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March 10, 2014 2:33 pm

State Department Spokeswoman Denies Jewish State Comments Reported by Palestinian Paper

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Jen Psaki. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Monday said a Palestinian publication recently “distorted” a statement she made last week about Israel’s demand to be recognized as a Jewish state.

The Jerusalem-based paper Al-Quds quoted Psaki as telling one of its reporters during a press briefing on Friday that recognition of Israel as a Jewish state by the Palestinian Authority “is not necessary”, according to The Times of Israel.

Psaki dismissed the claims via Twitter, writing, that the publication “distorted/fabricated my quote,” and that  she “did not do an interview with Al Quds.”

She added, “US position (as I stated) Israel is a jewish state. But we are not in the business of negotiating from the podium…”

According to an official state department transcript of Psaki’s briefing, what she really said was the following:

“If you look at the issue of a Jewish state and whether Israel will be called a Jewish state, that’s been our position, as you know, for a long time, but that doesn’t reflect what the parties will agree to, which I know you know, and of course there are many issues like that that are being discussed as part of the framework.”

The discussion comes in advance of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House on March 17, as part of U.S. efforts to press both sides on ongoing peace talks. Israel has long asserted that P.A. recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is a requirement for a peace deal to be reached.

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  • Dour Patriot

    How incredibly ignorant and/or cognitively impaired can a U.S. State Department Spokesperson be? A fully committed political operative sacrificing her public image and professional dignity for advancing the sorry narrative of the delusional twerp occupying the oval office, I suppose. I’m sure this is very embarrassing for career diplomatic officials in State to have to endure, if any are left. Dismiss the “valley girl” and let her go back to whatever she was unremarkable at doing before she so pathetically filled this job role.

  • BuckDePublick

    The “Appeasement Dept.” should have been abolished decades ago, but of course, where would all the “well-connected” Jew-haters find cushy, well-paid work without that miserable band of Arab-lovers?

  • Michael SHERBOURNE

    This young woman is typical of the whole Obama governmental administration from the President, Obama himself, Secretary of State Kerry and down to the lowest menial.
    They are all, ALL, ignorant, arrogant, inefficient and brainwashed to imagine that they are all powerful and well-respected world-wide,whereas they have dragged the United States of America to its lowest level,harming its once well-respected reputation, doing more harm than even the despised Jimmy Carter (and that’s saying something !)

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Is that the best the US can post to represent officially the United States? Wait! Kerry is her master so that is all he can use as spoke something. Pathetic.
    I am right here in the middle of the cauldron and no matter how much money the US prints to send here to buy votes, their local rep, Netanyahu, is sinking faster than the proverbial Titanic… on afterburners.
    Suddenly, the US is said to have allocated half a billion for Iron Dome. That is nor needed for that so I assume that the cash will soon go to the bribes recipients in waiting.

  • Richard Finn

    This young woman, like most members of the Obamanation Administration, is uniquely UNQUALIFIED for the position that she holds because of her arrogance, ignorance, and her inability to recognize reality.

  • rachel robinson

    if one does not think clearly one cannot speak clearly.
    I defy anyone to tell me exactly what she said. to me what she said was totally incoherent she does not sound real smart to me.

  • yussi

    A lot of mumble jumble rhetoric by this state department spokeswoman. There can be NO PEACE without a FULL and UNEQIVICAL recognition by ABBAS of Israel as a Jewish state.PERIOD…NON NEGOTIABLE!!…Also,if they want peace all they need do is keep their homicide bombers home and destroy their weapons and missles…Instant peace without all this “peace process” nonsense…

    • yussi is absolutely correct. Thank G-d for Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. He is smart enough not to believe the nonsense spewed by the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, and the lackey, Jen Psaki. What a bunch of ignorance has been spewed by the USA administration. It is embarrassing. If I were Bibi, I wouldn’t trust a word that Obama, Kerry, or Psaki said. And then there’s that idiot, Catherine Ashton of the UK who goes to Iran on a good will mission after Iran tried to send lethal weapons to a terrorist organization that even the jew haters of Europe usually recognize as a terrorist organization, i.e. Hamas. Fatah isn’t much better. Abbas is also a jew hating, arrogant jerk who ought to allocate his travel funds on the needs of his people. The only people who are credible and reliable and sensible are Bibi Netanyahu and the people in his coalition. This whole “peace process” is such a charade. And anyone as stupid as Obama, Kerry, and Ashton and others who would sign a deal with Iran has no business telling Israel what to do.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    What does this moron mean “If Israel will be called a Jewish state”? It it you stupid little troll. It is. It is.