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March 12, 2014 9:03 pm

Pink Floyd Co-Founder Roger Waters: I Can’t Be an Anti-Semite, My Father Fought Nazis

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Roger Waters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

In a strongly-worded open letter published Tuesday by The Telegraph, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters once again denied being an anti-Semite, this time invoking his Nazi-fighting father.

The communique was addressed to British philanthropist Gerald Ronson, chairman of the Jewish Community Security Trust charity, in response to a speech Ronson gave last week in which he singled out Waters as being anti-Israel.

At a London dinner held by the charity, Ronson alluded to the controversial inflatable pig, emblazoned with a Star of David, that Waters floated during recent concerts. In a video from one of the concerts, the pig’s hind quarters also appear to feature a silhouette of a man giving a Nazi salute.

“He insists that he is only anti-Israel, and he isn’t, of course, anti-Semitic,” Ronson said to the audience, among which were politicians Ed Miliband, Dominic Grieve and Ed Balls, and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Waters, who has long been an advocate of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and has called on his fellow artists to boycott the Jewish state, did not take kindly to Ronson’s comments.

“On a personal note, Mr Ronson,” he wrote, “my father, the son of a coal miner from County Durham, pulled himself up by his bootstraps, eventually got a degree from Durham University, went off and taught divinity, history, and English in Jerusalem between 1935 and 1938, and subsequently died in Italy on February 18, 1944 fighting the Nazi menace.”

“Do not dare to presume to preach to me, my father’s son, about anti-Semitism or human rights,” he added.

The former Pink Floyd bassist claimed that he is supportive of “the Palestinian people’s struggle for basic human rights” but, “It is not, however, true that I am an anti-Semite or that I am against the Israeli people.”

“Because I am a critic of this Israeli government’s policies and in the absence of this Israeli government producing cogent arguments to defend themselves from my criticism, I am instead routinely subjected to the accusation that I am an anti-Semite,” he said.

“This is a pattern, a crude pattern, but nevertheless an identifiable and repeated pattern, a part of the general tactic of ‘Hasbara’, (‘Explaining’ or ‘Propaganda’ to those of you with no Hebrew). The escalation of this aggressive ‘Hasbara’ may well be a reaction to the fact that BDS is gaining ground, day by day and year by year, all over the world,” Waters wrote. He also told Ronson that Israel is “abusing” the term ‘anti-Semitism’  to “intimidate people, like me, into silence simply because we seek a better and equal future for Palestinians and Jews alike.”

The recent letter is not the first time Waters has responded to allegations of anti-Semitism. Two of the world’s most prominent Jewish human rights groups have called him to task on the issue.

Last July, Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center called Waters an “open hater of Jews” in an interview with The Algemeiner. Later, after the musician compared Israeli policy to that of the Nazis in a magazine interview, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said his comments about Israel over time have “morphed into conspiratorial anti-Semitism.”

“How sad that a creative genius could become so perverted by his own narrow-minded bigotry,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman told The Algemeiner at the time.

In an open letter published last year, Waters said he was extremely insulted that he was accused of being “‘Anti Semitic,’ ‘A Jew Hater’ and ‘Nazi Sympathizer.'” He contended that he has “many very close Jewish friends,” including  “Simon Wiesenthal’s nephew,” and his two grandsons whose “mother, my daughter in law, is Jewish and so, in consequence, I’m told, are they.”

Others who have charged Waters with anti-Semitism include Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who, writing for the New York Observer, said that the Pink Floyd band member’s likening of “Jews to Nazi collaborators” and comparing of “Israel to the Nazis themselves” amounts to “loathsome, stomach-turning anti-Semitism.”

At the time of publication, Ronson had not responded to Waters’ letter.

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  • Sickle And Hammer

    You’re an idiot.

