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February 9, 2014 9:54 pm

Jews Attacked With ‘Dangerous Tool’ at Restaurant in Turkey

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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A street in Babaeski. Photo: Wikipedia.

An anti-Semitic attack late last week at a restaurant in Turkey left two Jews running for their lives, The Algemeiner has learned.

In an email seen by The Algemeiner, one of the victims described their experience, which took place in Turkey’s Babaeski region, as they returned from a business trip in the city of Edirne. The victims asked not to be named to prevent any further threats.

After stopping for a lunch break,  the victim said, “We gave our orders at a fish Restaurant. And once the owner of the Restaurant somehow figured out that we are Jewish, he made clear to us that he will not serve food to Jews, and started cursing the Torah.”

“Following anti-Semitic words he lost control and picked up a dangerous tool from the counter-top, he started attacking us,” the victim continued. “We started running for our lives.”

The pair said they escaped unharmed and returned home safely, but added that the “terrible experience” was “scary.”

The incident is among others that point to an increasingly hostile environment for the country’s Jews.

Late last year, a group of supporters of Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, shouted “are you Jewish” as they attacked a woman as she was walking in the streets of Istanbul, according to a report. The woman posted pictures on Twitter which showed bruises on her face and body.

Erdoğan and his allies have blamed “international groups” and the “Jewish diaspora” for unrest that recently rocked the country.

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  • Ufuk

    Erdogan and growing Islam is a big trouble for us Turkish people also, but this story sounds some odd to me. Babaeski lays in a relatively more democratic provincial area and I’m surprised the attack takes place there. And I really worry how the provincial Turkish fish restaurant man discovers that you’re jewish. And if he really knows the name of the book of judaism, he must be an out of ordinary turkish muslim guy. Ignorant enough to attack people of other religions and educated enough to know the name of the book of judaism. Believe me these do not go together in Turkey, but maybe the couple was too unlucky, wrong time wrong place, even maybe the man was a relative of a Mavi Marmara victim who knows?

    Whatever, the problem is not what a country or Turkish people do to people who believe in other religions, it is what religious people do to other religious people. And you all make this world a bitter place for us atheists.

    And I’m really fed up with you Jews or Muslims telling that you’re offended. The only people who have the right to complain about being offended are the atheists, as we know the religions are nothing but tools for seperation, and it is so natural that you offend each other. Go on!

    By the way I’ve been in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem 10 years ago and I know what it is to be offended being mistakenly thought a muslim. And the world knows what you do in Palestine for the sake of your RELIGION.

    And do you know that jewish people in Turkey were the biggest supporters of this Erdogan government?

    Accusing a whole country about a single case reminds me of the stupid muslim people here doing the same, accusing people or a country in total or calling for boycotts of the whole country’s products.

    So go on not buying Turkish figs and apricots, but remember you Jews, Christians, Muslims, you’re all the same (Other than all your books originate from Sumerians, Babylonians and Egyptians).

    • Jfox

      Yes, atheistic paradise will be achieved once we can rid the world of religion and people faith. You see, history is replete with atheistic systems that have brought so much good to the world. For example, atheistic governments like the former ussr, China, Vietnam, North Korea , Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, Belarus and Cuba have achieved such tremendous results and set the standard as bastions of freedom and human dignity by crushing religion and the religious. In fact, I am humming “Imagine” by john Lennon as I craft this response. Perhaps we can discuss this further from our gulag comrade?

    • Jfox

      I would love to see your academic support for the last paragraph. Sounds like you are regurgitating some nonsense you got in your freshmen level world religions course taught by some moron atheistic professor at some American university who has bought in to the party line.

  • Batyah

    I’m a jew from Turkey and I can respond those of you who are telling that jews should fight back, that we are living in a country where the word “jew” is used as an insult. Probably most of you are living in Usa and can never understand what we are experiencing here, you can never fight back when you know that people around you hate you just because you are jewish. If people attacking you were intellectual people you can try to fight back, but there is a truth that we don’t have them in this country. You would probably ask me to leave the country, yes we are trying to leave but it’s not always easy as the way you think..

    • carlos

      The word jew is used as an insult in the us and growing, in private of course. Jews in the us are sitting upon a dormant antisemitic volcano that will wipe off many jews and will destroy israel. As usual, jews will be caught by surprise. Antisemitism will only dissappear if jews disappear, the rest is wishful thinking

      • It won’t be Israel that will be destroyed by the Islamic Jew-hating barbarians, it will both the Arab and Islamic world that will be destroyed, Israel will survive but her enemies will all perish.

