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March 1, 2014 1:00 pm

Ex-IDF Soldier Leads Kiev Street Fighting Unit

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Protesters in Ukraine. Photo: Wikipedia.

JTA – He calls his troops “the Blue Helmets of Maidan,” but brown is the color of the headgear worn by Delta — the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution. Under his helmet, he also wears a kippah.

Delta, a Ukraine-born former soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, spoke to JTA Thursday on condition of anonymity. He explained how he came to use combat skills he acquired in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati infantry brigade to rise through the ranks of Kiev’s street fighters.

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  • Alexi

    This is more than a bit odd. Thanks to Jared’s posts I did a little poking around (very little) on the net and discovered a few specifics with regards to the Leader of Svoboda, Oleh Tyahnybok.

    He is most certainly an anti-Semite.

    On July 20, 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from the Our Ukraine parliamentary faction after he made a speech in the Carpathian Mountains at the gravesite of a commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In the speech, which was aired on television in the summer of 2004, he made comments like:

    “[You are the ones] that the Moscow-Jewish mafia ruling Ukraine fears most”


    “They were not afraid and we should not be afraid. They took their automatic guns on their necks and went into the woods, and fought against the Moskali, Germans, K*kes and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.”

    So… Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Is what’s reported above true? Perhaps, perhaps partially, perhaps not at all.

    More remains to be uncovered.

    • The Zionists have sided with Al Qaeda in Syria and Fascists in Ukraine. These are just facts.

      How you interpret them depends on your ability to digest reality.

      • I don’t know how, in your imagined world, you define “Zionists,” but as for Israel a) it has not taken sides in the Syrian war and b) as for Ukraine, not only did Israel reject US pressure to vote for the UN resolution condemning Russia for its actions in Crimea, but last week, after the West imposed sanctions on Russia, Netanyahu called Putin to discuss broadening cooperation, which not surprisingly infuriated officials in the US & EU. So again, I don’t know how you define ‘Zionists,’ but apparently that definition excludes the Israeli government.

  • However, in defense of my much-maligned people, let me point out that many of those who emigrated from Russia and Ukraine, etc., to Israel, claiming to be Jewish, were not in fact Jewish; hence the bizarre situation that some of them are antisemites (like the ‘writer,’Israel Shamir). So, regardless of whether this guy performed mandatory service in the IDF, who says he is really a Jew?

  • Given the overwhelming evidence that the anti-police violence has been led by Nazis (Ukrainian variety), with the leader of Right Sector calling for Chechen Islamists to attack Russia, and the leader of Svoboda having famously denounced Jews and Russians, and the general line being that Ukraine is oppressed by a Jewish-Moscow conspiracy, therefore, if this story is accurate, it shows that among Jews, as among all human populations, one can find some people who are insane.

  • I wonder where this will all lead to, let’s hope it will be worth all the blood.