  • Akash Goodoree

    What he has said is pointed out in parts of the Talmud. Regarding Israel I believe they have the right to defend their country & be proud of who they are the anglo ameican drawing of lines and more changed it from Africa(the illegal nuclear weapon does make you think). It is possible to support Israel & Palestine & be critical of both. It is stupid to put a tag of racism towards a ideology. Most Jews are seen as white. It is like saying we cant mock & be critical of Islam because they are a race. This racist bs label stops valid points of discussion.

  • SeverelyLtd

    I do wish that Water’s didn’t hate Jews, but positions, endlessly maintained, speak louder than denials. Like Wagner, he’ll be remembered as a deeply flawed yet talented musician.

  • James

    I read some of the comments here and can’t believe what I read.
    So, let’s make things straight: Roger IS anti-Semite. period. (Why ? Continue reading….)

    And his excuse is ridiculous. Did WWII begun because or for Jews ? It’s utter nonsense !

    His father (had he known his sun dresses up like a Nazi) – would be very much ashamed of his son.

    But as you clearly see – Roger very much likes deadly groups: He likes the Nazis, and likes Hamas (a terror group that has 100% control over Gaza for more than 10 years, and instead of building Gaza, took all EU and US Billion Dollars budgets from its people to use for terror – killing murdering, launching thousands of missile on unarmed civilian population and much more…)

    But for Rogers – ignorance is bliss – no need to learn the facts oh no…, but please do go deeper into lies and deceive.

    Does Roger know what Apartheid is ? Well he should as he’s British….

    But I’m sure he never checked it – NEVER.
    Why ? Because if there is an Apartheid, Mr. Waters, it’s on your side, the other side of Israelis:

    Let’s see some very simple facts (and not lies):

    Are there any Arab Judges in Israeli courts ? Yes
    Are there any Jews Judges in Arab court ? No

    Are there “Arab clean” cities in Israel ? No
    Are there “Jews clean” cities in Palestinian side ? Yes

    What will happen to Arab visiting Israel ? Nothing
    What will happen to Jew visiting Gaza ? Murdered

    Are Arab students allowed to learn in Israeli universities ? Yes – All
    Are Jew students allowed to learn in Palestinian university ? No

    What will happen if Arabs will lower their weapons ? Peace
    What will happen if Jews will lower their defenses ?
    There will be no Jews (All slaughtered with joy….)

    So, Mr. Waters – As you decide to go against the facts (you can check them anywhere you want…), and support the “bad guys”, adding to that – that in both cases (Nazis and Hamas) the victims were innocent Jews –
    along with the pig with the star of David, I can be very much sure to say – YES. Roger IS 100% Anti-Semite.

  • I am Jewish , had my Bar Mitvah in Israel, my choice at age 13.
    Took my Dad who was in WWII and the Korean War,
    and my Grandpa who was WWI both fought for the USA,
    And the Rest of the FAMILY.

    Israeli’s are people no better, no worse than any other people.
    Jews are no better, no worse than Muslims , Christians and Atheists
    and Agnostics.
    We are the Chosen people not because of our blood, race but because
    we chose to follow God.
    Semites are a type of people from a certain area, regardless of religion.

    To prevent anyone anywhere from having equal opportunies is not
    human, not moral , not ethical and therefore doesn’t follow the tenets
    of the Bible , the Ten Commandments.

    Roger Waters is a musician who is allowed to voice his opinion,
    he is allowed to espouse his point of view, he is allowed to believe
    the tormenting of any group of people is wrong.

    When seeing his show, The Wall, he was against ALL FORMS of WAR,
    All nations that were offensive in WAR, and all leaders promoting war as a

    He didn’t highlight ISRAEL nor its leaders.

    I like Roger Waters music, I will continue to listen to his
    music. I would see a Roger Waters concert again,
    given the opportunity.

    He is not promoting the destruction of ISRAEL,
    he is asking for better treatment of Palestinians,
    whether he is right or wrong , his angle is not a bad thing.

    There is a lot of money made in War, Waters tells that story
    during The WALL too.

