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January 16, 2014 7:53 pm

UNESCO Pulls Jewish Exhibit After Last Minute Protest From Arab League

avatar by Dovid Efune

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The exhibit at UNESCO headquarters in Paris just needed to be installed.

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, has pulled a Jewish exhibit two years in the making, entitled “People, Book, Land – The 3,500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel,” after a zero hour protest from the Arab League, The Algemeiner has learned.

The exhibit, which was created by Los Angeles-based Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) together with UNESCO, was scheduled to open on January 20th, 2014, at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters. The invitations had already gone out, and the fully prepared exhibition material was already in place. The display was co-sponsored by Israel, Canada and Montenegro.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean of the SWC, told The Algemeiner that the move was an “absolute outrage.” “The Arabs,” he said, “don’t want the world to know that the Jews have a 3,500-year relationship to the Land of Israel.”

Hier said that his organization, which is accredited by UNESCO as an NGO, worked in intimate co-operation with the international body on the project, which his center initiated after the Palestinian Authority was unilaterally accepted as a UNESCO member state in 2011.

“We made a clear attempt to work with them and the system, they can’t say they were blindsided, they commented on every sentence (in the exhibit’s materials) and still, in the end, the Arabs protested and they kicked us out,” he said.

“It is not supposed to be a place of censorship,” Hier said, “It is not supposed to deny one nation the right to their history.”

“The Arab world doesn’t know that Isaiah didn’t live in Portugal, Jeremiah didn’t roam France and Ezekiel wasn’t from Germany.”

UNESCO informed the SWC of the change on January 14th in a letter to the Center’s Shimon Samuels, asserting the Arab League’s claim that going ahead with the show “could create potential obstacles related to the peace process in the Middle East.”

Irina Bokova with Rabbi Marvin Heir in Los Angles upon agreeing to organize the exhibit.

In a letter to Irina Bokova, president of UNESCO, President of the Arab group within UNESCO, Abdulla al Neaimi, from the United Arab Emirates, expressed “deep worry and great disapproval” over the program showing the age old connection between Israel and the Jewish people.

“The subject of this exhibition is highly political though the appearance of the title seems to be  trivial. Most serious is the defense of this theme which is one of the reasons used by the opponents of peace within Israel,” the Arab League wrote. “The publicity that will accompany… the exhibit can only cause damage to the peace negotiations presently occurring, and the constant effort of Secretary of State John Kerry, and the neutrality and objectivity of UNESCO.”

“For all these reasons, for the major worry not to damage UNESCO in its… mission of support for peace, the Arab group within UNESCO is asking you to make the decision to cancel this exhibition,” Al Neaimi concluded.

Interestingly, 10 days prior to the suspension of the exhibit, the United States declined co-sponsorship on remarkably similar grounds.

“At this sensitive juncture in the ongoing Middle East peace process, and after thoughtful consideration with review at the highest levels, we have made the decision that the United States will not be able to co-sponsor the current exhibit during its display at UNESCO headquarters,” wrote Kelly O. Siekman, Director at the Office of UNESCO Affairs of the State Department, in an email seen by The Algemeiner.

SWC’s Hier told The Algemeiner that he was disappointed in the U.S. position on the issue, and said that he was sure the exhibition would not have been suspended has the U.S. aligned itself as a formal co-sponsor. “This is not the end of this story,” he said.

In its formal response to UNESCO’s Bokova after the suspension of the program, the SWC said, “we insist that you live up to your responsibilities and commitments as the co-organizer of this exhibition by overturning this naked political move that has no place in an institution whose mandate is defined by education, science, and culture — not politics.”

“Let’s be clear, the Arab Group’s protest is not over any particular content in the exhibition, but rather the very idea of it – that the Jewish people did not come to the Holy Land only after the Nazi Holocaust, but trace their historical and cultural roots in that land for three and a half millennia,” SWC wrote. “If anything will derail hopes for peace and reconciliation among the people of the Middle East, it will be by surrendering to the forces of extremism and torpedoing the opening of this exhibition — jointly vetted and co-organized by UNESCO and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.”

“Madame Director General, we hope you have the courage to do the right thing and we are still looking forward to cutting the ribbon on the exhibition with you next Monday night, January 20, at UNESCO headquarters,” SWC concluded.

In a letter seen by The Algemeiner written in response to the decision, Nimrod Barkan, Ambassador of Israel to International Organizations, recounted the degree to which the SWC co-operated with UNESCO on the project over two years, and blasted the decision.

“This unjust and outrageously last moment decision is biased and discriminative towards Israel. In the past UNESCO hosted numerous events and exhibitions accentuating the relations between Muslim and Christian religions with the Holy Land, and of course it holds and annual ‘Palestine Day,'” he wrote.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations in New York and UNESCO representatives in Paris could not immediately be reached by The Algemeiner for comment.

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  • Bronco

    F**K UNESCO and the horse they rode in on and this goes for their turtle as well……

    • Kris Kristian

      UNESCO should be abanded.
      It is nothing more than an Arab organisation.
      The UN is also an Arab block.
      Both are not representing a UNITED NATION>
      Maybe they should change the name to UNITED ARAB ORGANISATION
      IF that happens, and the rest of the world pulls out of the UN, there may be peace in the world.
      and those who are not afraid of the Arab oil weapon, should form a new LEAGUE OF NATIONS.
      Maybe that would help the world to have peace if the Arabs are no longer in control.

  • akmdavis

    Having read all the many comments I see that we have not learned from history and we do not respect each other. Everyone has someone to blame, whether it’s Obama, the U.N., the Arabs, the Jews or the government. The blame game never resolved any conflicts. Revenge and retribution do not teach much of anything. We need a solution to the problem at hand, not more attacking and finger pointing. Let’s lead by example.

  • esther noodelman

    Obama is to blame for cancelling the SWC exhibition in order to please the Arabs and not validate our 3500 year history.

    Please cancel my first response.

  • Robin Seeherman

    Watch out everybody. It’s happening all over again. Let’s hope the world doesn’t stand by and watch, this time.

    • Leslie Benjamini

      Oh the world will sit quietly & let it happen. This is an unbelievable OUTRAGE. The Arab League is an OUTRAGE. The world is an OUTRAGE to demonize Israel in the year 2016 with all the evidence of the historicity of Israel’s ties to its ancestral land is an inhumane & digusting lie. UNESCO should hang it’s head in shame

  • Some Jews are pushy and snotty. Now the Arabs are driven by jealousy and envy of the Jews. For the Arabs and Muslims, it is not about the land, it is about knocking down the Jews from their pedestal.

    • Dean

      Some Christians are pushy and snotty; in fact, there are pushy and snotty people everywhere one looks. Mark O, perhaps you are pushy and snotty too!

    • Tom Weinberger

      Mark O….I guess your people, whoever they are, are never pushy and snotty. Shows prejudice at minimum against the Jews.
      Exactly what pedestal do we,the Jews, reside on?


      Mark O
      You hit the nail on the head.

      The1.5 billion Muslils/Arabs have given nothing to this world, except hattred and violence.

      Look at how many Jews have been awarded the Nobel Prizes. A world Jewish population of 14 million.
      What is the rest of the world’s population?
      Catholics are , what l billion? Christians are close to that figure.

      What have they all contributed to the world?

      Percentage wise, the Jews/Israelis have probably contibuted more that 30 % of what the world needs in science, medice, technology, literature, art etc.

      The world is Jealous of the Jews and that small country, Israel, which if one does not look carefully, is in the Eastern Mediterranean

      It is not terrirtory, or “settlements” that the Arabs/Palestinians want. They want all the land that the Jews have built up in such a short time.
      Most Arab lands are still desert. Israel turned the desert into a land of milk and honey.
      They have developed ways to save water, to grow fruit and veg better and strong and longer lasting than in any Arab country.

      As a Muslim friend of mine said to me after Oslo, with the Jewish brain and Arab money, the whole of the Middle East could develop into the Switzerland of the Middle East.

      Jew hatred comes baout by jealousy and Arab propaganda lies.

      Thousands of Christians visit Israel every year. They return every year.
      They have seen no sign of apartheid. Only that the Christians and Arabs in Israel are the only free people in the entire ME> Their religion and religious buildings are safe in Israel.Unlike churches in Arab countries.

      Gay people are safe in Israel, there is ni discrimination against gays.
      Heads of hospitals, universities are Arab.
      There are Arab judges.
      Can you find one Jew in those position in any Arab/Islamic country?

  • Tom Weinberger

    While I agree that the UN is a totally useless body, paid for mostly by the Western countries and abused by those who do not pay their dues, it fails to address this issue.
    The problem with the cancellation of this event, and by the US failing to give support to the exhibit, is that the world is knowingly supporting the propaganda so well used by the Nazis in WW ll. That propaganda being active false accusations to disenfranchise Jews (and some other minorities) and the demonization of these groups.
    UNESCO and the UN are knowingly and willingly suppressing the truth (the history of the Middle East, specifically that of Israel) because it does not fit their own propaganda and their false claims that the Jewish people are not connected to the land of Israel historically.
    Therefore, the United States and other democratic countries which fail to enter the “debate” and allow such actions as this to occur for their own political gain effectively re-write history and promote the isolation of Jews.
    Does anyone really believe that the active anti-Semitism that existed before WWll suddenly disappeared with the defeat of Nazi Germany? Unfortunately, it had merely become temporarily suppressed, and now has become acceptable again, but disguised as pro-Arab “equality” in the Middle East.

  • Wastrel

    I see people blaming Obama, as if he has something to do with the decision by the UN. Some people simply have no sense at all, no idea how things work, and will blame President Obama for anything.

    The biggest barrier to peace in the Middle East is the Arabs.

    • Scott

      Foolish person. Did you not read that the “US declined to co-sponser” the event? Whom do you think made that authorization? George Bush?

    • Jute

      It appears that you don’t see how things work either. This isn’t Obama’s fault but he can influence the outcome of this and many other things as he is the leader of the free world.

    • Dean

      Wastrel (good moniker by the way), you are as blind as a leftist and that’s very blind. Obama is setting the tone and agenda for radical Islamists who see him as a supporter who will do nothing regardless of how many they slaughter in the name of Allah. Obama gave Morsi the green light to install an MB dictatorship; he gave the green light for Iranian nukes and removing real sanctions; he is itching to make Israel into a weak dhimmi outpost to Islamic countries and terror entities who he knows will finish Israel off if Israel is shrunk and subject to relentless international condemnations and BDS. If you love terrorists as much as Obama loves terrorists, then I am sure that you will find Obama to be innocent of charges that have screwed up foreign policy and spearhead his personal jihad agenda according to his past upbringing and his “we are not at war with Islam and never will be” commitment despite the fact that Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world.

      • Franziska

        So much hatred – yet so little knowledge …….

    • Karen

      Wastrel, that is not a true statement. The biggest obstacle to peace is right wing self interested parties ON BOTH SIDES who are more interested in retaining power than truly resolving the conflict. If there is an acknowledgement that Jews have a historical connection to the Holy Land and that Palestinians were the inhabitants of that same land until the western restructuring of the region led to their displacement (akin to Jews displaced through pogroms and the second World War), then there cannot be negotiated a peace treaty. Until both sides acknowledge the truth and are willing to compromise (not more than the other)then the obstacles to peace will remain. Don’t be racist. There’s no place for that in the peace process.

  • Dean

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) and other organizations should not be working with UNESCO or any UN group. Ever since Arafat brandished his holster while addressing the UN I have been asking why Israel and other free countries do not pull out of the totalitarian and Islamist UN which gives terrorists the stage and promotes their agenda. Since then things have gotten progressively worse. We can mount our own exhibits without help from barbarians. Two can play the BDS game. The UAE and Oman just made an agreement with Iran and I suppose Saudi won’t be too far behind in mending fences. Obama has been making an ass of himself and ruined US foreign policy – there is a destructive ignorance to the Obama administration that is decidedly pro-extremist and helping Iran get nuclear weapons. The US is now largely irrelevant to the Arab world and I do not know why Israel keeps pandering to the US efforts to shrink and destroy Israel through the “peace process.” UNESCO f-off!!

    • ZeldaZadorah

      I think you are making some good points and I also kind of agree with the user “Karen” re both sides of road to the peace are creating obstacles on that road and increase the difficulties to obtain peace because they have right wing affiliations.

