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November 26, 2013 3:25 pm

Israeli Forces Thwart Terror Attack, Two Suspects Killed

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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IDF soldiers training in a mock Lebanese village. Photo: Paul Alster.

Israeli Border Police and  intelligence forces halted on Tuesday what might have been serious terror attacks against Israeli and Palestinian Authority targets, the IDF said in a statement.

In operations that took place in Hebron and Yatta the IDF attempted to arrest suspects belonging to a Salafist-Jihadi terror group. Two suspects who were carrying explosives and handguns were killed in the raid. The IDF said that the operatives were planning to “execute a terror attack in the upcoming days.”

“Over the past few months the members of the terrorist network acted to organize an expanded terror infrastructure which included preparing and manufacturing explosives, purchasing weapons and arranging an apartment for hiding,” the IDF said.

IDF Spokesman, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner credited the work of Israel’s intelligence agencies for the mission.

“This terrorist network is just a sample of those who try to harm Israeli civilians and undermine the existing security stability. Operational access combined with quality intelligence gives us the upper hand on these evildoers and their beastly intentions. It is our obligation to prevent them from fulfilling their detestable fantasies,” he said.

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  • Michael Levy

    Should have shot the whole lot of them!! Then you don’t have to do any forced swops!!

  • Reuven


  • zadimel

    To Arie: The Border Patrol was not ordered to “stand down”by the President. According to local NBC news, the BP agents exercized what is known as “intermediate use-of-force” against a crowd of more than 100 people,who tried to cross illegally into the US at the Tijuana River channel near the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Your description of the President’s alleged attitude is very strange,indeed, regarding the lives of US citizens. Furthermore, the Mexican nationals were ordered to stop,but continued walking into the US. I suppose if you were president you would have ordered a bank of 50 caliber machine guns to gun them down.

    • mark_

      What does U.S. Border patrol have to do with this. And some other comments below attack Obama. This is not the place to vent your hate of Obama when the article is not about him. What is the matter with these people with a one track mind?

      • Otto Waldmann in Sydney


        the problem with “these people” is that the inescapable dish of the day happens to be your Obama and the dish makes them vomit for good ( actually badly infested) reasons.
        One can associate almost anything that could possibly happen to Israel as a result of the implicit encouragement by Obama’s stance of everything pernicious in the Islamic world.
        Should you decide to read the daily news one day, you shall realise that the current USA Admin. is doing everythig possible to drive bad stuff up the Israeli nose and that ain’t conducive to gentle compliments, but bad sneezing attacks, as amply seen here. Bad mouthing in this case is the result of bad policies, bad rhetoric, bad smell of someone not being happy with the Jewish folk, we, the kikes, call it anti semitism. When pronounced from the highest political platform on the Planet, it affects everything the same Jews think and say. As long as it ( Obama being this way ) will continue you should get used to these reactions.
        Otherwise, kol hakavod to our wonderful boys and girls in the IDF.

  • john

    obama is a puzwa

  • carol

    Anyway, the best way to deal with Arab terrorists it would seem is take no prisoners.

    • Levi

      I agree 100%, prisoners cost lives and money to feed the useless things.

  • carol

    Tuvia, it would seem simple to fight back, but there’s so much completely unwarranted global acrimony toward Israel for daring to defend itself, one can barely imagine that to fire back with the other (evil) side deliberately setting things up so that there’s as much collateral damage as possible, must be taking into account extremely difficult political realities, and one can only hope that Israel is meeting this situation wisely.

    Arie, Iran has been making huge strides in South America, gaining converts and a launching pad for nuclear ICBM missiles that they are working as I type. Barack Hussein has made no bones about hiding his great affection for all things Islamic (but has been much more careful to cover his tracks regarding his hatred for the U.S.). It’s not that big a leap see that BHO is committing the U.S. resources to a multitude of projects that increase the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and now the Iranians. Whatever his ultimate goals, it is not for the betterment of the country he was elected to serve.

  • Mendel

    @Arie We have had, in the US, vigilante and”self defense” units. One of them is called “Ku-Klux-Klan.. We also have a self defense person named George Zimmerman.

    • Ron

      @Mendel: Okay, even though the year isn’t over yet, with your response to Arie, I’m sure you have won the award for the dumbest comment made this year. Total non-sequitur.

      • carol

        Thanks, Ron. I thought it was just me who thought that. Mendel (if this is his real name) might be a product of that type rampant consanguineous inbreeding we hear about in the Islamic world, responsible for severely lowered IQs as well as violent mentalities and behavior.

        • Lynne T

          Unfortunately, we have some in-bred morons of our own. Ever seen a gathering of the ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist types, or on the other end of the spectrum the kefiyya-wearing Jewish Voices of Peace types?

  • Dont be so sure. The Hamas has been firing hudreds of misskes into Israel yearly and thr govt does nothing. And remember they are firing from land WE GAVE THEM. Even Oba isnt that foolish………yet.

  • Arie

    Amazing difference:

    In Israel, the Border Police do all they can – and yes use extreme physical force – to defend the people of Israel.

    In the US, the Border Patrol was under attack yesterday by scores of invaders from Mexico near San Diego and they were ordered to stand down by obama and holder – even at the risk of their getting murdered.

    In Israel, the citizens have a government they can trust to protect them. How long will US citizens, knowing that obama considers US lives as naught more then “bumps in the road,” take it upon themselves and initiate vigilante and self-defense units to do what government refuses to