    I don’t think many people who work making war machines,
    technology see many other opportunities in a consumer
    driven capitalism economy. They see war, and making money
    off Defense Companies.
    For me, the waste of that intelligence is the saddest thing
    about human nature.

    The same could be said about those who work for health insurance
    companies in the USA, or the OIL industry, the Coal industry.

    To think other opportunities wouldn’t arise is incredibly ignorant.
    If consumers don’t have to spend on something that becomes
    obsolete, they will spend elsewhere. THAT’s CALLED PROGRESS.

    Roger Waters is just pointing out the warts of mankind ,
    I don’t think Israelis nor Muslims are happy killing each other,
    and those who might enjoy it, well they would enjoy killing anyone
    anywhere. That’s a part of human nature we have live with
    and control as best we can.

    Roger Waters is killing no one, he is against killing anyone for any reason.
    That’s ok with this JEW.

  • Tania

    I have been an avid fan of Pink Floyd, specifically Roger Waters for as long as I remember. I always believed him to be anti-war and choosing to voice his thoughts and opinions thru his music. How naïve I am to think that if you involve yourself in politics, no matter who you are, you are required to choose a side and he chose. If you are sanctioning a country, your sanctioning the people not just the government and as a lover of history, once would think Mr. Waters would know that. The word’s of John Lennon’s song, true believer of peace comes to mind, ” Imagine there’s no countries
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace…

  • Steve Lane

    Roger Waters is no antisemite. And for those who say that comparing the treatment that Israel inflicts on the people of Gaza with the treatment of Jews in ghettos might have a point but ask that question to a father or mother whose child has been burned by phosphorus bombs or blasted to meaty chunks by Israeli “smart bombs” in Gaza , whose grandparents were crushed under homes demolished by IDF tanks. Ask them if they think there is a significant difference between the IDF and Nazis ?! I think you know what the answer would be. Never forget that most of the population of Gaza are descended from Palestinians who were terrorised from their homes in Palestine by Jewish immigrants to Palestine. All they want is the right to return to their homes and lands. The Jews rightly claim reparations from Germany for the theft of property and land by the Nazis. The Palestinians of Gaza and the other refugee camps littered around the Mid East deserve no less!

    • Sherlock Holmes

      Reparations is a genuine issue. As you know 800,000 Jews were pushed out of Arab lands post-1948 and 700,000 Arabs departed from Israel, some pushed and others voluntarily to join the Arab attack. Any treaty ending the Israeli Arab dispute would have to include reparations for both sides, BUT the PA demands the right of return for four million Arabs descended from Palestinians, which would turn Israel into an Arab state, joining the two million Arabs who are citizens of Israel. Regarding Gaza, as you know, Jews have lived there since Biblical times and Ariel Sharon brought all Jews out of Gaza to allow the PA to begin its state, only to have Hamas take over and begin years of firing thousands of rockets ito southern Israel.During last year’s war in Gaza Israel agreed to every ceasefire on offer while Hamas continued attacking even after accepting one ceasefire.

    • barry lubotta

      Steve Lane, what an ignorant post. The Palestinians you claim were terrorized by Jewish immigrants are largely Egyptians, Jordanians and some Syrians. A portion may have come from Palestine but even most of those lived there less than 100 years. You seem to forget there was an offer that the Arabs could have accepted in 1947 that would have brought peace and possibly prosperity to the area and inhabitants that was rejected by the Arabs who instead chose war. And they have been fighting that was ever since. You seem to have a problem with Israel defending itself. Of course war is horrible and people get killed. That’s why civilized people don’t do the things that begin wars, but then, Hamas is all about making war against Israel. And nowhere do I see you show an ounce of compassion for what Israeli’s have to go through in their daily lives, let alone during war. Finally, the legality of the situation was dealt with in 1920 in San Remo Italy where the Principal Allied Powers gave certain lands to Jews and much more land to Arabs. This is a done deal you are complaining about. As for reparations, many, though not all, Arabs left of their own accord due to the suggestions of their leaders. More Jews were forced out of Arab lands with no compensation than Arabs ever were. It is because you and Waters don’t have any understanding of the realities of the past and present that I find you both to be anti Israel and anti semitic. By the way, I don’t recall the Nazis sending the Jews warnings they were about to attack, and to leave the area. Any comparison by either of you is highly obnoxious.

