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November 8, 2013 12:08 pm

Al Jazeera Bankrolling Exiled Muslim Brotherhood Leaders as They Chart Strategy for Political Islam

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Al Jazeera newsroom. Photo: Wikipedia.

Al Jazeera is footing the bill for several Muslim Brotherhood members who have fled to Doha, The Washington Post has reported.

The newspaper said that several Brotherhood “exiles live temporarily in hotel suites paid for by Qatar’s state-run Arabic satellite network Al Jazeera — and it is in those suites and hotel lobbies that the future of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and, more broadly, the strategy and ideology of political Islam in the country may well be charted.”

The international news network, which recently launched a channel in the United States, is funded by the Qatari royal family. Earlier this year, following the removal of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, authorities in the country banned the network, calling it a threat to national security for its pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance.

A recent crackdown by Egypt’s military rulers on the Muslim Brotherhood has led to the imprisonment of several of the Islamist movement’s key figures, as well as the dispersal of many of its members to neighboring countries who are attempting to evade arrest.

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  • Carl

    Shouldn’t “international news network” be in quotes when they are quite clearly a Muslim advocacy organization? Besides funding a safe haven that ensures the continuation of extremist Islamists, they also sponsored the Arafat polonium “investigation.” Seems to me that “news organizations” have crossed into very different territory when the are involved in creating news instead of just reporting it.

  • One wonders about Al-Jazeera “America” and why would America allow an arm of an organization funding Islamist who are bent on destroying America, Israel, and the whole western world. Oh wait, our current administration has all kinds of Islamists in it. How will America survive when there are so many foxes “guarding the hen house? If we do not make some drastic changes soon, America will not be as our founders established it.

    • Anthony C Abela

      America’s wealth is so being diluted with the majority of pin stripped suited no hopers in Washington, that what happened to Germany prior to ww2 is going to happen to America. They keep on printing money like it’s going out of fashion. The big financial comp who rorted the system and ended up with so much money in their pockets, is no joke. Has anyone of all those crooks who brought America to it’s knees been arrested yet?. Not likely. One day America will go broke and the only country/State that has the money to bail them out is the Vatican. Imagine all the gold in the catacombs under the Vatican, but the Vatican will require America to abolish the Sabbath worldwide as the Vatican honours the Sun God, “Sunday”. …. those who will have the mark of the Beast (Vatican) will go to eternal damnation”.

  • shloime

    an egyptian takeover of gaza would solve at least *part* of the “exiled moslem brotherhood” problem.

    • Kenneth D Hegler

      Apart from the fact that the Egyptians do not want additional Palestinians, this is an idea whose time has come. Were the Egyptians to acquire Gaza, then a regionally based MB threat would be eliminated. All might then breathe more easily and Israel could get on with neutralizing any threat from the West Bank territories. Jordan, too, would be able to breathe more easily. Why peace might actually “break out” in the Middle East. Iran would have one less ally in the region. Next step could then be to permit Lebanon to develop its own policies, ones which would further contribute to a more peaceful solution to the area.

  • Steven Korbin

    I wonder if Al-Jazeera “America” will run the story since they’re all like…unbiased ‘n stuff.