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May 11, 2014 1:38 pm

Egyptian Pop Star Chaaboula to Sing ‘I Hate Israel’ at Morocco World Music Festival Featuring Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake

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Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, known as Chaaboula. Photo: Mawazine Festival.

Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, known as Chaaboula. Photo: Mawazine Festival.

Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, known as Chaaboula, plans to sing I Hate Israel, the infamous song that ended his contract for McDonald’s in 2008, at Morocco’s Mawazine world music festival, which is also featuring international stars Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin and Kool and the Gang.

Egypt’s Youm7 news site reported on Saturday that Rahim said he will open his concert with I Hate Israel.

Arabic entertainment news site FilFan cited Rahim as saying that he’ll be wearing a costume with the colors of the Egyptian flag and will also sing his ode to former Egyptian defense minister and now presidential candidate Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, We Love Sisi.

Rahim was cited by FilFan as saying it’s “an honor for me to be the only Egyptian singer in the festival this year, it is the first time that I have taken part in such a big event.”

The festival, which is expected to draw 2.5 million attendees over nine days and a hundred concerts in Rabat and suburb Salé, is considered to be one of the largest music festivals in the world.

According to the festival organizers, Rahim worked in a laundry mat where he sang to friends until the 1980s, when the owner of a record store offered to produce his first album. After decades of Egyptian pop, Rahim turned to political themes.

In 2008, Rahim lost a contract to be featured in a McDonald’s commercial for the McFalafel after Jewish human rights groups, including the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee, alerted the company to his song, which they accused of inciting hate against Israel and Jews.

Rahim had another hit song, Hey Arab Leaders, in which he accused the U.S. and Israel of masterminding the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.

The ADL has published the lyrics of his songs (see below)  and Palestinian Media Watch flagged his music video as examples of anti-Semitism and hate speech in popular Egyptian culture.

On Sunday, Rabbi Abraham Cooper of The Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Algemeiner that he hoped the other international musicians at the festival used their stage time to promote peace, rather than hatred.

“Remember that Alicia Keys delivered a message of peace last summer in Tel Aviv, despite the BDSers hypocritical hysteria,” Rabbi Cooper said referring  to anti-Israel ‘boycott, divestment and sanctions’ activists who tried to pressure Keys to cancel her performance. “I hope she and the other western talent urge the organizers to make the festival a hate-free zone and  that they counter the anti-Israel hate with their music.”

As for Chaaboula, Cooper said he “may want to update his tired lyrics.”

“He writes one of the reasons he hates Israel is because of the Golan,” Cooper said. “Has he checked with the steady stream of severely injured Syrians coming to the Golan to Israel’s ‘no questions asked’ hospital who hate Assad not the Israeli medics saving their lives?”

“Hate in his neighborhood is in all too abundant supply. How about trying the old Beatles ‘All you need is love’ for a change?” Cooper asked.

Read Chaaboula’s hate-filled lyrics below, as posted by the ADL:

I Hate Israel

I hate Israel, and I would say so if I was asked to,
Even if I’ll be killed, or go into jail as a prisoner.

I love Husni Mubarak, because he is so smart (literally: because his mind is big),
When he takes any steps, he considers it with conscience.

I hate Israel, and I hate the ruins.
(Israel) loves the ruins and hates the building.

I love Yasser Arafat – he is my favorite man.
The Egyptian nation is sad and the shame covers me.

I love Yasser Arafat, and I hate Israel,
Shimon (Peres) and Sharon.
I love ‘Amer Musa, for his balanced sayings.

What is the kids’ sin – those who die every day?
People are taking up arms, people are holding clubs.

I hate Israel – all of us are angry – al-Quds is on our mind. When ad-Durra (Muhammad ad-Durra – the child that was killed in Gaza – CD) died, the President was sad,

He said in the papers: “Who is satisfied with the humiliation?”

I hate Israel, and I hate Ehud Barak
Since he is repugnant, and all of the people hate you.

All of the time Egypt forgets, and has a lot of patience,
But when Egypt is angry, it returns back the Ambassador.

I hate Israel – ask the Shahid’s blood.
Ask those who crossed (Suez canal) in the glorious October.

I hate Israel, because of South Lebanon,
al-Quds and Iraq,
Syria and the Golan.

‘Hey Arab Leaders’

“…Two faces of the same coin, America and Israel.

They made the world a jungle and ignited the fuse.

America spread its wings, doesn’t care about anyone.

No one can stop her, no one can catch her.

Soon he (Bush) will say Iran, then he will say Syria,
But he is silent about [North] Korea.