      • Dirt

        “It is because you and Waters don’t have any understanding of the realities of the past and present that I find you both to be anti Israel and anti semitic.”

        So that makes him anti semitic because he doesnt understand ?

        You need to read a dictionary at least . Do you even know what semitic is ?

        Is it some how wrong to be anti Israel but not anti palestine ?


  • Stuart

    My My, we accomplish so much by fighting with anti-Semites. Let’s just keep doing it until the sun burns out.

  • Dr. Steven M. Weiss

    Maybe Mr. Waters needs “an education”

  • Craig

    It makes me feel so sad to know that a band who’s music I love to listen to almost everyday is associated with this type of action. Of all the “good” causes that exist in our world it is disappointing that this is where the members of Pink Floyd would align themselves with. This is a religious and bias conflict that most likely will never have a resolution or agreement in our lifetimes. Sad that personal attitude guides them to be spend their time and resources on this issue. How about using your super star influence and clout in the world to be involved with contributing to would hunger? this would be such a better issue to be involved than this infinite argument that lingers on with this issue. Too bad that these guys couldn’t recognize that they are “out of place” here. As always in life things are never as good as they appear to be as in the case of Pink Floyd and this issue being intertwined. Depressing!

  • Gwyllem

    He’s a friggin’ bass player! What does he know about international politics? What does he know about anything?

    • Rob

      What do you know about anything? What does anyone know about anything?

      Actually he happens to be well educated and has devoted a significant part of his life to the study of the human condition.

      So he probably knows more than you, and I bet you can’t play bass either.

  • Jorge Perez de Lara

    Being critical of the criminal policies of the modern-state of Israel is always met with charges of anti-Semitism. While I do not find Roger Waters’ argument about his father fighting Nazis as a well-thought out rebuke of charges of anti-Semitism, I do find that the charge of anti-Semitism is very lightly thrown around. It is very convenient because it puts the accused in the impossible position of proving a negative (that he/she is not anti-Semite), but equating a State (even if it is a Jewish State) with a prejudice is faulty logic. Silencing critics of Israel with the stigma of anti-Semitism is, at best, laziness and at worst intellectual dishonesty.

    • Jon

      Jorge Perez de Lara ? Criminal ??? What criminal. Fighting an entity that has its stated goal, not only the liquidation of Israel , but Jews world wide ? An entity that murders gays , allows honor killings of young woman for the crime of having a boyfriend , using children , hospitals and schools as human shields, persecution of Christians etc. etc. Israel has not been dealt a very good hand when it comes to neighbors and yet I can think of no other country that has responded with such relative restraint. Hafez Al-Assad killed 30,000 of his own citizens in a single day in what was called the Hamma massacre in 1982. The sheer numbers are staggering. Not to mention the daily slaughter in Syria today with numbers much exceeding 200,000 souls. Let’s save the title of criminal where it belongs. And who are these people that Israel is committing these “criminal” acts against? I call them criminals . Supporters and foot soldiers of the BDS movement, that hold Hitler Youth celebrations and support the stated goal of the elimination of not only Israel, but Jewry world wide. Please watch before you go shooting off your mouth with charges of “criminal”

  • hal

    Mr Waters is entitled to his opinion as stupid and ill informed is it maybe. What does his father fighting the Nazis have to do with anything. Let alone his not being an Anti-Semite.
    First It is your father. Need i say more about that. Using his father to justify his own views.
    3rd. Anti SEMITE is wrong in this case. He is pro Palestinian. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE> PALESTINIANS and ALL ARABS ARE SEMITES ALSO.

