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March 26, 2014 4:22 pm

Report: New F-35 Fighter Jet Purchased by Israel From U.S. Can Carry Nuclear Bomb

avatar by Gidon Ben-zvi

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An F-35 stealth jet on a test flight. Photo: Wikipedia.

The F-35 Stealth fighter aircraft that Israel is purchasing from the United States can carry a nuclear payload, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Wednesday.

Lockheed Martin, the American aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company that manufactures the fighter plane declined to comment on whether the specific planes that Israel is due to receive will include nuclear capability, Channel 2 said.

The F-35 is a fifth-generation aircraft capable of evading radar and integrated air defense systems. The fighter jet is the most expensive weapon in U.S. history.

Israel signed a deal in 2013 to acquire 19 Stealth bombers for $ 2.7 billion, an amount that will be covered by the U.S. security aid package to the Jewish state, Channel 2 said.

According to Lockheed Martin representatives, Israeli fighter pilots will begin training with the new F-35s in 2016, honing their skills at the LUCK U.S. Air Force base in Arizona. The Stealth has been renamed ‘Adir’ (‘Awesome’) by the Israeli Air Force.

The first planes are expected to arrive in Israel a year later and should become fully operational by the end of 2017.

To incorporate the F-35s into the IAF, an entirely new squadron will be established in southern Israel that will be comprised of both young and veteran pilots whose skills and accomplishments will earn them a spot on this ‘dream team,’ as decided by the head of the Israeli Air Force.

Operational necessity may force the elite group of IAF pilots chosen to fly the jets to sign on for an extra tour of duty or prolong their current tours, Channel 2 said.

Nine homegrown Israeli companies have partnered with Lockheed Martin to produce parts and systems for the F-35, Channel 2 added.

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  • Joe Score

    There is no reason for the U.S. to give over 2 billion dollars in aid to Israel. It has never been in the interest of the U.S to ever support Israel. The only worldwide interest in the middle east is oil. The Jews have no oil. Why anger the countries would do have that needed resources. It has NEVER been in the interest to support Israel since the formation of the Jewish State and was the worst political decision of the 20TH century. It’s disgusting that Jews who call themselves Americans will not join the American Armed Forces but will run to Israel and join the Israeli Army. Despite being 2% of the American population the Jews in America are the least represented in the American Armed Forces by population ratio.

    • Elie

      Yea yea, the same old skewed misinformed rethorics…
      Not a single senator son in active US forces!. The US forces has many jewish officers in all fields of US military. And Israel has found and exploite oil AND huge natural gaz fields offshore. And Israel is the only major allie of America in Middle East!and it provides techology, first class intelligence techniques and military support to America to fight terrorism. Not counting that America support in fact the only real free democracy.

      • Darrell

        The Israel lobby may be THE most potent special-interest group in the USA. Jews in the United States are about 2% of the population but they control at least 25% of the wealth of the US, and they use it to purchase government action in favor of Israel. The United States of America stands as the largest bully in the world that takes the side of Israel in every possible conflict that Israel creates. Virtually all of the hatred of the United States that abounds throughout the Arab Middle East is due to our unwavering support of Israel. And our government gives that support primarily because the Israel lobby in the United States has used their great wealth to purchase politicians. It is not the way government is supposed to work; it is not a good way for government to develop policy.

  • Matt

    The future is in UAV and the difference between a 6th gen and a current drone is air to air. Next year play station and other release the 3D headsets, compare that cost to a custom fit 4 gen helmet or the JSF and the JSF head makes people feel sick. Current gamers that try the 3D headsets feel six. But the kids of next year when they hit service age it will be second nature. Around that time Israel will have it own 6th gen plane, the drone program came from the Lavi.