  • R

    What is the Israeli government doing to inform Turkish Jews that there exists an option for them: to leave Turkey and go (read; FLEE) to Israel…which isn’t even very far away??


    • JRM

      That’s why they need guns like we have. The that wouldn’t happen anymore. If that idiot tried to attack them, he would have been shot to death.

  • After what we as a people have experienced in the past, I am still at a loss to explain why pockets of Jews remain in countries that seek our destruction. Next time you go shopping check the origin of items you plan on purchacing. I recently discovered that the figs being sold at Costco are from Turkey. I placed them right back on the shelf.

  • Linda Rivera

    “He will not serve food to Jews, and started cursing the Torah.”

    Islam calls for the MASSIVE breaking of G-d’s ETERNAL Laws.

    Muslim hate is for G-d and G-d’s Laws given in the Torah. Muslims cannot attack G-d because of their rabid hate for G-d’s Laws so Muslims attack Jews because it is to Jews that G-d gave His Laws – Laws that PROTECT!

  • HaroldT

    Why don’t the Turkish Jews get the message and get the hell out of Turkey ?

    • zev weinstein

      Israel has taught us not to sit by and see what their enemies will do next. Leave Turkey or be prepared to run from the next Jew-hater perhaps as early as next week! And in the interim learn how to protect yourselves. Sure it is hard to move but do it for your children and grandchildren. THERE ARE NO VICTIMS JUST VOLUNTEERS.

  • Avi

    In a civilized country, you would report the incident to the police.
    The assailant would be promptly arrested and prosecuted. Not in Turkey.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    As Jews one needs to learn to protect themselves by any means!

  • Efram Paul

    The only thing which will change Turkey for the better, would be an uprising such as has occurred in Egypt. Islamists loathe anyone who is not Muslim, and the ‘right kind’ of Muslim at that (Shia/Sunni). Every Islamist state has proven that it gets narrower, more hateful, less tolerant, and less civilized every day. No Islamist regime has yet to back off from the fierce rhetoric and actions encouraging situations such as the one in this article. I would never go to a Muslim country, with the possible exception of Morocco. It is not a vacation if the owner of a restaurant comes after you with a meat cleaver.

  • June Grant

    I expect the dangerous tool was similar to those used by Turks on the Mavi Marmara to attack our soldiers.It is unthinkable that Jews would visit Turkey in the present climate.

  • Torie

    wow scary to think u could be hated so much

  • BuckDePublick

    Did you know that?…The Turkish Islamic cult, GULEN,led by a wealthy imam (Fethullah Gulen) expatriate holed up in a fortified bunker in the Poconos of Pennsylvania….has set up nearly 150 PUBLIC charter schools in the U.S.(!)

    The Gulenists have infiltrated the American school system and are using profits from these schools–funded by American taxpayers–to subvert the secular government of Turkey.

  • Golum

    Let’s face it….to hell with business…Jews should not go to countries where they are treated like dirt!!!
    …AND if they go for tourism…for shame…they’re just plain stupid!!!

    We had a Turkish trip planned a few years back and after a few stories like this I just cancelled it!!!

    • enubus

      They were attacked by one Muslim scum with a screw driver, a meat clever, a hammer? Oh, and they ran off like two screaming little girls!! That has always been the problem with Jews, they have no balls, and each and every time they do that they add gasoline to the fire. Jews for the most part never stand up and fight back. I am a Jew and I would have taken that tool and put it where the sun don’t shine and the Muslim couldn’t use his hand to wipe his ass for quite a while after I broke his fingers. That is the only thing these hominids understand!

      • I did exactly that on a trip to Israel several years ago. I rented a car in Tiberius, drove it to Jerusalem, and was supposed to return it to a car rental place there. Driving to the agency and not being able to read the street signs as they were in Hebrew, I got lost and wound up in some Arab neighborhood. I drove down one street and could see it come to a right angle down to a major street. As I approached the angle of the street, I was met with a hail of rocks being thrown by three men. After my windshield was smashed and I had glass all over me, I got out of the car, picked up a rock and smashed in the face of one of the rock throwers, and I then picked up a rock and broke the front teeth of another rock thrower. They must have memorized my license plate# and reported the incident to the police. The police came to my hotel room, arrested me,told me under no circumstances should I ever come back to Israel I would be arrested on the spot.They said that I was a trouble maker.All I said was that I was defending myself, That fell on deaf ears I never went back to Israel.

