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March 21, 2014 9:01 am

Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Says Reality of Holocaust is ‘Uncertain’

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini denied the Holocaust on Twitter, on March 21, 2014.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini denied the Holocaust on Twitter, on March 21, 2014.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Friday questioned the reality of the Holocaust, on Twitter.

He wrote, “#Holocaust is an event whose reality is uncertain and if it has happened, it’s uncertain how it has happened.”

Twitter users were aghast.

Joel C. Rosenberg, New York Times best-selling author of thriller novels, including his latest, ‘The Auschwitz Escape,’ about the Holocaust explicitly, wrote: “Iran’s Ayatollah @khamenei_ir Tweeted his denial of the Holocaust this morning even as he prepares to bring about a Second Holocaust.”

Benny Avni, a journalist for the New York Post, Newsweek and Israel Radio, responded with the word “#Moderation,” in reference to Iran’s new posture as a “moderate regime.”

Pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon wrote, “The Holocaust is orders of magnitude better documented than every single event mentioned in the #Koran. Just sayin’.”

“Pretty selective skepticism coming from someone who believes Muhammad literally flew around on a winged horse,” wrote another user.

Farrah, a Twitter user in London, wrote: “Seriously @khamenei_ir imma [I’m going to] have to unfollow you if you keep embarrassing yourself like this… #shame“.

The quote was taken from a speech given on Friday to thousands of pilgrims at the Shiite holy shrine of the 8th Imam, Hazrat Ali Ibn Moussa al-Reza, on the occasion of the Persian New Year, as reported by Lebanon’s Daily Star, based on an AFP report. AFP said his remarks were broadcast live from the northeastern city of Mashhad.

In the speech, Khamenei called for “resistance” in the face of a “cultural invasion” targeting the Islamic state’s religious beliefs.

In Europe, “no one dares to speak of the Holocaust, the crux of which is not clear if it is true, or if it were, how it was,” Khamenei said.

“Expressing opinion about the Holocaust, or casting doubt on it, is one of the greatest sins in the West. They prevent this, arrest the doubters, try them while claiming to be a free country,” he said.

“They passionately defend their red lines … how do they expect us to overlook our red lines that are based on our revolutionary and religious beliefs,” the Ayatollah said.

State media outlet Islamic Republic News Agency reported other chest beating statements, including, “That’s my word today: Iranian nation should make itself strong.”

“If a nation is not powerful, it will be subject to force; the world bullying powers will receive blackmail from it; they will trample upon it and invade and insult on it,” the Ayatollah said.

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  • Alan Kennedy

    That the “prophet” ever had conversations with an Archangel, as opposed to merely regurgitating what he’d read, is also uncertain

  • Eco

    Yes Holocaust took place but not the way Jews are telling!! 6.000.000 peoples die in concentration camps all together!! WHAT ABOUT GIPSY.POLISH,GERMAN,FRENCH ,ENGLISH AND SO ON!!!NOT EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS A JEW!!!
    What Israel is doing to PALESTINIANS is worse what HITLER( dont forget he was JEW also) DID TO JEWS!! THIS IS A SHAME!! ISRAEL IS THE WORSE TERRORIST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!

    • Uriel

      Shame on you. You are no better than any other antisemitic purveyor of rubbish

  • H.S.Cohen

    Will the Mossad please send him a very special present.

  • A. Sanders

    There are 10 million reason why the Holocaust took place that are well documented. How dare any on e say anything different. Who are today’s Nazis? People like Khamenei of course

  • joe

    Of course he is outrageous. So is the entire history of this belief system. My mother used to say “me thinks you doth protest too much” when she doubted any of our “tales!”

  • DaveyK

    Anyone who thinks the Holocaust never happened ..Is depraved ..then to say he wants to start a 2nd holocaust is a nutter ..You cant have a 2nd one without a first 1 ..double talk from an enemy who has no scruples

  • Gustavo Loredo

    Gen 27:29 Let people serve thee, and nations bow down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother’s sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.