      I think one solution to start real progress would be if the Palestinians and all Muslim countries
      recognize Israel and denounce violence, and Israel permanently stop all settlement construction in the occupied territories.

      Can this goal be accomplished? I don’t know. Israel must make peace with their neighbors – otherwise the biblical prophecies about the apocalypse will be fulfilled.

      A good start as a sign of good faith would be IMHO if the Wiesenthal Centre would relocate their Museum of Tolerance from the Muslim cemetery.
      [for the life of me I never really understood the controversial decision for the museums location] If it does not get relocated it probably deserves to
      be renamed Museum of IN-Tolerance]

      The reason why the US is irrelevant to the Middle East has definitely to do with their two ill conceived attacks on Iraq and their meddling into the
      “Arab Spring” everywhere in the ME. Ever since the 9/11 attack I cannot forget the picture of the Arabs dancing and jodeling in the streets when they saw the
      collapsing Trades towers on TV. That surely must be a measure of their hate towards the US.
      And remember after Ariel Sharon died, they did the same thing.

  • Bonnie

    This is a disgrace. Where is the equality in this!

  • Hilary Stookey

    How sad to read all these venomous comments. How depressing to read this anger. You can feel the hatred behind people’s words. All over religion and patriotism. Such specious causes. Each seems to produce an extremism that destroys without a conscience. I wonder if the human race will ever be able to learn from its painful history.

  • Debbie

    Of course this is not surprising after seeing so many other appalling things the UN has done over the last 10 years or so. It used to be a great organization. I am so sick and tired of everybody trying to tip-toe around the Arab Muslims. There is no reason whatsoever for this being cancelled if everything in it is true. I am so sick and tired of the Arab Muslims trying to take our freedoms away. They lie like crazy about their history and it is a huge part in helping the terrorists to keep going. Arab Muslims need to be made to face the truth about their history. As long as they actually believe their own lies/propaganda about how Sharia laws worked and everybody lived happily and peaceful during the time they were over most of the world, Muslims will continue to fight and kill to rule the world. They actually believe Islamic laws and their religion ruling the world is the only way the world will ever be at peace. Come on, people! Trying to appease these people is the very worst thing any of us can possibly do. Wake up!

    • Jerry Cutler

      Any person of goodwill, and with a sense of fair play should immediately stop all financial support to UNESCO. They are nothing but prejudiced, gutless, racists.

    • Kris Kristian

      Unfortunately, Islam is not a religion.
      It is a viollent cult.

      Just like communism.
      You do as I say, or else.
      Islam is cult will murder anybody who gets in their way of conversion.and bowing to their founder who married little girls, who made peace with his snemoes, and once the enemy relaxed, and he trained his viscious army, he slaughter4ed his ‘friends”

      This is what is happening in the world today.

      Obama called Islam the greatest religion’ “I know, because I am one of them.”

      Do the Christians, Jews, Hindu, threaten anyone who refuses to convert to their ways?Is that not evil and viscious?

      Jews do not encourage conversion. One has to reallY be at heart, true to oneslef that they wnat to be Jewish.
      Ask a Rbbi to convert you,
      He will tell you to go home.
      It is only if you return and ask why he turned you away, that he is willing to start the proes. But it is not just to say, “I AM A JEW”

  • Emiliano Zapata

    America is currently run by a Kenyan King. How did we get here?


      • obamadoesnotcare

        I responded to your message in a positive way, but apparently the muzzies were annoyed and said “You are responded to quickly, slow down. 🙂

      • Karmie

        I agree wholeheartedly… The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the Obama administration… look who’s in the whitehouse ARIF ALIKHAN is Assistant Secretary for the US Policy Development of Homeland Security, MOHAMMED ELIBIARY is Homeland Security Adviser, RASHAD HUSSAIN is Special Envoy to the (OIC ) Organization of the Islamic Conference, SALAM AL MARAGATI is Obama Adviser – founder of Muslim Public Affairs Council and it’s current executive director, IMAM MOHAMED MAGID – Obama’s Sharia Czar – Islamic Society of North America, EBOO PATEL – Advisory Council on Faith Based Neighbourhood Partnership….. So you see the foxes are in the hen house ! We know where Obama’s heart and intentions lie so to allow Islam to infiltrate UNESCO is part of the plan and with this support he is gloating, and causing America to go down the tube.. there can be no peace while these rogues are pedalling their lies and propaganda. Obama and his pagan supporters will suffer for their lies and evil desires in due course. As far as harming the peace process the whole world knows the truth and this is just another opportunity the muslims will take to create trouble and another excuse to winge and spread their propaganda, as they can’t bear nor face the truth and don’t want people to know the truth and the REAL history that the land Israel belongs to the Jewish people. No other race has ever contributed to the world or opened their heart to other countries as Israel… they are always first to come to aid in rescue operations, and are in the forefront in science and technology etc… what have muslims ever offered ? They scheme and Boycott and make demands continually, and put a tax on non muslims in the form of ” Halal ” , which is really extortion as they only have to bless the food to eat it, it’s a farce… When they boycott they are hypocrites as they continue to watch TV or use their cell phone and have medical treatment and I could go on, because Israeli’s have invented or made and provided components in all these items…. I have to think how stupid they are. I am not an Israeli but I can remember the time when Arabs and Israeli’s did live in peace, and I have worked beside Arabs in Israel and there are a few who are sensible and lovely and who do not agree with the Koran and the instructions to kill infidels, but do you know these last two generations have been like sheep and listened to the Imams and are embracing terrorism as they are taught to hate ” non believers ” from kindergarten, and these poor little children don’t know anything else they are brainwashed, and do not know how to behave in the real world. They never learn to love or trust anyone other than their own kind… Shame on the Imams.

        • Scott

          well put

        • michelle

          This is such important information -the names of the persons in these administrative offices. Can you jut summarize this part and post it to facebook somewhere?

          • Algemeiner Staff

            Courtesy of Twitter follower @RushetteNY:


            U.S. National Commission for UNESCO
            The National Commission will be comprised of up to 100 members appointed by the Secretary of State. There can be up to 60 representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), 10 United States Government officials, 15 representatives of the interests of state and local governments, and up to 15 individuals at large.

        • Kathi

          I am a Christian who believes what the bible says about Israel.

          While I agree w most of this, I think unfortunately the whole world DOES NOT know this–that’s why the Arabs are so opposed to this.

          I have been on many discussions & all too many think the history in the land of Israel just started w the formation of Israel, or actually they think it started awhile earlier, but they don’t get it or discount this very long history of Israel and the land.

          It is shameful that the US is not serving as a co-sponsor & has been equivocal on support for Israel. & unfortunately Obama foreign policy moves w support for the Arab Spring (which some of us could foresee the forces for democracy would be disappointed as in fact has happened & now w less stable & more regimes hostile to Israel in the area.

        • Karen

          Shame on you for spreading such hatred. Muslims are no more the problem than Christians or Jews. Troublemakers are the problem, no matter to what religion or culture they belong. Arabs and Muslims have contributed greatly to humanity – heard of algebra? Muslims have definitely not infiltrated American society anymore than Jews in terms of influence. You’ve named five people out of how many in the U.S. administration. That’s not exactly overwhelming numbers. Halal is akin to kosher and has nothing to do with taxation of non-Muslims. Muslims also do more than “just bless the food” to make it permissible. I suggest that you befriend a Muslim (no, you won’t go to hell, G-d willing) and find out more about Islam before you make erroneous statements like this. I appreciate your love of your religion and your people but if you have to denigrate a people to elevate your own, you are actually dragging yourself down to the level of the hatred you spew.

          • ZeldaZadorah


            I will certainly be chastised here and condemmed as anti-Semite but I must state this truth:
            You are misinformed if you indicate that the Muslim influence in American politics
            is at the same level than the Jewish lobby. I don’t know if you heard of AIPAC.
            that Zionist organization is the biggest Jewish lobby, with approx $60 million budget for the sole purpose to influence
            America politics through congress with bribes and corruption.

      • Patricia A Cornell

        Although I am a Baptist by belief, I am deeply ashamed of our government’s lack for support for Israel. The sooner we vote this travesty out of office the better for Israel and the US.

        • Scott

          agree agree

    • Lois Getz

      Are you crazy? Obama is not a Kenyan…He was born in Hawii which is an American State….

      People are so prejudice they will say anything….that is not the right thing to say……

      • obamadoesnotcare

        Lois you probably believe that you can keep your doctor and your same health insurance plan. If you even had one. But, if you didn’t, enjoy what you have coming to you.

      • Aron Carr

        Lois also believes that if you “lock your car you are a racist”. Obama’s words.

      • B Lawrence

        I do not care if Obama was born in Hawaii or Michigan or Saudi Arabia He May be Muslim or not. What I care about is the way he is acting towards the best friend that this country has. My Muslim friends believe the same way. He has shown me over the years that he has no respect for Israel and the Jewish People. Do you remember when he thought he was not being recorded when he was on TV with the President of France. You meaning the French President only have to talk to Netayanu once in a while. I have to talk to him every day. Netayanu is worried about his people and his country. IS OBAMA?

        • Uncle Dave

          B Lawrence, I could not agree more! I would only add, please remember the time PM Netayanu was relegated to the side door of the White House and made to wait while King Obama finished his dinner. Also I would remind people how many times the great “O” has created or side-steps Laws of this county with the stroke of an Executive Order. This so-called law professor either does not understand The Constitution and Laws of this Great Country or just chooses to ignore them.

          • Steve E

            You missed a word you mean Red professor

        • ZeldaZadorah

          re B Lawrence
          I think America is the best friend Israel has, but that the relationship is one-sided. Israel’s foreign policy is marred with threats of attacks on their neighbors [Iran], [although these threats also come from them] with actual air force strike attacks happening on Syria, with the continuing blockade of Gazah and attacks on their civilians, for whatever reason. This behaviour is definitely not in the American political interests in the ME.

          I honestly believe that Netanyahu is worried about his people, but I think that he goes about it the wrong way. A truly great statesman will make concessionson the road to peace as a sign of good faith.

          Just look at the history between Germany and France:
          Over several centuries they were bitter enemies, they fought violent
          wars and finally peace broke out mainly because of the goodwill on both sides.

          • DaviesSam

            Zelda, how about the blockade of Gaza by the Egyptians? How about Syrians killing Syrians by the thousands?

      • Haemmet

        Dear Lois, you are correct, but why did the speaker at inauguration not say Barak Hussain Obama and only said Barak H. Obama?

      • Emiliano Zapata

        Lois, please explain to all of us on this site how you could support Israel, on the one hand, and vote for Obama, on the other hand. Most rational people can’t wrap their brains around such lunacy.

      • Emiliano Zapata

        Lois you sound like a well meaning person who doesn’t get it. Please explain how you can support Israel and also vote for Obama – the most anti-Israel president since the founding of Israel.

  • Howard

    Can anyone give me a reason why the United Nations shouldn’t be exiled to an uncharted island somewhere. It would do the same about of good and it wouldn’t suck my tax money from the US government.

    • Annie

      This is so upsetting! I’d like to see the United Nations and Obama exiled, but not to an island. That sounds potentially too pleasant. I’d rather see them exiled to a remote cave somewhere in Siberia where there are no beaches or palm trees. After thousands of years, the Arabs are still bellyaching about the fact that the Jews have a right to the lands given to them by God 3,500 years ago. God hit the nail on the head when he told Hagar that Ishmael’s descendants would be wild jackasses, always be at odds with their brothers.

    • Mongoose

      Since the UN seems to be hell bent on cowtowing to the wishes of Arab nations and their extremist governments, move it to Oh say Damascus, or Beruit, and let the ones who apparently run it pay FOR IT ALL.

    • Miriam G.B. Jakubowitz

      The UN seems to have lost it’s main purpose a long time ago. This is an outrage, because the way Israel goes, so does the rest of the world…

  • C. Lillo

    This is absolutely outrageous and insane but unfortunately not surprising as the world seem to be against the people of Israel. It almost make you wonder if the last minute cancellation was known all along with the intention to incur a higher financial lost to those involved in the Exhibit.

