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November 25, 2013 1:10 pm

‘Knockout Game’ Victim Says Jews Are Being Targeted Because They ‘Look Gentle’

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Footage showing Shmuel Perl, 24, being approached by his alleged attackers in the 'Knockout Game.' Photo: Screenshot / ABC.

Footage showing a Jewish man being approached by his alleged attackers in the 'Knockout Game.' Photo: Screenshot / ABC.

One of the Jewish victim’s of the increasingly popular “Knockout Game” has spoken out, telling the New York Post he believes Jews are being targeted because they “look gentle” and “look like [they] won’t fight back.”

Photography intern Israel Blizovsky had just finished working a Crown Heights engagement party when he was attacked on the street.

“He was very strong. I was in shock,” the 19-year-old from Beersheva, Israel said of his attacker. “I saw a large group of black teenagers coming. I moved to the side to let them pass. Then, all of a sudden, when I was passing right next to them, I felt a punch in the face.”

“They just kept walking. They were all laughing,” he told The Post through a Hebrew translator. “They said something right after he punched me, but I don’t understand English. It looked like they were making fun of me.”

The “Knockout Game” consists of gangs seeking an unsuspecting victim who one member tries to knock out with one punch. Similar attacks are being reported in St. Louis, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and elsewhere, but in Brooklyn, recent targets have almost exclusively been Jewish.

Four perpetrators of the “Knockout Game” were apprehended in Borough Park, Brooklyn on Thursday after attacking a Jewish man there in what investigators called a copycat attack.

Community leaders have said at least eight attacks have occurred in the last several weeks. The New York Post reported that the NYPD was aware of seven of the eight attacks.

Barry Sugar, head of the Jewish Leadership Council, told The New York Post he has been asking New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio for help with anti-Jewish attacks since August, but has received no response.

“We were concerned that the candidates weren’t aware of what was happening,” he told The Post. “We made several attempts to reach out to Mr. de Blasio, but our overtures were not met with any kind of response.”

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  • Bernard Ross

    vigilantes should shoot them dead. they dont even run away, if the victim had a gun he could shoot them, Jews need guns, it will get worse.

  • zulu99

    i suggest get some guns to protect yourselves.
    bastard will loose in the court = self-defense!
    just shoot anybody in the group, if it’s a group.
    one such response, and the wave will die.

  • KARATE ! work’s Lets se them try lol

  • Wallace Edward Brand

    Bernhard Goetz carried a pistol to protect himself after one or more bad experiences. He shot one of his muggers on the subway. He got 8 months prison sentence and a civil judgment against him for $43 million. In New York the law is on the side of the knockout gamers and muggers..

  • Dave

    How do I miss the JDL. When JDl was around, nobody got away with this cr–p

  • Zalman Weinberg

    Irrational time to organize our own protection…be vigilant and take preventative measures…I am not advocating violence…I am advocating for our safety without retribution of the same sort that is being perpetrated. But it is time for us to take care of our own and hope the NYPD is equally as vigilant.

    • zulu99

      nononono Zalman,

      Jews were talking like this when they were rounded up in ghettos to be taken to concentration camps…Not everywhere of course.
      GET the guns.
      GET license.
      Carry it with you.
      Shoot as soon as you’re attacked, or follow him or them and shoot to hurt him – leg, or ass.
      I think there are guns that shoot salt.
      That would be the best!

  • Elexis Smith

    I don’t understand how knocking innocent people out is a way of having fun… This is ridiculous. It can be anyone. It could be a mother walking with her children.
    I happen to work as a social media community manager for a company called ICE BlackBox. It’s a new app that’s free and it allows you to defend yourself in a dangerous situation. I’m trying to get the word out to as many people as possible because it can help protect anyone from this new “knockout trend” and help deter crimes such as rape, domestic violence, and abuse. To give just a little more information about what the app does, it streams video, audio, and GPS location and sends a link to anyone’s ICE contacts. It also allows you to directly call 911. Please help spread the word about this, as there are more people who learn about this, many lives can be saved.

  • Mel

    Beginning the day following Election Day, November 2008, black college students began taunting white ‘friends’ with “Time for white folks to head for the plantation.”

    By mid-2009, Attorney General Eric Holder signaled ‘Open Season’ for Black Vengeance by arguing that only blacks (not whites) could be victims of Racism, intervening in Pennsylvania’s prosecution of two New Black Panther Party ‘security guards’ for intimidating elderly white Philadelphia voters.

    Liberalism and Socialism have ‘Left’ us with too many like Bernie Madoff and too few like Bernie Goetz.

  • Pushkina

    It is happening in Australia too, to Jews and Gentiles alike.
    It’s more of a product of delinquency than “a precursor to ethnic cleansing and genocide.”

  • carol

    If the victims were Muslim, you can be sure that de Blasio and Bloomberg wouldn’t have been able to get there and do enough, quickly enough.

    • Knockout cowards

      Not only that, if the victims were black, and the teens were white, then Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barak Obama would be ALL OVER the media about racism in America and clamouring about what we should do. But of course, silence from our “brothers” who we stood side by side in Montgomery and Birmingham. A good case of a lack of hakarat hatov (gratitude).

  • dantebenedetti

    for de blasio, it’s not a question of decency or right and wrong, good and bad; he doesn’t care about those things (or, he defines them solely in terms of political interests); what he cares about his supporting his political allies and their constituencies: if it’s an ally, whatever s/he does, it’s good and de blasio will support. if it’s not an in-the-tank ally, de blasio is, at best, indifferent. it’s a disgusting, indecent, immoral partisanship. but, there you have it.

  • DovidM

    In every case I have come across the perpetrators were black, and the victim is White, or, if not White, Asian. It is easy to understand the motive, even when the police remain “baffled.”

  • ymr

    This is how it starts. The leader dog whistles that certain minorities can be picked on. The thug class pick up the hints. The visible minority suffer, are terrorized, panic about why and start to think that they have to offer bribes which inadvertently encourage more of the same. Fear and uncertainty prevail among the targeted minority. The chattering classes continue with platitudes, statements of moral vanity and generally encourage the targeted minority to despair, self-doubt, self-loathing… This is menticide at work and it is a precursor to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

    • Linda

      You say, This is menticide at work and it is a precursor to ethnic cleansing and genocide.
      Hardly! Whites, Asians, Jews, Muslims are NOT going away.

  • Steve Butman

    Cowards ALWAYS attack when they have an advantage!