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February 17, 2014 11:39 am

Islamic Jihad Publishes Illustrated Guide to the Israel Defense Forces

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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The Al Quds Brigades' Guide Book to the IDF. Photo: Screenshot / Palestine Today.

The Al Quds Brigades' Guide Book to the IDF. Photo: Screenshot / Palestine Today.

The Al Quds Brigades, part of terror organization Islamic Jihad, recently published an illustrated training guide book on the Israel Defense Forces, according to local daily Palestine Today.

The book describes the IDF’s infantry, navy and air forces, provides details such as the significance of IDF uniform insignia and aims to explain IDF military strategy.

In the introduction, the guide’s authors write that knowledge of the enemy’s power and potential are the keys to victory, according to Palestine Today, adding that knowing the enemy’s capabilities can lead to “a hundred battles without danger.”

The book was dedicated to “those who perished in the battlefields in defense of the freedom of the nation and human dignity.”

The report was flagged by blogger Elder of Ziyon, who wrote: “As far as I can tell, there are no secrets in the book. But I would be surprised if it wasn’t directed and bankrolled by Iran.”

Last week, the blogger flagged a report by Ali Nourizadeh, Director of the Center for Iranian Studies, in London, that terror group Hamas has received more than $2 billion from Iran, while rival Islamic Jihad receives between $100-$150 million annually.

Nourizadeh said Hamas receives the aid through various channels, either in cash, when Hamas leaders visit Tehran, or through Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and the $2 billion figure is the total received since Hamas’s inception. Islamic Jihad receives its money via Hezbollah or through banks in Beirut or Malta, Nourizadeh’s report said.

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  • Sheik Faarooq al Mohammedi


    It is important to know the capabilities of your enemies in terms of war, but only to an extent. To much part Israeli’s total defeat will be on the lines of Jihad ul Dawah. Israeli’s are morally bankrupt, lost in running after a Western Modernist Concept of culture, Israeli’s have totally lost their Arabian and Middle Eastern Identity. All Israeli’s look like European and American products, no originality, no culture and no Identity to link itself with the region. A nation lost eternally to Western Culture. It is good to know your enemy, what is good for meat is good for meat. America and its band of western supporters have failed in Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere else militarily against the Mujahideen the same way the Soviet Union failed, Israeli’s follow the same western culture, same methods of fighting, thinking, living and will face the same humiliation. The Zionist Colony within Palestine wears the made in Britania tag, Israeli’s are too Western to be considered Middle Eastern, Israeli’s don’t fit in and doesn’t look like they belong here at all. The Muslim World has Superiority over the West in Culture, Identity, Faith, Wealth and History, its morality towers the world over. Naturally Islam wins… The next 10 years to come will be very interesting. The IDF will face resistance from within due to an identity crises.

    Sheik Faarooq al Mohammedi
    UMN Intl Rep.

    • Carl

      Ok, I was just marveling at the moral inversion and hallucinations until reading the last lines: “The Muslim World has Superiority over the West in Culture, Identity, Faith, Wealth and History, its morality towers the world over. Naturally Islam wins” made me bust out laughing! You can’t possibly be serious about any of this! The entire Muslim world is stuck in the 7th century with morality that would make Neanderthals look like Mother Theresa by comparison. Seriously, few peoples in world history have inflicted more death and destruction with so little positive contribution to humanity than Islamists.

      • Faisal Tabrez

        Brother, I will not dispute of being muslim, christian, jews or any other religion but the fact remains that Muslims have contributed genuinely in human growth. History guides to rich civilizations and patrons who did all possible to create a favorable world. Today, Islamic suffering is only because of their non following of its core values i.e- honesty, selfless approach, charity etc. Once if world helps Muslims to engage positively with Islamic values then I believe there will be no scope for dispute. Once and for ever every individual has to die and hence I don’t see what someone gets by harassing other as this does not help anyone than devil. World is for what we can offer to Almighty and humanity not to supress some belief or likings. Today, we may call Muslims as fanatic but the fact is we all are fanatic in some or other way. We need compassion or else these violence will never end. Costs will keep rising and damages will never be repairable.