  • sheldon lisbon

    Shame on the Algemeiner. What the United Nations did is disgusting, but this newspaper behaves as if this is shocking news. Why give anti-Jewish publicity to this despicable organization. As a respected newspaper company you have should not be practicing “Yellow Journalism.” You know this anti-Semitic news should, at the most, be placed on your obituary page. What indeed is your objective? Is it to excite the Jew-haters of the world to introduce new forms of anti-Semitism? Why give these miscreants a platform. There are a lot more positive news for your readers. Think about how you present the news, for after all, you must have some concern for the future of the Jewish people. By the why, do you realize that the Arabs will always take steps to make sure that a peace treaty with the Jewish State will never succeed. When will you understand terrorism is a big business. These murders need some way to earn an income. When will you all at the Algemeiner understand that all is in the hands of G-d!

  • not a wise decision.

  • Klaus Pfister


    • Yaakov Mark

      This was the United States doing. The Arabs did not have a problem until the Whitehouse had a problem.

      • Phil Kurland

        Just another black mark on Obama and his arab leanings!

      • A. L.

        Say rather that the Arab League could and would not have a public issue with so minor a presentation so long as the USA was, or might be, a sponsor. With the State Dept finally publishing a decision of no sponsorship, the Arab League was free to act. UNESCO, having failed to either prepare or advise its stakeholders on such a blatantly obvious risk deserves the full blame and censure of all parties involved.

      • I’m not happy the US pulled out, but there is a world of difference between what the US did and what UNESCO did. The US is acting as mediator; any sign of bias would taint the appearance of impartiality. That’s why Rabbi Hier didn’t condemn the US in the same terms as he did the UNESCO.

        • CuriousDave

          Rabbi Hier failed to accept reality – that the UN, UNESCO and similar international bodies are commonly used as political footballs by countries and blocs of countries to serve their own agendas when the opportunities present themselves. After the U.S. indicated its unwillingness to support the exhibit, why the surprise that Arab countries would exploit that lack of support and force the exhibit to be shut down? The SWC should have recognized the reality of the situation right then and should have cancelled the exhibit unilaterally. Instead, it tried to fight the reality and has now allowed itself to be ridiculed and marginalized.

      • Terry

        Really? And if the US blew themselves up, the Arab nations wouldn’t have a problem blowing themselves up until then? What a stupid response. Can those nations not stand on their own two feet? What about the fact that the US has ALWAYS been a friend to Israel? Does that mean all our allies in the Arab world will soon follow likewise?

      • Scott

        Obama still doesn’t recognize whom the US is suppose friends with. I think he’s the weakest president we’ve EVER had and the other leaders see him as an impotent fool on the world stage.

      • zohara

        Netaniahu has its very deep doubst that the Obama administration will do anything in their power to get the Nobel Price at the expense of the Jewish State. On the other hand the Arabs should be concerned about the hunger, death of their fellow moslems brothers in Somalia, Syria and their abuse of their women and not on the destruction of the Jewish State. Abu the legacy of Araft cannot will not be perpetuated!!!


      • yaya

        Yak– idiot

    • W. Scott

      I second the notion!!! Its ok to have a difference in opinion but canceling this exhibit by Israel is WAY OVER THE TOP!!!

      The Arabs and Obama does not want Israel to voice her story. It only means they are close-mined to Israel. They do not have to believe it but at least hear them out with a open mind. They might even learn something. This anti-Israel group wants everyone to be open-mined to THEIR SIDE OF THINKING BUT NOT TO ISRAEL’S.

      If arabs truly want peace, this little stunt does NOTHING TO HELP!!! It will only continue to feed the hatred between the Israel and the arabs.

      All anti-freedom societies will only allow free speech when the government gives its approval. This outrage proves my point!!!

    • K.C.

      AMEN!! crew the Arabs and anyone who supports their lies. Including the President of the U.S. May God bless Israel.

    • Amen! It had to be done years back.

      There is no need to keep the gadfly´s nest on the US territory or any other country on the globe.
      The moon is not right place either.The sun? It has to be cooled prior to the mission of relocating the entire UN
      apparatus there. Not good idea either.Just close the joint.


    The UN has become so detrimental in so many ways, and in particular to the US, the very country that hosts, and primarily pays for their exorbitant budgets, they ought to be ousted. They are no friend to us.

  • j norton

    3500 year relationship with the land? Ya, and the Mexican’s had a long term relationship with California too. Doesn’t mean the Mexican’s can reclaim California if the UN decided it would be OK to displace San Diegan’s and move back into San Diego. The exhibit clearly had a statement and agenda. Glad it was cancelled.

    • Mario O., Sr.

      It was more the Spanish and indigenous Indians in California. The ancient people migration was of a southerly direction. Take a look at any map of the peoples that crossed the Bering land bridge. They went all the way to Tierra del Fuego!

    • jfpack

      The Mexicans are well on their way to reclaiming California.

    • RozC.

      In case you haven’t noticed, Spanish is the second major language in California and Hispanics are rapidly becoming the majority population. They will become the majority in 2014. There are many days when all I hear is Spanish. So trying to deny the connection would be absurd. (

      That’s what the Arabs are trying to do in the case of Israel, convince people that there is no real connection between Judaism and Israel. Or it’s just a superficial thing and recent, since WWII. IOW, it’s a political agenda to deny the legitimacy of Israel

    • Jeff Homan

      What part of 3,500 years don’t you understand? Mexicans came to North America 3,500 years ago, too? Wow, who was your math teacher in high school?

      • rbdn

        Jeff Homan: I think you’ll have to go back to school or (the History Channel) should re-exam his writing about Mexicans when they typed: “From the stone cities of the Maya to the might of the Aztecs, from its conquest by Spain to its rise as a modern nation, Mexico boasts a rich history and cultural heritage spanning more than 10,000 years. This detailed timeline of Mexican history explores such themes as the early civilizations that left their mark on the region’s landscape and society, the 300-year period of colonial rule, the struggle for independence in the early 1800s and the country’s rebuilding in the 20th century.” Link:
        Yes, they said it: for more than 10 THOUSANDS YEARS (10,000, 10K, they way you want to write it down) Mexicans are RELATED TO THE LAND.
        Is it good for you?
        By the way don’t blame a teacher or the teachers when you fail; grow up and assume you are not even interested in Googleing facts before using your keyboard. And remember “1984”, more people are more interested in changing history to justify its narrowed minds in today’s world.
        Narrow minded people also want to deny and try to change history saying the Holocaust did not exist and in that Nazi-Germany not only Jews died, there where also other nationalities, including Gipsies, those with different sex orientations and above all the craziness to believe that not other than the perfect White-Arians (with “no defects”) had the right to exist on planet Earth.

    • mercury

      You might want to read history before jumping into this one. How about “Spanish” influenced California with their Catholic Missions and Indian workers. California only became “Mexican” after Mexico’s revolution with Spain. California then became US territory after Mexico attacked Texas and was defeated.
      California became US territory with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    • Emiliano Zapata

      The only differance between the Americans and the Mexicans, on the one hand, and the Israelis and the Palestinians, on the other hand, is that the Americans were much better at wiping out the Mexicans/Indians, than the Israelis have been with the Palestinians. If the American/Mexican matter had taken place in a world of CNN and The New York Times, then we would be reading every day about the American Occupation. The Israelis deserve their Israel. The Palestinians are actually Jordanian, and everyone in the mideast knows that.

      • gringo maseltov

        there’s you differential gibberish and then there;s the only meaningful difference: God’s covenant with Abraham and the Royale Grant of the land to the Israelites. God’s covenants are eternal and never expire.

        the Master of the Universe made no such covenants with the recently invented “mexican” peoples.

    • K.C.

      Speak now. your are nothing but firewood for eternity anyway.

    • S. Gordon

      Sounds more like Ed Norton than j norton.

    • Ilana

      Hmmm funny that you should mention that, and you are EXACTLY RIGHT, I have used the same example as you did over and over, except for one thing… it is NOT the Israelies claiming back their land, it is the Palestinians who are doing it. … You don’t see any Mexicans reclaiming California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. And also you don’t see any other country being pressured into giving up and going back to the borders they had 45 years ago.

    • Kris Kristian

      J NORTON
      The Jews were given the entire land by the Almighty God, MORE THAN 4000 YEARS AGO.
      This was confirmed by the League of Nations and Blafour Declaration.



      There were no Muslims, nor POalestinians 2000 years ago.
      What you are saying is. Who the hell is God?

  • Lanche

    What always surprises me how Jewish People shoot themselves in the foot, by voting for liberals. It seems to me if they were smart they would vote for more conservatives. Because Democrats are not your friends. Democrats like Muslims and Muslims are evil therefore what are Democrats? Evil. Any religion that states that you must die because you do not believe it is what? Evil and Islam epitomizes that.

    • reddesires

      I agree they can’t bitch when they vote for liberals serves them right.

    • Jeff Homan

      As a Los Angeles resident of 25 years selling computer systems to physicians for 25 years, I have lots of Jewish clients. I’m confused, too.

    • lola fay

      You are so right. Everything that has been in the democratic control is DESTROYED. Look at Detroit.

    • HNEILL

      Couldn’t agree more. The Democrats haven’t been good for the Jewish people for many decades.

    • Yaakov Mark

      Most of us who are Orthodox Jews are not liberal. Especially the Chossidic and Litvish communities. And those who are liberal can be swayed when it comes to Israel. It is the only reason they will not vote for a democrat.

    • Emiliano Zapata

      Totally agree. The Jews helped vote in Obama – someone who cannot stand the Jews or the State of Israel.

    • Phil Kurland

      You are right on that!

    • Terry

      Well, yeah. What more can be said? 2 + 2 = 4. Evil doers hate all who don’t comply. Tens of thousands killed/beheaded/gutted in Mexico would agree, if they hadn’t been killed/beheaded/gutted. Interesting how the drug cartel folk and the rabid Arabs have in common . . . killings/beheadings/guttings.

    • bklynbel

      I am always amazed when people talk about “the Jews” as if “the Jews” are a homogeneous group. I live in NYC in a mostly Jewish area and we did not vote for Obama and despise what he is doing to our country and to our allies. Jews only make up about 2% of the population of the US and they are broken up into many different factions: Ultra Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, traditional Orthodox, Conservadox, Conservative, Egalitarian, Reconstructionist, Reform, Culturally Jewish, Jewish by birth only, etc. I’ve probably left out a few more. Most religious Jews are not fooled by the Obama media and are well aware of the harm Obama I s doing to our country and the world. Most people that I’ve spoken to Jewish or non Jewish, are totally uninformed about what is going on. The Liberal media refuses to tell the truth about what is going on and provide Obama cover for his treasonous administration.

  • Mario O., Sr.

    As a Hispanic of Jewish Cohanim origins (had my DNA tested…Oy Vay!)the resulting mapping of my and my forefathers transit clearly shows the transit thru the area of the Levant and Israel. It is not hard to see the Diaspora was a result of Arab expulsion by sword as is happening today. Israel is a resurgence of an expelled people who have every right to their land. They have fought to get it BACK and must fight to keep it because Jirzya is no way to live. Where is El Cid when you need him?

    • Max Friedman

      Mario: You have just given a lot of Jews, especially those of the Sephardic nations, a weapon against the Arabs/Moslems who claimed that Jews came late to the Middle East, especially Israel.

      By getting DNA testing for already identified genetic groups of people, Askenazic, Sephardic, etc., and matching them to know travel patterns in the past, Jews can show where they lived and when.

      This is especially important for Roman and pre-Roman “Palestine”, Israel and Judea.

      I hope the SWC picks up on your comments and sees what they can do with it to aid Israel in her claims to Erez Yisrael.

  • Bessie

    I think I smell Obama and Sec. Kerry in this! To get back at Prime Minister Natanyhue for not going along with their insane plan to destroy his country.

    • reddesires

      I agree Obama Hitler is destroying OUR country, blow up the arabs. What’s wrong with the Jewish are they going to vote the liberal way, then it serves them right on what they get.

      • CONNIE

        Stop calling your President names. He was elected democratically and fairly. Like it or NOT he is STILL your President. And to compare him to Hitler is just ignorant. I have never called ANY President a bad name. Ever. Stop being so mean.