  • Ron

    Two points to be made here. 1) Muslim leaders often project their own traits and practices by accusing unbelievers of conspiracy theories and behaviour that the muslim community itself indulges in; 2)Gen Eisenhower insisted that photographic records be made of Auschwitz, Belsen & the rest, because as he put it, “in 60 years time some s.o.b. is gonna say it never happened!”

    • James Crozier

      Ike also warned us of the military/industrial complex (including finance) and the damage it could do, not just domestically but internationally. 2008’s economic crisis was banker made despite their protests to the opposite.
      ….just sayin’,



  • Shaun Donaldson

    A totally absurd opinion that is an insult to all those who perished and their surviving families in relation to the darkest deeds that this World has witnessed. What arrogance!

  • Karsten Bannier

    Does anyone really care what this imbecile thinks ??? When he is dead & buried,he will always be a nothing in the civilised world just as he is today…

  • Iran is a country whose reality is uncertain and if it exists, it’s uncertain how long.

    • James Crozier

      What is this “Iran” you speak of.
      I thought this was a forum for serious discourse, not fantasizing about something that only exists in a dream… or did exist in a dream?
      What did you call it…

  • June Grant

    The Ayatollah dismissing the Holocaust is yet another reason not to trust Iranians when they negotiate with the apparently gullible West. Most, if not all of the time the Supreme Leader’s lips are moving, he is lying. It is difficult to understand, therefore, why Catherine Ashton and her like-minded cohorts believe Iranian assurances that their nuclear facilities are not intended to produce nuclear bombs. Really!

  • Markus Elkana Brajtman

    I think the answer to these savages, like Abbas etc, is for Germany to let them know, publically, that the Holocaust was a fact.
    Anybody who denys the Holocaust is an uneducated moron.

    • James Crozier

      If only Merkel could show such leadership.

  • Jeffrey Cheah

    Khamenei knows it that there was a “holocaust” involving in the extermination of the Jews by Hitler in the 2nd World War well documented in history books. Children who were born after the 2nd World War have studied this in their history books in the 1950s and the 1960s. Khamenei just wants to systematically and deliberately programmed his psyche thoughts in denial mode to say that there is no such event happening in History! He is a leader in one of the most powerful Muslim world and therefore to lead many hundreds or even thousand of Muslims to believe this he has to echo this “lie”. He is playing the “pack of wolves” mentality! We all know how the pack of wolves attack their prey or common enemy. Hollywood movies in the 50s and the 60s have shown so many movies based on the real stories of how the persecuted Jews suffered and escaped from the Hitler’s regime of hunting the Jews. As a teenager I went to the cinema to watch the movie of “The Dairy of Anne Frank”. After watching the film I was so traumatised and was wondering why the Germans hated the Jews so much! I did not know but my conclusion was that the Germans were very ‘cruel’ and what wrong the Jews have done and I kept asking why, why, just because they are a race called the Jews, must all be killed? As a teenager of 13 or 14 then, I could reason that men who have authority or power in their hand cannot be so “inhumane” to another “minority” group!I asked is there humanity in this world system! Wow, I am shocked to learn that in the 21st century world, especially many statements have come out from the mouth of many Muslim leaders that there has been no holocaust event happening in World History. I wish to enlighten the readers of Algemeiner that I am living in a country whose official religion is Islam and I am shocked that the Historical facts of events happening in the country over the few hundred years have been changed just to reflect the “glory of Isalm. This is the type of history which is being taught in our school today to our children. So, it is nothing new when Khamenei wants to distort history. My country is one good example distorting the facts of history, another Muslim country!

    • James Crozier

      Revisionist history is taught all over the world, each creating a unique lie designed to sustain an agressor who has no legitimate grounds to abuse another party.
      These lies, of course, are easily seen through by anyone with any common sense.
      Poverty, both spiritual and materially, can and has spread darkness for centuries among many traditional societies.
      Spiritual sustenance can only be found with an honest declaration to “God” weather you call “Our Creator” by Jehovah, Allah” or some other culturally significant name.
      Without that honest declaration, including admitting the truth about all of “GOD’S” creation you can not reap “Our Creator’s” reward.
      Everything is part of “Ja’s” creation, including Jews.
      Seems to me there is something about reaping what you sow in the Bible.
      I can easily see when you question reality (the Shoa) you could end up in a reality you might not want to believe.
      After all we all reap as we sow. Nobody gets past that, Christian, Jew, Muslim, or anybody else.
      Life’s funny(?) that way.