About that [Twin] Tower, oh people

Definitely! His friends [Israel] were the ones who brought it down.

What terrorism!! [Visual shows Sharon pushing the button]
How many years are left.

For America and Israel acting as bullies. . .

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    Comment est-il possible que des musulmans dignes de ce nom, laissent un homme aussi haineux se produire en les representant. Si, ce que chante cet ignare est agrée par les musulmans, il apparaitrait alors que l’Islam serait une religion sanguinaire et que le comportement de BOKO HARAM est normal pour eux.

    “How is it possible that Muslims worthy of the name, let a man so hateful occur in the representative. If that sings this ignoramus is approved by the Muslims, then it would appear that Islam is a bloodthirsty religion and that the behavior of Boko Haram is normal for them.”

  • Albert Al-Maghribi, Israel

    We love Moroccan music festivals. Moroccan honored guests should not sing hate songs. Morocco is a tolerant country; the festival management should not encourage hate songs. There are approximately one million proud Moroccans that live in Israel!

  • This is what is wrong with the world people. Someone needs to listen to carl sagan read the pale blue dot. Itll put all the stupid nationalist rubbish into perspective

  • Bill

    We need a new holocaust to burn Chaaboula and the Jews so we can rest in peace.

    • m_

      You are a sick racist pig. May you burn in hell. Your comments are disgusting.

    • Kathie

      It would be simplistic and childish to think that all we have to do is wipe both parties out. Unfortunately, that will open a new bunch of rotten apples. It never stops. Evil has to be in check from the world’s beginning.
      When you look the other way because it’s not you who’s the present target,you will be next to be exterminated. There has to be a limit to people’s negative behavior.
      Not one nation should be bullied. Everyone has a right to life in peace.

    • Bathsheva Gladstone

      Why is this considered a viable reply to get past the moderators of this forum? Dissenting views are one thing degenerate retro-hate is quite another? Nu?

  • Simon Barlev

    So what?
    It may be repugnant, but it is the right of everybody to hate everybody else. Therefore, hating Israel is not a crime. And by all means the “lyrics” aren’t antisemitic, they are just anti-Israeli and anti-American.

    • m_

      Why are you so fast to defend an Israel hater. Hating Israel and wishing to see it destroyed is hatred of Jews. Perhaps you are another self-hating Jew and a traitor to your own people. Just a guess guy. Have a great day. LOL.

    • GZLives

      I guess Donald Sterling is the only one who doesn’t have that right

    • Bathsheva Gladstone

      Openly stating that you love a man whose whole M.O. was to kill the Jews might be a dead give away. You kind of have to have use of a brain, so it’s understandable you might have missed the anti-Semiticness to the “song”. Kind of along the same terms as to why the mayor of that town was just ousted for his sympathetic understanding and “feeling” the same way as the shooter at the JCC last month.

  • martin

    he looks like fat churl

  • Janice Kenner

    I’d like to think he’ll be booed, but I’m not holding on to too much hope. The world is crazy.

  • Joe

    I gather that the song talks about Palestinian children’s suffrage, well okay, so here goes why…

    Muslims torture their own little ones – kids involved in a grown-ups’ war – as if FGM and hateful honor killings, murders, are not bad enough – Muslims tend to trash their children all the time – click on the lettering, or cut and paste it to see children freely involved in their parents’ war >

  • JC

    Thats why the Israelites fled Egypt coz they are the real bullies…..we ended are slavery long ago to them, is this why they hate us?

    • Sam Kroungold

      Those who hate need readjustment. They need to learn love, tolerance, peace. They need to deal with today, not hundreds and thousands of years in the past.

  • I think Roger Waters composed the song for him.

  • jaime xmarrano

    More of a POOP Star…..The lyrics are silly dumb and infantile….It appeals to a certain type of person only…..

  • zulu99

    for me these names say nothing – not chaboola, not keys, not the freak timberlake…and not all other so called “singers”.
    Nobody of them is a singer, perhaps Chaboola maybe.
    Real SINGERS are gone.
    These who call themselves “singer” don’t have 1% of the talents that these Giants had:Tom Jones, Ray Charles, Rick James, Frank Sinatra, Streisand, Engelbert Humperdinck, Ive Montagne, Maddy Watters, and hundreds and hundreds of others from 1950s-1970s.
    These are crap of the garbage.

  • harri

    when did Chewbaka shave and learn to warble?

  • Elisheva14

    Morocco is an Arab country where Jews still live. They have better relations with Jews and Israel than any other Arab country. There are Chabad Houses and schools there.

