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November 22, 2013 2:27 pm

Arrests Made as Jewish Communities Step Up Security Over Violent ‘Knockout Game’

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NYPD badge. Photo: wiki commons.

Vigilance paid off Thursday night when four perpetrators of the “Knockout Game” were apprehended in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

The twisted Knockout Game consists of gangs seeking an unsuspecting victim who one member tries to knock out with one punch, like in a video game. Similar attacks are being reported in St. Louis, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere but in New York recent targets have almost exclusively been Jewish.

Local Jewish patrols, known as Shomrim, have stepped up their presence in neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn in the wake of such attacks.

“A group of four to five men came towards a Jewish man walking on 18th Avenue and Seton Place,” Yanky Daskal of Borough Park Shomrim told VIN News. “They surrounded him and tried to knock him out but were unsuccessful. They started running away while he called Shomrim, but we followed the suspects until the police got there and they were all arrested.”

According to Daskal, the attackers were all in their 20’s and were Hispanic.

“Everyone is very concerned about the Knockout Game which is happening nationally,” an investigator at New York’s 66th precinct told VIN News. “People see it on YouTube and everyone starts to copy it, wanting to outdo each other. Victims are being picked randomly if they look like easy targets.”

The investigator described how the dramatic events unfolded.

“He called Shomrim immediately [after the attack] and they had a unit two blocks away,” said the investigator. “Shomrim saw one of our officers and told them there was an assault in progress and he jumped in his car and was there within one minute.”

According to the investigator, over a dozen officers raced to the scene.

The Knockout Game is “spreading like wildfire,” the investigator said.  “Our job is to get the bad guys and protect the community.”

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  • Emanuel

    If this spreads it will be time to own a firearm, I’m sure after a few of them get shot the game will be over. I know in places where it isn’t as easy to own a gun this must be terrifying but if they try that game in Florida or Texas you are going to start seeing them get shot. Having lived in places where firearms are completely prohibited and other places where they are celebrated and carried liberally and in light of this very odd game (something sounds off) I would prefer to use deadly force for self-defense from this deadly game and have it end soon. I respect the sanctity of life entirely but anyone who clubs the elderly for fun should be shot.

  • Philip Smeeton

    In America the jails are full of Blacks and Hispanics for good reasons. In Europe the jails are full of Blacks and Muslims for the same reasons. By continuing to import Muslims America will get into an even worse situation. With three groups targeting Whites and Jews.

  • Arie

    It took over two years for the NYPD to finally declare these attacks a hate crime and actually begin a response since it didn’t fit conveniently into Bloomberg’sa nti-gun campaign. ALLEGED Jewish groups like the ADL still refuse to label this an Anti-Jew incident for fear of offending Obama’s charm campaign.

    And now a Sandanista supporter who himself engaged in Anti-Jew activity while in Nicaragua is mayor so expect all police aid to cease. Time for NY to become truly judenrein for the Jews’ own sake before NYC becomes the next Detroit

    • Joshua

      Clearly knocking out our people doesn’t fit within Bloombergs agenda towards eliminating lawfully owned firearms. Seems the SAFE act encourages attacks against the Jewish community. Just like Europe.