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January 21, 2014 6:32 pm

Israeli Company Invents Nuclear Proof Vest That Protects Against Toxic Radiation

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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An Israeli company has developed a vest that can protect a person from dangerous radiation, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Tuesday.

According to Dr. Oren Milstein, President of the hi-tech company StemRad, “This is the first product of its kind that protects against gamma radiation, which has [until now] killed people who have been exposed to it.”

The most famous example of the fatal consequences of exposure to gamma radiation is 1986’s Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident. 28 firefighters who rushed to the fiery scene wound up perishing in the line of duty while saving millions of Europeans from an especially grizzly demise.

The operating principle behind this innovative Israeli development is simple. Nuclear radiation kills the bone marrow throughout the body. However, 50 percent of a human’s bone marrow is concentrated in the waist – and if the radiation is stopped from reaching that part of the body, the rest of the body’s bone marrow remains safe, Channel 2 reported.

According to the Chairman of StemRad, Ronen Melnik, “The vests that we have developed weigh a mere 15 kgs. As such, firefighters will be able to function without a problem. The vest will in no way inhibit a firefighter’s ability to operate his equipment and evacuate the wounded.”

Not surprisingly, behind this revolutionary product are many brilliant minds. Among those involved in the development of the nuclear-proof vest is Professor Michael Levitt, an Israeli who was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. According to Levitt, the invention is already generating interest around the world, with the German army and Russian Atomic Energy Commission already in negotiations to purchase the product, Channel 2 said.

The price of the vest is 7,000 dollars and the plan is to eventually make it available to the general public, Channel 2 reported.

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  • Hilda

    I believe Tondalayo is not really a Lipschitz but really a s–t a spy from Gaza and should never be allowed to benefit from Israeli inovations and advances including technology or medicine.
    All those who are advocating boycott of Israel should not be enriched by Israeli brain power.

  • To get the vests (and other cutting edge Israeli technology) you must swear allegience to Israels sovereignty over Jerusalem, and also agree to the illegality of the right of return of Palestinians (incorporate them into the true Palestinian state of Jordan). Any countries out there that want the 20th generation of Iron Dome, Spice 250 or the Mega bunker buster that I’m sure Israel is working on? Then please kiss Israels tuchus.

    • B.L. Nerone

      Bull! And we don’t want your mouth anywhere near our tushes.

  • Tom

    The rest of the world doesn’t deserve the benefits of Israeli technology. Only countries that denounce BDS and recognize Israeli sovereignty over all of Jerusalem and the settlement blocks should be allowed to share in this technology. Otherwise, we’re helping out enemies.

  • Israeli brain power…. Wow. Kudos to the inventor…Innovativeness to the nth power.

  • Jeannette

    Don’t you mean “chest”?

    The only bones in the waist region are the spinal bones, but there are lots of ribs in the chest region – plus spinal bones.

    • I am sure that this invention will be continuously improved. Yes , bone marrow mostly generated in long bones and stem cells also. You have to start somewhere.
      Advertising motto for this new Israeli invention: “Our Jewish vest saves lives, their Jihadist vest takes lives- so… vat did you expect?… Nu?”

  • zadimel

    The innovative powerhouse of Israel is unstoppable.

  • Valerie Heinze

    Hi, I am interested as to when the vests will be made available to the public. I would like to purchase several of the vests.
    Thanks again,

    • Mark

      Hi Valerie, from viewing their website I found a sales@stemrad.com email address. They were actually very responsive to my inquiry.