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May 27, 2014 5:08 pm

Why the Jews Must Leave Hungary (and Europe)

avatar by Gabriel Eichler

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Right-wing Jobbik Party members in Hungary holding a rally. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

It is time for Europe’s able-bodied Jews to start thinking about relocating to places where their safety will be less endangered than in countries that their ancestors have called home for centuries.

While most rational people would find some new form of a Holocaust occurring again in Europe unfathomable, the striking similarities between the current European public sentiment, this week’s shocking EU election results, and the Brussels- type atrocities, and how the Nazi genocide started – are hard to ignore.

As a Jew whose once large family was eagerly served up by their Hungarian neighbors to be gassed and burned in Auschwitz, I have been actively monitoring the Hungarian Neo-Nazi websites in recent months with great interest.

Even the Jew hatred of Julius Streicher’s infamous “Der Sturmer”- that most rabidly anti-Semitic German Nazi rag before and during the Shoah – does not measure up to the amount of hateful venom currently served up daily by Hungarian neo-Nazi websites – whose web servers are based in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Justice, State Department, and Attorney General unfortunately have been dragging their feet when it comes to shutting down the U.S.-based web server of whose daily editorials – in addition to running a full time “Jewish Crimes” column – often refer to the President of the United States as a “N****r Animal.”

While the just concluded EU election results will undoubtedly have dire consequences for Jews living in places like France, it is also my belief that the general safety of Jews in Hungary will be endangered in the very near future.

The “Jobbik” neo-Nazi party – riding on an anti- Jew, anti-Israel, and a rabidly chauvinistic and xenophobic platform – just finished second in this week’s EU elections.

Based on how I see the obvious signals, I can only compare the current situation of Hungarian Jews to the last minutes of those waltzing on the first class deck of the Titanic ten minutes before midnight on April 14, 1912.

A completely naïve, deeply divided Hungarian Jewish leadership’s constant infighting and Western-financed false sense of security today does not help.

Neither does the blind denial and ignorance of the lurking dangers posed by Hungary’s increasingly vocal and arrogant neo-Nazis.

Black uniformed, jack-booted thugs are openly marching on the streets carrying banners, slogans, and armbands of their predecessors who with animalistic sadism and brutality dispatched 600,000 fellow Hungarians of Jewish descent to their deaths in a matter of less than two months.

History repeating itself?

Let’s look back and see how the relative normalcy of Hungarian Jewry turned into hell virtually overnight: with ruthless force and efficiency. In a matter of just a few short weeks, more than 440,000 Jews were jammed into cattle cars like sardines, with no food, water, or toilets, and were deported from Hungary in more than 145 trains in a few days between the spring and summer of 1944.

Eichmann’s SS and Gestapo underlings were merely supervising the gathering up, ghettoizing, and shipping off of the Jews to be exterminated. All of the actions were carried out by Hungarian Nazi collaborators.

Most were deported to the death factories of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but thousands were also sent to the border with Austria to work as slave laborers digging fortification trenches. By the end of July 1944, the only Jewish community left in Hungary was that of Budapest.

That is where the Hungarian Nazi Nyilas (Arrow Cross) thugs took over the massacring of the remaining Jews from their German counterparts.

In a strange turn of history, this week – with only 28 percent voter turnout, Hungary’s far-right, neo-Nazi, rabidly anti-Semitic Jobbik party was voted in as the country’s official opposition party at the EU level after Sunday’s European elections.

Their delegate seats will be occupied at EU headquarters by morbidly dangerous characters like the telegenic, English-speaking woman referred to by many as a “female Hitler of Hungary”: Rabidly anti-Semitic Krisztina Morvai, who once stated that “So-called proud Hungarian Jews should go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tails (penises).” (Ironically she is intimately familiar with that very subject having delivered three children- fathered by her Jewish ex-husband.)

Returning to the big picture: the situation of Hungarian Jews today can be best described as total chaos. On one hand, well-meaning international Jewish organizations are holding mega-gatherings in Budapest, and pumping massive amounts of capital into rebuilding a flourishing Jewish cultural and religious life in the country.

On the face of it, there is a Jewish Renaissance taking place in Hungary – with renovated synagogues, Jewish cultural festivals, kosher restaurants, and Jewish summer camps.

The Hungarian political leadership seemingly goes out of their way to commemorate the massacre of their Jewish population during the Holocaust.

There are dozens of memorial sites marked by plaques all over the capital Budapest, and recently Hungary’s president was the keynote speaker at Auschwitz, apologizing for the wrongs perpetrated by collaborating Hungarians against the country’s Jews during the Shoah.