  • “He insists that he is only anti-Israel, and he isn’t, of course, anti-Semitic,” Well considering that Israel is a Jewish state how does he differentiate the two? And I supposed his next statement is some of my best friends are Jewish! Mr Waters you are not anti-semitic- said no one anywhere!

    • Rob

      He isn’t Anti-Israel, he’s Anti the current Israeli government’s policies towards the Palestinians. The current Israeli government does not even speak on behalf of all Israelis, let alone all Jews.

      Your comment is infantile and lacks critical thinking.

  • nona

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but David Gilmour is also very much pro – palestinian leaning 🙁 sad really, because pink Floyd is so amazing — but completely removed from my rotation…

    • Odysseus

      “removed from my rotation”. What does that mean? Can you speak English?

      • Jay

        Meaning Pink Floyd has been deleted from their current playlists on whatever device carries their music. I find it unlikely that they burned any CDs or vinyl, or deleting source mp3s either (waste money?). This is such a silly argument. Why can I hate an Arab or an xian with no issues but if I say I hate a jew there are a whole slew of epithets awaiting me. We should organize official jew hater labels so we can properly put them behind our names like so many degrees….Jay Bond, H.o J, N.S.,…this is ridiculous. jews are no more or less deserving of protection from hatred than anyone on this earth. Quit using the holocaust to drive the furthering of the jew agenda, which is greed (lol, your ears are steaming cuz you can’t see the joke)

        • I see the joke and it’s you.

  • Don Sagal

    I wonder if Mr. Waters and his BDS supporters have ever learned about the 856,000 Jews from Arab countries who were ethnically cleansed at gunpoint in the late 1940’s and ordered to go to Israel. They and their descendants make up more than half of Israel’s current population.

    The number of Jews expelled from Arab countries is not only far larger than the Palestinians, but the combined value of their lost and confiscated properties is more than double that of Palestinians. Where is he and his ilk on this issue? Where is his boycott of Arab countries because of this and other human rights violations that are egregiously worse than anything Israel has ever done?

    I assume he wouldn’t care because it doesn’t conveniently fit into his tight narrative.

    • Bobby Perel

      A Jew has no right to defend himself just like Israel is not allowed to defend itself from attack. That is why pro Jewish statements are scorned at and belittled as propaganda.

      • Bobby, we’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view, you ridiculous little carnival freak. I refer to your latest discharge of plebeian verbiage.
        Just why can’t Jews defend themselves? Pro Jewish statements are not propaganda to the THINKING population. Your shallow statement only reflects your own twisted opinion.

    • Howard

      I wonder if you have ever learned the truth that it was the Mossad and the newly born Israeli state that went out of its way to send agent provocateurs into Arab countries like Iraq where Arab Jews lived in harmony to setup and ignite conflict in order to force immigration to Israel. Most Iraqi Jews who were conned were so angry with Israel they left Israel for countries all around the world and never forgave what the Mossad did to their relationship with their Motherland same with Moroccan Jews they had the same experience.

  • Helen Oster

    “No, we do not support the boycott of Israel.” — Mahmoud Abbas, President, Palestinian Authority.

  • Michael A. Padgett

    First of all, Roger Waters is NOT Pink Floyd. Personally, I’ll take The Division Bell over The Final Cut ANY DAY!

    Waters is just your typical Euro, possessive of deeply ingrained anti-Semitic biases. And he’s terribly, terribly misguided. I do SO tire of being right all the time. Why is it that the rest of the world does not see that arabs, (not Israel) are responsible for most of the world’s trouble right now, from Syria to Iraq to Samaria? Are the Jews responsible for ALL those strife-ridden spots?? Israel builds a wall to protect its women and children from the savages blowing them up on the other side and they’re accused of keeping arabs in poverty. Israel gives land and more land to the terrorist government in the West Bank and still more rockets fly into its towns. Israel. Remember when Yitzak Rabin was ready to give that animal arafat everything he wanted and arafat said no? Of course you don’t. You’re either to young or you’ve just closed your eyes to reality, just as Roger Waters has.