        • bklynbel

          You are naïve to think Obama was elected democratically. There was so much fraud in the last election that Holder made sure couldn’t be checked, so much disinformation, rigged voting machines, over voting (how do districts show 140% (Ohio) and 125% (Florida)and not have that Investigated?)etc. This President is a fraud. There is no other reason for all his records being sealed. The birth certificate that was put out two years after his first term has been proven to be photo shopped. Conveniently the person in Hawaii who produced the “birth certificate” recently died in a plane crash (the only one out of nine people on the plane who died.)

      • Karen

        So you (I presume as a Jew) believe that blowing up the “other” is correct? How does this make you any better than the people you clearly hate?

    • Terry

      True, but don’t forget Hillary! She was Sec. of State when this was in the works and said nothing in protest or warning. So, if she says naught now, then she said nothing as Sec of State then so as not to hurt her chances to run for president later. If this is the case, she is the most gutless of all. And, waiting until Kerry was Sec of State before the US protested was done in payback for Hillary stepping out of the ’08 presidential primary so Obama could finish the season sans opponent saving both millions of dollars. Remember, Obama also paid off some of her gambling, er, I mean, campaign debts.

      • bklynbel

        Hillary’s personal assistant is heavily involved in the Muslim Brotherhood. That says it all.

  • James

    Take a look at the UNESCO web site and read the haughty promises of a “new humanism” written by Irina Bokovo. Bible prophesy is playing out just as it was foretold by Jesus and the prophets of old. The UN (formerly the League of Nations) and its religion “Humanism” has been infiltrating our government, education institutions, entertainment and news venues since at least the 1930s. And their goal is stated quite clear on the AHA (American Humanist Association) web site: “Good Without A God”. Interestingly, their top story today was that Obama declares January 16 as “Religious Freedom Day” what hypocrisy. Atheists at the AHA are constantly writing about their ability to think critically yet their entire agenda is not about what they support but what they don’t believe in. I know nothing about UFOs or aliens and really don’t believe in them. I could be wrong but their existence is not of concern to me. So why would give myself a label indicating by anti-belief in something and waste time talking about that something that I do not believe in?

    • Terry


  • James

    Take a look at the UNESCO web site and read the haughty promises of a “new humanism” writen by Irina Bokovo. Bible prophesy playing out just as it was foretold by Jesus and the prophets of old. The UN (formerly the League of Nations) and its religion “Humanism” has been infiltrating our government, education institutions, entertainment and news venues since at least the 1930s. And their goal is stated qutie clear on the AHA (American Humanist Association) web site: “Good Without A God”. Interrestingly, their top story today was that Obama declares January 16 as “Religious Freedon Day” what hypocricy. Athiests at the AHA are constantly writing about their ability to think critically yet their entire agenda is not about waht they support but what they don’t believe in. I know nothing about UFOs or aliens and really don’t believe in them. I could be wrong but their existance is not of concer to me. So why would give myself a lable indicating by inti-belief in something and waste time talking about that something that I do not believe in?

  • PermReader

    UNESCO is the corrupt entity under the influence of the Muslim money.

    • The second temple was destroyed over 2000 years ago.
      The contract with the jewish god was destroyed.

      When jews use money to buy influence, the invasion of Iraq, only good things happen.

      • HNEILL

        Obviously, you have not studied the history of the Jewish people.

      • bklynbel

        If you believe in God, there is only one God. God is not Jewish, Christian, Muslim or anything else. Its interesting that your statement signals out Jews using money to buy influence, like Arabs, Liberals, Communists, Muslims, and everyone else doesn’t! Dave, you’re an anti Semite.

  • gary

    We can start to distinguish between terrorists and moderate (whatever that means) muslims -when the moderate 99% speak out publicly against the terrorists and do work against them.Are you afraid they will kill you? I guess that is a problem.

    • Terry

      Right on!

  • charlie Hirschfeld

    How any Jew can vote for anyone connected to the Obama adminstration including many of the Senators that are up for re-election is a mystery.78% of Jews voted for our Muslim President for a 2nd term. Shame on you all. If Hillary Clinton runs in 2016 and wins it will be 4 more years of what this Muslim President has started not only against Israel but against the core of our country. God help us.
    I am a life long Moderate Independent and plan to to register Republican for the first time.

    • bklynbel

      The media has played a large part in not reporting everything that is going on. What it does report is slanted to favor Obama and his administration. There is a great deal of disinformation that is reported as fact and any criticism of Obama’s policies is quickly branded as being racist. Political correctness has become the absurd norm today. The Tea Party is labeled a racist, but the Fort Hood Shooter was a disgruntled employee. Most people who supported Obama that I’ve talked to are clueless about how Obama is harming this country.

    • Karen

      Obama is a declared Christian. The fact that he is of African ancestry doesn’t make him Muslim.

  • The ‘messaging’ of Islam is NEVER ACCEPTANCE of others and their viewpoints when Muslims are over 20% of a population in a country. They kill many people who disagree with their religion. So they can’t accept people on just ONE point. Since when is God about killing people because they think differently than you. Glad all spiritual systems don’t work off of this mentality.

  • Dan Micke

    For the US to receive God’s blessing and support the US needs to support Israel. The four blood moons are starting in April 2014 and ending in September 2015. A very interesting time for the world.

  • Regbs

    Let’s make arrests for inciting hatred against the Muslims, in honor of these Jewish supremacists’ respect for everyone else’s free speech. Jews condemning censorship is rich. The ADL, SWC, $PLC have censored more dialogue, demanded cancellation of more speakers, exhibitions, billboards, signs on busses, ad inf, that could fill the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Southern Poverty Law Center declares Christians hate groups, then, when a terrorist shoots a security guard in the Family Research Council’s Washington DC headquarters, not one Jewish group condemned it, including the Southern poverty Law Center, whose map listing the Family Research Council’s Washington, DC headquarters as a hate group was in the terrorist’s possession. Selling US weapons technology to the PRC, running over and killing American Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer then refusing an investigation, opening fire on the USS Liberty and killing >40 US sailors them refusing investigation or compensation. Is Israel an ally?

    • bklynbel

      Reg BS, your name is informative.

  • Wendy Wiesenthal

    They should have mentioned that the Israelis have a connection with the Nazis… Concentration camps.

  • 1c

    No other people group besides those that most find offensive get away with this. Why let the 20% scare us. Go ahead with the truth.

  • Reading the replies to this story. I agree with those when it comes to Obama. His true first name is Barry. He was raised in a Marxist environment. He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. I truly believe one of his goals is the destruction of Israel by means of war. Barry and his band of thugs are on the march. It’s a shame his administration did what they did. Unfortunately we can’t stop him. He doesn’t have a moral compass. Yes we have three more years to deal with his actions. It’s going to be a long three years. 2014 can be a turning point with our midterm elections. If the Republicans can gain a better foot hold in the House and gain the upper hand in the Senate. Things will change. Impeachment is the talk all over the web. It requires two thirds of the congress to act and it’s either 60 or 80 percent of the Senate to close the deal.

    • Danny

      Not quite.

      Barry Obama is fully capable of calling out the military to prevent the seating of a Republican-controlled Congress that would hold him accountable, thereby setting up a political confrontation that would, as he has so often told us was his objective, end America as we have known it. Either the military goes along with this palace coup against the Constitution or it defies civilian control. In either case, America is finished. This may have been Obama’s goal from the very beginning.

  • Telly Y

    That’s what you get from a people whose science and culture have produced nothing of value for so many centuries. They’ve mastered the art of murdering civilians, is all.

    Thank God there was never a chance in hell that the current ‘peace’ talks being pushed by that vainglorious imbecile, John Kerry, would succeed.

    • John Grey

      Ohhhhh, the”Arab League”… what pompous clowns they are. They continually use the Israeli-Palestinian issue for everything from problems with cold pizza to Nukes.
      It will take time but this country is going to STOP giving a damn about what the Arab League thinks. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem raised an SS battalion for Hitler during WWII – When is the West going to learn that that group of people are NOT our friends & never will be. We should stop wringing our hands & ignore them. Israel is the only true Parliamentary Democracy in that sector of the world; make friends with them & you end up like Anwar Sadat…..Oh I forgot; Sadat was a racist also.

    • Terri

      One thing I am wondering about the whole Israeli-Arab conflict they state that Jerusalem is the 3rd most holy site for muslims…Really,,Answer me this then if that is the case why is Jerusalem mentioned NOWHERE in the Quaran but mentioned more than a 1000x in the Torah??Can any practitioner of Islam answer me that? based on that alone it would seem Israel has more history in this land than anyone else and they are protected by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob look at the day after they were declared a nation 12 countries attacked Israel had no army and one tank and they won!!!!!Every time they have been attacked they have been victorious and they will continue to be victorious..

      • Jack

        Islam makes a point of laying claim to the holy sites of defeated peoples so as to suppress the religion of the native population. This is an ancient practice of primitive imperialists and has enabled Islam to spread across Africa and Asia.

      • Mario O., Sr.

        Why does a dog raise his leg. Why, to mark his territory of course! It was to the benefit Islam to mark the site of the Temple Mount likewise.

      • HNEILL

        Absolutely correct. The Jewish people go back 5000 years, and can be traced to that land.

        • thanks but don’t exaggerate, we only go back 3500 years.

      • Karen

        The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) made the night journey (the Miraj) from Mecca to Al Asqa Mosque (referred to in the Qur’an as the far mosque) in Jerusalem and it was on this night that G-d yielded the directives for the number of prayers Muslims are to perform, after praying at the Western Wall and is taken to the heavens speaking to earlier prophets Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and Jesus. The location of this miraculous journey is remembered and the Mosque is held in high esteem for this reason. The name “Jerusalem” may night be mentioned, but it is still acknowledged in the Qur’an and as a holy city.

        • There is only one little problem with that lie. The Jewish Temple no longer existed when Mohammad had his dream and there was NO MOSQUE IN JERUSALEM. STOP THE LIES.

    • The more I read these replays the more I see the blind hatred and uneducated comments of people who have no idea about what they are talking about. Please people do some home work on the Arab Israeli conflict before you open your mouth to spew such venom about a people group you probably know little to nothing about. I can tell from your comments that a lot of your are Christians and trust me you are helping nothing by posting these inflammatory remarks. Most of you have never lived in the Middle East or even visited the areas that you are now experts on. I have worked in Arab Missions for years and have many friends in the Muslim world and they are not the monsters and demons you love to hate. They are flesh and blood people like the ones living next door to you who simply want to live and raise their children and have a life just like you. Even if you so desire to see them as your enemies, didn’t Christ say to “love your enemies”??? Shame on you for allowing the evil one to infect your souls with such hatred towards anyone that Christ died for and loves with an unending love. And as for the Jews being the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? They know in Israel what many Evangelicals refuse to see over here due to their prophecy wishes and to somehow help God to bring it to pass by supporting a political entity called Israel which wants nothing to do with their Christ? Baffling? One of the best selling books in Israel written in Hebrew and then later translated into English, by a Jewish history professor who still teaches in the largest University in Israel, and can be downloaded for free is “The Invention of the Jewish People.” He followed it up with another called “The Invention of the Land Of Israel.” In which he shows that the vast majority of Jews in the world today and especially in Israel are European converts and not the direct descendants of Abraham. You can also go to a site called “” who just released a book summing up the DNA evidence showing that the Indigenous peoples (ARABS) who live in the land have a closer tie to Abraham than the recent Israeli conquers. David Ben Gurion (the first Israeli Prime Minister): said “If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country… They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” Quoted by Nahum Goldmann in Le Paraddoxe Juif (The Jewish Paradox), pp121.” Then also most people here in America don’t realize that the largest Christian population living in the land of Israel right now are Palestinian Arabs. So please do your home work before you spew out hatred for any people group. You are giving all Christians a bad name by openly displaying such ignorance for the facts on the ground.

      • Kevin

        Well said. After 9-11 I decided it was time to do some research on the Arab-Israeli conflict and was quite surprised to find it was not as it is so often portrayed by well-meaning (albeit unknowledgeable) Americans and/or Christian fundamentalists. Everyone, do your homework.

      • Shahid Khan

        Don, research is the answer. For Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Please consider Don’s post.

      • Jason

        Don advises doing some research before writing, and I would suggest the same to him.