I recently visited one of the most moving memorial sites in the Hungarian capital: the place near the Danube where thousands of innocent Jews were shot into the river by Hungarian Nazi Arrow-Cross thugs. The same thugs, who in 1944 wore the same black uniforms, marched under the same flags, shouting the very same slogans as their successors in the current political scene.

What struck me most is something that is completely unnoticed by all who visit- that on the three very large bronze memorial plaques embedded in the cobblestone adjacent to the symbolic shoes of the massacred victims, the word “Jewish” is never mentioned – not even on the Hebrew language plaque.

Speaking of memorials, the current Hungarian government led by recently re-elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban – (following the creation of a monument for Nazi-collaborator Governor Miklos Horthy) – also approved the building of a new, now nearly completed monument to mark the German occupation of Hungary. The monument depicts the Hungarians not as active and enthusiastic collaborators and perpetrators that they were- but rather helpless victims of the German Nazi war machine.

While there are daily demonstrations and even U.S. Congressional protests against the completion of the government-approved controversial war monument – the fact is that notwithstanding the protests, it will be completed in a matter of weeks.

In my opinion, as greater economic chaos spreads across the continent, we will see more dangerous manifestations of open Jew-hatred in most parts of Europe – (some disguised as anti-Israel actions) – and Jewish lives will be in peril throughout most European countries.

It is time to heed the writing on the wall for all able-bodied Jews of Europe to start packing their bags and consider planting their next generations in lands less hostile to them if there is to be a Jewish future.

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  • David Shur

    “By the end of July 1944, the only Jewish community left in Hungary was that of Budapest.

    That is where the Hungarian Nazi Nyilas (Arrow Cross) thugs took over the massacring of the remaining Jews from their German counterparts.”

    Does it useful for us to distort the truth? About a quarter million of the Budapest Jews were saved by a decisive action of admiral Horthy who had been deprived of power by the German and by the Quisling Hungarian government but he found a loyal armory unit and forced them to stop the deportations. He was overthrown on October 16, 1944, and then “Arrow Cross” started to kill but Auschwitz stopped function but that time (on October 6), and neither they, no Eichmann had such much power of mass murder as it was possible in May-June. The diplomats – Carl Lutz, Raul Wallenberg, Perlasca and many others helped to save the Jews at that period.

    “What struck me most is something that is completely unnoticed by all who visit- that on the three very large bronze memorial plaques embedded in the cobblestone adjacent to the symbolic shoes of the massacred victims, the word “Jewish” is never mentioned – not even on the Hebrew language plaque.”

    Because not only the Jews were killed on this place and probably mostly not Jews. The Jews – 10-15 thsd. – were killed by “Arrow Cross” thugs near the main synagogue, and this is the reason why they are buried there, though it is not a Jewish custom to make a cemetery near a synagogue.

  • defiantjewess

    Let me clarify history: Hungarians were the most complicit in ridding their neighborhoods of Jews- they would love to forget the truth and bury it, but unfortunately is is bubbling up again because in reality Jew hatred runs deep in the hearts of the Hungarians.

    Hundreds of thousands of Jews were dragged out of their homes and put into death caps. The good Christian people of Hungary did nothing I repeat nothing to stop the crime. They managed to steal their property, homes, furniture , artwork, and more. I know this because my family were victims to these terrible crimes. But the worst was that many of them were starved and died of disease and starvation, the others were gassed and cremated. Thank you Hungary for all your barbarism. We shall NEVER FORGET

    • jim

      Agree totally with what you’ve written.

  • Elaine

    Jews sleep habitually. We see it here in the US. Those in power, and I need not elucidate the facts, are no friends to the Jews yet inexplicably American Jews put our current administration in power. Hungarian Jews sadly are in harms way. Jews have a very hard time acknowledging facts as they are and organizing to deal effectively with come-what-may. What cometh as articulated well by Mr Eichler sounds imminent and frightening. Jews are the perennial whipping boy victims with no essential narratives or messaging that might give those (and there are many) embarrassed pause before lashing out violently against Jews. We’re so easily bullied with no real opposition with the exception of Israel. I only hope Israel uses its considerable military might sooner than later. It is at moments like this that I understand regrettably why so many Jews hate who they are. We’re embarrassing. We support those who oppose us. That’s true insanity and our Jewish organizations are incredibly lame unwilling mostly to declare things as they are..
    As for the Hungarian Jews? They probably don’t even have guns. Very sad all of this. We should be exhausted.

    • defiantjewess

      you are right. I am so happy my daughter is now in the IDf, a combat soldier, and she is a machine gunner. This gives me some satisfaction for what was done to my relatives.

  • George Grempczynski (Pulpshmoo)

    The author of this article is a violent criminal.