  • Rick

    That’s because Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei is a stupid moron

  • zev

    We react like whiners to statements from this and other Holocaust deniers in the Middle East. They get a few sound bites and they are off. We Jews around the world should mock them for their feeble and stupid attempts to rile us.
    This does not diminish the Shoa but stands up to these stupid thugs.

  • Anthony Dayton

    That the Holocaust is well documented, or that Muhammad is or isn’t accurately recorded in a historical sense, all is beside the point. And Khamenei might know a great deal about the Holocaust despite what he says. But truth is of no no value to him and those of his ilk. Preparing a narrative for Iranians and the world alike in order to justify hatred of Israel and Jews, and ultimately, instigate a second Holocaust is the master plan. Likely, he derives some sadistic enjoyment from the effects of his audacity, watching the paroxysm of anger and frustration by Jews and western democrats. He “pulls our chains,” as they say in the vernacular, and then watches us dangle and jerk. There is no reasoning, no accommodation here; he hates Israel and America. Given the time to develop the might to establish his caliphate as of in the days of old, a greater Persian Empire, he will. We will either prepare and defeat him, or he will destroy us. It is that simple, but so horrific that we would rather distract ourselves with debate and angry words . Words are useless to those who speak only the language of knives.

    • James Crozier

      so true.

  • Uriel

    There is no need to prove that the Holocaust took place. The fact that this so called learned man denies it is further positive proof that the holocaust is a historical fact. It is also proof positive of the source from which this fool draws his inspiration.

  • Chaim

    So I ask you Ayatollah Khamenei what happened to my grandparents and five uncles? Did they just evaporate on their own accord?
    How can anyone take this regime seriously? They are a bunch of illegitimate anti-Semitic gangsters and anyone including Obama who trusts anything they say is either a fool or as bad as they are.

    • roman

      As luck would have it, your grandparents all successfully reproduced before they evaporized. poor son of orphans you.

  • shosh

    He is so stupid, like the rest of the people and leaders who deny the Holocaust. They are like ostriches which
    hide their heads in the sand thinking that they won’t be seen. And he is supposed to be the Supreme Leader of Iran
    ? What a joke for a leader ! Why should anyone follow him?

    • Rick

      I agree 100%

    • Jacqueline

      The supreme fool is following the dictate words of Gobbels ” if you repeat a lie often enough the people will believe it”.

  • I lived through it damn it. I hope you a..holes will have the same experience soon!

  • i suggest a visit to Poland death camps 1 and 2 may just convince the leader. whilst we all respect individual opinion the facts are most clear about the extermination of many including Jews.
    God bless Israel

  • Alex

    it is better to keep quiet about what has no idea

  • Robert Jones

    From the ridiculous to the sublime. — Did you know that both Israeli President Peres and US President Obama “broke their teeth” in order to express warm greetings and express friendship to Iran? They got a fine response from the Ayatolla who continues to spread the poison of Anti-Semitism among his people and Anti-Americanism among all Muslims. When will Peres & Obama learn their lesson?

  • EthanP

    The fact that this ‘man’ is leader of a great nation is frightening enough. That 10’s perhaps 100’s of millions of people agree with him is more so.

  • rudy hoffmann

    Best thing would be to send Khamenei himself to a concentration camp so that his “uncertainty” will become a certainty!!!

  • I would go further than Elder of Ziyon and add that modern scholarship is very sceptical indeed about the historicity of much recorded in the ahadith and the sira, supposedly collections of the sayings and doings of the Prophet, to the extent that some reckon Muhammad himself did not exist in the form the biographical material record. And I would add that much of what has been written about the twelve Shi’ite imams is fantasy. And I would point out that much of what I have read in Persian and Arabic biographies of Iranian ‘ulama is exaggerated and bowdlerized. Khamenei should be put on the spot. But I don’t suppose he would like that.

    • June Grant

      Good to see you here, Dr,MacEoin. Kol HaKavod.