        The are are two basic problems with his comment:

        The first is his claim that Muslims are generally peaceable people. That may be true for some or even a majority, but it is also the case that the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Muslims and the only people openly advocating genocide these days are Muslims. Either the peaceable Muslims or the jihadis must be misinterpreting their religion.

        Don needs to decide which because the validity of his views depends on the answer. If the peaceable Muslims are misinterpreting Islam, then his defense of them reflects a misunderstanding of the true nature of Islam. If the jihadis are misinterpreting Islam, then why does he oppose those who recognize the need to fight against them?

        The second problem is his notion of the “invention of Israel” which is basically nonsense. Like most religions, Judaism accepts converts which guarantees that there will be genetic evidence of conversion. The real question is whether there has been cultural continuity since the period of the Second Temple, and here the evidence is overwhelming that there has been. He need look no further than the Cairo genizah documents to see the continutity of Jewish life in Egypt. Similar evidence exists in Iraq, Yemen, and Europe.

        Meanwhile, it is known that the first Arabs to arrive did so as part of Islam’s imperial expansion. For Don and other the-Arabs-can-do-no-wrong types this is an inconvenience. Islam forcibly converted many people in Israel, whether they were practicing Christians or Jews, and some of their descendants still live in the region. Unfortunately for the case he is trying to make, that doesn’t mean that Muslim claims on the Land are better than Jewish ones, it just means that Muslims have succeeded in forcing people to convert to their religion.

        • Hilary Stookey

          Also remember that long ago, when a British King brought his Crusades to the Holy Land, there was also huge wanton killing in the name of religion. Muslims are not the only group in the world’s history to seek ‘imperial’ expansion in the name of their faith.

          And to give credit to the residents of Bethlehem, when I was there as a visitor in Oct/Nov 2006, the town council was a mix of Christians and Muslims. They got along. And the mayor was actually a Muslim.

          But we met several Palestinian Christians who did feel uncomfortably bullied. And it wasn’t by the Muslims around them. They were shocked by the tactics of the IDF and distressed that the Wall separated them from their children’s school, their work, their other family members, their own vineyards… They might have been Christians but many didn’t even have the appropriate paperwork to enter Jerusalem.

          After you see a young IDF officer point his gun at 3 little kids and yell at them, before firing shots in the air and rushing back to his tower in the Security Wall, you know something is VERY wrong.

      • zohara

        You are preaching the Komenis, Nashrala etc. Your ignorance is pathetic. Go and help your moslem brothers in Syria and Mogadishu and study or at least read Jewish history. All you have read are deeply antisemitic propaganda, how embarrasing to have your heart full of hate!!!

      • bklynbel

        Your faux “knowledge” and deprecating attitude does not give you the air of authority you are going for. If anyone was fabricated, it is the “Palestinians.” Until Arafat, the Egyptian, created the perennial victims, the Palestinians, the Arabs who lived within the “Palestine Territories” identified themselves according to the country of their birth. There was never a country called Palestine, ever. Israel is the only country that existed there. However,various empires controlled it, there was never another country established there. The “Palestinians” were created for the sake of propaganda. The so=called “refugees” are the Arabs who left their homes to joins the Arab armies who declared war on Israel as soon as the UN recognized it. The Arabs who did not choose to fight and remained in Israel remain there to this day and enjoy full citizenship. Jordan, created by the British and the largest part of the Palestine Territories is virtually an empty country, and it has “refugees!Arab propaganda has portrayed Israel as an aggressive land grabbing entity, but any land that acquired was the result of a series of wars started by the Arabs. Arab oil money has bought off the universities, the media, and the Democrats and has installed an anti-American president.

        • Karen

          You can’t be serious, surely? Not only were ethnic Arabs established in the Holy land before the political creation of the state of Israel (I’m not talking about G-d’s covenant but division of territory last century), it is far less likely that imported fighters were not on the Arab side. Jordan wasn’t and definitely isn’t an empty country (have you been there? I have. It’s not) and neither was the Holy Land before the second world war. Terra nullius? Not on your life.

    • HNEILL

      Let us hope not. Kerry and his predecessor kiss our enemies a$$e$ each and every day.
      They should read the Koran. It clearly spells out the goals against all who are not Muslim, and it is not pretty.

      • Shahid Khan

        Could u quote the Koranic verses u aver to? U may have a big surprise waiting in their meaning.

    • Terry

      True. That and cultivating drugs from their poppy fields. Make muffins not drugs, you dopers!

  • Michael J.

    Now how is that hope and change working out for the American Jewish popluation. How many voted for this President who appears to be no friend of the jews. Remember that Barack was the name of Mohammed’s horse that he rode to heaven. Think about it.

    • Bo Dogg

      thank you for your racist ignorant comment

      • Victor

        I guess the name DOG is a good fit. Most dogs are nice, however, not ignorant flea bitten.

      • Barbara

        Not only was Jesus a Jew, but so too were the books of the Bible. It was the Jews who gave us the road map to true peace.

        • Hilary Stookey

          h’m… look at the number of times the Bible tells you to kill people !~

      • John Grey

        And THANK YOU Bo, for reminding us to all be aware of the politically correct rhetoric that stifles discussion. No wonder university Graduates rarely get a job in their chosen field. There aren’t too many openings for a “PC Editor & Chief” of the local Left-wing failure’s club.

      • Surak

        There is nothing racist about what Michael J. wrote. I suspect you know that, and are merely trying to bully Jews into keeping silent about the racism they are experiencing at the hands of this president. Shame on you.

      • Dave T.

        Here we go again – What is racist about that comment ? NOTHING ! No friend of the Jews, Horse, refers to Muslim connections – it is YOU who are racist, and your comment shows it – is Racist, the best that you can do ?? ANY COMMENT at ALL, regarding Barry’s unfitness for office, as to what he HAS DONE, is “RACIST” – HE IS WHITE AS WELL AS BLACK, and it is what he has done to destroy this country is what we dislike – other than that, he is quite a charming, well liked fellow – BUT, like CARTER, he blows at president.

      • Phil

        Bo Dogg, why is the comment racist? Is it racist whenever you criticize the President? Actually, that is the latest tactic of someone who can’t argue the facts. The US was totally wrong in refusing to cosponsor a historical exhibit because of the no-chance “peace” negotiations. Appeasing the Arabs by letting them continue to lie about the history of the Jewish people in the region only strengthens the hardliners who will not accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

      • Gilbert

        What part of Michael’s statement is racist?

        Apparently it’s Bo Dogg who’s ignorant.

      • jhonny Ausemkock

        It’s not ignorant or racist. It’s just facts. If you don’t like these facts, it’s YOUR problem, not his! Grow up, kid. This President has done nothing but slap Israel in the face time and time again for six years. He has belittled, ignored, trivialized, and downright insulted them the whole time. What planet have you been on?

      • PA… not Palestinian

        Thank you for injecting the race card where nothing remotely racist was inferred… racist!

        • tamara

          wow….the race card again….amazing! If BHO was purple it would not change the fact that his name is what it is…and his middle name is scarey enough.

      • jgm

        how is that racist? sounds to me your racist against the jews!!

        • RJ

          Oh Its only racisim when its about Blacks!!
          KMA….The United Nations Organization should have been done away with 30 years ago….

      • Kevin E

        I don’t see how that was ignorant, or racist. He’s not a friend of the Jews. He’s pointing to the fact that Barack’s name has Muslim origins. He’s pointing to the fact that every move that this President and his administration has made in the Middle East has been to the frustration of the Jewish people – perhaps our only steadfastly true ally in the region. Time to wake up to reality Bo Dogg. The current President, and his administration, are pandering to a dangerous element within the Muslim world. I hold no negative feelings towards peaceful Muslim people – that’s not the element I speak of. It’s the one’s who believe that Christianity and Judaism don’t have a right to exist.

      • intheminority

        With all due respect, from Michael’s ACTUAL comment, I don’t understand what exactly is “racist” about it. Sure Michael expresses a non-favorable opinion but the comment itself is not based on race

      • charlieharlie B

        How about shoving that ‘race card’ up your azze. Every word he said is true from history, both in the bible and the Ko ran. We all know who the ignorant one is.

      • Wandless Remme

        Good laugh.

      • Dennis

        @BoDogg – are you just not very smart? where did the comment infer racism? you’re the one stoking the race card.

      • cliffintex

        Unless you can see something the rest of us can’t there is nothing racist about Michael’s comment. It seems that you are one of those that scream racism anytime someone disagrees with Obama. That must be the ignorant part…

    • Mike M

      Its not racist at all!! Remember when a valid point is made someone always has to throw in the race card to try and make people confused and feelguilty! Happens all the time….

    • bklynbel

      I am always amazed when people talk about “the Jews” as if “the Jews” are a homogeneous group. I live in NYC in a mostly Jewish area and we did not vote for Obama and despise what he is doing to our country and to our allies. Jews only make up about 2% of the population of the US and they are broken up into many different factions: Ultra Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, traditional Orthodox, Conservadox, Conservative, Egalitarian, Reconstructionist, Reform, Culturally Jewish, Jewish by birth only, etc. I’ve probably left out a few more. Most religious Jews are not fooled by the Obama media and are well aware of the harm Obama I s doing to our country and the world. Most people that I’ve spoken to Jewish or non Jewish, are totally uninformed about what is going on. The Liberal media refuses to tell the truth about what is going on and provide Obama cover for his treasonous administration.

  • Lone Star

    The objective of the Muslims is to rewrite history. Not only are they trying to deny any Jewish connection to the land of Israel, but I even heard one tell me that Jesus was by definition a Muslim and that Muslims fought in the American revolution. They are here and any number of them bear watching. With the current gang in the White House and State Department Sharia law has a foot in the door.

    • charlie B

      Funny how the Muslims didn’t even come along for over 600 years AFTER Christ. There wasn’t a documented Muslin in this country in the Revolutionary war.

      Maybe it was the Civil War, as they are the major group supplying slaves during the years before. Funny how people don’t realize they have always been the largest slave traders in history, and or even so today.

      If you are going to post, at least read some history books and have a clue what you are talking about.

    • Maybe if I said that blacks born in the USA are really black-Americans not Afro-American. Only those born in Africa can state that claim honestly. Do I get labeled a racist for speaking these true

  • Mike L

    Besides the political aspects of this situation, what is needed is a solution to the immediate problem. ‘SOLVE THE PROBLEM’. They have an exhibit ready to go! What is needed is private sponsorship, now! Find a venue close to the UN area of exhibits and setup there. Granted, your foot traffic may not be as high, but who knows it might be surprising. The critics will be muted once they see the exhibit.

    • gary scharlat

      Mike–100% right.Show the exhibit close by. Make very public the arab position. DO IT AND THEY WILL COME.Surprise-Surprise that the “friend”of Israel-declined sponsorship.Jews-WAKE UP! Obama hates you and would love to see us all gone.

    • Mario O., Sr.

      Mike has the most direct solution to the headline problem. Go Mike!

    • Yale

      Mike is right. I would post parts of the exhibit in the subways and on billboards around Paris with the caption: This is the truth the Arabs don’t want you to know.

      Yes, this is likely to provoke a violent reaction from French Muslims, but their violence may be the catalyst needed to get Europeans to realize what is happening to them.

  • Mark

    Until the Arabs/Muslims accept Jews/Christians/Others
    there will never be peace in the world.

    • MaD dOG

      Yeah… not too many “COEXIST” bumper stickers on cars in Arab League member countries.

      • Steve B

        Arabs cannot live with Jews or Christians, In fact they cant live with other Arabs without slaughtering each other

    • Nate

      Until the (basically ignorant) Muslim masses realize that the FATHER (i.e. Abraham)of all Arabs (Sunni Muslims) and Persian (Sunni Muslims) was Hebrew (and technically a Jew), they will always HATE their Jewish brothers for no good reason OTHER THAN being institutionally brainwashed from childhood by religious elders who stay in CONTROL of the Arabs (Saudi Arabia/Egypt/Jordan/Libya/Morrocco/etc.) in the Middle East and the Persians in Iran.

      Note: Abraham’s FIRST BORN was Ishmael who’s mother was Sarah’s slave-girl (Hagar)and an Egyptian Arab. Sarah later bore Abraham a son whom they named Issac

  • Arie

    Days before opening, obama kerry & powers ordered US sponsorship pulled declaring the show of Jewish art a “threat to global peace.”

