Ivanka has yet to respond to The Algemeiner’s query via Twitter: was Grandpa “The Donald” given the honor of  holding baby Joseph Frederick during the bris as the baby’s Sandek?

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  • Stephanie

    Personally, I will not even consider a relationship of any kind unless I know the guy is circumcised. I think it’s gross to have one that is uncut. Let’s not forget that there are many health reasons for this procedure.

    • Matthew

      There are NO health reasons for circumcision. No health organization in the world recommends infant circumcision. In fact, circumcised males have a HIGHER rate of STDs than intact males. The foreskin is healthy, functioning tissue that protects from disease and bacteria. Removing it results in life-long damage to sexual function. Do your research before spreading lies.

      • Y D W

        There are a lot of studies that support both schools of thought. Allegedly, the penis tip is much more sensitive to stimulation after circumcision. However, the one thing that had me lean towards pro-circumcision was the sight of a cracked and bloody foreskin on the male seniors of the nursing home I worked at. Unfortunately, it is often the case that our senior males do not receive appropriate foreskin care, which results in the debacle I just described. Then these poor men end up getting circumcised in their twilight years out of necessity and because of the damage that gets done when they aren’t cared for properly. And the pain that they experience having it done at that age is indescribable. Sp, for me, it wasn’t even an issue that required much thought or consideration.

  • Sandy Brown

    Well in the UK there are a lot of people who do not care about the Royals. In fact, I always say they are defunct and past their sell by dates! I mean what are they for? I always say we should be like the USA or France. The Royals are not needed. They are rich, privileged and the rest and they would not know how to go to work if it hit them on the head. This christening of George has got all out of proportion. Prince Charles has got 59 servants. And lots of people here cannot pay their electricity bills. And do not get me started on Camilla, the old horse who slept with Charles the night before he married Diana. That is well-known. If it was up to me, I would send the Royal family to live in Afghanistan!

  • Nate

    The Royal circumcising of the British males ceased after
    Prince Charles and his brother.

    Princess Diana stated that she found the process “barbaric” and therefore did not allow either William or Harry to be circumcised.

    There has been no announcment from the Palace that this ritual had been reintroduced, and we can therefore only
    “presume” that young George was only Christened.

  • Yale

    The mother is. Her family is well know for Jewish charity. So per Jewish law since the mother is Jewish so is the prince!


    • Elchanan

      Regarding Dacon9’s comment
      While I am far from an expert in these matters, it did appear at the time that Ms. Trump underwent a pretty good Giyur. (There was a prominent picture of her shortly thereafter going home from shul with alulav.) Thus unless he knows better, (perhaps Dacon is a woman’s name), his remarks about the religious status of the baby, whose parents are at least doing the minimum, are lashon horah at best.