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November 28, 2013 2:43 pm

Bachmann: Iran Nuclear Facilities ‘Must be Bombed’, Geneva Deal Obama’s ‘Biggest Cudgel’ to Prevent Israel Self-Defense

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Michele Bachmann.

House Intelligence Committee member Michelle Bachmann said that Iran’s nuclear facilities “must be bombed.”

In a speech at a Zionist Organization of America gala on Sunday night, Bachmann said that the Geneva deal reached between Iran and world powers at the weekend will severely limit Israel’s ability to operate freely in the interests of its self defense.

Bachmann said, “It may be incumbent upon the Prime Minister to make a decision he has no desire to make, and that would be to bomb facilities, that must be bombed, in Iran.”

The former presidential candidate framed the deal as a deliberate effort to harm Israel’s security interests.

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She said, “That decision that was made by the P5+1 in Geneva had more to do with Israel than it had to do with Iran.”

“Because, you see, the decision that was made could be the biggest cudgel that our president, and that the nations of the world, could use to prevent Israel, the Jewish state of Israel, from defending not only herself, but her right to exist.”

Bachmann went on to paint a picture of a systemic effort on the part of the Obama Administration and others to undermine Israel’s ability to defend itself.

Citing a string of intelligence leaks, including one about a supposed time frame for an Israeli strike on Iran and another about Israel’s possible use of a base in Azerbaijan to launch a strike, Bachmann said that she “noticed, being on the Intelligence Committee, that every one of these secrets served to undermine, and cut the legs out of Israel and her ability to be able to defend herself.”

“We started to see every three or four days, printed on the front page of the New York Times, secrets that less than 10 people in the United States knew,” she said, describing the broken secrets as the most “unprecedented intelligence leaks in the history of the United States.”

“Every intelligence leak put Israel in a more negative position than she had been in before,” Bachmann added.

Highlighting how the Geneva deal has left Israel isolated, Bachmann said that the country “may be forced now, when the greatest nations of the world have abandoned her, in her time of greatest need… to stand alone.”

She asked, “How will the world view an Israel that sees that it is down to its last few options, if it hopes to survive in the future” and is compelled to order a strike on Iranian nuclear sites?

Bachmann berated those who have been less vocal over the Iranian issue on behalf of the Jewish state, which she described as “the nation at the tip of the spear of the war on terror.”

Calling out Senators, Representatives, Jewish and Christian organizations, she said, “It is one thing to be a friend of Israel when the sun is shining, and when times are good … it is another to be a friend of Israel and to make the case that Israel not only has the right to exist but the right to defend herself, and that right may possibly include the right to be able to bomb nuclear facilities and potential nuclear facilities in Iran.”

“A facade has been blown up that Iran is being real good guys right now,” she said. “In other words, putting all the pressure on Israel, you cannot possibly strike now. Tell me, will they be able to strike after six months?”

“You see,” Bachmann said, “I believe now is when we do need to stand with Israel today, because Prime Minister Netanyahu may be forced very soon to do what the United States and other nations of the world have already said today with clarity what they will not do, and that … we should be grateful for.”

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