    • defiantjewess

      You can run but you can’t hide. We know the truth

  • ed

    Maybe GOD is calling His Children home the hard way because He knows humans get use to and comfortable in the place they are accustom to .So sometimes we need a hard push in the right direction.

  • Hungarian and European Jews need practical support to ensure a successful Alyiah. There is no shame, but courage for the European Jewish Community to move to Israel. It would be Europe’s loss and Israel’s gain to make room for more Jews.

    • David

      I agree, but who is going to pay the cost for Alijah for so many poor Jews who want to come to their homeland? Certainly not European countries, or the American or Russian governments. Who is going to support them once they return to their desired homeland?

      • Joseph Australia

        I disagree with your hypotheses, about the Israel funding Europes Jews, rich and poor.

        History is replete with moments like Academic brilliance Albert Einstein or poor immigrant Steve Jobs making millions, as well as setting up lots of employment prospects for their adopted countries.

        Secondly the 900,000 Russian Jews that came to Israel changed its demographics forever in favor of a Jewish Israel.

        Thirdly the Galilee is only 42% Jewish, and there could be a push by the local Arabs to demand an autonomy if this is not fixed urgently.

        If another 900,000 Jews move to the Galilee, then annexing Judea and Samaria and offering them full citizens would not be a problem.

    • FreeEuropeOfJews

      Rotchild and Soros have enough money to help you.
      Get out of our Christian countries (the whole Europe, Russia, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina)

  • Michael

    Why just “able-bodied Jews”? Does that mean you would leave the elderly and those not “able-bodied” in this hate filled environment to fend for themselves?

  • ER

    “The U.S. Department of Justice, State Department, and Attorney General unfortunately have been dragging their feet when it comes to shutting down the U.S.-based web server of whose daily editorials ”

    Why say only that “they are dragging their feet”? Isn’t it more correct to say that they host, provide safe harbor for this site and thus, actively help the spread of antisemitism?
    That they openly sabotage any efforts by the Hungarian authorities to prosecute or shut down that you, yourself liken to Der Sturmer. That without US protection Hungary would have shut down this site long ago (it exists since 2006, the middle of the 2002-2010 Socialist rule in the country)?

    “the just concluded EU election… safety of Jews in Hungary will be endangered in the very near future.

    The “Jobbik” …just finished second in this week’s EU elections.”

    The author bases his whole argument on the strengthening and good position of the party Jobbik, but omits several key facts and numbers which run counter to the myth of Jobbik’s strengthening.

    In Hungary there were general elections held at April 6th, so not that long ago and a good point for comparison. Jobbik recieved 1 020 476 votes. On the recent EU election the author uses to underpin the myth of a rising Jobbik, they recieved 339 501 votes, so in terms of absolute votes it was a near total collapse. So it seems the central tenet of this article is built on nothing but falsehood. But you may raise the point that the EU elections have low turnout so we must use percentages, just barely more than a month ago, Jobbik got 20,22% of the votes.

    How much did they get now, proving their spectacular rise? 14,68%. The numbers tell a story of a rapid decline, but for some reason they are all omitted from the article. Creating an entirely false, fictional portrayal of Hungary may be able to convince outsiders, but not the Jews living in Hungary. They know their situation the best and they decide based on that knowledge. Indeed instead of fleeing many more of them come to Hungary as tourists, investing in local businesses, going to the Budapest Jewish festival, visiting the Holocaust museum in Pava street created and financed by the state, but ran by Jewish historians and so on and so forth. Nobody is fleeing and the facts simply do not support that they should.

    • Dani

      It´s not about leaving in the moment, but we need to observe very carefully.
      there is an extreme right wing turn over in Hungary: it took even place in the cultural sector, whre left poeple had been changed into neo-fascists as for instance in the national theater of budapest.

      Also orban offered a state prize to a historian, who by all means says jesus was not jewish, but hungarian. he is supposed to be mesopotamian, the heritage of the hungarians 😉

      If it wouldn´t be so serious, we should laugh about it 😉

  • Eric R.

    Like a lot of other Jews, the author misses a major point – while in Hungary, the threat is from xenophobes (and they are not “far right” – Jobbik are anti-capitalist, pro-Palestinian anti-Zionists with totalitarian tendences – that make them LEFTISTS), the real threat in most of Europe are the Marxists and Islamists. The Marxists, with their control of European media, universities, the arts and the EU bureaucracy are the real threats to most Jews in Europe with their spreading of Hitlerian propaganda. It is stupid of the author to ignore this.

    Finally, there is another solution to this – why doesn’t Israel use Mossad, the Shin Bet or the IDF to defend the Jews of Hungary, including by assassinating Jobbik leaders or posting IDF troops at Jewish institutions and tell Jobbik that they will open fire on demonstrators? Tell Orban that if he does not defend Jews, then the IDF will defend them. About 5,000 Israeli troops would be enough to effectively occupy Budapest and take control of the country.

