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November 28, 2013 5:04 pm

At Chanukah Ceremony, Netanyahu Pledges to Prevent ‘Darkness’ of Nuclear Iran

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Prime Minister Netanyahu at a Western Wall Chanukah ceremony. Photo: GPO.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to prevent the “darkness” of a nuclear Iran, speaking at a Chanukah ceremony at Jerusalem’s Western Wall Thursday.

“We have come to banish the darkness and the greatest darkness that threatens the world today is that of a nuclear Iran,” he said. “We are committed to doing whatever we can to prevent this darkness. If possible, it would be preferable to do so by diplomatic means and if not we will serve as a light to the nations.”

“We are now holding contacts with the U.S. and the P5+1 governments, with the major powers, regarding the type of agreement that could banish this darkness, and it must, in the end, lead to the result of the dismantling of Iran’s military nuclear capability,” Netanyahu added.

The Prime Minister also conveyed wishes for a speedy recovery to a young girl who was injured earlier Thursday in a Jerusalem stoning attack.

“The first thing I would like to do this evening is to send my best wishes for a quick recovery to the baby girl who was injured by criminals here in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said. “We will find the criminals and bring them to justice. We will watch over our city.”

Explaining his outspoken and vocal stance on recent developments between Iran and world powers over the country’s nuclear weapons program, Netanyahu said that he sees it as his duty to speak “the truth.”

“I am not caught up in illusions. Just today it was reported that a reactor in North Korea is back online – and this is after an agreement that everyone celebrated. I believe in speaking the truth and standing up on important principles in order to ensure global peace and our security, and of course, our peace,” he said.

Netanyahu said that he was inspired to take this position by the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson: “I believe in this because I recall something the Lubavitcher Rebbe told me when I went to the UN. He told me: ‘Remember that even when you are in a world that is all dark and you light one candle, one candle of truth, the light – the precious light that this candle gives off, is seen from afar.'”

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    As one reader has written that North Korea is going to bomb some one or other city, what if North Korea bombs a country say Israel. or for that matter there is bombing by one nuclear state to another nuclear whether or not they have animosities, but due to accidents or deliberate or by way of testing the trajectory if it is out of control situation. Some aeroplanes when they fly end up in accidents which are irreversible. So what checks and safe guarding are there. Prevention is the best cure. This adage also true for nuclear issues. So an international monitors must be operative and in full measure to avoid meaningless accidents, or otherwise. Leslie

  • Alan Polis

    The settlers such as at Gush Etzion are living in land that has been purchased by Jews. Land that is not Jewish owned is either vacant or used by Arab farmers.

  • Emmett. Carl Jung`s Archetypal psychology delved into the celestial sources or cosmic DNA Templates which generate the intelligence Systems that run all the forces in the universe. From the seasons to the migration patterns of animals in their natural habitat.
    While all we see is the superficial narrative of a relationships between two men, there are those who see a re-activation of Archetypal forces. What`s unfolding now is no less than the “end-game” predicted in the bible(Prophets)(Sanhedrin page 84). And in an equivalent situation in the first passage of Parsha`s Bo (Exodus, 10:1) Rashi answers the question why Moses needed to invoke G-d`s help: He was having to contend with the Archetypal “Tenina Hagadolah” described by the Zohar. So the moment that Bibi states that he is following the instructions of his Master, a Tzaddik, and more-specifically the Rebbe, the Nassi-Hador, for those of us who know); he invokes the influence of G-d`s Essence which never departs from the Tzaddik (Tanya, Igeres Hakodesh, Chapter 27). On the one hand, what is happening is biblical, (and since the emanated light travels through the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy, any accusations made against Bibi are nullified). The concessions that Bibi has made until now ? They were a reaction to threats against our entire nation. Threats that we are not meant to know. But unless there`s a change; to make amends; America has lost its only friend.

  • Sandy Brown

    I do not believe that the Iranians are telling the truth. I think it is all just talk so that they can carry on and eventually have nuclear weapons. That fat ugly little man who rules North Korea is a Nutjob and is always threatening to nuke somebody or another country. We should get rid of him first.

    • mark_

      North Korea is a separate issue that the U.S., China and Japan and South Korea must work on. North Korea already has nuclear bombs unlike Iran. Are you advocating nuclear war? In any case Israel has no influence in the Far East and must focus on Iran first and foremost.

    • Sonia Willats

      Sandy, we always enjoy your comments. How could we disagree?

      Any sane person knows Iran is simply playing games with mice – mice wanting to trade, who have sold their friends and joint protectors; kidding themselves they are seeking peace.

      Even David Cameron has surprised us this time. The rhetoric in Iran doesn’t tie up with peace, and the smiles on Rouhani’s face are of the cat who has just licked up the cream.

  • Emmett

    Netanyahoo & “the truth” don’t mix. Has he ever told the truth to Israel? Everything he says that he will do for the good of Israel, he has done the opposite in action/inaction. He’s done enough to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist, destroying Jewish homes, giving away Israeli Land to illegal squatters, supporting the terrorists, and his failure to defend Israel from attacks, just to name a few of his treasonist acts. Time for Mr. Netanyahoo to be held accountable for his crimes against the Jewish people.

    • mark_

      You’re an extremist and your comments are nothing but lies. To call the leader of Israel a traitor to the Jewish people is a terrible thing when it isn’t true. Whatever you think of his actions he is not a traitor and you should shut up.

    • Sonia Willats

      Emmet, you speak Truth but are not fair to PM Netanyahu. I watch his speeches in English and Hebrew. He LOVES Israel and the Jewish nation with his whole being. I am totally against the structuring of the current “peace agreement” and the releasing of prisoners… These were huge CONCESSIONS he made to America IN EXCHANGE FOR PROTECTION FROM IRAN. Can’t you see he has been duped – betrayed by Kerry / Obama? Obama is playing games with the balance of power in the Middle East and Gulf region, but his neck is not on the line.

      Do you not see also how PM Netanyahu is also so often ridiculed for stating the truth, and even now undermined by a cocky Obama: “Obama has asked Netanyahu to take a breather from his clamorous criticism…” Yet what did Obama go to Israel for? To undermine Netanyahu by addressing the youth of Israel (except Ariel.)

      If history fails to vindicate PM Netanyahu it will be that he conceded too much to the left in his effort to prevent the greater evil of the Iran threat. Even when I disagree with him, I endorse his love of Israel. Let’s be fair and endorse our leader with the respect he deserves.

    • Mel

      Do you plan to appoint komrade Barack Hessein Obama as his judge and yourself as his executioner?

    • Zelda Zadorah

      Dear Emmett,
      It must be sad to live in your world of hate, negativity and pessimism. Mr Netanyahu was elected to represent Israel as a leader of his people. He cannot please everybody. You must wait until the next election to change that but what will that change be if people like you will be in charge?

    • sem

      can you give pls at least one example of your meaningless tirade ?