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January 31, 2014 4:03 pm

New York State Senate Passes Anti-Boycott Bill

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo at the Celebrate Israel Parade. Photo: SF Sentinel. The New York State Assembly on Tuesday passed a bill to halt government funding to academic institutions supporting a boycott on Israel. The vote passed 56-4.

The bill was drafted by Democratic New York State Senator Jeffrey Klein in response to the American Studies Association’s recent decision to boycott Israel and Israeli academic institutions.

In Norway, however, the wave of boycotts on Israeli companies continues. The Norway Fund, which invests the country’s oil revenue, reinstated its boycott of two Israeli companies: Africa Israel and Danya Cebus. The organization claimed it was boycotting the two firms for their involvement in construction in the West Bank.

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  • To support the Pals the Islamic states boycotted Israel for 60 years, resulting in Israel moving past these states 2,000 kms. In the resultant years, Israel became a economic powerhouse and most Islamic states became failed states.

    Had the decent Islamic world seen through the Pals deceit anytime after 1947, the Middle East with Israel included would have been a second Europe.

    The Islamic world only now have realized the massive blunder being perpetuated by their rulers and are now demanding ‘Not Palestine, not resistance’ but to solve their internal problems through the gruesome Arab Spring.

    The Pals have now roped in the gullible EU with its billions of dollars given both to the Pals and their detractors in Israel. No matter.

    Israel is moving trade another 1,000 kms to the new world order in the East and leave the soon to be Shira complaint EU to its own devices.

    9/11 was conceived in Germany by Attar, and as the Islamic world is only just finding out, that being sharia compliant is not good for feeding the masses.

    The EU will swap Israeli Nobel prize winning technology for home grown suicide bombers with their no go areas and their deadly death wishes.
    Way to Norway and Europe!

  • Beatrix

    Norway set up its own Nazi regime called the Quislings. They’re always the first on board to destroy the Jews.