    The open tilt to nazism in the US grows

    • Mark Rock

      Nazism focused on acceptance of islam an black muslims?

      That’s a new strange form of nazism.

      It’s a rejection of all that is Christian. And yes Jews are considered ‘bibilically’ related to Christian by those that hate Christians. Of course, those same folks hated Jews all along so was an easy inclusion for them to make.

      • Hitler ,and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem have documented history including the muftis willingness to exterminate Jews.. Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama is an obvious Muslim sympathizer who’s embraced Muslim Brothers,(also Hitler allies),Ayatollahs,,Muftis,Imans etc. That’s very clear

        • Shahid Khan

          Not a serious post. Please don’t be offended but u said nothing of value.

      • Anthony Rizzo

        Actually, Iran was an ally of the Nazis during WWII, so it isn’t really new at all.

        Nazi engineers were involved in all of Iran’s infrastructure projects.

        In 1935 the Shah requested the international community call his country Iran instead of Persia, with Iran meaning “Land of the Aryans”.

        So there is actually quite an interesting connection between the two.

      • Araf

        FYI, the Nazis (helped by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, friend of Adolf Hitler) recruited two full SS divisions of Muslims. These troops were guilty of war crimes and atrocities in Eastern Europe where Germany was fighting against local Resistance movements and was also trying to annihilate the Jewish populations and political dissidents.
        There were no “black muslims” around, but the Eastern European Muslims certainly were accepted by the Nazis.

    • Dave T.

      During World War 2, the relationship between Hitler and muslims was well known, and they were “friends” – The Muslims DID help the Nazi’s, primarily against the Jewish people – History – and now the Muslims are still at it – Show the real truth, that muslims hate any idea at living in peace, they hate the truth and love lies, and this is just one more example.

      • Hilary Stookey

        History could well say of the British that King Richard & his soldiers wanted only to fight and kill in the name of religion when vanquishing peoples on their Holy Land Crusades..

  • antonio correia

    This kind of Exhibit , should be multiplicated worldwide ,talking with others Jews and organize more events like this one , let the light be seen ,shalom

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    UNESCO very obviously part of the US, UN and EU illness, that consists in crimes against humanity – us, Jewish humanity. Since there is obviously no human court that will try them, HASHEM will take care of that too and not to their liking.

  • Stephen Green

    UNESCO and that disgrace for a so called President of the U.S.A are showing their true colours and it’s Black not white. They are Arab Lying League puppets and nothing else as Israel says the U.N stands for united nothings. It is nothing more than an Anti-Semetic institution who only meet to see how they can come up with new ways to destroy Israel. Bad news for you U.N nothing’s your standing against the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob not just little Israel and there will only be one outcome, that’s good news for Israel and Judgement for You. Shalom Israel Me and my family love you.

    • Brett C

      AMEN!! and AMEN!!

    • Tammy

      Amen to that

    • Dave T.

      Right on Steve – there are those who stand for peace and unity, in the love of Christ, for me and my family, we will stand for the true Gd, the Gd of love, not the “god” of hate and lies. For what you DO will show what you truly are. Long live Israel, may GD bless and keep Israel.

    • Kelly

      Amen!!!!! Very well said. My family is with you Israel and the Jewish community. God Bless you. The Lord is the leader.

  • Allison Cowen

    But the UN declaring 2014 the “Year of Solidarity with the Palestinians” doesn’t harm the peace process?

  • Aron Bally

    Should we forget about history , because some countries diplomats do not want to accept that Jews have existed since so long and there is literature , artifacts etc. exhibited even in UNESCO halls. They see it everywhere.
    I am very much concerned by UNESCO chairwoman , who allows such a thing to happen.

  • isa

    Did we really expect anything else from UNESCO, the US and the ARAB LEAGUE? … bunch of cowards.

    Kudos to Israel, Canada, Montenegro and the SWC.

    • Lynne T

      And shame on the US and the EU countries for not co-sponsoring.

      • JD

        Please do not think the actions of our government mirror the attitude of the people in America. Those in political power tend to forget the past and only think of what they can gain before the next election. As citizens we remember the past. We still have pictures on our walls of family members that we lost on battlefields in Europe 70 years ago. Please remember that our families bled to create your nation and will do so again to protect it.

        • Jerome Greenberg

          American service men did not “bleed” to create Israel, in fact, american and british commanders refused to let jewish airmen bomb the polish rail lines, refused to arm jews in the battle of warsaw ghetto. american jews who tired to help arm israel in the 50’s went to prison in the usa. it’s very likely a british submarine sank a greek freighter full of jewish refugees, jewish blood was cheap…., not so easy now, jews shoot back….

  • “The publicity that will accompany… the exhibit can only cause damage to the peace negotiations presently occurring, and the constant effort of Secretary of State John Kerry, and the neutrality and objectivity of UNESCO.”
    Interestingly, 10 days prior to the suspension of the exhibit, the United States declined co-sponsorship on remarkably similar grounds. doubt! Peace negotiations huh? What a bunch of BS..truly sickening-

    • Greg

      It is a damnably peculiar question which requires that its answer be based on more ignorance. Only lies and deception require that the audience be kept ignorant and fed distortions and inaccuracies. “By their fruits shall you know them.” Israel and her allies will prevail. People of the Book know the true version of history, and no amount of bullying will ultimately stifle the truth.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    The UN is corrupt and useless. Let’s get rid of it!

    • All lovers of Israel should be in support of getting us out of the U.N. Israel has been betrayed by the present American Administration and the President. Let the American supporters of Israel Arise. Let our slogan be Enough !!!

    • Jeff

      Why can’t the UN go to Switzerland? Heck, that’s the most pacifist place to be And a good place to hide money, too!
      Does anyone know if Arafat’s wife has her (excuse me, American) $8 billion stored there????

  • Felix F

    Acceptable action of Evil exist in the minds, hearts, and words of the current U.S. administration.

  • Robert B Geller

    Shame on Obama, Kerry, and every American Jew who continues to support this administration. Obama will kiss the ass of every Middle East Arab before he lifts a finger for one Israeli citizen. When are American Jews going to realize that it is more important to support Israel than every liberal cause including the need to have elected and support the first American Black anti-Semitic president? When it comes time to determine who are the real enemies of Israel, we need to look no further than our own pocket books and the monies that flowed from Jews to elect and support Obama!

  • yussi

    Why didnt the US co-sponsor the exhibit…write the white house and ask why…

    • Dave T.

      Yussi – you don’t need to ask why, just LOOK at what Barry has done since he was in office – he is NO friend at all of Israel, but he’ll bend over backwards to help any Muslim country – LOOK at all he has done while in office – this shows his true intentions, and since he lies like a muslim, his father was a muslim, he went to a muslim school and WAS (and therefore IS) a muslim – did he NOT recite what is needed to become a muslim ?? YES. Has he renounced Islam ? NO – and those who DO renounce Islam, death is the result – where is the fatwa declaring death ? NONE. He is still a muslim.

  • Roz C.

    At least Jews should realize from this that a lot of the problems are not the result of anything Jews/Israel has done but due to the willful ignorance and irrational hatred of Muslims towards Jews.

  • Shahid Khan

    Can I ask a question? Why consider the 1.5 billion Muslims as a group? They are not. Just as in Christianity, there is a whole spectrum from right wing crazies to super liberals. Let us say when u hear Pakistan, u think extremism and terrorism. Would it surprise u that 99.99 percent of people are right in the middle. What u hear about is the fringe from the far right – ironically created by the good ol USA in 1979 and after to push out the Russians.

    Please consider this point in ur comments about Muslims.

    • Lynne T

      Totally agree with you Shahid. Too many of the comments here are peurile rants, no better than the attitudes that said authors seek to condemn.

      I certainly do appreciate that the strongest Muslim voices against antisemetism, in Canada at least, come from expat Pakistanis like Tariq Fatah and Razil Razah, and Canadian born ethnic Pakistani Irshad Manji.

      • James

        I believe if you look at the history of both Arabs and Israelis….they are both Semites. Father Abraham had many sons!

        Why not bring the exhibit as a private show to the US? Would love to see it!

        • JD

          Excellent suggestion! I’m sure a university would sponsor it.

          • Shahid Khan

            I would luv to see this exhibit of the semitic brothers…

      • Shahid Khan

        You would be surprised how strong those voices are in Pakistan. I was born in Pakistan and lived there thru my teenage years. Do u know who my heros are? Dick Feynman (totally Jewish by background but totally a beautiful person with no prejudices), Issac Asimov (Jewish by background and an incredible intellect with no prejudice), my mentor at Harvard who was Jewish with not an iota of prejudice.

        I read the Hebrew Bible, the new Testament, and the Koran from Genesis to the last chap of Koran. Lynn, if you read these texts in this sequence, u will see that they are giving the same message.

        I wish I could show this to those who believe that there should be hatred and war among these “cousins”.

    • Mark Rock

      Have you distanced yourself from them? en masse’ no muslims have not. Only when it impacts them directly, i.e. they fear retribution do they claim distance.

      Is there a seperate name? Is there a word I should look for? Without your calling your religion different from those you would distance – you are adhereing to be the same.

      And many that dislike Islam, dislike it for more then simply reasons of terrorism. Thought that certainly is the #1 issue. It is also that the religion overall lays out a disgusting pathos of belief in many minds.

    • Telly Y

      Isn’t it about time Muslims ‘in the middle’ spoke up, before the jihadists in their midst destroy the world? You are cowards, at best.

      • Shahid Khan

        Calling a huge number of moderates “cowards” is at best just being naive. As I suggested in an earlier post about the need for education for Muslims – the same applies to people who rely on name calling rather than a real powerful dialogue. No disrespect is implied here.

    • Dave T.

      Most people in Islam are silent about terrorism. Others, send their money to support extremism. Others support the schools that teach extremist views, while other bring Islam over here and then recruit local kids to commit extremist acts. ALL muslim countries persecute Christians and Jews, attack them, burn their churches, drive them out – while yet others propagandize about peaceful Islam. When these acts cease, when Christians and Jews are WELCOME In Muslim countries, then I will agree w you. Until then, the facts speak otherwise.

      • Shahid Khan

        Ur statements are too generic. It would be like saying that the KKK or other Christian crazies hate all except Christians so ALL Christians despise non Christians. Too much generalization. Respect ur opinion but it is erroneous.

    • Boyd Berends

      I suppose that you are correct in that the majority of the Muslims are in the middle. What I would like to know is when that 99% plus of the Muslim community is going to stand up the the 1% and say, “enough is enough”

      We will stand up for right and reason. Somehow, I never hear that being said by the Muslims. I do howver hear that being said by Christians and Jews.

      Something to think about.

      • Shahid Khan

        They are standing up. Believe me. The extremists will NEVER succeed. One piece of news that surprises everybody: in the supposedly extremist Pakistan, the religious parties have never won more than 5 percent of the vote!!! Compare that to some other countries. Google for exact numbers.

    • Jeff

      The national past time of Pakistan is to first blame the Jew, then the American, then the Indian, and finally the British. I have NEVER seen a Pakistani criticize another Pakistani – sounds awful immature to me.

      Do they keep their American aid dollars in Switzerland, just like the Palestinians do?

      • Shahid Khan

        For one, the dollars are for services provided to the United States. Luv ur other comment about criticism. Wish I could show u the extreme criticism on the tv programs. It puts the Fox shows to shame. Here is my email: Send me an email and I will send u the links to the blithering critiques done EVERY DAY!!!! Jeff, u will be xtremely surprised…

    • Yale


      It shouldn’t be too hard for a 99% majority of a people to make its voice heard, even if it can’t have an immediate effect on government policy.

      Here’s what I’d like to see:

      Muslim fathers telling their sons not to join the jihadi groups, but to go to college and study something productive.

      Muslim fathers telling their daughters to go to school and learn something that will enable them to contribute to their society in ways not depending on sex.

      An end to “honor” killings.

      Muslim clerics telling their followers to actually read the Quran and not just memorize it, so they have to think about what actually appears there.

      Muslim spokesmen or spokeswomen declaring that one way for Msulims to work their way out of the hole they have been in for the last few centuries is to learn from Israel, including having groups of students go there to learn water management and other agricultural techniques.

      When Muslims speak up and demand that their governments put down the jihadis, then we in the West will know that there really is a 99% that wants peace.

