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October 29, 2013 11:16 pm

Israeli Air Force Re-Organization Aims for Expanded Capacity to Hit 10x as Many Targets

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Israel Air Force planes. Photo: Israel Defense Forces.

A strategic re-organization of the Israel Air Force portends to increase its capacity to wage war by “an order of magnitude,” translating into a 10-fold increase in the number of targets that it could hit at once in war time, Brig. Gen. Amikam Norkin, chief of air operations, told Defense News.

Norkin said that Israel struck 1,500 targets during the eight-day Pillar of Defense operation, in Gaza, in November 2012, doubling the targets it hit in the 34-day Lebanon War, in 2006, six years earlier. The Expanding Attack Capacity program, designed by his superior, IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, calls for Israel to be able to identify and attack 15,000 targets in a similar conflict.

“In Pillar of Defense, our daily attack capacity was twice that of Lebanon, despite the fact that [Gaza] was a much smaller area and more densely populated,” Norkin said. “Now, when we talk about the northern area of operations, we’re aspiring for an order of magnitude expansion — maybe more — in the number of targets to be destroyed every day.”

Israel will focus on “hurting the enemy where it hurts the most,” Norkin said, referring to enemy leadership, commanders and significant war-fighting assets, rather than rocket launchers. “We won’t be able to push the enemy to the point where he can no longer shoot rockets and missiles. Therefore we need to push him to the point where he doesn’t want to shoot his rockets and missiles,” he said.

Defense News said, “traditional waves of air attack should give way to an express train of precision strikes, allowing ‘first circle’ enemies such as Lebanon-based Hezbollah and Gaza-based Hamas little time to recover from the initial shock and awe of previous campaigns.”

“Air power assumes enormous added value in our defensive concept and in all Western cultures that are less tolerant of the heavy casualties that come from big maneuvering ground wars,” Norkin said. “It’s hard to stop the lethality of tanks once they start to move. In contrast, air power can be controlled in a very calibrated, surgical manner. It’s like a thermostat that you can direct as hard or as soft as needed or turned off entirely when it’s time to stop.”

In the new structure, the IAF will split into two divisions with one exclusively for planning and executing missions, separated from the areas where the IAF works with other Israel Defense Forces service branches, and focused more on cooperating with the IDF’s intelligence arm that supports air operations.

Reporting from Ramat David Air Base, Defense News said, “Officers here say the program affects all aspects of air operations, from the orders received from the Israel Defense Forces General Staff to the pilot in the cockpit and maintenance crews tasked with turnaround time. It also involves wholesale changes in mission planning, resource management, bomb damage assessment and the way the IAF coordinates movements with western coalition forces that may be operating in the region.”

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  • joseph hilbrant

    please keep the article on hand till I talk with you, thanks,

  • joseph hilbrant

    no comment……….

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Israel has already been betrayed by US listening, this article discloses nothing more than common knowledge. Israel will lead many Air squadrons in the forthcoming war in the middle east. All points lead to a major conflict and Israel has a great deal to protect and save after 65 years and isn’t giving up. More European nations will join having realized the manipulation they have been hoodwinked into believing Islam is good for them! The last time the Western democracies rose against Islam was the fall of the Ottoman Empire who then reached the gates of Vienna. Since this time they like Hitler, after WWI, who was dissatisfied and demanded round WWII. As Hitler before, now Islam/ Ottoman Empire demands WWIII and domination of the world and has already started in the US, Scandinavia and Europe. Note Russia & China do NOT tolerate Islam. 2014/15 will be dangerous times for us all. All I can add is thank G-d Israel is smart not easily outwitted and the only nation on the Med Basin who can see the writing on the wall because for sure no one else can.

    • Fred king

      Well said!

  • Steven

    Israel should not disclose her sensitive tactical assets!! Iran is listening and watching, Hezbollah is listening and watching, Hamas is also listening and watching. G-d bless Israel

  • Kris Kristian

    May G-D protect and guide every Israeli airforce fighter plane to destroy every enemy, and to return home successful and unharmed.
    Hipefully, the IAF will be able to destroy every rocket which is held by Hezballa.
    May the IAF destroy that swine Nasralla at the same time.

    G-D Bless Israel and all her inhabitants and all of the IAF, IDF and INavy

  • Sandy Brown

    Good news.

    • Joel

      IDF/IAF commanders demonstrate the kind of military mind that does more with less. Other Western military establishment, with the exception of SOP forces, want bigger and more and tax the daylights out of the people to get it. Israelis say we have this, how do we maximize its potential. Its so interesting to watch the rapid decline of the US military, while watch to increase in Israeli. Israel will need it because “peace” or “no-peace”, a huge regional war is brewing and Israel is Ground Zero, Yam Israel Chai

  • Luz

    Its a great news since Israel is surrounded by the people who hates her. I hope that IAF will be to handle its enemy especially the threat not only Hesbollah and Hamas but even bigger threat,Iran. God bless Israel and its people.

  • Sadly the day is coming when G-ds beloved,albeit stiff necked Israel will have need again to utilize every resource to the utmost.As it was in the day of Noah,so shall it be when Christ returns. G-ds plan is very clear concerning both Israel and those redeemed from outside the fold of David. Bless you for confirming the more sure word of prophecy.

    • Mark NYC


    • Stormin’Norm

      I really don’t think christ is coming back any time soon…..and if he ever does I believe he will take one look at Israel and make aliyah!!!!

      As a Jew he will surely be accepted…perhaps he might even volunteer for the IDF?

      • Kris Kristian

        I like that

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Good thinking: peace is maintain when the nation had a strong well prepared army. When possible aggressor know the cost they are thinking twice. Air force had been very effective in defense and deterrent,the plan look very logical and appropriate with the neighbors increase capacity and political instability.