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May 5, 2014 7:21 am

Who Are You, Mahmoud Abbas?

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Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: World Economic Forum.

Unlike Western policymakers and public-opinion molders, Arab leaders never doubted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ core ideology.

Therefore, they deny him adequate financial support while the Arab oil-producing countries provide Egypt multibillion dollar assistance. Similarly, during the 1980s, Saudi Arabia provided Afghanistan’s Muslim rebels a billion dollars in annual aid, while extending Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yassir Arafat a mere $100 million annual aid, which was cut off following Arafat’s and Abbas’ August 1990 betrayal of Kuwait, when they collaborated with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s invasion of the sheikhdom. Moreover, Arab countries did not support the PLO and Hamas during their grand confrontations with Israel: the first and second intifadas, the Lebanon War and the series of wars in Gaza.

The Arab attitude toward Abbas is driven by Abbas’ track record of intra-Arab subversion and terrorism. For example, during the late 1950s, Abbas and Arafat fled Egypt for subversion and terrorism, committed as key Muslim Brotherhood activists. In 1966, they fled Syria to Jordan, following their murdering a number of Syrian intelligence officers. In 1970, they were expelled from Jordan to Lebanon, following their attempt to topple Jordan’s Hashemite regime, which ignited a brutal civil war. By 1975, they plundered large parts of southern Lebanon, aiming to overthrow the central regime in Beirut, which triggered the Syrian invasion of Lebanon, a series of civil wars and the destruction of Lebanon. In 1990, Palestinian intelligence cells in Kuwait and Palestinian battalions in Iraq facilitated Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, which since 1960 was the preferred safe haven for 300,000 Palestinian relatives and allies of Arafat and Abbas. As a result of that egregious betrayal, Kuwait expelled over 200,000 Palestinians. No Arab leader protested that expulsion!

While Egypt is cracking down on Hamas and its affiliates, Abbas — an ally of Saddam, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela — provides Hamas with a vital tailwind.

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On March 15, 2013, Abbas, the Russian-speaking graduate of KGB courses and Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, the former steward of PLO ties with the ruthless communist regimes, and (since 1993) the lead PLO negotiator with Hamas, told the Russian TV: “As far as I’m concerned there is no difference between the policies of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.”

The frequent attempts to form the PLO-Hamas axis are based on their common strategic goal, while maintaining their tactical differences. Abbas’ strategic goal — the eradication of the Jewish state — and tactics — gradually, via diplomacy and terrorism — are specified by the 2009 Fatah platform and the PLO’s 1974 Phased, Step-by-Step Plan and 1964 Covenant. Both terror organizations are chaired by Abbas, who — according to the 1993 Oslo Accord — derives his power as the chairman of the Palestinian Authority from the PLO, which is the highest Palestinian authority! Fatah was established in 1959 and the PLO in 1964, before Israel reasserted itself in Judea and Samaria and before the establishment of the first Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. Thus, the strategic goal of Abbas has been directed at pre-1967 Israel: Galilee, Negev, Tel Aviv and the coastal plain and Jerusalem. Abbas told the U.N. General Assembly that “occupation” began in 1948, not in 1967!

Abbas highlights the claim of return to the “1948 occupied areas,” which explains his insistence to represent and release Israeli Arab terrorists. Being a devout Muslim, and a former top Muslim Brotherhood activist, Abbas emphasizes the principles of waqf — the supposed divinely ordained Muslim right over any area previously controlled by Muslims — and Hudaybiyyah, which considers agreements concluded with “infidels” a pragmatic, provisional stage to be breached on the way to bringing the enemy to submission and not to peaceful coexistence.

To achieve the strategic goal, Abbas has spoken softly, while carrying a horrendous stick of hate education in schools, mosques and media, brainwashing Palestinian society and running the most effective production line of terrorists. One’s education is the most authentic reflection of one’s values, ideology and strategic goal. Hence, the popularity of the anti-Semitic Mein Kampf and Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the Palestinian Street. Hence, the Abbas-driven Palestinian conventional wisdom: It’s not the size — but the existence — of the Jewish state.

The central role played by terrorism in shaping Abbas’ worldview is highlighted by his demand to release Palestinian terrorists who deliberately and systematically murdered, maimed and intimidated Israeli civilians; by providing monthly allowances to families of terrorists; and by naming streets, squares and soccer tournaments after terrorists.

Germany and Japan were transformed from hateful — to peaceful — countries by uprooting hate education and terror regimes, not by engaging and funding them.

Should the U.S. taxpayer continue funding the hate education system of Abbas, who caused the flight of Christians from the Bethlehem area, and who is known as “Mr. 20 percent” for his corruption?

Should Israel accept Abbas in view of the ferocity of Hamas’ terrorism? Only if Jack the Ripper’s vicious style made the Boston Strangler an acceptable member of society.

This article was originally published by Israel Hayom.

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