    Ok, I’m going to listen to David Gilmour on Wish You Were Here and NOT listen to Waters first “solo” album, aka, “The Wall.”

    • Ran

      It’s because the world, and clearly not you, can see that the Jews INVADED Palestine, Israel took their land and you say that they are giving land to the Palestinians as if it were their own!
      There is no limit to your audacity. Open your eyes you friggin bully.

      • Yar

        Ran, it’s you, that obviously need to study your history. Americans INVADED native lands, killing and destroying. Europeans, mmm…Germany for Ex. INVADED half of Europe, Asians, Caligula, ancient Rome, I can go on and on. Apparently, INVASION is a part of the human nature.
        Now don’t get me wrong, I think Palestine should have it’s own independent state, on 1967 borders, but for “who was there first”, WE, the Jewish people, as the most ancient religion in the world, were here first, so stop the baby games, most of us are willing to live aside a Palestinian independent state, just let us be. We have a right, just like you have it.

        • Odysseus

          “The most ancient religion in the world”.

          Yeah – and the most virulently stupid. Why on earth do you keep bashing your heads against the wall, don’t you get the message? Humanity is ONE.

          • Vermin

            Not that you’re anti-Semitic, just anti-Israel policies, right? BS.

        • jane

          Yar where do you come up with such rubbish
          there were chinks long before kikes
          ancient religion not really people were worshiping gods long before your burning bush, there were many
          religions long gone before your relatively new religion started up, I don’t have a problem with religion per say and certainly i think the jews are overall a positive people even if they do control all the money but the chosen people, it’s almost as bad as the muslims with the whole “I submit”
          Free your minds – god is a construct of your own mind – they get you early in these cults its hard to break free but not impossible

  • Jas

    The recent behaviour of Roger Waters and others of his ilk has reminded me why it is so vital that the Jews have their own safe homeland. Anti Zionism is just the latest incarnation of Anti Semitism.

    • Jorge Perez de Lara

      Zionism and Judaism are two completely different things. Important Jewish groups are, in fact, virulently anti-Zionist. The Zionist movement has been very successful in merging the two, but the fact remains that Zionism is a nationalistic, colonialist ideology that only uses Judaism as a tool to mask its true face.

    • Joshua

      As Martin Luther king said “Show me an Anti Zionist and I will Show you an Anti Semite”

  • schm0e

    Mr. Waters is more than just his father’s son.

    And of course, if his father was of an anti-Semitic persuasion, it’s likely he wouldn’t be using his character as a shield for his own.

  • Anglojew

    Does that mean he thinks every German, who’s father was a Nazi, is automatically an anti-semite?

    Strange logic.

  • alexa

    Maybe someone should tell Mr waters that the UK didn;t fight the Nazis in order to save the Jews they fought in order to save themselves.

    • Scott

      And also tell him that the British were complicit in the deaths of millions of Jews by refusing emigration to Palestine. And then, of course, led the Jordanians against the Jews in their war for independence to establish Israel. England has been duplicitous every step of the way against the Jews and against Israel. Mr waters attitude, while disappointing, is in character and not surprising.

  • OK, Roger Waters does not like to be called anti-semite, fair enough. Let’s just say Roger Waters is an enemy of Israel and Jews everywhere.

    How dare this jerk criticize and boycott Israel while the surrounding Arab World continually calls for the death and destruction of Israel (and Jews) – of course Roger Waters pays no attention to the hatred, incitement and violence of the Arabs. Any time Roger Waters wants a cogent argument, he will get one.

    He can use his father or in-laws all he wants, but he is an enemy of Israel and I, as an American, have every right to say this. Screw you Roger Waters – I used to love Pink Floyd, but their music now sickens me!!