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    I am opposed to nuclear proliferation.
    I am opposed to the F-35 strike fighter jets which are designed to be able to carry nuclear bombs
    in the civilian Burlington International Airport which is only a few miles from Lake Champlain
    from which one-third of Vermonters
    draw their drinking water
    because just one crash,
    or one fuel spill
    will destroy the drinking water
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    I am running against incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin,
    Democrat, and against incumbent U.S. Congressman
    Peter Welch, Democrat because both of them encouraged
    the U.S. Air Force to make a decision to base
    F-35 strike fighter jets at the civilian airport.

    Please support my political campaign to defeat the Democrats in Vermont.
    scroll down under the primary election candidates
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    Thank you for reading this.
    Cris Ericson

  • Mong

    What a waste of money. The F35 will be destroyed by russian, french and even swedish made jets, because the F35 will spend all its time on the ground being serviced. Even if the f35 is flying when the attack happens, they will just bomb the spare parts store. No spare parts, no flying. Still so long as its US aid money being spent, no skin of Israel’s nose if it keeps the rest of the money flowing for useful things.

    • Sery G

      what store to bomb? they don’t go to safeway to buy their spare part for their fighter plane. and why do will need any spare part if they will just spend the time servicing without using any of them to action? you don’t know what this new fighter jets f-35 fully capable of doing everything so precisely accurate and so advance fighting machine that can accomplish victory in minutes before war ever start…. your russian, french and swedish fighter jets won’t have any time to start their engine because it will banish in the air before the war even start… thats how smart, and even smarter than whoever created (built) them. no parts needed for that f-35 fighter jets ever. because if they do need parts, it wouldn’t be any f-35 fighter jets ever built.

  • Audax

    That would be Luke AFB in Arizona…

  • Joseph Kelly

    Israel should buy another of these 150 marvelous planes, from its $82 billion Forex reserves, it currently has saved. It should build up from the 60 nuclear bombs that it currently has, and produce 4 nuclear bombs to each airplane. Like the US did during the cold war, it should have 2 squadron of 50 nuclear equipped planes in the air at all times as a first strike force and the other 100 which can be deployed in minutes after the first strike.

    See how fast Iran will stop funding Hezbollah. Now the Mullahs would know that they could have a very bad day if they irk Israel. See how fast the wimpy petro dollar obsessed Sharia compliant Europeans will stop trying to destroy Israel once Israel has a deterrent which could be used against even them in its Samson option. Then only through strength, real peace will come to the Middle East.

    • JayDee

      Great plan. “Gun up” and fly around with live nukes on board, 24/7, in order to provide an “immediate response”. In a country that an F-35 can cover from end to end in 6 minutes. Because 7 minutes is way too slow a response to be considered immediate.

      Meanwhile, the very real potential for one of the planes to crash due to a malfunction, pilot error, or even from a missile hit, and spew radioactive crap all over whatever it happens to plow into, including any Israeli citizens contained therein, is a risk you’re okay with. To save 6 minutes.

      Or it could crash in a surrounding nation, in which case they now have one of your bombs, assuming it doesn’t end up as in the previous example. In which case you (Israel) has just caused a nuclear incident which will require you to own up to your nukes on the world stage, at the very least, and might just devolve into a war to retrieve it or render the weapon unusable.

      But this is all just a bunch of what-ifs and thought exercises anyway, since we all know Israel has no nuclear weapons. They have repeatedly denied having them. Otherwise they would be the biggest freakin’ hypocrites on the planet, with all that screaming about the “existential threat” presented to them by nations like, oh say, Iran, if they should be allowed to manufacture JUST ONE bomb. And there’s also Israel’s stated willingness to STRIKE FIRST to prevent that from happening. Meanwhile, the plutonium in all your non-existant weapons is probably warming your whole country up a degree or two like a great big radioisotopic generator. That’s the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you sit on a huge pile of that stuff, which you don’t have, anyway. Not to be confused with the warm, fuzzy feeling of having enough nukes to obliterate every major city in Europe or the Middle East, while all your targets have none, zero, zip nada, nor any accurate way to deliver one if they did. No, that’s just imperialistic arrogance masquerading as neccessity.

      We Americans know all about how THAT works. It’s the literal definition of our foreign policy.