    Maybe someone with influence in Morocco could address including an Antisemetic vocalist in a Music Festival in Morocco from being treated as acceptable and appropriate. In most Arab countries these lyrics are popular and normal. Maybe the Moroccan rulers are more amenable to limiting hate speech against Jews.

  • Efram

    Keys, Timberlake, Martin, and Kool And The Gang need to back out or destroy their credibility.

    I see why they label the ape’s ‘music.’ Pop goes the weasel.

    • linda swartzendruber

      Is there anything good, right or true in this man’s words? Isn’t something missing?

  • Andrew

    Keys and Timberlake should refuse to perform if the idiot is allowed, they need to show some courage.

  • Mel

    Rock fans will also celebrate Shaaboula’s 10th anniversary mastery of singing on his hind legs, without falling over.

    • Bathsheva Gladstone

      lololol loved this. Thanks for the early morning laugh! Almost unheard of before coffee.

  • GZLives

    He will only succeed at embarrassing Morocco and himself – many others will cringe when they hear what he’s singing. Its crass and really just points out the hate so many of them are poisoned with … and each time something like this happens, those well intended people see clearer an extremism and thoughtlessness that they DO NOT want to be associated with

  • GZLives

    The Egyptians have actually trained a cretin to sing?

  • Corey ny

    Let him sing. The more he sings the more ridiculous he looks. His buffoonery is a metaphor for his world’s bronze age mentality.

    He is a comical stereotype of himself. Lollzers

  • shloime

    why reprint the al-dura blood libel? the real evidence points to a) he got up and walked away after “dying” on camera, and b) the shots were coming from the direction of the arab terrorists, not the idf. as confirmed by a french court.

    as for this “sharmoutta”, who cares? he can spout hatred to his jew-hating fans in morroco, but why hasn’t a single reporter asked alicia keyes, justin timberlake, or ricky martin why they haven’t cancelled out of this obviously embarrassing hate-fest?

  • Ron

    I believe the lyrics were written by Jeremy Ben-Ami, the head of J Street.

  • Avram


  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    Really too bad. World music is a chance to build bridges… To take something beautiful and shroud it in hate and venom…just ridiculously sad. This is going to force some musicians into taking a political stance–something that music is and should be the antithesis of…

  • Avi

    I did not know Orangutans can sing. Most likely, it is vocalizing the incoming threat to the colony of monkeys.

    • GZLives

      Great comment

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      I understand that the item hired as a sign language expert the fellow that did it at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. 🙂

    • John


  • Deb

    When did they start allowing snake charmers to sing at world music festivals?

  • David

    Perhaps if we are lucky, he will be the last Egyptian singer at this festival.

    If other “peace loving” performers had any guts, they would find a way to back out of their commitments and sing in Israel. In the past, Morocco has shown a bit more sachel in its dealings with Israel and has been among the very few enlightened Arab states.

    As Israel’s success grows in so many areas, it is a truism that anti-semitism increases in proportion. The world never seems to learn.

  • According to Pew, 95% of Egyptians dislike Jews. Little wonder, when pop stars like this guy are popular there. Must be a heavy burden to be so hateful.

  • Tony Riley

    What an ugly woman. I feel sorry for her husband.

  • It’s a hit!! Esp. the part about Shimon Peres… after all the brown nosing he’s done…. what a slap in the …. nose.

  • Unfortunately, this caricature creature will earn dollars from a performance that could only fill the vacuum in a worm’s hole .

  • Irwin Graulich

    Of course the entire Muslim world hates Israel. 6 million Jews being stronger, smarter, wiser, more successful than 1 1/2 billion Muslims. Tiny Israel could wipe out the entire MACHO Muslim world in 5 days, if they all decided to attack Israel at the same time.

    What Israel has done in the past 10 years in high technology and business is a total embarrassment to every Arab and Muslim country. They are all failures as nations and democracies.

    But most important, as long as there is one living Jew, it is proof that the Muslim religion is a ridiculous fake, which some horny jerk named Mohammed made up.

    • zadimel

      Shocking,absolutely shocking that you would call Mohammed a “horny jerk.” He is the wanton killer of the two or three Jewish tribes in existence at the time of Islam’s rapid growth in and beyond Arabia. Islam was launched to seed the hatred of and destruction of the other two Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Christianity. It to this very day.

    • Eve

      Uh-oh. A fatwa on *you*!

  • Mel Sherwood

    My, what a handsome fellow. I suggest he lose some weight and seek out the services of a good plastic surgeon in Tel Aviv. Maybe if he didn’t resemble a badly disfigured pig he’d stop hating so much.