    • Paul Ballotta

      It should be remembered that Pink Floyd and Roger Waters had become two separate entities following a 1987 lawsuit between Roger Waters and the three other members of Pink Floyd. After boasting “I am Pink Floyd,” Roger Waters lost the exclusive rights to the name “Pink Floyd” and only owns the copyrights to the album “Pink Floyd the Wall.” In an interview on a documentary entitled “Rock Milestones; Pink Floyd’s the Wall,” Roger Waters’ rival David Gilmour disagrees with the album’s basic premise of blaming everyone else for your problems. This didn’t seem to deter Roger Waters to use “The Wall” as a ill-fitting template that he applied to Israel when he demanded in 2006 that Israel tear down its security walls. He wasn’t ashamed to take sole credit for the acheivements of his fellow bandmembers so why should he so much as bat an eye when he dresses like a Nazi and pokes his finger at Israel’s eye?

    • Jorge Perez de Lara

      Explain to me, Larry, how being against very specific policies of Israel makes you “a hater of Jews everywhere”? You claim you can produce a cogent argument, so produce one.

      There are, in fact, many Jewish groups who are vocally against those policies. Yes, even in the United States (look for them in YouTube). Are they, too, “haters of Jews everywhere”?

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard an adult utter.

  • Nunzio

    “Anti-semitic” is different from “anti-Israel.”
    Look at the moon and not the finger!

  • Gavin

    Waters argument is a total nonsense.

    First of all, his father fighting against the Nazis doesn’t have anything to do with Antisematism.

    General Patton, Joseph Stalin and countless others may have also been antisemites and they all fought valiantly against the Nazis.

    In the second instance, the British involvement in Israel, prior to 1948, especially the British military, as in Mr. Walter’s case, could best be described as both Antisemitic and anti Israel.

    His argument is a tired and stale one. His true feelings come through loud and clear, in his aggressive response.

    Well done to Gerald Ronson and others, for calling out this antisemite bigot, for what he is.

    • Avi

      Oh you are so right. Waters is either terribly naive or a blatant anti-semite regardless of any distant family connections by marriage. I wonder what would happen if his daughter in law pack upped and moved to Israel with her husband. As far as his dad is concerned, I would be surprised if he were alive, how grossly disappointed he would have been in his son’s politics. The use of Apartheid is particularly offensive as it is fallacious.The discrimination that he refers to as Apartheid is based solely on security concerns AND to the fact they involve openly hostile/not so innocent non-citizens in an administered area. Apartheid apart from the South African definition which concerns only race, may refer to an ethnic group but the same ethnic group that are ISraeli (namely Arabs- either Christian, Muslim or Druze) citizens enjoy the same rights if not preferential treatment in some cases as Israeli citizens. The facts speak for themselves. An Arab-Israeli supreme court judge, 60% of the pharmacists in Israel come from the 20% that comprise the Arab population, virtually all seats in national clinical psychology programs (Bachelors and Masters) are reserved for Israelis of Arab origin. ISraeli Jews for the most part must study at foreign university to obtain this coveted degree. These are just a few that point to a negative apartheid, but Roger just keeps ignoring this. What do Arab Israelis volunteer service in the IDF ??? Because of Apartheid? Does that even make any sense? Please watch this exchange – these are the foot soldiers of BDS on American campuses – Hitler Youth celebrations and the destruction of Jews world wide.

  • Andrew

    So he is saying that his father would be ashamed of him.

  • Efram

    I am sad that Waters’ father died fighting the Nazis. It is to his credit that he did fight. However, that does not absolve his son from anti-Semitism. Norman Rockwell was no bigot, but his son Lincoln was a neo-Nazi leader. It happens. And the ‘some of my best friends are Jews’ argument doesn’t wash anymore with him than it did for anti-Black bigots. As has been pointed out countless times, being a critic of Israeli governmental policies does not make one anti-Semitic. But singling out Israel for, not only criticism, but boycott, while not having any concern for the victims of any other situation around the world, is anti-Semitism. Using symbolism equating Israel with apartheid or Nazism, both of which are wildly incorrect, does indicate Jew hatred.

