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January 3, 2014 10:27 am

After Marathon Meeting With Netanyahu, John Kerry Leaves Jerusalem Frustrated by Lack of Progress in Peace Talks

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

A marathon five-hour meeting in Jerusalem between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ended with little progress being made regarding the U.S. proposed framework peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Israeli daily Walla reported on Thursday.

Much of the conversation was dedicated to America’s proposal for future security arrangements in the Jordan Valley. The source of the U.S. frustration is that its idea of a limited American military presence near the proposed future border between Israel and a Palestinian state for a period of ten years has been effectively rejected – both by Jerusalem and Ramallah, Walla said.

On the Israeli side, senior government officials, led by Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon raised several objections to the American initiative. Israel’s official position regarding Jordan Valley security arrangements supports a longer Israeli presence than Kerry’s version. Israel’s also seeks a longer American commitment in the area and over a greater geographical radius than the U.S. proposal. Finally, Netanyahu’s vision for the Jordan Valley puts no specific time frame for the IDF’s ultimate withdrawal from the area.

In contrast, the Palestinian Authority continues to assert that the United States is being overly deferential to Israeli demands. Specifically, the PA is furious that, at least according to sources in Arab media outlets, Kerry has offered Israel a right to veto any agreed upon date for the IDF’s retreat from the Jordan Valley, Walla said.

Despite these differences, John Kerry remains convinced that Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas understand the heavy cost of not accepting the American-backed framework plan, according to Walla.

Going forward, Walla said that John Kerry shouldn’t expect much relief anytime soon. Even if he manages to smooth over the disagreements surrounding the Jordan Valley, several other potential deal breakers lay ahead.

First and foremost, the divisive issue of Jerusalem’s final status is a topic that if not addressed skillfully will lead to political turmoil, in Jerusalem or Ramallah – or both.

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  • Conrad Nadell

    The Arab world is in turmoil, wracked by terrorists of various stripes. The U.S. has shown its incompetence by its actions or inaction in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Libya and the Sudan. After historical records of failure, the U.S. believes it can solve the Israel Palestinian conflict by is pressuring Israel, its one democratic ally in the Middle East, to make accommodations to the next Islamic state. What chutzpah!

  • Barry

    If you read some of Kerry’s remarks over the past ten years you’d see he makes ridiculous assumptions and always seems to back the loser.

    He has supported Assad with incredible statements stating how he is a great man for peace and he’s continued to say many similar things regarding the Arab Spring. He used to fly to Syria to have dinner with Assad so that gives you an idea of where the man is coming from.

    When you combine the traits of a naive fool like Kerry with his obvious disdain for Israel, you end up with trouble. Really, any agreement with him will end up being disastrous.

    If you can’t tell him that to his face then you must stall him. The man sees himself as a great statesman when in fact he is a blubbering idiot. Not the first mind you, but given his position someone we have to deal with.

    It should also be stated that he is a friend of the Arab world and has been for a long time. He will always side in that direction one way or another. He is dangerous for Israel.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    What on earth did he expect. He hasn’t the ability to deal with this problem. Israel’s patience seems to me infinite, never phased. The released prisoners are behaving exactly as expected and Gaza is stepping up to attack Israel and publicly too, can’t seem to handle sewage! Kerry just stop wasting US tax payers money, leave it, park as they say in Ireland. Gaza will start acting up soon enough and Abbas is beginning to loose credibility. Disgruntled so called palestinians go home to Jordan. Others happy to be Israeli you get the chance to whinge about Israeli politics in the Knesset. ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time.’ But Israel should shift terrorists out of Israel permanently and by Israel I mean the land currently illegally occupied by so called palestinians.

  • moussia

    It is unthinkable to make peace with the man who builds guns and plans on using it on you if you give him the chance- like by signing a peace deal. This peace is absurd and shows the weakest understanding of the conflict. Or utter disdain fro the Jew.

  • Sonia Willats

    Yes to all of the above comments, and we are still crediting Kerry/Obama’s actions with arrogant ignorance whereas it could be malevolence. As far as I can see, Obama doesn’t have America’s back, let alone Israel’s. Evidently there is a huge chasm between Obama’s words and his actions. He appears also to be indifferent to the fall-out of his actions e.g. Benghazi (his own staff) or the freeing of murderers.Clearly Kerry is working in synch with Europe as well.