  • Kerry Berger

    To be honest those are very immature and puerile lyrics, if you can even call them lyrics. Pretty sad state of affairs for this piece of ignorant fecal matter singing in public. Morocco certainly isn’t demonstrating its ability to show a bit of restraint in placing controls on bigoted positions. Hardy the right venue to be political either.

  • Abdul Abulbul

    He looks like an inbred cretin. Lots of those in the
    land of the Pharoah.

    • Dr Gedeon Herschberg

      It seems you are Muslim, so I thank you for your input and it makes me feel glad to see intercultural critique.

      • Lynne T

        Dr. Herschberg — you can give yourself any screen name you wish as long as you provide a valid e-mail address, but have you never heard of Paula Abdul?

        Abdul was born in San Fernando, California, to Jewish parents. Abdul’s father, Harry Abdul, was born into the Syrian Jewish community in Aleppo, Syria, was raised in Brazil, and subsequently immigrated to the United States.[7] Her mother, the concert pianist Lorraine M. (née Rykiss), grew up in one of the two Jewish families in Minnedosa, Manitoba in Canada, and has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestors from Russia and Ukraine,[8] and Abdul derives Canadian citizenship through her. She has a sister named Wendy, who is seven years her senior. In 1980, she graduated from Van Nuys High School.

  • NuritGn

    If Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin and Kool and the Gang are decent and fair-minded artists they need to walk out of the music festival with protest. If not, they are complicit to this barbarian’s behavior

    • Beverly

      Exactly NuritGn….

  • Typical Muslim, typical Egyptian, hating Jews is part of their dna

  • Knee jerk anti-Israel sentiments reflecting 9/11, Brit underground, Spanish trains and Bombay massacres.

    Something Westerners should reflect on the next time one of their associates pontificates on “f*****g Jews”, Holocaust denial or Rothschild conspiracies.

    Israel is the most effective (only!) asset the US, NATO and The Five have in the Middle East. Fact!

    Let the Richard cranium sing and remember that diversions although counterfeit indicate mindsets!

  • kern

    If this guy could put a sensible thought together, it would be a miracle.

    In a fairer, more civilized world, this guy’s vomit would cause his career to collapse without any need to worry about its effect.

    So sad, so pathetic and, I’m afraid, so dangerous.

  • Beatrix

    You’d think Egypt would have more self respect than to be represented in concert by an ugly, overweight hate filled singer. His behavior—trying to shock the grown ups—is suitable for a teenager, but doesn’t Morocco want to show more sophistication in a concert to be seen by the world? You’d think the Mideast would want to be seen as more worldly.

    Egypt and Israel have had a peace agreement for 35 years. Maybe our singers should sing about hate for the Nazis and the Japs. How about remembering the Marne and the Maine? And those lousy Englishmen on Bunker Hill.

  • john

    yes , that is one ugly dude ,looks like pile of camel dung

  • Rosewood11

    Isn’t music illegal in muslim “culture”? This is a good example of why!!! Actually, Egypt isn’t high on my list of beloved countries, either, so backacha, guy!!!

  • carol

    He not only looks Neandertal, but I think Neandertals would probably win out on intellect, too.

    Egyptians are well known for their Jew and Israeli hatred, entering their conversation multiple times each day. So he is a man of the people, reflecting and echoing back what they are and believe.

    More than that, he is in a back-handed way doing Israel a favor. As the Muslim Brotherhood tries to cast aspersions on Al-Sisi as coming from a Jewish mother, and therefore gain sympathy as being bearer of the sacred Jew-hater crown, Rahim shows that one must not support the MB to hate Jews and Israel, thereby freeing those worried by the MB scam, and solidifying support for Al-Sisi.

    For the time being, it seems, without question, that Al-Sisi is the man that is not focused on destroying Jews and Israel, wants to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood, wants to reform Islam, and move Egyptians out of the dark ages. So as hateful and sad that this moron (Rahim)is to perpetuate the type of conspiracy theories and wacko-ism Egyptians are notorious for, he just might help those Egyptians sitting on the fence about whether to support the MB.

  • h.s.cohen

    Warped Lyrics.Warped singer.Racism is the number one blood sport in the Arab World.

  • Mohammed’s Keffiyeh

    This is what passes for high culture in a Muslim nature: an ugly ape spewing garbage. I’d rather let a Zionist pee on my keffiyeh than listen to this guy.

  • Obviously , he should learn the facts!! Maybe he should change the words to I will learn the facts for my next song. Shalom

  • Joe

    I’m at a loss for words
    Actually … Barbaric… Leaps to mind
    Egyptian pop star?
    Looks more like one of the mummies from under those pyramids

    • Alan Kennedy

      Ugly fat mummy