    It is one thing to wish that Israel had a more centrist or left wing government, it is another thing to use anti-Semitic imagery. Israel’s government is up to the Israeli people. And ‘people’ such as Waters do not convince Israelis to change their minds by their bigoted actions, rather, it reinforces their convictions that the world is against Israel, and it is better to look after itself first, as no one else is. He also cannot help it if his son married a Jew, making his grandchildren Jews “or so I am told,” that was his son’s choice, not his. There are always plenty of self-hating Jews, perhaps now more than ever, who consort with anti-Semites, up to and including David Duke. It is very possible to be Jewish and anti-Semitic, as can be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, who prove the point every single day.

    If Waters truly does not wish to be anti-Semitic, he can establish dialog with Jewish groups, and learn what is actually going on. However, like every other BDS supporter, he is not acting out of altruism, he is acting out of bigotry.

    Anyone with a conscience WILL dare to call Waters an anti-Semite because all of his actions leave no alternative. Neither his father’s nor his son’s choices absolve him of responsibility for his own actions.

    • j

      george lincoln rockewell was not norman rockwell’s son, chacham.

    • Paul Ballotta

      I sincerely doubt that Roger Waters will be deterred from his folly since he has some big shoes to fill like others before him who attached themselves like a parasite to the Palestinian cause. He sympathized with Libyan dictator Muammar Qadaffi on a couple of his solo albums all the while railing against the superiority of the U.S. military (no doubt because of the ability to deter agression as was the case when the Qadaffi regime was brought to an end).
      He’s taken a stance as if he’s anti-war all the while playing the tyrant as he acts out his own fascist dictator fantasy on stage. Fans have sent him photos of soldiers who died in war which he unhesitantly uses in his show, depicting them as having died in a lost cause since he’s done this with his own father’s memory in the film “Pink Floyd the Wall.”
      A passage from John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” (Book 4, lines 800-809) describes the serpent after entering Paradise:

      “Squat like a toad, close at the ear of Eve
      Assying by hid devilish art to reach
      The organs of her fancy, and with them forge
      Illusions as he list, phantasms and dreams,
      Or if, inspiring venom, he might taint
      The animal spirits that from pure blood arise
      Like gentle breaths from rivers pure, thence raise
      At least distempered, discontented thoughts,
      Vain hopes, vain aims, inordinate desires
      Blown up with high conceits engendering pride.”

      • Paul Ballotta

        Line 801: “Assaying by his devilish art…”

    • Max Henry

      Most well constructed and thought provoking reply here!

    • Lincoln Rockwell was not Norman’s Rockwell’s son. Rockwell was born in Bloomington, Illinois, the first of three children of George Lovejoy “Doc” Rockwell and Claire (Schade) Rockwell.

  • ian whitten

    Mr. Waters:
    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, & talks like a duck, it’s a duck. You are an anti-semite, plain and simple. However, your father probably wasn’t.

    • jane

      so he’s a duck?


    roger waters and pink floyd have been blessed with great wealth even tho none of them can sing worth a shit,that goes for the rolling stones….i don’t get it…deal with the devil?

    • Publis Enigma


      You make no sense. The Floyd sing very well.

      Wish You Were Here?
      Ever hear of it?

      You can’t expect the ~70 year olds to sound like they’re still 20 or 30. I’d say Gilmour still has a nice voice going by his On an Island album.

      • Paul Ballotta

        Check out the lyrics from David Gilmour’s lyrics about taking personal responsibily for your own words and actions from the song, “Take a Deep Breath”:

        “When you’re down is where you find yourself
        When you drown there’s nothing else
        If you’re lost you’ll need to turn yourself
        Then you’ll find out that there’s no-one else.”

        Gilmour’s voice is still good on the album he performed with the psychedelic band The Orb(s) entitled “Metallic Spheres” and needless to say it gets played often.