    Does any sane person still believe in the good intentions of the Obama administration towards Israel? ISRAEL CANNOT OUTSOURCE HER SECURITY AND FUTURE TO OUTSIDERS.

    Reading some history re the Hasmonean dynasty, Herod, and Rome one is struck by how destructive it is to allow an outside empire such power over Israel’s future.

  • Aurora

    This whole thing smells really bad.
    Such a heavy-handed US meddling around Israel has always been nefarious and has only brought to more dead Israelis.
    I don’t trust Kerry, always ready to help some autocrat, from the Viet-Cong onward.
    I don’t trust Netanyahu, always ready to give-in and give away Israel’s heritage, as he did with Hebron in 1997 and Gaza in 2005.

  • not unlike the HAASS talks in Belfast ”
    he was frustrated as well !!

  • Beatrix

    The “right of return” is a big impediment to peace. But people who’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents were refugees from Nazi Germany in 1948 cannot claim refugee status today. Why should the Palestinians be able to? There is no law saying you inherit the right to be a refugee. Why are the Palestinians allowed to take that right for themselves?

    • ABL


      While I agree with your sentiment, and I do not personally support the notion of right of return for every former Arab resident of pre-1948 lands, factually any would-be objective observer must acknowledge that actually—YES, Jews “who’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents were refugees from Nazi Germany in 1948” DO have the legal right of return to Israel. While there are few Jews in the World whose ancestors were NOT subject to persecution and exile, it is not a pre-requisite of the right of return. Being Jewish is enough—that is the Zionist vision behind formation of the State of Israel, like it or not…..a Jewish homeland once again at last, where ALL Jews can live, whether in desperate need of refuge or not.

  • Ruven

    If Kerry is frustrated, that’s good news! He’s out to destroy Israel!

    • yussi

      I m glad he is as well..he is naive and doesnt fully grasp what subhuman trash he is dealing with in the pali s..but he is not out to destroy Israel

  • Chaim

    Someone ( I believe it might have been Einstein) once said a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Therefore Kerry and Obama are insane.

  • Kerry should find a way to drop this farce before it blows up in his face, but he’ll need a very good reason to do so. As an alternative, I would recommend that he pursue a plan to mitigate the humanitarian crisis caused by the Syrian civil war. Not only would such a resolution enhance regional stability, but it would also set a much needed baseline for the treatment and compensation of all regional refugees.


    To John Kerry: your proposal makes the the US troops sitting ducks for Islamic terrorists. At the same time we will be ineffectual since the rules of engagement completely tie our hands. Do you not remember the peacekeeping forces in the Sinai, or in Lebanon, or in Syria?

  • Dear Sirs,
    The secular world cannot understand that there is no “final solution” for Jerusalem other than that set down in God’s Word….Israel and Jerusalem both belong to the God Jehovah….and if there is ever a real move to divide either, the wrath of God will descend on this earth….check it out for yourself…it is written in His Book…..
    Blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach 🙂

    • Tessie M

      Amen…The God of Israel keeps His covenants with His people. Kerry and Obama are dangerous evil liars who should never be trusted. They work for Israel’s enemy.

  • John Kerry has exceedingly poor judgement and so does his boss, the President of the United States. Kerry is pressuring Israel to take major risks with its security. Obama has said that the USA “has Israel’s back”. What does that statement really mean? Does the Iranian agreement show that the USA has Israel’s back? Also, how can there be any peace treaty with the Palestinians as long as Hamas which occupies the Gaza Strip condemns Israel and Israel’s right to exist and doesn’t consider Abbas authorized to negotiate on behalf of the Palestinians. The Palestinian leadership is corrupt, evil, and dishonest. Any Palestinian state must be totally demilitarized and the Jordan Valley must remain under Israel’s security control.

  • Bernard Ross

    Kerry typifies american arrogance and ignorance in every foreign venture they undertake. The americans always believe they know better than everyone else and that they have the solutions. The world has been paying for american failure for many years. It would be best if these arrogant ignorants asked those on the ground for THEIR thoughts and listened instead of talked. Even better would be for the US to stop meddling.

    • America could be a very great help to Israel, and has been in several instances before.

      However, Obama is the most hostile and biased anti-Israel/ pro-Islamic U.S.President ever in office. Nothing that Obama or Kerry says can be counted on when it comes to Israel’s safety and security.