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May 11, 2014 12:07 pm

Civil Rights Lawyer Says ‘There Are Many More Glenn Miller’s Out There’

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A Ku Klux Klan cross lighting. Photo: WikiCommons.

A Ku Klux Klan cross lighting. Photo: WikiCommons.

Richard Cohen, executive director of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the veteran Alabama-based civil rights law group, said Frazier Glenn Miller, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who killed three people at Jewish community buildings in Overland Park, Kansas, last month, is just one of many.

“There are many more Glenn Millers out there,” Cohen told the UK’s Jewish Chronicle in an interview published at the weekend. “Our government isn’t doing enough to counter this directly.”

The SPLC brought a case against him in the 1980s over his activities with the Ku Klux Klan, and Miller was found in contempt of court and jailed for three years.

In response to the case, Miller offered a bounty on the head of one of the founders of SPLC, said Cohen, who has worked there since 1986.

Mark Potok, a Jew and senior fellow at the SPLC said about the Kansas shooting, “I think it was terrifying to American Jews. The remarkable thing though, is that it was not a unique incident.”

Potok, whose father is a Holocaust survivor, said, “I grew up — from smallest infancy — hyper aware of where racism and antisemitism and fascism lead. That is — directly to the gas chambers.”

Potok said that since the election of President Barack Obama, “we have seen a whole series of neo-Nazi attacks” and “rising anger on the political right.”

Based in Montgomery, Alabama, the SPLC  has offices across the U.S. South and is known for its efforts in fighting racism and bigotry. In the late 1980s, the SPLC decimated the ‘White Aryan Resistance’ when it sued the hate group over the brutal murder of an Ethiopian student in Portland, Oregon. A decade later, the SPLC won a $6.3 million verdict against Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler after one of the organisation’s security guards killed a woman and her child.

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  • Robert J Mathews

    Cohen & that other Jew, Potok assume that is their is more assassin’s of the enemies of the white race. That would be a correct assumption. For many, many years the SPLC & ZOG government have harassed & infiltrated WP groups with COINTELPRO ( Google it if you must ). The Feds say COINTELPRO has ceased to be a Fed program. But that’s a lie, as someone involved in the White Pride movement over 30 years, I have seen such programs in action recently. The enemy has drive our ranks to go underground as a operation safe guard. For that we thank you.
    As we should have split our struggle many ,many years ago.
    Now with most WP people underground – the ZOG system can
    no longer monitor us, infiltrate us or use underhanded tactics to break us apart with paid informants & provocateurs. I can assure you that the sloppy methods of that ZOG RAT & traitor Frazier Glenn Miller is not typical of the lone wolves out hunting NOW….

  • Deb

    Hmmm how many cases have they brought against Muslims. They will never bring a case against a Muslim for antisemitic remarks and actions because it is not politically correct and it is very dangerous. A Jewish news commentator in little rock, was beat and raped by a Muslim. Every bone in her body was broken he spent all night beating her and raping her. On a scale of 1 to a 1000 , the ku klutz clan is about a 10, Islam is 990.

    • Emanuel

      Deb, it is going to stop but not because of the government. We are going to make a good example of our enemies, show no mercy and we do this out of love for no money. You will see American Jews stand up and fight if we have to to stop this. Yes we can! Hope and Change all the way!

  • This is an example of how people can be very much misled by so called uplifters of the down trodden hucksters who make million scaring the gullible public at large.

    Tom Metzger even though loosing a well orchestrated show trial was not decimated. Did not go bankrupt and only paid a small fraction of the judgement. Tom Metzger continued to publish his newspaper for 20 years.Produced a cable TV television program until about 4 years ago.Operated and still operates an internet radio show everyday.Has been the guest on dozens of network tv and radio shows. I have done many documentaries since I was “DECIMATED”.Morris Dee’s took in 7 million in contributions that year.But his client received overall just peanuts.Check the facts.Tom Metzger THE INSURGENT

  • Emanuel

    I really hope this story is not aimed at scaring American Jews and emanating from the WH. As long as we have the right to bear arms we will defend ourselves in the future. I see the next Glenn Miller getting dropped when he draws his weapon or fires the first shot, that will be next time.