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November 7, 2013 11:35 am

Israelis Can ‘Only Survive as Nazis,’ Says Member of Palestinian National Council (VIDEO)

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Ya'qub Qarash. Photo: TV.

The Jews in general, and Israelis in particular, “can only survive as Nazis,” a member of the Palestinian National Council said on Palestinian Authority TV recently.

Ya’qub Qarash, who is also a former Jordanian MP, took to the airwaves to attack Israel and Jews–and to praise martyrs.

Among many disturbing quotes, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), he also praised suicide bombings and terrorism:

“Allah blessed the Palestinian people with a clear and well-known enemy, against whom the fighting is an undeniable right. Anyone killed by this enemy is a martyr beyond any doubt.”

“Allah absolves the martyr of his sins with the first drop of his blood. All his sins are absolved, except for the sin of heresy. He is welcomed by the angels. He enters Paradise from the moment he is killed and laid in his grave. He finds himself among the green birds of Paradise. He pleads on behalf of his relatives, and is married off to the black-eyed virgins.”

“The martyr does not just enter Paradise, but he helps others enter as well. He pleads on behalf of his relatives. He does not just enter Paradise. No, he helps others get in as well.”

Not content with simply praising murderers, he turned his attention to attacking “the enemy”–Israel and Jews:

“The [Jews] want everything, although they have no religious rights. They want to prove myths, elevating them above the truth, although these are nothing but myths that they fabricated and now believe in. By Allah, if that [Wailing] Wall really was part of a temple, I am certain that the companions of the Prophet would have honored that. The Islamic nation is known for never having desecrated a synagogue or a church. It is a fact, however, that they do not have any rights. We confront myths.

“[The Israelis] place obstacles, reject peace, and talk about the prisoners and the fighters, in order to portray themselves to the West as if they were in a state of war. They say: Give me money and weapons. I am in a state of war. There are 10, 20, 30 [attacks] every day. They are fighting us.

“This has become a part of Israeli economic and social activity. They can only survive as Nazis. I say this loud and clear: The Israelis soldiers and Israeli society have appropriated the moral values of their [Nazi] enemy. The Nazis were hostile to them, fought them, burned them, and now they want to burn us, torture us, and imprison us.”

Watch the video of Qarash’s comments below.

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  • Sandy Brown

    Why does that man Qarash have a bandage over his head? Did somebody hit him with a cricket bat? Maybe he should go to hospital and have it fixed properly. The bandage that is!

  • Steven

    Does Yaqub have a quran and if he has does he read it? Let the Quran be rewritten, the we shall believe him when he says the jews are peddling falsehoods.

  • Stuart Hersh

    Since none of his rabid oral diarrhea is new, and his use of the provocative epithet “Nazis” in referring to Jewish survival is an obvious manifestation of a neurotic psychopathic personality. Apparently, this type of personality is one that Kerry and the Obama administration, with its Chamberlainist Middle East viewpoint can live with and talk about peace and a two state solution.

  • Jonathan Reston

    This moron is exactly what is wrong with the Arab world. So steeped in blind hatred and ignorance.

    Its easier to promote the Jews as an enemy than it is to actually admit and address the widespread problems inside the Arab world.

    Why is virtually every Arab country lagging behind the rest of the modern world? Why does Israel surpass so many Arab countries in economics, science, mathematics, literature, medicine, etc.? It’s because Israel doesn’t waste so much time trying to promote the Arabs as evil- even though much of their behavior could be classified as such.

    Arab world- it’s time to turn the page. Move on. The Jews are here to stay. The sooner you get used to that reality the sooner you can get back to the business of furthering and bettering the Arab world. The more you are distracted by blind hatred, the massive problems of the Arab world will continue to go untreated and unfixed.

    Believe it or not, the Jews are rooting for you and hoping you will someday do this and come to share the dream of living together in peace.

  • Leon Coetzee

    We continue to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, The protection of Israel & THE DESTRUCTION of any attempt to harm the Nation of Israel the Jewish people accross the Globe including South Africa!

  • Wallace Edward Brand

    According to Major General Pacepa, the highest ranking defector from the Soviet bloc during the Cold War, the first 433 members of the Palestinian National Council were hand picked by the KGB. For a better explanation of the means the Soviets used to exploit Arab hatred of Israel see Pacepa, Russian Footprints, National Review Online. Eugene Rostow, Dean of the Yale Law School gave quite a good summary of the Soviet efforts to eliminate Israel in the 70s as it saw Israel as one of the two biggest barriers to its domination of the Middle East that it viewed as a stepping stone to hegemony over the West.

    “Since 1950 the Soviet Union has sought domination of the Middle East as a stepping stone to hegemony over Western Europe according to the late Eugene Rostow, Dean of the Yale Law School and Professor of International Law. PALESTINIAN SELF-DETERMINATION: POSSIBLE FUTURES FOR THE UNALLOCATED TERRITORIESOF THE PALESTINE MANDATE (1980) “For nearly thirty turbulent years, the Soviet Union has sought control of this geo-political nerve center in order to bring Western Europe into its sphere. Even if Soviet ambitions were confined to Europe, Soviet hegemony in the Middle East would profoundly change the world balance of power. But Soviet control of the MiddleEast would lead inevitably to further accretions of Soviet power if China, Japan, and many smaller and more vulnerable countries should conclude that the United States had lost the will or the capacity to defend its vital interests, . . .” * * *
    “The exploitation of Arab hostility to the Balfour Declaration, the Palestine Mandate, and the existence of Israel has been a major weapon in the Soviet campaign to dominate the Middle East.” * * “. . .the Soviet Union invited Arafat to Moscow, supported his appearance before the United Nations in November, 1974, and increased its pressure for General Assembly resolutions supporting claims of self-determination for the Palestinian Arabs and denouncing Zionism as “racism'”

  • montlasky

    ……….and we are expected to negotiate and live side by side with these sworn enemies? What is Kerry trying to do? Forcing us to negotiate with people whose Koran says that it is the duty of Islam to destroy the infidels and the Jews in particular?
    All the Presidents and Foreign Secretaries are prepared to have a try at forcing us to live with these people, for want of a better word,in order to polish there images for a crack at the White House.The Americans know that we are being asked to do the impossible and smile just as the world at large knows this. Who cares? Nobody but the Jews themselves who have to look after their own interests on their own as they have done for millenia.

  • Jacobite

    A wolf in sheeps clothing openly peddling lies that will see countless young lives wasted.
    Desperately trying to hide the Truth that the true God is a good of love, they substituite Allah saying evil and wickedness is rewarded, what an evil God this is, murders go off to a paradise while good people remain on this earth to be the fodder of the Islamist extremist.
    Evil masters might well fare the God of Israel, for deservedly the day of judgement will come upon those that have preverted his Truth to a lie.
    This evil religion through violence is speeding up thier own demise, blind leaders of the blind.
    Israel may suffer much by the hands of the evil doer, but many in the world understand thier pain,
    and realise that through much tribulation they will ultimately be strengthend.
    Does not history teach us this lesson over and over again, Israel standing at the graveside of its enemy.
    Israel, thy redeemer will come.
    May God bless true Israel.