        • maury medoff

          Georg; I am so sorry you experienced this
          response from the police-I donnot understand it myself-I agree with your actions 100%.
          Thankyou ,Maury Medoff

        • Dogan Toldeo

          I am also jew living in Turkey and it is not a bravery to make what you did in Israel here, as it would be just a stupid action which will put you and your family’s life into a danger. If we are not reacting, this is not because we have no balls, the reason is you are a potential guilty here, because you are a jew, and you have a very small chance to explain yourself. Will you react in the same way if you live here? I also think that Turks has always shown hospitality to Jews in all history, to think in another way will be like behaving ungrateful. You will also be surprised but this government is the most tolerant one in Turkish Republic history against non muslims as they have given all their properties taken by force in the past and give also other freedoms to other religions. But unfortunately in the last 10 years the government and specially the prime minister is using Israel as a demon in order to get rid of his internal problems and for political advantage. He is also gaining power and reputation in the middle east in that way. He is also using the global jewish power legend for all economic problem by not using the jewish word, but naming as ”interest lobby”. As a result all these policies although they are not directly targeting Turkish Jews is returning indirectly with a negative effect to Turkish Jews again. To fight or to scream is not an option for 15,000 people in 80 million, but to leave, yes this could be an option.

        • I have to agree with Georg Von Mecklenberg,
          If I was attacked by any Arabs I would would do exactly the same as as Herr Mecklenberg, only more, as after i would have finished with them they would have all been crippled for life.
          What’s the matter with the Israeli police, don’t tell me they actually believed those “Taqiyya”
          Lying Arabs, because that is exactly what those perpetrators are, they would have been over the moon to have Killed that gentleman, however it went against their way, so they decided that they would blame him, and lied about what actually took place. My family had to run for their lives after the Aleppo anti-Jewish pogrom of 1947, therefore we are fully aware the way these Arabs behave.

    • Matt

      “Jews should not go to countries where they are treated like dirt!!!”

      NOBODY should go to countries where Jews are treated like dirt.

      We had plans to visit a family’s vacation home in Turkey later this year – now cancelled.

      • Mark R

        God Bless you!
        And this is exactly why I, as a Jew, despise Christians being mistreated in so many Muslim countries. I also, BTW, feel sad for the Hindus, animists, etc that are also being so mistreated.


    • Robert Douglas

      should american blacks go to israel, blacks like Obama? Or bedowins?

  • My Planet Israel

    Prejudice people have a shorter life expectancy. Perhaps the aggression is hard on the body and destroys the immune system. And based on history, you’d think prejudice people would get a clue: they always wind up on the wrong side of history & humanity. Race, color, religion, ethnicity…it has nothing to do with prejudice: prejudice is simply a form of aggression and hate. The majority of humanity are very decent people who’d much rather get along than not. May the good prevail always.

    • enubus

      My God man, what planet do you live on?

  • Shalom-Hillel

    I used to buy Turkish figs and apricots. I no longer do. The Islamist government in Turkey decided to pursue the path of hostility to Israel and has stirred up a great deal of anti-Semitism. Why should I support them by buying their products?

  • Md. Zahidul Islam (Milton)

    Respect towards each other is needed or else no solution but enmity…

  • Turkish Jews should make Aliyah as soon as possible.

    • abraham Weizfeld

      No solution.. one has to speak out against injustice both Turkey and Israel.

      • David Matar

        Of course aliyah is not a solution for anti-semitism. There is no solution to anti-semitism – speaking out is completely valueless, as history has shown. Aliyah is a solution for Jews to live as Jews. If you Mr. Weizfeld are not already living in Israel, you should join us as soon as possible. If speaking out against anti-semitism is your hobby, you can do it proudly from here.

        • sami

          I am a turkish jew living in Istanbul but spent most of my life abroad. I have seen and been victim of anti-semitism as well as hate againts my nationality in many countries i lived.

          There are idiots all around the world. We should not judge and and decide for a whole nation based on incidents like this one.

          I assure you there a re people in this country who doesnt care if you are Jewish or budist.

        • m_

          There are millions of Jews living freely in the U.S. who are loyal Americans who love America. The vast majority do not want to leave the U.S and feel we have no reason to leave and move to Israel. There is nothing wrong with Jews living in the United States or any country. We should demand equality everywhere. Of course the situation for Turkish Jews is more difficult because of the path Turkey has taken toward Islamic bigotry and narrow mindedness and hostility to the concept of human rights and free speech and freedom of religion. Turkey has adopted the same ideology as the Muslim Brotherhood. Jews have a right to remain in Turkey and fight for a democratic Turkey. If they choose to leave they would be safer in the United States than anywhere else. Moving to Israel is another good option and they have every right to move there but no obligation to do so. Turkey should be exposed for what it is, a nation ruled by arrogant Islamists opposed to religious diversity and freedom and openly hostile to Jews and Christians.