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November 4, 2013 11:46 am

Guardian Makes Catastrophic Error: Refers to Palestinian ‘Terrorists’ Without Quotes

avatar by Adam Levick

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The Guardian newspaper's London offices. Photo: Derek Harper.

A few days ago, the Guardian made an egregious “error.” They used the word ‘terrorism’, in the Israeli-Palestinian context, without quotes. Here’s the relevant passage in the online edition of a story about the recent release of a second batch of Palestinian prisoners titled ‘Tension among Israelis after release of 26 Palestinian prisoners‘, October 30:


Of course, anyone who reads the Guardian would know that at least their unofficial editorial policy seems to forbid use such a value-laden term as “terrorist” to refer to Palestinian extremists who murder Israelis, at least without quotations or some other grammatical qualification. More typically, they use the word “militant” instead – even, as seen below, in this March 14, 2011, headline in reference to the Itamar massacre.


Sure enough, a mere day after their online “faux pas” about the freed Palestinians, the Guardian “corrected” their “blunder” in the print edition of the paper. In a shortened version of the October 30 story about the released prisoners, the quotes were wrapped safely around the potentially offending term.

Guardian print edition, Oct. 31.

Finally, we should note that the one seeming exception to the Guardian ‘no terror without quotes’ policy relates to stories about the murder of innocent civilians by violent extremists, which occurred on British soil.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of CiF Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

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  • mireille mechoullam

    To respond to Lynn T:

    Hi Lynn: Can you really tell me how many Christians are terrorists beside George Habash and for that matter how many Jews? In case you are not aware the Muslims in Egypt have been killing the Coptics( the real Egyptians sons of Pharohs) went they converted after Jesus Christ in their midst.100 hundred churches have been destroyed and one burned with the worshipers inside. Except today because everybody want to be POLITICALLY CORRECT you don’t read these news in the papers. So sad.

    • Israel is targeted by the media, the world of academia and the UN for lacking civil liberties. This is despite the fact that women have no rights and are considered possessions and other beliefs are not tolerated (to say the least) in all of the Arab countries surrounding Israel. Very little mention, if any, is made of the total disregard of civil liberties in Arab countries because Israel and the Jews are the scapegoats, as has been the case throughout history. The same is true of terrorism. If “Palestinians” were referred to as terrorists and people that kill unarmed innocent civilians including children, it would take away from Israel’s totalitarianism.

  • mireille mechoullam

    I feel bad for the readers of the Guardian because they are deprive of the real truth. Maybe they should read Camera. It’s a magazine describing the real truth.

  • The art of propaganda is not the blatant lie but knowing the way to lie. The colour, form and substance of fabrication repeated endlessly. When the newspeak is broken in even a subtle way the mind sees the alteration and begins to question the message. The left has no monopoly on this let alone the Guardian. The true tragedy is that this particular aspect is still traced back to European anti-Semitism and the perpetuation under a different guise. The language is different the fashion has the same focus. F*****g Jews!

  • Steve Wenick

    Heads will roll at the Guardian. Pity! 🙂

  • judorebbe

    All well and good that the Guardian used the word “terrorists” – probably by mistake. But most of the mainstream media outlets, worldwide, are avoiding use of the correct term, “jihadis”.

    • Lynne T

      Not all perpetrators of terror against Israelis / Jews are “jihaddists” as some are secular and/or Christians. (The PFLP’s founder, George Habash is Christian.)

  • Mark_

    Even liars such as the Guardian writers and editors make a slip and tell the truth by mistake. Naughty, naughty, dear Guardian staff.

  • The Guardian Newspaper takes free speech into a fantasy world where truth does not exist. This is the real world of the left.

  • z

    It just doesn’t matter how much abuse the propaganda outlets heap at you, you keep coming back for more. That is sick. Anyone still tuning-in to these propaganda outlets, advertizing their propaganda, has serious mental issues. They should be medicated and locked-up in a mental institution.