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November 14, 2013 10:27 am

Helpless in the Homeland: Israel Has Effectively Surrendered

avatar by Brandon Marlon

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IDF soldiers praying at the Western Wall

An IDF soldier is murdered by his Arab coworker, and his body is dumped in a village well. Another soldier is shot dead by a sniper in Hebron. A young girl is shot in her backyard in Judea and Samaria. A husband is murdered by a pair of Arab assailants, and the man turns out to be a family friend of Netanyahu himself. Yet another soldier is stabbed to death while sleeping on a bus. Hundreds of bloodstained Arab terrorists are released as a goodwill gesture to stimulate “peace” talks.

These are the recent headlines from Israel, and they all point to the same problem: Israel is being dismantled piecemeal by its enemies, who recognize that Israel has lost the will to defend itself on a day-to-day basis. Lives are being brutally snuffed out on a weekly schedule, with little to nothing being done about it.

Netanyahu is preoccupied with pronouncing upon Iran in the international media, when he should have long ago ordered the complete obliteration of its nuclear operations. He apologizes to Turkey for Israel’s self-defense, agrees to the unconscionable release of terrorists and murderers, and cancels construction in Judea and Samaria. For all of these, he engages in lame apologetics to Israelis who are aghast at his spineless dithering. He should resign in disgrace immediately, if not sooner.

What is the point of having a Jewish state if Jews are not safe and secure within it? Why do the Israeli Defense Forces exist if they hesitate to engage with Israel’s internal and external enemies with decisiveness and finality? How many Israeli civilians and soldiers need to be slain – perhaps one at a time – before Israel’s leaders experience a eureka! moment and resolve to act with resolve?

For the better part of two millennia, stateless Jews were all but helpless under Christian and Muslim rulers. Today, the Jews of the State of Israel act as if nothing has changed. Terrorists can (and terrorists do) murder Israeli civilians or soldiers only to be released shortly thereafter from Israeli incarceration due to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

It has been a very long time since Israel has had a Ben-Gurion or Begin at the helm, and a much longer time since the Jewish People has been led by a Judah Maccabee, Gideon, Joshua, or Moses.

What will it take for a people to fully and fearlessly commit to the survival of each and every one of its individual members?

There is an existential threat to the State of Israel, but it isn’t a nuclear Iran at all. It’s the internal decay of the Jewish will to live. All other problems pale in comparison. And if this problem was solved, Israel’s other problems would be dealt with, with unflinching determination, decisiveness, and finality.

Until then, Jews remain helpless in their own homeland…because if you don’t will it, it’s just a dream.

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  • steve in johannesburg

    Sad but true. Israeli Government must regain its no nonsense attitude that made Israel what it is today. Arabs only understand force and unrelenting decisiveness. Arabs are not looking for peace with Israel, they want it all. Bibi must toughen up and say no. Stop cowering to BHO and Kerry. They will not be there when the cards are down. Israel is not feared any longer. Jews must learn from the christians and moslems, when conquering land, keep it and tell the world where to get off. Jews have always been on the defensive for thousands of years. Its time to get on the offensive and show them who is boss.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    In the future Israel must make it a rock bottom condition of their release, to release murderers to the US so that they can live freely. Since it’s never been considered a big deal by the administration that Israel releases mass murderers it’s time to call them at their game and agree with them – as long as they’re on board 100%. If the US doesn’t agree to take them and allow them to live freely in the US as ‘refugees’ or ‘dissidents’ then they stay in prison. Otherwise Israel should move to free them all. Every last one.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    Although I have frequently commented that Israel is far too lenient toward Arab terorists and terrorism and should take a ferocious attitude toward them including reprisal shootings and retaliatory execution of Hamas prisoners, I must say I think P.M. Netanyahu has a lot more brains, knowledge and sophistication that these commenters who vilify him. Armchair generals who blithely tell him what he should do when he daily faces a plethora of domestic and foreign challenges of enormous difficulty ought to frankly get a little humility.

  • Al Talena

    Unfortunately, Bibi is the quintessential ghetto Jew.

  • Dov

    Its very clear that the ideals of Zionism have vanished and that the Jew in Israel lives in a ghetto of his own making.

  • Muslims revere a sociopath called Muhammad who PERSONALLY decapitated 900 unarmed Jews. Until Jews accept the fact that Muslims revere a sociopathic genocidal Jew killer….they will not defend themselves properly. You can never make true peace with people who revere a sociopathic Jew killer.

    • steve in johannesburg

      you said it all

  • Israel Has been forced by president Obama to release well over a thousand murderers who are hailed by the Palestinians as hero’s
    But Obama is unwilling to pardon only one person by the name of Jonathan Pollard after 16 or 17 years in a American goal many request has been made.

  • chaya

    Amazing and well written article. There really is nothing to add, The land of Israel is beautiful, and the people of Israel eternal and strong. It has always been historically true that our hardships and agonies have come from corrupt leadership most often from within our ranks. There is nothing worse than a self hating Jew, if we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect others to?
    The well known adage so aptly applies here, that you can take the Jew out of exile, but first you must take the exile out of the Jew.

  • Emmett

    The article pretty much sums it up. And it’s been a long time since Israel has had a PM that represented Israel(Jews). The corruption in Israel’s govt is widespread & runs deep. For politicians and other elite leftists to commit treason and crimes against the Jewish people without being prosecuted is unbelievable, to say the least. Nobody can blame the Arabs, because the govt has enabled, allowed and encouraged the situation to get how it is now. The Israeli govt has been consciously, systematically murdering their own(supposedly) people. The majority of the Israeli people will not speak up for fear of having their homes destroyed or arrested without due process, and other illegal retaliations by the rogue govt & their goon squads.

  • Martin Bookspan

    Obviously Brandon Marlon is a nom de plume—but whoever the writer is, he is 100% correct!

  • Maureen Moss

    Israel needs to look after her own interests, not try to please Obama or Holder or the UN anyone else.

    PM Netanyahu needs to get tough – NO MORE COMPROMISES for ‘peace’ which doesn’t come.

    Freeing Palestinian prisoners (again!) simply indicates a weakness to the west, and certainly does not earn him ‘brownie points’ with anyone – least of all his own people.

    GET TOUGH, Mr. Prime Minister!

    A friend from Canada

  • You think another Begin is the answer??? He gav the arabs more land and more incentive to grab more than the most spineless. The ONLY solution is Moshiach NOW!!

    • LBJeffrie

      And what’s plan B?