      • Shahid Khan


        1. My father sent me to the University and then I WON a fellowship to Harvard.
        2. I have 5 sisters. One is an internationally famous dramatist with an MA in History. Another has an MA in Persian. Another has an MA in Literature with several novels to her credit. One has a MA in Sociology and has been an executive In Govt for 25 yrs.
        3. I have 2 brothers. Both are artists as well as physician and mech engineer.
        4. No question of killing of any kind.
        5. Understanding the Koran rather than memorizing is one of my pet projects. In fact, to understand the Koran you first need to understand the Bible and Torah.
        6. I and many others would luv to have friendship with Israel. No question about that. It may take some time but it will happen.

        So, this from a Pakistani. What do u have to Say, Yale? Let me hear ur response…

      • AJ

        Thank you Yale. You expressed the exact same thing I have been saying for the last several years.

    • bklynbel

      The problem is that in the face of Islamic atrocities there is virtual silence from the greater Muslim community. That silence may be fear of the individual, but there are whole Muslim countries who refuse to speak out against what the extremists are doing.

  • Bill Markson

    Which is why:

    I did not vote for Obama; and

    I never give a dime to UNESCO.

  • Anything connected with the UN is poisonous. The UN and its accomplices should be indicted for crimes against Human Rights – if that cannot be done – they should transfer their HQ’s to Teheran – that’s where they belong now. And they should take Hussein Obama with them before he destroys America completely.

  • David

    Why not move this show to the Simon Wiesenthal exhibit space at 42nd/2nd in Manhattan, just down the street from the UN and diagonal to the Israeli Consulate? UN employees can pass the big signs in the windows on their way to and from “work”.!

    • rut

      a great idea David hope it might happen

    • bklynbel

      This show should travel everywhere, throughout the US and the world. Its time for the truth to make a resurgence.

  • I look with total disgust on the leadership of Pres. Obama. His willingness to bow down and kiss the backside of the Arab League is a disgrace to the American people. We all know that anything connected with the so called United Nations is corrupt. What we have is a UN that takes it’s orders from the Arab World. Except for a few nations Israel stands alone. As Anti-Semitism grows in Europe the threat to Israel’s existence is very real. It amazes me that countries with very small Jewish populations are the most outspoken in their hatred of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism can exist even when there is no Jewish presence. These same people will go to church on sunday and be completely oblivious to the fact that they are praying to Jesus who was born, lived and died a Jew.

    • yussi

      They are dumb,brainwashed and full of hate.

    • yankel gorokhofskij

      you are so right in everything you have said

    • Frank

      Everything you say is true with the exception of the “same people sitting in church”. There is no group that defends and supports Israel more than evangelical Christians. Israel’s enemies are not in church on sunday or any other day.

  • Shahid Khan

    It is a matter of education. I am Muslim and believe that Muslims need to read their own book carefully. The Koran plainly states the relationship to Bani Israel (children of Israel). The Koran considers Islam as a continuation of Judaism. It will surprise the Jews that Abram, Issac (my uncle’s name), Jacob (Yaqub), Joseph (Yusuf) are some of the most popular names among Muslims. It is the poorly educated Mullahs who create the problems. I urge you to buy a translation of the Koran from your nearest Barnes and Noble and read for yourself. The Koran itself calls Bani Israel (Jews) the chosen people.

    You know what the problem is: 99 percent of Muslims read the Koran or recite it in Arabic and do not understand a word of it, as the Christians recited the bible without understanding a word of Latin before it was translated and published in various languages.

    As Malala said she would like to educate the Taliban AND their children. What a young woman.

    That is the solution.

    • Debra Michels

      Shahid, it is so comforting to me to read your words. I really struggle with fear and frustration having to do with Muslims and the hatred they are said to feel, towards Jews and Israel – and so it is comforting and reassuring to hear from a Muslim who knows better. May we see friendship and mutual appreciation between our two peoples – if not here yet, at least in heaven, and maybe later, here! Salaam aleikum.

      • Shahid Khan

        Debra, another fact that will probably surprise u. U will never find a Muslim, however bigoted, saying ANYTHING NEGATIVE about a biblical prophet. It is part of the Islamic religion to accept ALL Biblical prophets. Period. Surprised. Bless u.

    • Mike P.


      I am so glad to hear your views!

      However, I can say that I am not comforted by Islam choosing names of the Israelite patriarchs or by their viewing themselves as a continuation of Judaism.

      This is a form of cultural co-option, using a pre-existing “legitimacy” to build one’s own new legitimacy. And co-option leads, invariably, to insecurity by the copycat and to hate of the originator.

      I so wish Muhammad had never met any Jews, and instead made something new and independent, so that Muslims would not look upon Jews as something to be replaced or superseded or as people whose books needed correcting. It would be a better and safer world if Muslims simply ignored the Jews, both theologically and otherwise.



      • Jim

        Christians are an extension of the Jews too. Jesus said I came not to destroy but to fulfill the promises of the prophets (the Jewish prophets.)
        The Catholic church teaches the Jews are the chosen people and that His covenant with them is still viable.

      • Shahid Khan

        Mike, I appreciate ur point of view. U put ur finger on a very sensitive issue. Both Christianity and Islam are off-shoots of Judiasm. I am not scholarly enough to answer this but do know that both of these branches of Judiasm revere all starting with Abram. Perhaps others more learned can shed some light on this.

    • Jeff

      Good point!

    • bklynbel

      So how do you propose to educate the uninformed Muslims? Who is even attempting to do that?

  • Barry

    C’mon guys. Some of my best friends are Jewish.

    • Shahid Khan

      Believe me, they are:-)

  • Joan Lurie

    My applause to Canada and Montenegro for co-sponsoring this exhibit. In this instance, we in the US should hang our heads in shame that we refused to co-sponsor this exhibit for the same reasons the Arabs gave to get it cancelled. Just as Hitler knew he could go ahead with the Final Solution since no country would open its doors to Jewish refugees, so the Arabs know that, as long as the US refused to co-sponsor this exhibit, they were free to exert the pressure to cancel it.

    • Salomon Mizrahi

      I believe that it was Obama who refused to co-sponsor…not the American people….
      But do not forget that Obama received the approval of 80% of American Jews…
      So, indirectly the American Jews refused to co-sponsor the exhibition!

      • dawn vickye

        It was 78% of voting Jews, not 80%–and the figure went down 20 points for the horrific revisiting of the worst president atop the wreck of his first 4 years. Jews have too long worshiped at the font of assimilation and blending in, mostly for fear people will once again attack in an age-long anti-Semitic frenzy, as Gentiles have done from time immemorial, in almost every country the housed the Jews. What is despicable is the supine obliviousness, or the actual bigotry, of this mulatto half-breed, son of a non-discriminating sexual experimenter, and a randy polygamist who bore not love for the offspring he or Frank Marshall so cavalierly spawned, much to the world’s utter dismay. That this reprobate of a mixed marriage (they were probably not married, of course) should withhold his blessing to an artt exhibit is disgusting enough. But he thus gives the go-ahead to the anti-Semites and the islamist bigots of the world to similarly malign and dishonor the noble history that is the Jews’. How tragic that we must live 3 more ugly years under a classless sham who offers no decency, no elegance, no integrity whatsoever to the country as a whole, and instead wastes our treasure and blood in needless and horrendous vacations he does not merit, and flies around solely to pump his ego and fill the tawdry coffers of the Demorats that fed him down this country’s gullet without mercy for the people he would impoverish, and the country he would endlessly dishonor by his ignorance and racism.

        • bklynbel

          dawn – You are making a common mistake. Jews are not a homogeneous group. I live in NYC in a mostly Jewish area and we did not vote for Obama and despise what he is doing to our great country. Jews only make up about 2% of the population of the US and they are broken up into many different factions: Ultra Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, traditional Orthodox, Conservadox, Conservative, Egalitarian, Reconstructionist, Reform, Culturally Jewish, Jewish by birth only, etc. I’ve probably left out a few more. Most educated religious Jews are not fooled by the Obama media and are well aware of the harm Obama is doing to our country and the world. Most people that I’ve spoken to, both Jewish or non Jewish, are totally uninformed about what is going on. The Liberal media refuses to tell the truth about what is going on and provide Obama cover for his treasonous administration.

      • Zelda

        Perhaps the American Jews have seen the light and wanted to teach the Wiesenthal Centre a few things about tolerance

    • Dennis

      with all the head-hanging we deserve, we may not be able to lift up our heads for years….at least until the 2016 election.

      • Yale

        Jan. 20, 2017:
        End of an Error

      • bklynbel

        May 16 in DC, there will START a huge demonstration to demand Obama step down, the “American Spring.” Its time our voices are heard. Everyone who can b e there must show up and expect to stay for a while. People who can’t go there must show support where they live with a national strike. We can stop what is happening to our country if we stand together.

  • How can the American delegation and the communistic united-nations be considered working for ‘peace’ with millions of arabs against a few million jewish people?

    They have one thing in mind and that is the end of Israel. Tell simply that no talks can take place when blackmail is the norm.

  • zadimel

    That the Arab nations and the Arab group within UNESCO would pronounce the Jewish exhibit expressing the, fact of the Jewish peoples’ presence in the Holy Land of 3500 years would “cause damage to the peace process negotiations” and Sec.Kerry’s attempts to negotiate peace, as well as the ” neutrality and objectivity of UNESCO,” is absolute nonsense,highly prejudicial to Judaism,denies the well established historical connection of the Jewish people to Israel and is plainly a lie.

  • Everyone jumps on the anti semiotic wagon. This is more like dirty politics; gutless bourocrats in almost all of Western democracies. I wish for Israel to stay strong, independent and purposefully while the detractors stew in their own Religio-Socio missery.

    • Emanuel

      Learn to spell. This is not politics, this is culture and it is anti-Jewish culture so yes it is absolutely antisemitic. What right do your adversaries have to modify your culture according to their wishes Harry? You let people who don’t like you tell you who you are and where you are from?

  • BuckDePublick

    The U.S. should drop the U.N. now! (Should’ve done it many years ago!)

    • Tessie M

      Have you been asleep? The new U S supports all enemies of Israel… congress and AIPAC
      have been outsmarted and are irrelevant. Israel is on its own.

      • Zelda

        that would be wonderful but it sounds too much like wishful thinking

    • Beatrix

      Are you kidding? The US agreed with the UN. I wonder what they’ll do about the Bible? That doesn’t fit the Arab narrative either.

    • Salomon Mizrahi

      I believe that it was Obama who refused to co-sponsor…not the American people….
      But do not forget that Obama received the approval of 80% of American Jews…
      So, indirectly the American Jews refused to co-sponsor the exhibition!

      • bklynbel

        The election was a pure fraud. Rigged voting machines, over voting, illegals and prisoners voting, voting over state lines, voters voting multiple times and dead people voting as never before and Eric Holder made sure IDs weren’t going to be allowed. The Leftist media is complicit in the fraud as is the Democratic party and even some Republicans, like John McCain.

    • yussi

      Yes, u r right..who even wants those subhumans on american and nyc soil…the site would make for some nice housing..

  • Lloyd Bloom

    “Interestingly, 10 days prior to the suspension of the exhibit, the United States declined co-sponsorship on remarkably similar grounds.” The State Department was behind this decision, the Secretary of State behind that, and behind the Secretary of State, the President of the United States. It is a knife in the back of Israel, its land, its people and every Jewish person in the world. It is a denial of the Bible, its authenticity, its history, of God Almighty, Himself. It flies in the face of common and of the truth. It will not stand.

  • BarryS

    Why should these disgusting actions surprise anyone. Does the UN exist for any other reason then to condem Israel. Unfortunately the United States now has a Arab-loving, extremist-leaning President whose actions show his disdain for Israel and his hope that it is eventually destroyed.

  • Julian Clovelly

    Of course the exhibition should have gone ahead – extremely rude to pull it at the last moment. I hope at least it is put in another venue.

    That said, I can’t agree with a previous poster that Jewish people’s connection with Israel is being disappeared. The secular claim was never stronger. However it is really important to understand that neither the Jewish religious claim to the area, nor the Arab religious claim, has any credibility outside of those religions, and some Fundamentalists of Christian persuasion, many of them nuts.