    Finally, if Hungary spins out of control and there are widescale massacres of Jews, Israel should go to a mini-Samson option – pick a city away from Budapest with few or no Jews, and put a nuclear weapon on it.

    • Dani

      Jobbik is extreme right. period.
      For the rest – no comment 😉

    • David Shur

      Do you expect Israel to militarily occupy Hungary and to open fire on those whom we, the Jews, dislike? Why, instead, you would not encourage the Hungarian Jews for the aliyah?

  • Lauren Goldman

    What is happening to Jews worldwide, including America where I live, demonstrates yet again, that while we may currently reside in other countries, our only true home is Israel. Neo-fascism is rising everywhere, and when it does, Jews are in peril. Staying in, Ukraine to somehow change its direction or improve it, is truly just wishful thinking. These are the same people who brought us Babi Yar, who enthusiastically ran to enlist in the Einsatzgruppen, and who were the Cossacks who made Christmas and Easter seasons of terror for Jews. No, those who choose to stay will probably remembered as ‘the people who didn’t leave, while they still had the chance’.

  • Bob

    “It portrays the Jews not as active and enthusiastic perpetrators that they were, but as victims.”

    Is this sentence about history books in Israel? Or media portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Is it about the murder of Palestinian children? Is it from a Nazi propaganda pamphlet on some issue from the 1930s?


    This sentence is from your article, Gabriel Eichler, I changed a single word in it.

    To make you realize when you write Nazi sentences that with a change of a word could very well be about Jews themselves.

  • “Greif die Waffen an..” When Jews have weapons, then, even SS troops are fleeing…

  • Kerry Berger

    I totally disagree with the argument that Jews need to leave Hungary or Ukraine. If Jews don’t stand up for their rights, then they are only appeasing the haters just as much as those in WWII, who refused to see what Hitler was up to until it was too late. What is needed is outside assistance to pressure the Hungarian and Ukraine Governments with sanctions if they do not rein in the antisemitism. It is totally unacceptable and uncivilized. Simultaneously, organizations such as the JDL in the UK needs to provide assistance to beef up Jewish militia presence in those nations and be ready to challenge anti-Jewish violence with violence as necessary. While most of my life I have supported non-violent means of protesting, this is a situation that doesn’t call for that or taking the cowardly way out by leaving Europe to Israel or elsewhere. Using the Media to demand political asylum in the USA or elsewhere is another time-tested method that can be used to embarrass and shame these Governments. They need all the negative publicity they can get, whether it is by boycotting products, services and travel to those nations. Make it a global Diaspora event. Hit them in the pocketbook. Tell them as we once said after World War II, “Never again.” That will be far more effective than wimping out and leaving their homelands for an uncertain and difficult life abroad.

    • Tim and Sonia Willats

      Kerry, this is armchair wisdom. They must go to Israel. It is clear.

  • David Matar

    “in lands less hostile to them” – Do you mean anywhere but Israel, or anywhere including Israel?
    Either way, you make a classic Zionist argument, without the classic (and logical) Zionist conclusion!
    Why are you still kvetching in Hungary, Mr. Eichler? Come to the only place in the world where Jews have some semblance of sovereignty, and rebuild your life as a doer, not just a worried observer!

  • aall55

    Too many fires are lighting up everywhere , they will connect into one single large one soon .

    I agree totally with this article , and the Jews need to go …now.

  • Beatrix

    Kris Morvai sounds like Alice Walker whose Jewish husband also walked out on her. Pouty little Kris misses the sex and brings so much dignity to her party. Are you serious in thinking that Jews can’t stand up to and trounce these obscene, asinine, antisemitic morons?

    And have the Jewish Hungarians insist on the word Jew in the monuments to Jews. Geez.

  • judorebbe

    Beware of Team Obama / Soros. If (when) the economy heads south, Jews will be popular targets.
    We are that evil, greedy 1%, wealthy, Wall Streeters.

  • Reuven

    Jews need to leave Europe while they still can.

  • Get out now

    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Holocaust Questions and Answers: by Rabbi Dr. Bernhard …

    rabbi dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

    Can the holocaust happen again?

    YES it can .If it happened before it can happen again. We must make certain that Israel remains strong. That is our salvation. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg


    • Mark

      If we forget the past, surly we will relive it once again. Jehovah is and will always be the turning point
      for all humanity. I will say unto Jehovah, He is my hiding place, and my strength. We will arise, in the power of His might.

      • YES LET MY PEOPLE GO even the egyptians were not that barbaric cruel.THEY SHOULD GO BECAUSE eUROPE AS WE KNEW IT IS FINISHED SLOWLY will see.