    Nothing is more damaging to the Israeli Jewish cause than a youth in a hat and a haircut shouting “This is my land, G-d gave it to me” but similar Arab claims have equally little credibility and are equally damaging.

    The main reason people outside the region have so much trouble understanding the issues is that those directly involved do not seem to understand them either. Sympathy for the plight of two victim groups, pitted by circumstance against each other, is what rules many peoples feelings. It’s heartbreaking at every level

    My personal feeling is that the present circumstance is an inevitable consequence of too many people putting too much belief in Mythical Histories, thousands of years of them. The Jewish religious claim comes across as being one of “my myth is older than your myth” – probably is too, so what?

    It’s those children I care about – cursed on all sides by cultural traditions that have conflict built into them. I want them all to be free of them – to be able to approach each other as simple human beings that all came from the same origin in human evolution. We escaped our original primitive primate condition but as our consciousness evolved we developed cultures, worldviews, mythical histories, superstitions, and traditions that divide us – especially as we try to justify individual claim to land

    The only thing right to many of us in these claims is the concept that in the beginning no-one owned the land other than G-d. I don’t believe He gave it away to anyone. Start there. What matters is present circumstance not mythology. No child should ever be bombed or shot or have rockets fired at them, or be murdered in a refugee camp.

    Nobody should. If I have a dream it is that Arabs and Jews will learn to be reconciled to each other – to love each other’s children and to set the divine example that the whole world needs to follow

    And I think you will… I believe in all of you as people having that ability, love and compassion. Both “sides”

    • Very fine and detailed sermon of your beliefs and myths and ghost of “can’t webjust egg along all together”

      You obviously are a caring person and great humanitarian but you know little of real life and reality.

      The Jewish people are actually an unbroken chain of history with a living document and law.

      Sorry that you know so little of history to make it into “his-story” and no more.

      It dosn’t work that way

      • Shahid Khan

        With due respects, Julian said what most of the world believes. If we live in the present and respect each other, there is a chance for peace. I am Muslim and yes some of my best friends and mentors are Jews. No cliche here. Once u know people one on one, it is impossible to hate!!!

    • howiej

      If you don’t want to accept the Jewish religious claim to the land, examine the archaeological finds from the land. The history can be found in the exhibit that was banned by the bigots in the U.S. as well as the Moslem world.
      Don’t want to recognize the historical connection, one can be cruder and claim the land through the right of purchase and conquest. Since the ’48 War, Israel has continually had to fight defensive wars. As a result of the ’67 War Israel is in possession of more land, land it was willing to give up for peace since ’67. The Arabs and Moslems still refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish State and will do everything to “prove” the land never had a Jewish presence. Their aim is to drive out or kill those Jews who will not bow down to Moslem power.
      When the Moslems accept Israeli statehood and the fact that it is the homeland of the Jewish people, peace may follow. It will be a long time to come.

      • Raymond in DC

        One could also look to the legal underpinnings of Jewish claims to the land – confirmed by the San Remo conference and the League of Nations mandate almost a hundred years ago. They trump any other legal claim to sovereign rights over the land.

    • Salomon Mizrahi

      I presume that you should read history books, ancient ones: I recommend Flavius Josephus (complete works, written circa 90 AD). Then read Tacitus´ History, especially book V. And last but not least, another roman, Cassius Dio. He wrote about the Jewish revolt in Judea, 131-135 AD.
      You will learn a lot about the Jews and their land!

    • Emanuel

      You sound like a bigot when you say ” The Jewish religious claim comes across as being one of “my myth is older than your myth” – probably is too, so what?” Julian, there is incontrovertible proof that Judaism has existed for thousands of years, did you ever hear of Jesus?

    • Efram Paul

      You need to look up the definition of myth. A myth may or may not have truth to it, may or may not be accurate, may or may not have some foundation.

      The proof of ancient Israel is everywhere. Commentators from Egypt, to Greece, to Rome, to Christianity, and even in the Koran itself, as Shahdid eloquently stated, acknowledges the Land of Israel as home to the Jewish people. Do you believe in archaeology? Jewish claims to the land are many and more than amply proven. Forgetting the claim that G-d gave Israel to the Jewish people, how about proof that they called the land home 3500 years ago? The other peoples of that land are long gone. No one today is descended from the Canaanites. There are no Philistines who survive. Most of the so-called Palestinians cannot trace any connection to the actual land of Israel to more than 117 years at most, with most less than 100 years. That is just a fraction of the age of Jewish communities’ existence in many Islamic countries, now destroyed by ethnic cleansing. The oldest people with PROOF (as opposed to myth) of a claim to the land is the Jews. It is also documented that King David PURCHASED Jerusalem. It had been two towns, and they were combined to form Jerusalem. To the best of my knowledge, no one has purchased the land from the Jews, meaning that it belongs to the descendants of King David’s people.

      If you reject Jewish claims, then the Normans and their descendants need to leave Britain, also the Danes, the Anglo Saxons, and even the Celts. When Solomon’s Temple was built, the Celts had not yet moved into Britain. You would also have to send all White and Black people away from the US, and even most of the Native Americans. How many of them can PROVE a link going back 3500 years?

      I do not know whether you write from ignorance or a ‘universalist’s’ position, but Jewish claims to Israel are no more a myth than that congress shut down the government a few months ago. Yes children are suffering, and yes, there is wrong on both sides. But to claim that there is no Jewish claim to Israel, beyond the status of ‘myth,’ is a blatant lie. Also, Israel is the only country on the face of the earth that needs to argue, daily, that it has a right to exist!

      • Kelly

        Very well said. So true.. Irael has always belong to the Jewish people. Amen….

      • Kelly

        Very Very well said!!!!!! Israel has always been the Jewish peoples land. Amen…. God Bless!!!!

    • Mike P.


      Forget about the Bible. The Israelites/Jews lived in this land for 3,500 years. That is history, not theology. Well, the archaeology is pretty good back to 3,000 years.

      And Jewish communities have been in Israel continuously, even during the great Diaspora.

      And Arab invaders brutally conquered 20+ countries and killed or converted or mercilessly (usually) subjugated the indigenous peoples.

      This doesn’t have to do with religion. This is an Arab occupation of Judaea. And Arabs successfully playing the race card to turn the tables on the indigenous and returning Jews. And well-meaning historical illiterates swallowing it hook-line-and-sinker.



      • Shahid Khan

        U forgot the sack of Israel in 700 BC.. Also the sack of Jerusalem in 586 BC and the expulsion to Babylon. There were no Muslims involved. Also the burning of Jerusalem by Romams in 69 AD. No Muslims there. Also the persecution of Jewish diaspora by Christians for centuries afterwords. No Muslims there.

        Would u care to comment?

    • Mendel

      Thank you for your thoughtful post.

    • Yale

      There is another aspect of this that requires attention: The vast resources the “P”alestinians have poured into getting the world to buy into their demonstrably false narrative.

      If Julian truly believes that narratives don’t matter, what does he make of a people that have invented a false past so as to reject the narrative of their political foes? What does he make of all the people who have bought into that false narrative and believe it justifies terrorism, as long as the targets are Jews?

      Here are two key points: “P”alestinians claim Jesus was a “P”alesitnian, but the name “Palestine” wasn’t invented until a century after the crucifixion.

      I use “P”alestinians because the Arabic alphabet has no letter “P”, so no ancient Arab group could have called itself “P”alestinian even if it wanted to.

      Yes, you have to go no deeper to know that the “P”alestinian narrative is false than to have it called “P”alestinian.

  • So the good ‘ole USA refuses to sponsor the SWC at unesco. What an outrageous and apparent slap in the face to the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Of course Ms Tzipi Livni will find reason enough to agree. After all is said and done her voice of reason is far more genuine than the sitting PM of Israel (not). It’s actually a good thing as it clearly shows the intentions and actions of the anti Jewish forces uniting in a naked act of treachery against a fine organization the SWC. It will be informative to see the reaction of the ADL and the civil liberties union organizations of the world on what they say about this.

    We are living in interesting times and our President is really putting the pressure on the Jewish people. This is very upsetting and indicates a lack of equity and justice within the state department and nj the highest echelons of our USA government

  • Yael

    “This unjust and outrageously last moment decision is biased and discriminative towards Israel.”

    This is biased and discriminative towards Jews! I´m an Argentinan Jew and I feel outraged!

    • Kelly

      It is totally outrageous. But I’m afraid its going to get worse. For both Christians and the Jewish people. The greatest part is God will always protect Israel.

  • What the Arabs conveniently forget is that their own prophet killed Jews.

    Oops, sorry. The Jews only came to that part of the world after 1945, right?.

    • Jeff

      Nicely put!

  • That Obama would not endorse the completely factual based exhibit concerning the Jews thousands of years old connection with Israel is as much an outrage as the Arab League’s opposition. I guess when Obama said he “had Israel’s back” during the 2012 campaign he forgot to mention that his hand would have a knife in it. The Obama Court Jews such as Dershowitz, Foxman, Schumer, Tribe, Wasserman et al are also to blame. Obama feels he can spit on Israel and not have to worry about any consequences from the Jewish electorate who slavishly voted for his re-election like so many lemmings. Shame on them.

    • MarcH

      “The Obama Court Jews such as Dershowitz, Foxman, Schumer …”.

      I’m usually on a different side of the aisle from most of these folks, but sometimes they have guts. Dershowitz is considering aliyah (see recent JPost article)to better defend Israel in the court of world opinion and Schumer is sticking his fger in BHO’s eye over sanctions.

    • Efram Paul

      Obama hates Jews. If there was any question of it before the election, he has more than amply proven it in his actions since. From granting Iran permission to pursue nuclear weapons, to his sanctions on Egypt for daring to overthrow its Islamist government, to refusing to back this exhibit, Obama has shown he is in total sympathy with extremist Islamists, and hates Israel. He would not cry a tear if Israel were wiped out. For that matter, I do not know how many tears he would shed if Iran sent nuclear weapons to the US.

  • Ed Kohl

    There is nothing the Obama administration or it’s supporters can say to refute that it is anti Israel. They say they support Israel but their actions always prove otherwise.

  • nelson marans

    What could you expect from UNESCO considering its outrageous actions which have previously denied Jewish history, including propagating the claim that Hebron was a Palestinian heritage site. This organization is another reason why the UN should not exist as a U. S. supported organization with its focus on denigrating Israel.

  • Moishe

    The reality is the observable fact that the UN in total is anti Jew!!!!This should not be a surprise to anyone. Rabbi Kahane had a solution and was killed for it.

    • yussi

      Kahane knew way back when..he was right!!!

    • Mendel

      Rabbi Kahane was a religious zealot who was killed by Palestinian religious zealots.
      Where there is fundamentalist religious bigotry, there will be no peace. Making the other the evil who should be killed while thinking of yourself as holy and good is pure projection of your own hatred and anger. At the same time, i urge you to let Obama know how offensive and insulting you find his outrageous decision to not support the exhibit.

  • David Most

    This untoward display of raw Arab power and bias is just another example of the inherent anti-Israel (read anti-Semitic)
    expressions of all the Arab states.

    That the US decided not to co-sponsor and support the exhibit has added to my changed voting plans. Secretary Kerry has shown his willingness to lean hard on Israel in the vain belief that the other side will behave rationally. Never happen.

  • David

    This is business as usual for the the Arab world and the anti-semites in the US State Department.

  • HaroldT

    I trust the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Jewish groups sue UNESCO.
    Mr Dershowitz get involved. We Jews need you to fight this fight.

  • Morry

    Wow! Shocking! Anti-semitism on the rise. Thanks Obama”nation”.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    ALL of Israel belongs to the Jews!

  • Mike B

    The Jewish people and its connection with the land of Israel is being ‘disappeared’ in plain sight and with no compunction.

    • Tessie M

      While the most powerful and wealthiest Jews sit back in their lounge chair and watch while doling out monies to people and organizations that support and abet the anti Semitic cause.
      Very very sad to be so blind.

      • esther noodelman

        Of course Obama is to blame by cancelling US sponsorship of the SWC exhibition that took 2 years in order to make sure the Arabs approved of everything. At the lat minute THEY COULDN T DEAL WITH THE PROJECT SHOWING OUR 3500 YEAR OLD HISTORY IN THE LAND…..